Videos of young boys getting horny at doctors gay But before jamming

Videos of young boys getting horny at doctors gay But before jamming
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Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzzz! Bzzzzzz! Uhhhhh, I'm so exhausted. I can barely find the strength to shut my alarm off. 4 AM came quickly, my body aches from all the strain of being Amanda's fucktoy. I force myself up. Ahhhh, my ass hurts like never before. I shudder at the memory of last night replays in my mind. What more does Amanda have plan for me? How much more can I take? Will she ever stop? Doubtful… She's never going to stop… How can someone so beautiful be so cruel?

My eyes start to water as I begin to realize this is my life from now on… I'm a slave to Amanda's desires. As I get dress, I remember having the strangest dream…Similar to a lot of other dreams I've had. I was in a woman's body. A world on fire. A familiar woman's voice telling me to speak my name and claim my power… and I saw a symbol of a star exploding… It was just a dream.

I desperately try to compose myself before I have to face my mother. She always notices when something is up. I can't let her find out about the things Amanda does to me.

We can't afford to lose her. I'm just going to have to suck it up and take it. I walk downstairs to find Steph is up and already has a pot of coffee made, I can smell the strong scent of her brew. "Morning hun, you look tired. Rough night?" I froze, does she know?

No. She can't possibly know. I probably look like shit, I mean. I did spend most of the night being fucked by Amanda. I barely got a few hours of sleep. Not the best sleep either, my ass was so sore, I was tossing and turning all night. "I didn't get much sleep last night…" I mumble as I try to get my head straight and come up with something to cook for breakfast.

"Awwe, how come?" Oh crap, she definitely suspects something is up. I need to think of a good enough excuse to stop her from digging deeper. "I uh. I just couldn't get any sleep. One of those nights I suppose." God, why can't I think right now!

My mind is still in a complete haze. "Are you feeling okay? Should I take your temp?" "Yes mom, I'm fine! Just. Just tired." "Okay okay, I just worry about you sometimes." "I know… I just need some time to wake up." She walks up to me and wraps her hands around my face as she pulled me closer.

"I know sometimes I can be a little too… "Protective?" I interrupt. "Ha, yeah that too, I just love so much and care about you." She kisses my forehead and pulls me into a warm embrace.

I wish Amanda was more like my mom… Kind and compassionate. She is always there for me. I just want to stay in her arms. She broke our hug and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I froze, just realizing my cock was hard. Oh my god, did my mother just give me a boner? I quickly pull away. "I should start breakfast," I say, trying to hide the embarrassment on my face and the tent in my pants.

"Okay hun, if you ever want to talk, just come get me. I will always be here for ya," she says as she grabs her thermos full of coffee and heads off for the door. "I'm going to check on the cattle, will you make sure Amanda is awake after you get breakfast going?" I nod, knowing the last thing I want to do was to be alone with her. "Thanks, babe, save a plate for me, I'm probably going to be out there for awhile." She gives me a wink and walks out the door.

I scramble up some eggs and put some sausage links on the griddle. Which didn't take long for them to finish. Now all that was left was to wake up Amanda.

God, I hope she's too tired to put me through more abuse. Normally farm hands slept in the labor's house. Which was a small addition on the ranch house with a room full of bunk beds? But since Amanda has quickly become one of the hardest workers Steph has seen, she let Amanda have the spare bedroom, which was right next to mine.

Both rooms shared the upstairs bathroom, which was only accessible through either room. As I enter Amanda's room, she was fast asleep on her bed, spread eagle with her sheets half off the bed. She was only wearing a white pair of underwear that can barely keep her hidden python. Her massive cock creates a huge bulge in her panties. As I slowly crawl on her bed, she starts to stir.

"Nooo!!! Please no more&hellip." I jump back hearing her words as she tosses and turns. She must be having a nightmare. I've never seen Amanda like this. She seems so vulnerable and scared. What could possibly be so horrifying that it would give a woman like her nightmares?

