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Puebla la victoria despues de cojer
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Once upon a time, long long ago, I had a small fling with this guy who I really had the hots for but he just wanted to play the field so nothing eventuated but we had some awesome sex sessions. One day out of the blue I got a phone call from him, his name is Matt. He is a very sexy guy, completely shaved head, tattoos on his arms and back (so damn sexy), the greenest eyes and a pierced eyebrow plus one of the longest cocks i've ever had. His cock is 13 inches, I know because I grabbed a ruler and measured it the first time I saw it to just convince myself that what I saw was real.

And 4cm thick, a beautiful cock to be honest, circumcised and just hot. I had always told him that I wish we had done a plaster mold of it and I would've got a dildo specially made for me based on it. Anyway, my heart flipped when I heard his voice on the phone, it was the same feeling as I had the last time we had spoke which was 2 years prior to the call.

He says "Jen, how are you, what are you doing right now?" straight to the point, he always was, and I responded "i'm just home alone, not doing much (it was a Saturday night), why do you ask?" I ask him. He replies "Listen, come on over, I haven't' seen you for ages and it's been to long between me tasting you, i'll be waiting for you" and hung up. I was in shock, what do I do, do I go, do I ignore his request, truth be known I got wet just hearing his sexy voice so I quickly went upstairs, had a shower, made sure my shaved pussy was in perfect visual condition, it never occurred to me that I shouldn't go, I was so wet just thinking about his cock that I found myself automatically doing what he wanted.

I got to h is house and just sat in the car looking at the one light in the front room. My heart was pounding. I had one last look at my face and makeup in the car mirror and finally got out. I walked to his front door and before I could ring the doorbell he opened the door, my heart just stopped, he looked so damn hot. I smiled at him and he smiled back, he bent down and gave me the hottest kiss in my life, if only I knew what was to come, I would've turned hightail and bolted away but unfortunately I was lost in his kiss and that hot tongue down my throat.

he slowly pulled me in the house and locked the door.

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I looked at him with a question in my eyes, (why did he lock the door) then he lured me into the front room and there were two guys there, two friggin hot guys to be honest, he only ever surrounded himself around hot looking people, men and woman. Thinking back on it now, he was very vain and up himself but I didn't care, I just wanted his cock in me. He introduced me to his friends, "Jen, this is Mike and the guy getting the beer is Jack, guys, and meet the best lay in Sydney".

I looked at him in shock, what the hell, why did he say that. It was so inappropriate to say shit like that the first time someone meets you. They smiled at me and nodded their heads. (damn they were hot). Matt pulled me down on the lounge and bent down and kissed me again, this time more harder than before and his hand went straight to my tit, I pushed him away and said "what the hell are you doing, get off me, what is this shit, did you hope for a gangbang, I don't fucking think so, i'm leaving" and tried to get up to leave but he pushed me down and then slapped me hard across the face.

I was in shock, I can't believe he did that, he has never raised his hand to me, I started getting scared, and the other two laughed when he slapped me, egging him on. I continued to try to get back up but he pushed me back down again and then with one clean sweep ripped my top open, my bra along with it, there I was freaking out, my chest raising up and down with fear and trying to breath, my nipples hard as rock, I was excited but I was so scared, I really had no idea what to expect.

He bent down and started to suck on my left nipple, really hard and then he bared his teeth and took a bite, I screamed with pain, then he sucked it again, his mouth was so hot, he sucked harder than before, my nipple was responding to this torture but the pain was excruciating.

He was pinching the other nipple very hard while doing this. He then starts sucking on the right one, hard again and then bites down on that one to, I scream again, freaking out, "get off me, please stop, matt, you don't' want to do this, you'll regret this tomorrow, please just let me go home and i'll pretend it didn't happen" he laughed with his mouth full of my nipple and then took another bite, this time drawing blood.

I screamed so loudly, he says "you can scream all you like Jen, nobody will hear you, if fact, scream as much as you wants to, and it only excites us", I shut up when he said that.

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He ripped the shredded clothes off me and then told his friends to come and have a look at his handy work. They came over, I can see their rock hard cocks through their jeans, I knew that I was in trouble because their cocks were huge through the jeans, I started to panic, begging them to let me go, then both bent down and each started to suck and bite on the already raw nipples, the pain was going right through my body.

They were loving it though, kissing me, or should I say, forcing their tongues down my throat and then back on my nipples. Without me realizing it, Matt had ripped my skirt off me and my g-string was saturated with my juices but I didn't want this, no matter how wet I was, I didn't want to be raped, the thought of it just scared me so much, he pulls the g-string up and forces my pussy lips apart and starts rubbing it up and down, it felt like my pussy was burning, then he ripped them to shreds and spread my legs so wide and before I knew it, he was licking and sucking my clit in a way he has never before, I looked down at him and all I saw was my pussy juices all over his mouth and I got so excited to see that, this whole situation was getting out of control but I couldn't help myself, he is so fucking hot and looking into his hot green eyes and watching his tongue suck my clit and lap up my juices was driving me crazy, for a moment I had forgotten his two friends ripping my nipples to shreds.

