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Pal takes off clothes of beauty lazily homemade hardcore
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Within 6 months, the Planet Earth was a mere shadow of its former self. More than a third of the population had been wiped out for displeasing Samantha in some way.

Those who survived lived in constant fear that they would be the next victims of Samantha's wrath. Many people starting attending even more temple services than necessary, in the hope that it would put them in Samantha's favour. Samantha's wrath had meant that, despite the reduced population, there were large food shortages across the planet, due to huge areas of land being decimated.

The whole of Australia ceased to exist when Samantha wiped it out with a huge tidal wave, after the Prime Minister once messed up in a speech when trying to give praise to her. Most of the Amazon Rainforest was burned down when a fire had broken out, and Samantha had ordered it to be impossible to put out, for a bit of entertainment.

While many buildings were in ruins, all holy buildings and monuments were magically protected, to the point that several small villages' temples were the only intact buildings. Frequent natural disasters and a lack of time and resources to fix things up saw to that. The only place on Earth that was unblemished was the large pacific island on which the Holy Palace resided, which the most beautiful place in the whole universe. Of course, ordinary people weren't permitted to come within 250 miles of it, so witnessing its beauty was out of the question.

------------------------------- Many months ago, a terrible war had overtaken the Grongi and Rinto tribes of the planet Koogan, who had fought each-other for many months.

Every man who was old enough was drafted to fight. Unfortunately, by the end of the conflict, the two armies had all but wiped each-other out.

The two tribes eventually called a truce, and merged into one, but by then, the damage had already been done. The fighting had all but wiped out the entire male population of the tribes, leaving only the children and the occasional disabled man, or a few who had managed to escape the fighting. Due to this, the females of the tribe now outnumbered the men by more than 200:1.

Because of this, there was a serious worry that they wouldn't be able to survive, so the tribe prayed to the Gods for help, and help came.

Which is why, on this day, David was sat on a golden throne, with Amia stood at his side, while the wives of the former tribes' chiefs pleaded with David to save them. The remainder of the tribe waited outside, eager to hear the result. Eventually the matriarchs of the tribe emerged, and addressed the crowd.

"The Lord has agreed to spare our tribe!" One of them declared, to cheers from the crowds. "One by one, all women of fertile age shall be brought to him, and he will grant their seed unto them!" The second one proclaimed. "Before long, our people will be restored!" From inside the hut, David and Amia listened to the cheers.

"Do you really intend to impregnate all of them?" Amia asked him. "Of course I do, I'm going to save their people," David replied. "There are definitely more efficient ways to do it," Amia said. "You could increase the genetic diversity of the remaining males' sperm so that they'd have plenty of diverse offspring with the females. Alternatively, you could simply will them all to be impregnated, saving you many hours of intercourse." "I could do that, but the idea of many hours of intercourse sounds rather appealing, don't you think?" "My creator gave me mortal desires, so regrettably, yes, it does sound appealing.

However, we have many things to do today. You don't have time to have intercourse with every woman here." "Amia, I'm God.

The Emperor of the Caldak Empire will just have to wait for his appointment with me." "Yes Lord. If you're dead set on going through with this, may I please be dismissed?

I have many things to do and I wouldn't want to get in the way of your fun." "Alright, you can go. Go do your stuff." "I shall, Lord." Amia left, and a few minutes later, the first girl walked into the hut.


She was young, and dressed modestly. She looked incredibly beautiful and incredibly nervous, and she got on her knees before David, who was sat on the large bed.

"Please, there's no need for that," David said. "Come here and sit with me." The girl got up, and sat down on the bed with David. He wrapped his arms around her. "Are you nervous?" "Yes Lord," she said meekly. "Well let me make you more comfortable." David snapped his fingers, removing the girl's clothes.

He stroked her skin softly. "What's your name?" "Maria," she replied. "Well Maria, I promise that I won't hurt you. I promise you the most amazing experience of your entire life." David ran his fingers down Maria's body, causing her to shudder.

He rubbed her nipples enthusiastically. "These are nice, but far too small for my liking," he said. Seconds later, and Maria was sporting a pair of E-cups. "That's much better. Now I know the child I give you won't go hungry." "Thank you Lord…" Maria moaned as David rubbed her new boobs. "Maria, I don't know what they've said to you, but you don't need to kiss up to me. I've already told you, I'm not going to hurt you." David kissed Maria, and she returned the kiss. It grew in intensity as David fondled her entire body.

Eventually Maria grew the courage to return the favour, caressing David's back and bottom. "That's the way to do it," David moaned. He broke the kiss, and began licking his way down Maria's body, until he reached her groin. Her pubic hair vanished in an instant, and David licked the area around her vagina.

"Oh…Ohhhhhh…" Maria moaned. "Maria, have you ever had a man touch your vagina?" "No Lord." "And do you ever touch yourself down there?" "…Yes Lord. I'm sorry Lord." "Maria, it is not a sin to enjoy the pleasures I have given you. Your vagina is wonderful, and I want you to enjoy it." David then got to work on licking her pussy, causing her to moan incredibly loudly from the feeling of her first ever sexual experience.