I lean in closer as I softly place my hand on her shoulder and gently rubbed her arm trying to wake her up. For the first time, I actually got a good look at her tattoos. Holy crap! I've seen some of these images before. I know I've seen them somewhere. They look like some of the pictures I've seen in my ancient civ class. What was it? Aztec? No… That doesn't sound right. They look more like Mayan. Yeah Mayan, that's it!

They're Mayan images. Now I remember. Why does she have all these Mayan tattoos covering her arm? I gently trace my fingers across her ink following the maze of symbols down her arm. Before I knew it, I was slammed to the bed, Amanda's hand has my neck in a vice grip. "I will kill you all." Somehow she has a knife pressing tightly against my throat.

She has this crazed look in her eye, nothing like the way she would usually look at me. She blinks a few times before confusion took over her expression.

Her eyes widened as she finally realizes who I am and what was going on. She let go of my neck and pulled her knife away. "I'm sorry, I…" she fell silent as she turns her back against me, sitting up on the edge of the bed. "What were you dreaming about?" I have to ask. I also need to know about her tattoos. Who is this woman? I just now realize how little I know about her. "It's nothing, don't you know it's not a good idea to sneak up on me like that? What were you thinking?" "Sorry, Steph wanted me to wake you up.

She had to go check the cattle. I have breakfast ready if you're hungry." She looks back at me with that all too familiar expression. I knew this was coming. She was hungry, just not for eggs. She stood up and turns to me as she pulls her cock out from her underwear. She looks at me with those dominating eyes. She doesn't have to say a word, I know what she wants. I slowly crawl to the edge of the bed and brought my lips closer to that cock I've become so well acquainted with.

I know if I don't do what she wants, it will only make things worse. I gently wrap my fingers around the tip of her cock and slide them down as they brush up against her hand. Her hand encloses around mine as I stroke her rod. I gradually brought my tongue up and lick the tip of her dick as her hand traces down my arm, sending shivers through me. I look up and our eyes connect. Her expression was different than the usual lustful and possessive stare. But it wasn't a warm and comforting stare, nor was it full of anger.

She looks sad… Like inside she was all torn up and full of despair. For the first time since I've met her, I actually felt sorry for her.

It was never more obvious than right now that she has some real nasty demons haunting her. I feel like I'm seeing her for the first time. I want to desperately say something. To comfort her. Even after all she has done to me, I still have strong feelings towards her. But I don't know what to say… Instead, I gently slid her cock in between my lips as her fingers move along my shoulder up the back of my neck and into my hair. As I start to suck her cock, the expression of sadness was gone like the wind, replaced with a look I knew all too well.

She grabs my hair and thrusts her cock jamming it down my throat. I close my eyes, desperately trying not to struggle. I didn't want Amanda to hurt me. If I did what she wants, maybe she would be gentle.

As she pulls back and I press my tongue up against the underside of her shaft causing her to shutter. Leaving her tip inside of my mouth, she brings her other hand up and runs it through my hair as her other hand falls to the back of my neck. Her hips thrust forward as she pulls me into her cock, plunging it down my throat once again.

I run my hands up her thighs bracing myself as she uses my mouth to pleasure herself. Again pulling back, this time I try my best to suck her off. She moans silently as she starts to heave her hips back and forth, slowly fucking my face. Her cock became hardened and I knew she was about to climax. I grab a hold of her hips bracing myself for the inevitable.

"Ouuhhhhff fffuckk!" She gasps as her cock explodes in my mouth. Cum filling up my mouth, leaking out of my lips, dripping down my chin. I drastically try to swallow as much of her seed as possible. I can't keep up as it continues to spill out of my mouth. Finally, her cock softens as she pulls out, leaving a string of cum trailing.

I swallow the load she leaves in my mouth and lick the cum off my lips. She doesn't say a word as she looks down at me. I desperately stare into her eyes, hoping I satisfied her lust. What I saw wasn't what I expected.

She looks at me with what looks like guilt. She grabs a sheet and wipes off my chin. Without saying a word she gets dressed. I quietly leave the room, not knowing what to say. That wasn't what I expected. Instead of the cruel, degrading succubus that overpowered me and took my virginity by force yesterday, a silent aloof woman completely detached from the world took her place.