Matt slips a finger in my pussy and I respond immediately, then he slips in another, and then another, 3 fingers in my pussy that I know is tight because it had been close to a year since i'd had a cock inside me, he start frigging my pussy and I start moaning, forgetting the pain on my chest, he then slips in another finger and I start to feel the discomfit, I ask him to stop, "matt, you're hurting me, you're all hurting me, please just stop this, please just let me go", matt looks up at me and smiles "don't you know by now Jen that you have no say in what is about to happen today, you are going to shut up, be a good ho, and take it all, in fact, i'm just about to fist you, have you ever had that done to you before?", that did it to me, he has a huge hand, especially the thickness below the thumb up the wrist, it's all muscle and bone, I have never been fisted by a man before, only a girlfriend whose hand was three times small than his, hers just felt like a perfect cock.

"Matt, please don't do this, you'll rip me to pieces with that fist, please don't do this". He laughed in my face as did his friends, who at this stage had got totally naked and stood in front of me with their cocks sticking out so far ahead of them, I screamed when I saw them, they were fucking huge, bigger than anything I had ever seen, Jacks dick was at least 10 inches long and at least 2 inches thick, like one of those huge mother of a dildo's you'll see at a sex shop and laugh at, wondering "who the hell would use that", well here it was, looking right at me, with precum oozing out of the eye of it.

Then I saw Mike's cock, that is when I thought "today I am going to die" his cock was so fucking thick, at least 3 or 4 inches, it was like a tree stump, I knew that it would do me some serious damage if it came close to any of my holes.

Matt pours some lube on his hand and start to work on me, he was determined to fist me, he was getting there to, centimeter by centimeter he was getting in there, I can feel the bone of his hand scrapping against my pubic bone, it was killing me, I was screaming with pain, he turns to jack and says "can you shut her the fuck up, ram your cock in her mouth, she's starting to annoy me now" and I begged him to please not do this, Jack laughed and picked me up and positioned me where my neck was hanging over the edge of the lounge, Matt had moved with him and was actually happy because that position gave him more opportunity to get deeper inside me with his fist, all five fingers were in now but they hadn't gone past the thumb area, Jack stands over my mouth, looking down at me right in the eye, his back to Matt and slowly squats down, I try to move my mouth away from this huge fucking cock coming straight towards me, he grabs my face and holds it with both his hands, I couldn't' move to save myself.

He squatted again and told me to either open my mouth wide or he will punch me till i'm unconscious and then be glad to not get a word out of me, I opened my mouth, I needed to be aware of what was going on, he tells me open wider, I open as wide as I can possibly open and he puts the head of his cock in my mouth, I start to panic, I am so scared of this thing, the fear in my eyes must've excited him because I felt the fucking thing grow bigger in my mouth, only the head was in at that stage, he bends my head back and starts to put abit more in, at least another inch was in, I can barely breath, I felt it touching my tonsils and I start to gag, he pulls out and you hear the suction of air come out of my mouth, then without warning, he rams it back in.

I start to choke but he wouldn't let me breath again, he was holding my head and was pushing it forward while he starts to fuck my mouth, I was so close to passing out due to not being able to breath and he knew it so he quickly pulled out, and let me gulp up as much air as I can, I start begging him to stop but he just shuts me up by ramming it in my mouth, this time it went further, past my tonsils, I can feel it hitting the wall of my throat, only abit of air was coming through, allowing me to breath through my nose.

He starts getting harder again, I know he is close to coming, he gets more worked up and then stops being nice and starts to hard fuck my mouth, ramming that huge fucking thing down my throat, I couldn't breath at this stage, all air was blocked by the size of his cock stuck in my throat, he laughs "matt, have a look at her neck, you can see my cock going up and down it, check it out, that's so fucking funny" at this stage, Matt, pulls his hand out of my cunt and bends over to look, Jack pulls out to show him the before of my neck and then says "look now" and then rams it back down my throat making my neck twice the size it was before, Matt is laughing and says, "keep on pulling out all the way, let her breath and then fuck her mouth, see how far down her throat you can get" so Jack does just that, at least i'm breathing but he is ripping my mouth to shreds with each thrust, his cock is just getting thicker with every thrust, he is holding my head now and fucking it like a piston now and my neck feels like it's about break.

Hard and fast, I feel like this is it, i'm going to die on this bastards cock, I hear him screaming, I know he's close to cumming "pour down her throat, every fucking drop dude" scream Matt, he's back into my pussy by now, whole fist, so damn close to being wrist deep in me.

Jack screams one last time and then rams his cock so far down my throat for that first squirt that his balls are also in my mouth, he's so fucking deep down my throat, I couldn't' breath but he didn't care, he just wanted to pour down my throat, I feel it, hot and boiling cum pouring down my neck, I start gagging and some starts to come out of my nose, he keeps on thrusting till every drop is down my throat, he finally stops ramming and pulls it out with one quick pull back and you can hear the suction of his cock leaving my throat and the vacuum sound of me gulping for air, they are all laughing at me now, there was cum on my face from it coming out of my nose, he bends down, dips his cock on it and then rams the head of his cock into my eye, blinding pain hits me, from the force of him ramming it plus the salt of his cum stinging my eye, I felt like I was blind, I quickly try to scrape the cum out of my eye, they just kept on laughing, he bends down and pinches my nipples so hard, they had only just stopped to bleed and then they started to bleed again.

