Two Guys Fucking my Wife at the Same Time

Two Guys Fucking my Wife at the Same Time
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Shrouded by the night Bryce sat in his wooden bathtub as Fenton scrubbed him down. There had been an awkward silence between them since the incident in the training grounds. "Thank you my prince, for defending me earlier" said Fenton.


"There's no need to thank me, I only did what I had to" said Bryce seriously as he tried not to blush. "No, I do have to thank you. No one has ever stood up for me before, and what you did, was very brave, not to mention sweet" said Fenton with a tender smile. Bryce couldn't help but blush, so he looked away, he didn't want Fenton to see him blushing. "I only did it because I couldn't bear to see him say those things to you, or treat you the way he did" said Bryce as he looked at the water in the tub.

"Whatever your reasons were, thank you" said Fenton as he finished scrubbing down his back. "You can stand up now" said Fenton. Bryce stood up, and looked down at Fenton, who had already begun to scrub down his legs. He couldn't understand why he was always on his mind, neither why his heart raced every time he saw him. Could he be in love?

Once Fenton had finished scrubbing down his legs and ass, he began to clean his cock. Bryce observed how Fenton cleaned him carefully, with his ever so delicate touch, almost like if he were some kind of precious treasure. He suddenly felt a rush of pleasure run through his body as Fenton jerked him off, and in a matter of seconds he was rock hard.

He looked down at Fenton, who once again was planning on sucking his cock as he opened his mouth, but Bryce pulled away from him. Fenton looked up at Bryce, with a confused look on his face. "Did I do something…" Fenton was saying before Bryce grabbed his jaw gently and looked in to his eyes. Fenton felt hypnotized by Bryce's ice blue eyes, but it wasn't because of their color, it was something else, something deep inside them that almost seemed to reach out at his heart.

"Stand up" said Bryce seductively. Fenton stood up slowly, his heart was racing and his breath was heavy. Bryce got out of the tub as he got closer to Fenton, only a couple centimeters separated their bodies and faces. Bryce leaned in towards Fenton and kissed him gently before leaning out. Fenton's heat was racing faster than ever. The boys looked in to each other's eyes, and that's when they obtained the answer they needed.

The reason to why Fenton was always on Bryce's mind, and why Fenton felt that something in Bryce's eyes reached out to his heart, it was love. Both of them leaned in closely to each other, their lips just barely touching, and their eyes fixated on each other. "I think I love you" muttered Bryce without taking his eyes off Fenton.

"I think I love you too" replied Fenton tenderly. The young boys kissed each other with such passion, that it almost felt like if the world around them had completely vanished, leaving them alone, together. Bryce pulled apart and began to quickly undress Fenton as he guided him over to his bed. Bryce pushed Fenton gently on his bed and began to kiss him on the lips, all the way down to his belly button. Bryce took of Fenton's breeches as he kissed his legs close to where his cock was.

Fenton's body was tingling in pleasure as his 8 cm flaccid cock got hard and rose to its full 16 cm. Bryce held Fenton's cock in his hand, and began to lick the tip slowly. Fenton arched his back due to the sheer pleasure he felt as Bryce's wet tongue played with his cock. "My prince…you don't have to…do this" said Fenton between moans of pleasure. "I want to" said Bryce before he wrapped his lips around Fenton's cock. Bryce began by slowly sucking his cock.

As time went by, Bryce began to suck even faster, causing Fenton to moan louder and faster. Bryce felt completely sex crazed, all he wanted was to eat Fenton's sweet cum, so as he sucked even faster, he began to play with Fenton's ball sack.

Fenton was in complete ecstasy, he was moaning loader than ever as he bucked his hips, causing his cock to ram into Bryce's warm mouth, he was sure he would feint in any second. "My prince…I'm going to…" said Fenton with a loud moan, but it was too late, he was already pouring string after string of his hot sweet cum into Bryce's mouth.

Bryce swallowed every string of cum he could as he sucked on Fenton's cock. After he had finished, he backed away and stood up, looking down at Fenton, who seemed to be completely flushed.

Fenton stood up, his legs were still tingly, and so he slowly walked over to Bryce. He noticed that Bryce had some cum rolling down one side of sweet tender lips.

He raised his hand towards Bryce face and cleaned off the cum with his middle finger, he stared at the cum a while, before sticking his finger in his mouth and eating it, to his surprise it was sweet, but nowhere near as good as Bryce's cum.