David slid his tongue inside her, thrusting it in and out. He used his powers to position his tongue in such a way that every thrust would result in it providing direct stimulation to both her G-spot and her clitoris. This new experience combined with David's divine skill meant that Maria came within minutes, crying out to the Heavens. David could have sworn he hear the crowds outside cheering at this noise. David moved away from her pussy, and pulled her into the lotus position.

The two of them made out passionately for a few minutes, before David broke the kiss. "You're ready," he said. Maria nodded, and David slid himself slowly into her.

Thanks to his powers, David's size brought Maria no pain, only pleasure. Once his entire length was inside her, they grabbed hold of each-other's bottoms, and David began thrusting his hips forwards and backwards. While they fucked, David read Maria's mind, and he found that her thoughts were a mixture of how much she was enjoying this, and giving thanks to God for this pleasure. The two of them got closer and closer to climax, but when they were only one thrust away from going over the edge, David stopped thrusting.

Maria just looked at him with a face full of longing. "If I thrust into you, you will become pregnant with my son," David said.

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"Do you promise to love him for the rest of your days?" "I do," Maria moaned. "And do you promise to raise him in accordance with the rules I have set down for your people?" "I do!" "Then accept my seed." David thrust deep inside Maria, and the two of them instantly reached orgasm.

David held Maria close as he filled her with his semen for several wonderful minutes, before they collapsed in each-other's arms, kissing each-other for quite a while.

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It was good to be God. ------------------------------- "So we're in agreement then?" Amia said, addressing the other archangels. "Amia, I'm still not really sure about this," Raphael said. "I don't want to end up like Lucifer." "We won't end up like Lucifer," Amia said. "We're still far more powerful than she is.

She cannot hurt us without God's permission." "Which he'll give because she's got him in the palm of his hand," Michael said. "He'll do whatever she says." "She's not completely corrupted him yet," Amia said. "I believe that if we all go to speak with him, he will see the light." "Or he'll send us downstairs to play with Cerberus," Raphael said.

"Look, I'm not particularly liking the situation we've found ourselves in," Dorothea said.

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"But I agree that this is necessary. And if we have to, Amia and I will seduce him." ------------------------------- "Please your Majestic Holiness, I'm sorry!" "You spilled coffee on the portrait of our Holy Family," Samantha said to the poor servant boy.

"Such a sin demands immediate punishment." "Please don't send me to Hell!" "Oh don't be silly. I'm not going to send you to Hell." "You…you're not?" "Tell me boy, where are you from?" "Chi…Chicago, your Majestic Holiness." "Well then, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to send you home to Chicago." "You…are?" "Yes. And then I'm going to unleash a series of horrifying plagues on Chicago.

And tell everyone whose fault it is. That will be your punishment. Of course, when they inevitably kill you, you can expect to be tortured for all eternity in Hell, but I'll let you spend the rest of your life trying to delay that as long as possible." "Please your Majestic Holiness, I beg your forgiveness!" "Go now, and forever regret the day you displeased me." ------------------------------- After he'd finished impregnating the Grongi and Rinto people, David returned home, making out with and cuddling Samantha.

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"Did you have a good day, honey?" Samantha asked him. "Oh you bet I did," David grinned. "Let's just say there's going to be a baby boom on the Planet Coogan in about 9 months." "That sounds great David," Samantha said, kissing him. "I just wish people gave you the respect you deserve across the universe." "What do you mean? I'm worshipped on other planets." "Yes, but not like you are here.


We should be worshipped all across the universe like we are on Earth." "You want us to announce ourselves like we did here?" "Yes. I want every single person in the universe to get down on their knees and worship us.

I want them to proclaim their worthlessness before us, and beg for our mercy." "Sam, I'm really not sure about this." "Come on David, don't you want everyone to know how great you are?" "Sam, I-" "Ssshh…" she said, licking his lips. "You know you want it. You want to rule everything. Just do it." "I…maybe I…" "Lord, please stop right there." David and Samantha turned to see the 6 archangels approaching them.

"Please Lord, do not go through with that." "Go away, all of you," Samantha said. "That's an order." "My Lady, with respect, we are here to convince the Lord to strip you of the power he has given you," Amia said. "How dare you!?" Samantha shouted. "Send them all to Hell, baby." "Lord, surely you see that your wife cannot be allowed to continue with what she has done?" Achré said.

"Hell is for sinners, not people who your wife does not like." "All of you, I really don't think she's that bad," David said. "She has a firm hand, but any good leader needs that." "Yes, but she's not a good leader," Amia said. "She's a tyrant who's been abusing his powers to lord herself above everyone else. If you give her the power she desires, all you'll be doing is condemning the whole universe to her tyranny." "Please Lord, I don't do this often, but I beg of you to listen to us," Dorothea said.

"Earthly admissions to Heaven have fallen dramatically." "I'm not sure…" David said. "We thought you might say that, which is why we've brought these." The doors opened, and Jack and Molly walked in. "Dad, we agree with the angels," Jack said. "I liked this at first, but I think mom's gone too far," Molly said.