Matt had finally got his way, with one last thrust, his whole fist was in my cunt, wrist deep, I start to scream, oh my god, this is killing me, this has to be worse than childbirth, he is loving it, he starts to pound into my pussy, you can hear the squishy sounds its making because of the lube and my own wet juices, he makes me lie down again and spreads my legs so wide and starts to fist me hard and fast, i'm screaming with pain and begging him to stop, the guys are loving it, Mike had come over and started sucking on my nipples again, he loved the taste of blood and he didn't' stop biting them, Matt was getting brutal now, he pulled out his fist and pulled it back and had this look in his eye and I had no idea what he was going to do and then I felt it, he pounded my pussy with his fist like it was a punching bag, the pain was so excruciating, He kept on pulling out and his hand still as fist, pulling his arm all the way back as you would to punch someone and kept on pounding my pussy like a piston, ripping into me, I had started to bleed by then but that didn't' stop him, even Jack had said "mate, you're going to kill her, quit it" but he was like a mad man, he kept on punching my pussy with his hand until the boys pulled him off me and they saw the damage he had done, he had ripped my pussy open and it was bleeding on the couch.

He calmed down and looked at his hand, it was bloody but full of my pussy juices, and I can't believe I was actually wet with pleasure after that. The boys picked me up and took me into the bath, they ran a bath for me, Mike stayed with me while the tub filled with beautiful warm water, it was a huge spa bath, could easily fit 3 people in it, I was curled up on the floor, leaving blood stains on the tiles, I think he was feeling abit sorry for me but I also know it wasn't over for me yet, Mike hadn't had his way with me yet and I knew that I won't be leaving this house until they had all had their way, even Matt hadn't fucked me yet, only with his hand.

The tub was full so Mike gently picks me up and lowers me in, I scream because the hot water on my raw pussy was killing me with pain, straight away the clear water turned into a slight tinge of pink.

My nipples felt like they were on fire, Mike was saying calming words to me and trying to relax me, I couldn't relax so he gets in the tub with me, he tells me to relax and that he just wants to make sure i'm ok, he slowly start to clean me up with a soft sponge and soap, I let him, feeling that I at least have someone who cares here.

He rests his fingers on my pussy and I pull away, he tells me to relax, he just wants to feel what the damage is. He starts to massage my pussy and the soapy sponge feels good on it though its still stinging, I start to feel his fingers on my pussy and then he slips one it but it doesn't even touch the sides, matt had opened me up so much, he puts 4 fingers in me and I respond, I start to pull back and he bends down and kisses me, relaxing me completely, he starts to finger me with his fingers and gently bends down and licks my nipples, gently sucking it, this is how it should've been from the beginning.


I am so horny now, along with the heat of the water, the heat of his fingers and his kiss, I felt like I was ready to cum. He starts to flick my clit and I know i'm close now, his kiss gets more harder and I start to moan and with one final flick on my clit I scream my orgasm and cum all over his fingers, he continues fucking me with his fingers but his kiss is just so hot, he pulls his fingers out of me and out of the water and looks at them, my cum was still stuck on them, he bends his fingers down and makes me lick my cum off them, I suck his fingers like my life depended on it.

I suck them hard and then he pulls his fingers out of my mouth and stands up, his huge cock, the widest of the three, is standing out, dying to be sucked, I don't' hesitate, I was so horny by then and so grateful for his kindness, I just wanted to taste his cock and also find a way to say thank you, I start sucking on the head of his cock.

I suck it so hard that he moans (unbeknown to me, the boys were watching us from the open door), I start to suck it harder and I have no idea how that thing fit in my mouth, it was bigger than jacks and it was the biggest cock to this day that has ever entered my mouth (not to mention any other orifice).

He asks me "do you think you can deep throat it like you did Jacks?" I look at him and say "I don't' know, jack could've killed me with his cock, but i'll try" and I bend my neck back and slowly start taking him in my mouth, when he hit my tonsils I gagged and he pulled out, he tries again, the thickness of his cock was very painful but I wanted to please him, he was being so kind to me and actually asking me instead of just doing it.

I bent my head further back and tried again. This time he popped past my tonsils but the thickness automatically stopped all air flow and I panicked and he pulled out. He then says "ok, this is what we are going to try, i'm going to start fucking your mouth allowing you to breath but you need to let me get as deep as I can, I want to feel by balls hit your chin, deal?" and I nodded, I didn't mind trying to take it all in, I just wanted to breath and not be scared.

He starts to fuck my mouth and with each thrust he gets deeper but is allowing me to breath, again his cock got bigger with each thrust, especially each time it scrapped against my tonsils, I know that obstruction would've got him harder. He holds my head and is looking deep in m eye and watching his cock disappear down my throat, I know he must've got so turned on just by watching and feeling my mouth contracting with each thrust (damn he's hot, so damn good lucking, best looking guy i've ever seen).