I just can't wrap my mind around her. What do those tattoos mean? Why do they all look like the ancient Mayan glyphs I've seen in my civilization class? What was she dreaming about? Where did she hide a knife? Is she running from someone? And who was she referring to when she threatened to kill them all? So many unanswered questions. This woman is a mystery to me. The more I discover about her the more confused I am. I make my way to the bathroom and straightened up my hair.

There was a little bit of cum left on my cheek. I slid my finger and brush it up. I carefully looked it over before I slid my finger between my lips and use my tongue to lick it clean.

The taste of her cum really wasn't all that bad, once you get use to it. I made my way back to the kitchen to find Amanda had already filled up a plate with eggs and sausage.

She pauses and looks up at me. What I would give to know what's going on inside of her head. I have no clue what to say to break the silence. "I uh… did you want any toast?" "I'm fine…" she continues to eat. The room fills with awkward silence.

I grab a plate of breakfast and sit across from her. "Uh… did you want to talk about earlier? You were having a nightmare," I ask hesitantly. She slowly looks up at me with a look that was a mixture of fear and anger. "Look, whatever ya heard earlier is none of your business, understood?" The little bit of fear that was in her expression was quickly gone, completely replaced with anger.

"Don't get too familiar, got it? We are not friends, nor are we lovers. You're nothing more than a tight hole to shove my cock in. Is that clear?" She couldn't possibly mean that? I mean… could she? Is that all she sees me as? I could feel the tears starting build up. I'm just nothing more than a fuck toy to her!? I quickly got up and left the room. After all she's done to me and put me through… What is wrong with her? I wipe my tears away as I enter my room. Can one person really be that cruel?

I refuse to believe that. What happened to her to make her this broken? That's it… I need to know. I turn on my computer. The first thing I do is open up my old civ ebook. I go to the section on the Mayans. Sure as day there are the images that were on Amanda's arm. I may need a better look at Amanda's tat, but I think this one here was the one on her shoulder.

Yeah it definitely was, it means jaguar. And this one was also on her arm, it means throne. She has this one as well. Chum, which means to be seated. And Hok, to take office. Hmmm, what order were the symbols arranged on Amanda's arm. There is still another image on her arm that I still can't seem to find.

I'm going to need to get a closer look. What if this was just a random assortment of tats on her arm with no meaning? Amanda definitely seems like the type to get all tatted up while in a drunken haze. But… Amanda does look hispanic, could she be Mayan? Even if she was, it's not like the Mayans are around in this day and age. Maybe these are just tattoos to remember her heritage… Just then a message pops up on my screen.

It's from Crypto! Crypto has become one of my best friends, even though we actually haven't met in person. He's this hacker online I met in this game called Aratheon.

He also does a lot of online art. We collaborate a lot, I create the stories and he paints the pictures. We make a great team. I quickly open it up. 'Hey Faylen! Did you see the video of the guy and his girlfriend getting jumped?' 'Of course!! He went complete beast mode!' 'Yeah, his name is Luke Houghton… The girl he was protecting was a transgender girl named Sandra Gallo, she's in the hospital with a fractured skull. He is definitely an evolve.

I'm almost dead positive that he's one of the ones that escaped the lab in Mexico!' If that's true then holy shit!

I remember reading something about this laboratory in Mexico that experimented on people that were kidnapped. They were trying to make super soldiers! Vigilante's broke in and set everyone free. 'How do you know all this?' 'It doesn't matter, what does matter is that there is another video out.

I'll send you a link. Hit me back once you've finished watching it.' I clicked the link and it takes me be back to the Shadow Leaks with the video up. I click play. As I watch, I could feel the adrenaline start to enter my bloodstream. This is the same place where they were assaulted in the first video, only it's daylight. A guy's walking up to the house… It's Luke. Holy shit, he just kicked down the door.

The next thing I see is a kid fly through the window. Luke just kicked another guy through the doorway.