"Kids, what are you talking about?" Samantha asked. "Sorry mom," Jack said. "But you raised us to be nice to people, and you're really not doing that." "In her time as a demi-Goddess, Samantha has damned 43 million, 268 thousand, 7 hundred and forty-eight people," Achré said.

"The typical damnation figure for the same time is in the thousands." David just stayed silent. "David baby, why don't you just send them all away and we can be happy?" Samantha said to him sweetly.

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"…I agree." David said, after a long pause. "Good," Samantha smiled. "Damn them David. Damn them all." "No Sam, I mean I agree with the angels and the kids," David said. "What? No! How can you say that!?" "Sam, they're right. You've gone too far. I've let you go too far." "David, I can't believe what I'm hearing." "Lord, I recommend immediate damnation for her," Amia said.

"You can't do that!" Samantha shouted. "I'm your wife!" "Lord, she must be punished for the suffering she has caused to others." "No," David said. "I'm sorry Amia, but I can't send my wife to Hell." "Good boy David," Samantha smiled. "Now let's-" "But I am going to punish her," he interrupted her. "David, let's not make any rash decisions…" Samantha said.

"Sam, I'm sorry, but you've gone too far. You've abused your God-given power, and allowed yourself to be corrupted by it." "So what are you going to do?" "This." David snapped his fingers, and the next thing he knew, he was laid in his old bed in his old house, from before he became God. He looked around, and everything seemed to be how it had been before, but Sam was nowhere to be seen.

David stood up, and looked down at himself; his body still had the Godly enhancements he'd given himself. David got dressed, and walked around the house, looking around.

He checked Jack's room, where he saw his son, sleeping peacefully with the pregnant Megan.

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A quick check in Molly's room showed that she was sleeping with Luke and Isaac. It seemed that it had worked. David had re-written the last few months of history.

In this new history, he'd never told anyone about his powers, and had ruled in secret. To everyone on Earth, including his children, he was just another ordinary man. And that's how he wanted to keep it.


"I'm proud of you." David turned to see Amia sat on the sofa, looking at him. "It needed to be done," David said. "But what did you do with your wife? I've checked with Achré and she's not in Hell." "Follow me." David led Amia to a place he'd been many times. A place his kids had loved visiting, but which they'd never visit again; Samantha's parents' house. They viewed into Samantha's old room, where they saw Samantha laid in bed with another man.

"I made it so we never met," David said. "She stayed over at her parents' house last night with her husband. Tomorrow she'll take a pregnancy test and discover that she's expecting their first child." "And what about your children, Lord?" Amia asked. "I've just clouded everyone's memories, so no-one will wonder how they can exist without having a mother.

I want Sam to have a second chance, away from the temptation of divine power." "And if she turns bad again?" "When she dies I'll judge her, and give her the appropriate punishment or reward." "I see.

You're staying as God then?" "Yes.

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This power is incredible. I see now that I was wrong to trust it to anyone but me. I'm God, not Samantha." "It's okay Lord. Mistakes are natural. You're only human." "And I should have listened to you, Amia. I'm sorry." "You need not apologise to me Lord.

Trust me, there have been far worse Gods than you in the past." "I promise to listen to you in the future." "That is probably wise, but please don't take my word as law.

Part of my job is to train you to be able to act independently as God." "Still, I'll be glad to have you by my side." "And I will be glad to serve you, Lord." ------------------------------- Author's message: Finally then, this story is over. I can't say I'm sad to see it end; I've not enjoyed this story for weeks, ever since it became apparent it was nowhere near as popular or, more importantly, GOOD, as A Boy and his Genie.

Seriously, I've been re-reading A Boy and his Genie and wishing (If you'll pardon the pun) that this story was as good. It's why I'm glad for this story to end; I've not particularly enjoyed it. As I'm sure you're aware, I was originally going to have the story feature David going mad with power and turning into a tyrant, with the story either ending as him realising what he'd done was wrong, Amia convincing him to retire, or the original God turning up.

Thanks to comments received after Chapter 7 however, this was changed to Samantha being corrupted, and I think the story's better for it.

As for the future, I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow. When I come back, I might wait a little bit before starting on my next story. My 4th story will be a return to the Boy and his Genie universe, definitely. I have several ideas in my head for what that might entail. My initial thought was to detail the life of David Brookman, Alex's grandfather, and his creation of the Society.

While this is tempting, I have another idea I'm probably going to go with. I won't tell you exactly what it is, since it would spoil it for you, but I have the first couple of chapters planned out in my head. I certainly won't post it until I have 3 or 4 chapters finished, and more important, I'm going to PLAN it before I write it. A Boy and his Genie and Divine Succession were both written with very little idea of where they'd end up going.

It worked for the former, but I think the low ratings and viewing figures for this story show that it isn't necessarily the best option. I probably had something else I wanted to say here, but I can't remember. So all I'm going to say is sorry for this story not being as good as my last, and let's hope my next one is better.

See you in mid-September ish!