I start to feel him buried all the way to the hilt down, his balls are more than just hitting my chin, they to are in my mouth now and he starts thrusting harder and faster now, i'm trying to keep up, he pulls out one last time and with one last hard thrust, he rams so far down my throat and I feel his pouring down the back of my throat, once again, he's screaming now and I hear the echo in the bathroom, his screams and my gurgling while sucking all his cum.

He finishes and slowly starts to pull his cock out of my mouth but just as he's about to pull all the way out, I latch my mouth on it and look him in the eye, he's surprised and turned on, I start to suck the eye of his cock now, i'm sucking it so hard, trying to suck that cum right out of that eye, he starts to moan and is freaking out, his cock is still so tender after cumming, he grabs my face and looks at my tongue and feels the suction, i'm sucking it so hard now that I feel it growing hard again, he cant' believe it and I just wanted to taste that cum, its not the same when it pours down your throat, you want it on your tongue so you can devour the flavor.

He pulls out of my mouth and is rock hard again, he bends down and thrusts his tongue in my mouth and starts to kiss me, that turns me on so much. He bends down and picks me up. The pain of my pussy being ripped by Matts fist is gone now, the hot water had soothed it and allowed it to come a little bit back to its normal size, the bones around it though were still very sore and bruised.

He takes me into the bedroom where Matt and Jack are both waiting for me, they are both rock hard, three hot cocks standing to attention. I looked apprehensively to them all and pleadingly to Mike. He smiles and says that it's not up to him, this isn't his house but it's up to me how hard it will be. If I just take it the chance is I won't be hurt that much. I don't know what they are going to do next. Matt comes up to me and slowly starts to kiss me, the way he did when I arrived, he said he was sorry for hurting me and would like to make it up to me.

He bends down and start to eat my clit, licking it so lovingly and gently, spreading my pussy lips apart and dipping that hot tongue all the way in, I still see some blood on his tongue but it's not much now, just a small oozing cut and his mouth feels so amazing, I feel like i'm about to explode. His tongue starts flicking on my clit and I feel like his tongue is fire, burning me, it feels amazing. Jack comes up to my side and offers me his cock, he's not forcing it, he's letting me suck it at my own pace, Mike is licking and gently sucking my nipples, why couldn't matt and jack be as gentle as mike, his tongue is like velvet, gently suckling my nipples and gently nibbling on it.

I am so close to cumming, I start thrusting my clit into Matts mouth, i'm dying to cum, he slips 2 fingers in me while he licks at my clit, his tongue start to flicker faster now and he stops occasionally to just suck it, i'm thrashing from side to side now, holding Jacks dick for dear life, I look Matt in the eye and he knows how close I am, I arch my back and I screammmmmmmmmm and I cum all over his tongue, he's pushing it into my pussy and lapping up my cum, he doesn't stop, he stands up and reaches down to me and starts to kiss me, his tongue on mine, I taste my pussy juices on his tongue and I taste so good, I just can't get enough of it, he pulls away and Mike starts to kiss me, he wants to taste my pussy juices to.

His tongue is like soft silk. Matt, turns me around and gets me on my knees, he separates my pussy lips with the head of his very hard and erect cock and slowly slips the head in, it feels amazing, i'm still abit sore but to feel that cock slide in is just amazing, nothing beats a 13inch cock, he starts to slowly fuck me while i'm sucking on Mikes cock now, well the head anyway, Matt grabs me by the hips and starts driving into me, you can hear the suction with each thrust not to mention my wet pussy juices because of what his hot tongue did to me.

I hear him grunting as I feel him get deeper inside me, 13inches is alot but I know he won't rest till he's balls deep into me. Mike grabs my head now and starts to slowly grind into my mouth, i'm ready for it because he's being gentle, its amazing how well you can suck when there is no fear there.

I start to suck him hard as Matt is ramming his hard cock into me, I can feel the gush of air each time he pulls away, I look over at Jack and his cock is so hard, he pushes Mike aside and then starts to fuck my mouth as well, also gently, but firmly, I start to take it deeper in my mouth while I hear Matt moaning hard, I start moaning now, I feel him hitting my pussy walls, it hurts but feels amazing at the same time, he screams that he's nearly all the way in, the guys help him spread me further, I have one leg in the air now while he's pounding into me, i'm screaming now, it feels so fucking good I can't cope with the pressure of his cock pounding into me, he's so fast and hard now, no holds barred, nothing is stopping him from burying himself all the way in me.

Mike, bends down and lies under my chest and starts sucking on my nipples hard and fast now, I start screaming with pleasure, I can't take much more of this, Jack rams his cock down my throat again, with the same hardness as the first time and I started to get scared again, he holds my head while he starts fucking my mouth, in the meantime i'm screaming inside because Matts cock is now buried deep inside my pussy and I can feel him stretching my womb, it hurts and i'm trying to move away but he screams "I don't' fucking think so bitch, no more mr nice guy" and fucks me hard and fast, bites my leg that is up in the air and that is when I feel his finger near my asshole, "NOOOOOOOOO" I try to scream with jacks cock in my mouth, he slips his finger in my asshole and I freak out, nobody touches that hole, it's exit only, i'm so scared now, Mike is licking my nipples and sucking them, biting them, trying to calm me down, Jack is chocking me with his cock, I can see Mike looking at my neck expanding each time he thrusts in, he can't believe how deep he's getting, he screams "Man, how deep are you, it looks like you're ramming it as far down to her collar bone, don't' fucking stop, it looks hot", he then looks at me as if to say he's sorry but he was so turned on by what he was watching.