Holy shit he just took another bat to the head. He barely flinched. Who is this guy? Holy fucking shit. He just picked up and threw the guy with the bat through the fence on the porch. Damn the police just arrived. They're arresting Luke! That was fucking crazy! 'Holy shit! That was amazing!' 'Yeah, but now they're bringing up Luke on multiple assault charges. They're not doing anything about the shit those kids did to the girl. We need to get the word out and make these videos go viral. We need to show the public what a hero Luke is, get them on his side.

Can you post the links to the video in all the Chat rooms you're in? 'Definitely! I'll share the links. People will know the truth!' 'Awesome! Btw, I just read your latest work, Triton is such a badass. I'll get to work on some designs and send you some of the sketches.' 'Thanks! I can't wait to see what you have!' 'Gtg, ttyl' 'K cya' This is crazy!

This Luke guy is so fucking cool. I can't believe he took on all those guys! Sucks he's being pressed for assault charges after what those assholes did to his girlfriend. Also, that's awful what happened to her. I'll get to work on posting links to the videos all over. I hope doing this will help him. Huhhhh. I guess it's time to get started on chores.

I also need to make sure I do my laundry before Steph sees my cum stained sheets and torn up clothes.

I walk downstairs to find Steph chatting with Amanda. "God I can't believe I'm going to have to go back into town again. That darn belt broke on the tractor!" Oh shit… Steph's going into town!

She's seriously going to leave me here with Amanda once again!? I could go with her! Yes! That would get me away from Amanda! "You're going into town? Can I come?" Amanda immediately gives me a look, one of surprise mixed with anger. "Yeah I'm going to have to make a trip this afternoon to pick up another belt. You're welcome to come. Did you need to stop somewhere?" "Well yeah, I could use a few things from the store." I glance back at Amanda and a smirk appears on her face.

"You know if you're going to the store I could definitely use a few things." "Well, if you need to go to town as well, how about you and Kyle go and I'll stay behind.

There is so much I want to get done, this would definitely work out best." Steph smiles excitedly. "Once we get the last of the cattle checked in, you can take my truck with ya. I'll write down the alternator belt I need. Thanks so much Amanda, I really appreciate it." Amanda had a look of victory as she gives me that devious smile. "Not a problem, I know you've got a lot on your plate. I'm more than happy to help. Besides, I really haven't seen much of the town yet." "Well why doesn't Kyle give you a tour, while you're in town you can stop at his favorite restaurant and treat yourselves to something nice.

You both deserve it," Steph says, smiling widely. "I can fend for myself tonight. What do you say Kyle?" Shit, the whole point of going to town was to get away from Amanda… Now I have to spend most of the day with her. What did I get myself into?

"Do we have time to eat? Don't you need the belt?" "Not right away. Fortunately I was able to haul the hay over to the feeder before damn thing broke, I will need it by tomorrow though.

So you don't need to rush. We just need to get the last few cattle checked in before you go," she tells us. Shit… Not only am I going to be with Amanda, but now she has all the time in the world to take advantage of me.

"Sounds great!" "That settles it!" Steph says excitedly, "once we finish getting the remaining cattle checked in and eat lunch, you can take my truck into town." "Sounds like a plan!" Amanda gives me a wicked smile with a wink. "Well, let's get to it then." Steph got up and made her way to the door. "The sooner we get them checked in the sooner you two get get going." Is she actually trying to get us alone together?

It definitely feels like it. "Sounds good to me! I'll meet ya out there, just going to grab some more coffee." "K, I'll get the everything ready to finish cleaning up the last of the bulls, next week is the auction, so they're going to need to be all cleaned up and ready," she says as she pulls her boots on. "Alrighty, I'll be right behind ya!" As Steph went out the door Amanda's eyes fell on me. "Ha, you tried to pull a fast one on me, didn't ya?

Tryin to go to town and leave me here by myself." I swallow deeply as she walks up and pins me against the counter. "And here I thought I had ya all broken in…" She slaps the cheek of my face and gave it a pinch.