Bryce smiled and laughed a bit at the sight of Fenton eating his own cum. "I guess it's my turn" said Fenton as he turned around and bent over the bed. Bryce's cock got rock hard at the sight of Fenton's beautiful bubble butt, he noticed that Fenton was looking at him with pleading eyes. So he walked over to him, and began to gently kiss his ass. Fenton moaned as a pleasurable feeling coursed through his body. After a couple minute of kissing his ass, he began to his back as he stuck his cock into Fenton's tight ass.

Both of them moaned in pleasure when his cock popped in. Bryce began to slowly fuck Fenton, as every thrust got faster, Fenton moaned louder, which caused Bryce to get even more excited. "Fuck me harder" pleaded Fenton in pleasure. Bryce began to thrust even faster as ecstatic pulse ran through his body. Bryce only slowed down from time to time, in order to kiss Fenton.

After some time, Bryce was about to reach his climax, as he felt his legs tingling and his cock throbbing in Fenton's tight ass.

After a few couple thrusts, Bryce began to shoot load after load of hot cum into Fenton's ass. Fenton moaned loudly as he let himself fall on the bed, he had never felt such amount of pleasure in his life. Soon Bryce backed away, his cock slowly popping out, and he also let himself fall on his back next to Fenton. Fenton looked at Bryce and smiled at him. "That was amazing" said Bryce as he returned the smile.

"Magical, I would say" said Fenton as he dragged himself next to Bryce.

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Fenton wrapped his arms around Bryce as he kissed his chest. Bryce responded by wrapping his arms around Fenton and kissing his forehead. Fenton got on top of Bryce and kissed him on the lips before standing up. "Do you mind if I bathe myself?" asked Fenton shyly as he bit his bottom lip. "Sure" answered Bryce with a tender smile.

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As Fenton walked over to the tub, Bryce noticed there was cum running down Fenton's leg, and he smiled as he got flustered. Bryce looked at Fenton as he bathed himself.


Fenton wasn't necessarily very muscular, but he had a slightly toned figure, probably due to farm work, but even though he was slightly toned, he still had a tall, slim figure, which he found incredibly attractive. Now that he had thought things over, he was sure about his feeling over Fenton, he loved him.

Fenton crawled on to the bed after leaving the bathtub, and went directly towards Bryce who had gone under the bed sheets a couple seconds ago. Fenton kissed Bryce as he covered himself under the sheets. "Sleep well" said Bryce as he wrapped his arms around Fenton.

Goodbye Bryce woke up as soon as the sunrays began to gently touch and warm his skin. He sat up reluctantly and noticed Fenton was no longer lying next to him, he looked around and noticed he was sitting fully dressed at a small wooden table with a book in his hand. "Good morning" said Bryce as he yawned. "Good morning" said Fenton without taking his eyes off the book. "You know how to read?" asked Bryce confused. "Yes, I may have been a farmer's boy, but my grandfather used to be a scholar, and he taught me how to read and write" said Fenton as he looked over at Bryce.

"If you know how to read and write, why don't you go study with the scholars?" asked Bryce as he got off his bed naked and walked over to a table where his clothing was placed. "Because I want to be with you as long as I can" said Fenton with a tender smile. As Bryce got changed, he thought about what Fenton had just said, he knew that it was nice that he wanted to be with him, but he couldn't get over the idea that he would be willing to give up on his future for him.

Once he was fully changed he walked over to the door and Fenton put down the book and stood up in order to follow him. "Wait here, I'll be right back" said Bryce with a reassuring smile. Fenton sat down with a resigned look on his face. Bryce walked down several halls and stairs until he reached a large dark wooden door. He knocked on the door and a couple seconds later Alastair appeared at the door.

"My prince come on in" said Alastair as he stepped aside. Bryce walked in to Alastair's large study room, which was basically a large library due to the vast amount of books and scrolls that were in the room.

"How may I help you?" asked Alastair curiously. "I need you to take someone under your teachings" said Bryce as he looked around the room. "Who would it be?" asked Alastair. As Bryce was about to answer, he remembered that his last handmaiden Maribel, who had also been his best friend since he was a child, also wished to obtain knowledge.


"Actually there would be 2 people" said Bryce as he turned around to look at Alastair. "Fenton and Maribel" said Bryce confidently. "Your squire and last handmaiden?" asked Alastair confused. "Yes, both of them know how to read and write, and I already know what you're going to say. That women can't be scholars, but that's not necessary, I'll she wants is knowledge, nothing more" answered Bryce.

"Sure I can teach them, but if your squire wishes to be a scholar, he'll have to go to study at the Grand Library, or as everybody knows it, The Kingdom of Scholars" said Alastair.

"How long would he be there?" asked Bryce nervously.