Matt is ripping my pussy again, i'm not bleeding but i'm so sore and it feels like my pussy is on fire. The friction is driving me mad, his finger in my ass is scaring me, he says "don't cry bitch, I know you like it, I remember seeing how you used to get excited when we watched anal porn, admit it, you want it" and I shake my head as I couldn't speak.

He slips another finger in my ass and then adds abit of lube to it and starts to work it in, i'm screaming now, i'm freaking out, it's dirty, it's disgusting and I never ever thought I would let a man touch me there. He is still fucking my pussy raw and ramming it all the way in, his balls slapping my pussy lips, Jack is ready to blow and grabs my face, pulls my head up and then screams and with one final hard raping of my mouth, he blows his load all the way down my throat again, Mike is still lying under me watching Jacks cock hitting the wall of my throat while i'm still on my knees being raped by Matt and Mike is pulling his own cock while biting my nipples and watching Jack, I know he wants to blow in my mouth to, Jack empties the biggest load i've ever had, I can't believe so much cum can come out of a cock, he wipes his cock on my face and leaves cum all over my face and then wipes it clean on my hair, Mike gets up and begs Matt to let him fuck me, Matt pulls out with a pop and then I see Mike behind me, he whispers "relax sweetheart" I scream "noooo please Mike, that cock will kill me, it's to wide, you will never allow me to have kids if you put that in me, please don't, I beg you" but he doesn't' listen and then with one hard thrust buries his cock in my pussy, i'm screaming so loudly now, his cock is wider than Matts and it fucking hurts like nothing i've ever felt, I thought he was going to be gentle but the guys were egging him on and I know now he didn't want to lose face and look like a pussy by being gentle, so he starts raping my pussy, he makes it bleed again and i'm in so much pain, his width is killing me.

Its like the size of an average mans arm with a massive fucking head on it, ramming into my pussy lips and walls, I know i'm about to pass out but i'm trying to hard to stay coherent, I mustn't pass out, god only knows what they will do to me when i'm unconscious. He is only 1/3 of the way but I feel it ripping into me, I feel how he is opening me up wider and wider "he says, if woman can give birth to a kid, then they can take this cock" and matt laughs and says "yeah mate, but when woman give birth, they usually rip just we are ripping this dirty bitch now, fuck her harder mate, bury that cock all the way in, she can take it" and imp screaming "nooooooo, i can't take it, stop, please stops" when I look at Jack I see that his cock is hard again, how the hell is that possible.

Mike grabs me and then lies down and he sits me on top of him, literally holding me up in the air as I am to weak to stand up or lean on anything, then he slowly positions his cock to the entrance of my red raw pussy, he says to Matt " what do you think, should I or shouldn't I" and Matt then says "what do you think Jack, should he or shouldn't he" and Jack laughs and they all say together "fuck yeah, do it to her" and then Mike laughs and spreads my pussy wider while i'm up in the air, and then DROPS ME ON HIS COCK, I screammmmmmmm with the pain, he dropped me on his cock forcing his cock all the way inside me, my pussy is now bleeding and oozing lube, pussy juices and blood, he's laughing and the boys are so turned on by this, Matt scoops up some of the mix and forces me to swallow it, I gag on my own blood, my eyes role back and i'm semiconscious, Matt and Jack hold me up and position me above his cock while he starts to thrust into me, hard and fast, ripping my already ripped pussy apart and burying his cock all the way in, balls and all, i've been opened up so much by his cock.

He keeps on fucking me, moaning and screaming with pleasure, I am still tight to him because his cock is so huge, regardless of the size of my cunt, he pulls out and tells the guys to tell him what my gapping hole looks like, they spread my legs and both just shut up and look at each other, he asks again and they say "fuck man, you should see the size of that cunt, you can easily bury a huge bottle in it, it's red raw, the skin around it is bleeding and you can see right up into her womb, you've done a fucking good job mate" and he laughs before ramming me down on it again, he's not finished, he wants to cum, I can't believe that the guy who was so gentle and sweet to me has done this to me, why has he changed?

I start to cry and I think that does him in, he pounds me harder and faster, blood is now spurting with each thrust, he's fucking me like a piston deep in my cunt and then with one final huge scream, he rams one last time into me and blows his load deep inside me, I screammm the pain and the saltiness is stinging so bad on my open wounds, he makes sure ever single drop is buried inside of me, they pull me off his with a pop and he gets up, he cock and nether region is full of my cum, my blood and his cum, I got excited when I saw that, don't ask me why, his cock truly is huge but for some reason, it's beautiful.

My pussy feels so numb, I have no idea what they have done to it and i'm too scared to look. Jack takes me in the bathroom this time but doesn't gently lower me in the already cold water in the tub that I had used before, he drops me in it and laughs at me, my pussy is now killing me, the cold water is hurting, not soothing, and I can feel the weirdest sensation, like the water is filling up my cunt quickly, like it would a bottle under water, that is how huge my cunt had become because of Mike.