"I guess I'm just gonna have to give that ass a real beatin to make my point clear." I try to look away, but she glides her hand down and gabbes just below my chin, forcefully lifting my face to look her in the eyes as she slides her other hand down my pants, giving my ass a hard squeeze. "You're mine! Make sure you get that through your head.

This ass belongs to me!" She gives another squeeze before she slips her finger between my butt cheeks and drives it into my sore butthole. I flinch as she pushes it deeper. "Next time you try to pull a stunt like this, you're going to quickly find out what real pain feels like. Do you understand?" Her ice cold stare tears right through me, sending a shiver down my spine. I've never felt this afraid in my entire life. My eyes begin to water, causing tears to fall down my face.

What could she possibly do to hurt me even more than she already has? Would she go that far? After what happened this morning, I'm not so sure anymore.

"Yyess…" I sputter out. She shoves my head as she pulls away and walks over to fill up a thermos of coffee.

"Good…" Without another word she walks out the door. I rub my neck where she grabbed me. I could feel my heart beating faster than ever as goosebumps crawl up my skin.

Fuck! I can't believe this is happening. --- The rest of the morning goes by slowly as I count down each minute until I have to leave with Amanda. It's messed up how time works. Time always seems to fly when you're having fun, but not when you're nervously waiting to have hell brought down on you.

Each second felt like an hour. It was complete torture! I try to stay busy, cleaning up the dishes, doing my laundry, and balancing the books. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop thinking about what inhumanly cruel things Amanda has planned for me. What degrading act is she going to make me do this time?

How can she possibly humiliate me any more than she already has? My mind is overrun by all the horrifying possibilities. Finally, my laundry is all done, changing my bed with fresh clean sheets. I've been trying to get some school work done, but it's impossible to even try to focus on anything other than the long day I have ahead of me.

It was close to lunchtime, so I decided to fix up some sandwiches. Just as I finish, Steph and Amanda walk in. "I can't believe we finished! I thought for sure we weren't going to get through the rest of them since we were down 3 sets of hands. Amanda YOU ARE amazing." Steph says as she pats Amanda's shoulder. "I don't know what we'd do without ya. I want ya to take all the time ya need in town and have some fun for once.

You've earned it." Amanda had the biggest grin ever as she glances over at me. Oh god… Amanda's got that look on her face. That possessively lustful stare. "I'm just glad Kyle's coming with me." She gives me a wink that makes me quiver knowing full well her intent. "That boy sure does brighten my day." "Awe, it's good to see you two getting along so well." I haven't seen Steph this happy since… Well since my mother was here.

She really does like Amanda. If she only knew… After we finish eating lunch, Steph gives Amanda the keys to her truck, a piece of paper with part she needs and some cash for the part, gas, dinner and a little extra.

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"Now you both have a good time. Drive safe and enjoy yourselves." She gives me a kiss on the forehead and we hop in the truck and take off. It's almost an hour drive to the closest town called Alpine. For the most part, the car ride is rather silent. My head on the other hand is just flooded with thoughts on how Amanda is going to abuse me. I'm surprised she hasn't pulled over and fucked me on the side of the road.

Finally we arrive just the outside of Alpine. "So what's this favorite restaurant of yours?" Amanda asks, finally breaking the silence. Is she actually taking an interest in me? "Well there are actually several restaurants I like.

It depends what you're interested in. The Panda buffet is delicious if you looking for asian food. There are several great mexican restaurants." "I don't care, just pick one. Now where's this store we need to get the part from?" And of course she could care less. "It's just up the right here, next to the pizza place." She pulls into the auto part store and puts it in park. "Is that a clothing store over there?" she asks, pointing across the street. "Yeah, it's got everything." "How about you go get the part Steph needs, I'm just going to stop in there for just a jiffy.

Here's what she needs and heres some money." She hands me the piece of paper with the part written down on it and a twenty.

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Then she makes her way across the street. I walk into the store and head over to the belt section. I find the belt Steph needs and go to check out.