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"Normally he would be there 3 years, but with 1 month of my teachings and my recommendation of course, he'll be there for a year or less" answered Alastair as he played with his beard. Bryce could feel how his heart seemed to stop for a brief second. He wouldn't be able to see him in a whole year, but in the end, he knew it was for the best. "It seems perfect" said Bryce seriously. "How about Maribel?" asked Bryce immediately.

"Given that she wouldn't accompany Fenton, you could finish in just 5 months with my teachings alone" said Alastair confidently. "Ok, they'll be here tomorrow around this time, thank you" said Bryce as he left the room quickly. "You're welcome my prince" said Alastair as he closed the door. Bryce leaned against a nearby wall, he was agonizing, the pain his heart was in unbearable, and it felt like if someone was squeezing his heart.

Bryce took a deep breath and walked back to his chambers. On his way there, he bumped into Maribel. She was without a doubt, one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. She was 18 years old, just like him. She had long blonde hair and stunning hazel eyes.

She was wearing a long green dress with golden embroidery that his mother had given her. "Bryce, how good to see you" said Maribel as she hugged him.

"Yes, it's been quite some time that we haven't seen each other" said Bryce with a tender smile. "So, I hear you're going to war, is it true?" asked Maribel with a terrified look on her face. "Yes, I am going to war" answered Bryce. "Be careful out there will you" said Maribel with a forced smile. "I'll try" said Bryce with a smile of his own. Both of them began to laugh at his answer. "It was nice to see you, but I actually came to ask you a favor" said Bryce.

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"What favor?" asked Maribel curiously. "I want you to go buy 2 of the best calligraphy kits you can find, one of them is yours and the other is for my squire, because as of tomorrow, you'll both be studying with Alastair at this time" said Bryce with a smile.

"Wait, are you serious?" asked Maribel in surprise. "Yes" answered Bryce with an even larger smile. "Oh by the gods, thank you Bryce" Maribel said as tears of joy ran down her face. "Now, now, no need to cry" said Bryce as he wiped away her tears with his hand. "How about you go buy those kits, and take them to Alastair's study afterwards" said Bryce as he took out a small red velvet sack from his coat, and placed it in Maribel's hand.

"There are about 30 gold coins in it, you'll probably only need 16 or 20 coins, but I want you to keep the rest, so that you can get yourself some books" said Bryce with a tender smile as Maribel threw her arms around his neck.

"Thank you so much Bryce" said Maribel before giving him a kiss on the cheek and running off. Bryce walked for another couple minutes until he finally entered his chambers. There was Fenton, sitting on the same chair with a preoccupied look on his face. Bryce closed the door behind him, and as soon as he turned around, Fenton was already in front of him. Fenton took Bryce by his neck and kissed him several times before pushing away.

"Where were you? I was really worried" asked Fenton angrily.

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"I went to go see Alastair" answered Bryce. "Alastair? What for? " asked Fenton confused. "I convinced him to teach you to be a scholar, you'll even be able to study at the Great Library for a year" answered Bryce with a smile. Fenton's confused expression changed immediately, to one filled with anger, frustration and sadness.

"You did what?" asked Fenton in disbelief, hoping it was all a bad joke. "Exactly what you heard" answered Bryce seriously. "Who do you think you are to decide for me?" asked Fenton angrily. Bryce looked down at the floor, ashamed by the way he did things, but with no regret what's so ever about what he had done.

"I thought you had felt something yesterday, just like I did, god damn it, you even said you loved me" said Fenton angrily as he grit his teeth. "But now, you want to send me away, was I only some kind of toy to you, one you could use one day and throw away the next" screamed Fenton angrily as tears ran down his face.

"No you weren't" said Bryce in a calm tone as he wrapped his arms around Fenton and held him tight. "I did feel something yesterday, and I also do love you, that's why I'm doing this in the first place. It's sweet to know how much you would sacrifice in order to be with me, but because I love you, I couldn't allow you to throw away your future. I know, that I should have asked for your approval, but you weren't going to accept it" said Bryce in a soothing tone.

"What about the war, who's going to help you?" asked Fenton still in tears. "My army, that's who. The war is also the other reason why I want you to study. I don't want you to with me, because I wouldn't be able to protect you at all times, and if something were to happen to you, I don't know what I would do" answered Bryce as he squeezed Fenton close to him. Bryce pulled apart from Fenton and gave him a comforting smile.

"Remember, I will always love you" said Bryce as he kissed him tenderly on the lips. Fenton pulled apart and smiled. "By the way, you start your studies tomorrow around this time in Alastair' study" said Bryce with a smile.