My nipples are erect and hard from the cold water, Jack demands that I wash the blood off me, he hates fucking woman who bleed and that are when I realized that bastard wants to fuck me to.

When will it end, he quickly yanks me up and bites my nipple while carrying me back outside, i'm still in a semi comatose state. The guys had poured themselves a drink and gave me a shot of whiskey which Matt knows I drink straight up, it felt good, I needed it.


Mike couldn't look me in the eyes, I know he is ashamed about what he did. He did look at my cunt though and I think he nearly gagged, he didn't realize the damage he had done.

He looked away while Jack and Matt laughed. They said that my pussy can rest for awhile; it's my asshole they are interested in now. I was so weak I couldn't' even try to move away, I felt like a zombie, my nipples were rock hard now and Matt starts to suck them again, and bite them again, just to get a reaction out of me.

Jack screams, "Matt, get that bottle of Johnny Walker, we can fun with that" so Matt goes and gets it and gives it to jack. Jack puts some lube on it and I shake my head, "please, no more, no more, I beg you, let me go home, please" and he laughs as he rams it into my gapping cunt, the coldness of the bottle and lube hurt like hell, he starts fucking me with the bottle and then says "damn boys, this bottle is to small for this cunt, what else have you got that is bigger than this", Matt says "how about the bottle with your cock Jack, you haven't fucked her cunt yet, have some fun while we finish our drinks, then we'll continue with her ass" and jack laughs and agrees, he pulls his cock towards my cunt that still has the Johnny Walker buried in it, His cock is huge as well, at least 2 inches think, and long to, I moan my fear, he knows they are slowly killing my spirit but i'm trying to hang in there, he slowly starts to bury his cock next to the bottle and I feel my pussy open even more, his cock along with the bottle were wider than Mikes dick, I just couldn't' believe they would do this to me.

He continues putting it in, ramming it in and out and in and out and the boys are watching, fascinated. I can't believe what they are doing to my cunt, he starts to pull out the bottle at the same time as his dick, so I was being fucked by both of them, he loves the feeling and starts ramming me harder and faster, i'm screaming with pain, the bottle is hard and deep and they buried it top first so I can feel the cold metal of the lid touching my womb.

Then Matt has an idea the bastard "Jack, open the bottle and pour the alcohol straight into her cunt, lets see her react to it on her raw cunt". so Jack the bastard does exactly what Matt suggests, pulls the bottle out, takes the lid off it, pours some JW down his throat and then asks me if I want some, he then pours a generous amount down my throat and just as I was swallowing it, pours it into my cunt and I screammmmmmmmmmm with the pain, it was the worst kind of pain I can imagine, he then puts the bottle all the way in, open, with his dick and starts fucking me, each thrust pouring more into my cunt, I honestly felt like I was going to die, it was the most excruciating pain, no words to describe it, its worse than putting salt on a wound, so much worse.

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He then rips the bottle out, stands me up and squats under my pussy and lets the whiskey poor down his throat along with my blood, my pussy juices and Mikes cock juices, and it was the worse cocktail you can have buried in you.

I can barely stand up, Matts cock was huge again, he rammed it down my throat and started to deep throat me and I was freaking out, I had 13inches of cock down my throat, all the way down, and I can barely breath while Jack was biting my pussy lips and my inner legs, Mike was quiet, Matt kept on pinching my nipples very hard and yanking them while throat fucking me, I could barely breath, he didn't want to cum though thank god, he just wanted to get hard again and feel my tonsils on his cock again, but his whole 13inches were forced down my throat, my throat was also fucked raw, I was spitting up blood for a week after this incident.

He pulls out of my mouth and says "its' time to get serious now bitch, on your knees" and I tried so hard to move away but I couldn't'. They forced me back on my knees and that is when I saw him lathering his cock with lube, oh no, please, I started to beg him to not do it but he smiled, he didn't even try to prepare me, he knew my ass was a virgin but the fucking bastard didn't care.

He smiled at me, smiled at the boys and then just rammed his 13inch cock deep into my asshole, I screamed so loud, i'm surprised nobody outside didn't hear me, all I heard was jack laughing, Matts cock was buried all the way in my asshole, all 13inches, no preparation at all, I knew my asshole was bleeding, it had to be because the pain was so raw, he might as well had put a knife to my asshole and cut it open. He starts fucking my asshole, so hard and fast, not giving me a moment to catch my breath, he screams how tight it is but not for long, his cock is the thinnest of the three at 2 inches but the longest, he is fucking me hard and fast, I can feel his balls banging against my raw and sore pussy, he is bending over now and grabbing my tits from behind and pinching the hell out of them, pushing me further down and fucking my ass like it's never been fucked before, I felt like I was about to shit all over the place but luckily I had nothing in there to do that with, my bowel luckily was completely empty, I don't' think I could've lived with that humiliation, plus I know that Matt would've forced me to eat it if I had any.

He is pounding away so deep and hard now, i'm screaming so much, I can feel the blood trickling down my legs, he pulls out of me and then lies down and gets the guys to hold me up, Mike still won't look me in the eyes.