After I finish paying I walk out to the parking lot and run into Fred Morris of all people. The boy that made my life hell when I went to the public schools. He's with two of his friends I sort of recognize. Why me!? "Look here boys, if it ain't that fucking fag boy that used to go to our school." Fred points out to his friends. Of course he would recognize me… "Hey fag boy, where ya headin?" he asks as he and his friends start to circle around me.

"Look at em, looks like he'd be getting his fudge packed," one of his friends comments. "God we use to have a lot of fun with you. Remember that time we caught ya staring at our peckers in gym? I betcha really wanted dick that day, didn't ya fagboy?" Fred had a big douchy smile across his face. I wasn't staring at their peckers that day, that's just what they told everyone.

"Ha I remember that and we threw his naked ass outside. He had to run around the building in front of the entire school trying to hide that tiny little dingaling of his. Not that anyone would of seen it anyways." His friend on the other side says as they all share a laugh at my expense.

"So you little queer, still sucking dick?" Fred asks. I can't believe this, why am I always the one being humiliated? Of all the people to run into, it had to be Fred. I don't know what to say to him, so I just try to push past them. "Hold on a sec fag boy, what's the rush?" Fred grabs my arm as I try to walk by him. "How about we catch up for ole times sake." "Ahh no thanks, I… I have to get going." I nervously stutter. I can't take anymore of this.


Why can't people just leave me alone? "Please just let me go." "Sure ya do, it's not like you have a girlfriend or anything. But shit… I think we have someone who would be more than willing to use ya." He smiles santaically.

What does he mean by that? Oh fuck… I need to get away from them. Fred's other two friends corner me. "I don't know Fred, should we do this here?" Fred's friend who came up behind me asks. "Look around, ain't nobody's gonna do anything. Besides Buck said he'd pay hefty to find someone for you know what. Fagboy is perfect!" All three of them had a wide shit eaten grin on their faces. "Let go of me! I don't want to go anywhere with you guys!" I shout while I trry to break free.

"Shut the fuck up, you don't have a choice faggot." Fred punches me in the stomach, taking the air right out of my lungs, causing me to fall to my knees. "Hey what the fuck do yall think yer doing?" Amanda shouts as she walks up. Thank god! I've never been so happy to see Amanda in all my life. "Oh shit guys, look at this hussy. She's fine!" Fred hoots out to the other two. They have no idea what they're in for. "That's my boyfriend ya got your dirty little hands on," she howlers, as the three idiots look at each other dumbfounded.

"Ya best let go of him if ya know what's good for ya. All three of them break down laughing. "You mean to tell me that you're fagboy's girlfriend? No fucking way!" Before any of them could say another word, Amanda bashes Fred's nose in, knocking him to the ground with one punch.

Both of Fred's friends let go of me and step back all at once. Fred was rolling on the ground holding his nose, bleeding all over the place.

"Ah fuuck, I think that bitch broke my nose!" "Anyone else want a nose job?" Amanda's all fired up, ready to fight. Fred's friends grab him off the ground, and start to backpedal. "We don't want no trouble miss," one of them says. "That's what I thought, if I ever see you shits anyone near Kyle again, I'll put ya in the morgue.

Understood?" They all shake their heads and rush back to their truck. I was still on my knees holding my stomach, which still hurt like hell. Amanda pulls me up and put my arm around her shoulder. "Everything's gonna be fine now, I'm here. You'll be alright." Wow, it seems like she genuinely cares. She grabs her bag, as she helps me into the truck. "Thanks… I…" "Hhhhhfff, seems like everytime I turn my back, you're getting into trouble.

What's the deal with those assfucks anyways?" She looks at me with an expression of actual, genuine, concern. Could it be that she actually cares about me? "Fred used to pick on me when I went to public schools…" I look out the window, embarrassed as usual.

"Was he the kid that gave you a black eye?" I glance back at her, remembering the conversation she had with Steph. God, she can't just keep these things to herself, thanks ma. "Yeah. That's him." An expression I can't only describe as rage appears on her face. Now I was truly frightened. "That son of a bitch is lucky a broken nose is the only thing I gave em. If I ever see that kid again, I'm gonna&hellip." If I thought the things she's done to me were bad, I can only imagine what she wants to do to Fred.

For the first time since Amanda arrived I actually feel… almost safe around her. Well at least safe when it comes to being picked on or bullied by someone else. "You got any place you need to go? We got some time to kill before dinner." "Actually… Would you mind if we went to the bookstore?" "Sure.

why the hell not." "Awesome! Thanks, it's just up the street." I can't believe she's agreeing to go to the bookstore. We pull out of the parking lot and park on the side of the street in front of the store. Entering the store, I quickly rush up to the fantasy/sci fi section to see if they had the new Aratheon book.

They do! I'm in luck. This is so cool! I can't wait to start reading it. Amanda's going to think I'm such a dork. I try my best to hide my excitement. "Did ya find what you were looking for?" Amanda walks up behind me taking a quick grab at my butt. For once I didn't mind, although it's kind of weird in public.

"Yeah, it's the newest book in the saga. A fantasy saga. Do you like to read?" I look up at Amanda as she gave me a funny look. "Well… I don't think I've read anything in long time, so…" "Somehow, I'm not surprised." "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Ah crap! Just when things were going so good. Why can't I keep my mouth shut!? "Nothing. I meant, you don't seem like the book junky type.

That's all…" "Well, maybe I just haven't found the right book. Ever think of that?" "Ummm I guess not. Would you like to tryout a book?" I look into her eyes as she stares down into mine.

She contemplates for a few seconds before grabbing the book out of my hand. "Maybe. Only if I like it." She skims over the book, reading the summary. "Hmmm, I guess this doesn't look too bad." "Oh it's great I promise!

It has lots of action and a little bit of sex and romance." I lean in closer. "There's a whole bunch of fan stories on the internet with the main heroine being transgender. She goes to town on the protagonist." Her eyes light up like a christmas tree.

"Hmm now that's my kind of story." She walks up to the counter and pays for the book. She hands me the book and we walk back to the truck. "Thank you so much! I can give you the first book. It's so awesome! They also have an online game. It's so much fun, you can play as any of the races. If you like the book, you have to try the game." She watches me as a grin spreads across her face. "Wow. You're really into this, aren't ya?" "Oh you have no idea.

I've met most of my friends in the game. They have a huge event each year where you can dress up as one of the characters and they release all the new storylines and tons of exclusive stuff you can only get there. I've never actually been there, but I hear it's so much fun." I can't believe she's actually interested. This is probably the longest conversation we've had that didn't involve her cock and my ass. "Ha, you're such a nerd." And I spoke too soon. Of course. And I actually thought she was getting into it.

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I'm such an idiot. I quickly turn away to hide my embarrassment. She scoots over and gently grabs my chin forcing me to face her. "You're my nerd." She pulls me into a kiss, a long and passionate kiss.

It felt like my entire body just exploded. As she pulls back, I look up into her eyes, completely surprised by her actions. "What? Quit looking at me like that, it was just a kiss. You're still my bitch." Amanda's cheeks were redder than any rose I've ever seen.

This is the first time I've ever seen her blush. "Did you really mean it when you said I was your boyfriend?" I thought she was blushing before, now her face is completely flushed. She turns away looking out the window. After a long over exaggerated sigh Amanda turns to look at me. "I'm definitely not going to let someone else put their hands on ya." I couldn't help but smile excitedly.

"I've never had a girlfriend before!" She gives me the most terrified look I've ever seen. "Now don't get it in your head that we're going to start holding hands or anything. And don't go buying me flowers. Like I said, you're still my bitch. And if you think I'm gonna take it easy on ya, you're dead wrong.

I'm gonna continue to fuck that ass like I'm going to prison. Because I own it. Understood?" I nod, still smiling foolishly. I have a girlfriend! Even if she likes to humiliate me and abuse the hell out of my butthole, I still have a girlfriend. "Now we still have an hour to kill and I have an idea." She pulls out of the parking spot and drives down the road. She then pulls into an empty parking lot that belongs to an old restaurant that went out of business and puts the truck in park.