He holds me above his cock, i'm literally in limbo in the air, no strength to hold myself up, he smiles and says "lets do to her ass what Mike did to her cunt, shall we?" and Jack smiles, he's loving this the bastard.

When I least expect it, they drop me, right on his cock, my asshole was ripped open as was my cunt, they drop my asshole on his cock, how can they do this to me, he starts to fuck me like crazy now, blood oozing everywhere but he doesn't care, he is getting turned on by the destruction of my bloody asshole, he is fucking me even harder and faster now, slapping my ass raw, leaving his mark on me everywhere, he screams he's about to cum and then fucks me even deeper to the point where I think he broke through my bowel and then pours his seed all the way inside me, the feeling of that explosion forces me to cum whether I want to or not, they rip him off me and again I hear a pop from his cock leaving my ass, Jack lies me down on the bed and spreads my legs and push them further down towards to face, he thrusts his hard cock into my ass again with one hard painful push, his cock is wider than Matts and I scream again, even louder, it stings so badly now, I know it's bleeding allot now, Matt comes over and looks and says he can't believe how wide my cunt and ass are now, loving it, laughing is head off, Mike is silent, he calls him over and asks him what the problem is and mike says "you know it's not right what we are doing" and Matt laughs and says that I am loving it.

Jack is pounding so deeply inside my ass now, sweat is pouring off him, he was hot but in a brutal way, not soft like as Mike is. He was pounding in my ass like a machine, not giving me a chance to breath. He pulls out of me and suggests that I get a double entry. Matt lies down and very easily buries his cock in my pussy, I can't even feel him in there, it's so loose, then Jack slides his cock in my puss as well and that is when I feel them both, it hurts like hell, I am crying and there is blood everywhere, Matt pushes my back down from under me and forces a nipple into his mouth, which he starts to chew and suck and bite, i'm in so much pain, my nerve endings are so raw, I can't cope, I cant imagine anyone surviving a rape like this, they are both fucking me hard and fast and you can hear my puss doing pussy farts with every thrust.

Jack is so close to cumming, he tells Matt that he wants to finish off in my ass but he wants Mike to fill my pussy while he fucks my asshole and to see how I feel to have two of the biggest cocks i've ever seen in both holes. Matt pulls out and Mike takes his place, he can't help being aroused, to any guy it would be a sexy scene.


They lower me onto his cock, I can't believe the pain of that cock in my cunt, knowing it was this cocks fault that my pussy is a huge gapping hole right now. He starts to fuck me to get me ready and I start screaming with the pain of it, it hurts more now than it did when he first penetrated me, I'm bouncing on top of him only because he was thrusting into me so hard and i'm screaming, he's looking me directly in the eye and then he starts to suck on my nipple, gentle and then bite it, it felt so good, I can feel my cunt respond to that gentle mouth on my nipple.

Then I feel Jack brutally ram that cock in my ass, the scream that left my mouth was so loud that Matt got worried and decided to ram his cock down my throat again to shut me up, Jack is fucking my ass so damn hard while Mike is fucking my pussy so damn hard, i'm being ripped from both holes and I couldn't do a damn thing to stop it, I knew that they can feel it others cocks quite easily through that think skin that separates my ass from my pussy, they kept on pounding into me and I know I am close to losing consciousness.

Matts cock is rammed down my throat as before and he was showing now mercy, brutally grabbing my face and fucking it like there was no tomorrow, I will never forget the look on his face, it was like he was an animal.

Jack was loving this, he was ready to blow in my ass and I knew he was close, I prayed that would be the last of it, Mikes monster cock was hitting my womb again, I was freaking out over the pain and pleasure it was bringing me, mostly pain though, my nipples were red raw now and bleeding again, he was sucking them to hard again, Jack starts to scream and I know he is close and then he screams "steady as she blowssssss" and he blows so fucking hard deep inside my asshole, I can't believe how much it hurt, I honestly have never felt anything like it, his cock was huge, not as big as Mikes but I never thought i'd have a cock that big in my ass, let alone a cock like Mikes in my pussy.

Jack pulls out, again with a plop, he laughs and says "that's it, i'm done, this ho has been an absolute treat, I need a drink" and then goes and pours himself a drink, Matt wants to cum to so he comes around and then buries his sock in my ass and starts pounding away like in it, 13inches, all of it, deep in my ass, I still can't believe that a 13inch cock can fit in my ass, I get goosebumps just thinking about it now.

He is ramming me harder and more painfully now, literally picking me up off the ground with every thrust, only Mikes pumping keeping me intact. Matt screams and again, blows his load deep down inside my ass, he pours every single drop. Mike is freaking out, he can feel my ass and puss respond with each time they cum.

Matt pulls out and says he is done to and needs a drink. He pours himself one and sits with Jack watching Mike fuck my cunt. Matt then says "Mike, you do realize you're the only one who hasn't fucked her ass, what are you waiting for, finish up in her ass, you'll feel it cause your thicker than all our cocks".

Mike smiles and agrees, I look him in the eye, begging him with my eyes to not do it, but he has to, because the boys said so. He pulls out of my cunt and then turns me around, he tells the boys he may need their help again as before and I scream no, no please, not that again, not on that cock. and they all laugh. He tries to prepare me first. I realize now that Mike even though is soft and quiet, was really the most perverted from the others. He buries a finger in my ass, then another, then another, and i'm screaming by now, his wrist was huge but even his wrist was not as thick as his cock, he then slips in another finger, 4 huge fingers buried in my ass, the boys are getting interested now, nobody thought to fist my ass and I can see their cocks getting hard again, god, not again, he then bends his thumb in and buries all 5 fingers in my ass, I can feel him stretching it even bigger than it already was, there was blood pouring out of my pussy and I know he was using that as lube as well as real lube.

He pushed in and gets an inch in, pushes again and gets another inch, then with both me and Mike unaware, Matt had come up behind him and grabbed Mikes arm and pushed his fist all the way in when mike was preparing for the next thrust, that thrust pushed me so far off the lounge, but it did it's job, he was wrist deep into my asshole, I was crying so hard now and begging them to stop, Matt bends down and then buries his fist in my cunt, wrist deep, both of them fucking my ass and pussy with their fists, no lube needed now and ramming it in and out so hard and fast that I honestly thought I would die right here and now.

Jack had pulled out his cock and was wanking himself over my face, not trying to throatfuck me, just wanking, I was in so much pain, Matt tells him to shut me up so that is when he puts his cock to my mouth again and forces me to suck it, not deep throat, just sucking the head.

Matt pulls his fist out, full of blood and cum and wipes in on my nipples, then bends down and licks it off them. Mike is still pumping my ass with his fist, i'm in so much pain, he pulls his fist out and then buries is cock in my ass with one hard thrust, nothing prepares you for the size of a cock like that in your ass, he starts pounding into my ass but he still can't get it all in, he's to wide, the boys offer to help him as before and he lies down and knows that this is going to probably ruin me forever but he can't stop himself, my asshole is still so tight for him and will probably be the only chance he will ever have to fuck an ass.

They are holding me up in the air again, just knowing the pain I am about to endure had me begging and screaming and kicking, trying to let go, he opens up my asshole from below me and looks at the boys and then with one final nod, they drop me on his cock, burying his cock deep up in my asshole, I semi passed out, I couldn't move, I knew what was going on but I felt like it was happening to someone else.

They then pulled my legs wide apart and held me in place for him to thrust into my ass, he fucked and totally ripped my ass to shreds, this just can't be happening, why has this happened to me.

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The guys are loving it, smiling at Mike and edging him to fuck me harder and faster, which he does, he is holding me from behind and latching onto me from my pussy lips and starts to pull the lips aside and wide while burying some fingers into its gapping hole while pounding deep into my ass. He still wants to get deeper so the boys pull me off his cock and he gets me on my knees and then comes u behind me and buries his cock in my ass from behind, this way he was able to get those last 2 inches into my asshole, i'm screaming with pain and humiliation and wishing with all my heart I did not answer that fucking call earlier in the night.

He bends me more into a fetal position and then rams it in all the way, I can feel his balls hitting my now loose asshole, then out of nowhere I hear matt scream "fuck me, Mike you're so fucking deep that your balls in her ass as well, don't' stop man, that is fucking hot" and he continues pounding deep into my ass and matt was right, the balls slapping my pussy stopped, they were now buried in my asshole to, he was that deep, I also knew that he had ripped the skin between my ass and pussy now and it was killing me, the pain was so raw, I couldn't believe this was happening to my body.

I knew that they had done some serious damage to my body.

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I can hear Mike grunting now, he forces me further down and I then continues pounding into my ass, I know he is close, his moaning and groaning tells me that when he blows it will hurt like hell, he is fucking my ass so hard and fast now, holding on to me for dear life, my body felt so bruised, he continues pounding into me and then with one last scream and thrust, he buries his cock and balls deep into my ass and pours his cum all the way inside me, he pulls out and rams it in again, pushing me half way across the lounge, and continues pouring inside me, he grabs me once last time, holds on tight and then one last hard fucking thrust he pounds me with so much power that i'm lifted off the lounge and I fall off his cock, i'm screaming and crying with pain, he bends down, and then slips his fingers into my asshole to feel his cum in my ass, he pulls it out and then rubs it all over my face and tits and then shoves his fingers in my mouth demanding that I lick them clean.

He then bends down, and gives me a gentle kiss and tells me "thank you for letting me fuck your asshole, its' the first i've ever fuckedI hope you'll never forget it as I know I won't". I was crying and curled up in the fetal position and my ass and pussy where sitting there, huge gapping holes with matter pouring out of them, both ass and pussy, bloody, cum, my juices, johny walker bottle, I have never been so humiliated in my whole entire life.

They threw my clothes at me, didn't' even let me try to clean myself up, Matt kicked me out the door and slammed it on my back, all I heard was matt say "I told you she'd be a good fuck, how huge was her asshole and pussy, damn, if I didn't have somewhere to be, we could've tied her up and fucked her all night" once I heard that, I jumped into my car, and drove off for dear life, I am only so happy that he doesn't know where I live now.

THE END P.s. hope you liked people? Its pretty hardcore but a huge turn on, i'm wet just from typing it.