I had no idea what she's thinking. I eye her suspiciously. She unbuckles her seatbelt and then starts undoing her pants. I knew things were going too smoothly. She whips her dick out and looks over at me with a big grin. "How about ya come over here and give your girlfriend a blow job?" Oh my god! She just said she's my girlfriend again! I bite my lip as I stare into her eyes. I slowly lean over and wrap my fingers around her thick cock.

I slowly bent down and kiss the tip. "That's it." I spread my lips just enough to slid the tip in my mouth. As I swirl my tongue around the head of her cock, I work her shaft with my hand. I feel her hand going through my hair. "I got you a present." I look up at her in surprise.

I pull her cock from my mouth. "Really?" "Yeah, it's just in the bag in the back seat of the cab. Here let me grab it." She lightly nudges me back as she turns around and grabs the bag from the back. It was in a pink gift bag. What could it possibly be? "Go ahead and open it." She hands me the bag.

I rummage through the bag, tearing out the gift wrap paper. "Oh and by the way Kylie, when I said boyfriend I really meant girlfriend." Once again humiliation flooded through me like a broken damn. Her pink gift bag contained a pair of girl panties, white thigh highs, a plaid mini skirt and a small white button up t-shirt.

I noticed they were all in my size. I look at her thoroughly horrified. Does she honestly expect me to wear this? "Now, you can thank me by finishing that blow job you started." Just when things were going great, she had to go and do this… "Please don't make me wear this…" "I told you from now on you're going to be my good girl, didn't I?

I said I was going to get ya some thigh highs, panties and a mini skirt, right? I always keep my word." That lustful possessive star was back on her face. "And yes. You will put that outfit on if you know what's good for ya. Besides, if you're a good girl, we'll keep it our little secret. Now put those cute little lips back to work, my cock isn't going to suck itself." I slowly put the clothes away in the pink bag. How is it one person can make you feel so… good, and then in the next moment make you feel like just an object to be used?

I swiftly wipe away the moisture that was starting to build in my eyes.

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I better do what she wants, it'll only get worse if I disobey. I lean back down and slide her still hard cock back in my mouth as I wrap my hand around the base. She places her hand back on my head as she grabs a mound full of hair.

As I ease her cock in my mouth, I felt her press down as her hips push up, driving her cock down my throat. The moisture that started to build around my eyes turns into tears as I gag on her cock. She starts to pull my head back and then swiftly shoves it back down, her cock once more slamming in the back of my throat.

She starts to get into rhythm, bobbing my head up and down on her cock. "Ohh fuck Kylie, you're such a good cocksucker." I could feel every vein of her cock with my tongue as I press it against the bottom of her cock when she forces me down.

As she pulls my head up I suck as hard as I can, eliciting one hell of a moan. "Holy fuck!" I figured the quicker she cums, the sooner I can't get this over with. At least that's why I try to convince myself. The more I suck on her big fat dick, the harder my own little cock gets. Am I actually starting to enjoy this? Her heavy gasps indicate she wasn't far from climaxing, which was a lot sooner than usual. I guess she has gone almost all day without dropping a load in me.

Her cock gets steely hard and I could tell she was about to explode, so I braced myself. As she slams my head down, I could feel her cock start to pulse, shooting thick ropes of cum down my throat.

She let out a long sigh of relief as she pulls my head back, still leaving the tip in my mouth, letting me have one more load of cum to taste. After she fills my mouth with her seed, she let go of my hair and leans back. "God damn Kylie, you might just be the best fucking cock sucker I've ever had a blow job from." I wasn't sure if I should take that as a compliment.

She put her python back in the cage of her pants. Then she scoots over as she licks her thumb and gently wipes my cheek. I stuck out my tongue and licked the cum of her thumb. I felt her hand rub up against me crotch. "Ya know Kylie, I think you're starting to enjoy this." My cheeks got real hot as I realized how hard I was, looking down at my at my groin. I quickly turn away trying to hide my shame. "Don't be embarrassed, there's nothing to be ashamed about.

At least not in front of me." I look back at those dark brown eyes, searching for a sign of deception. Desperately trying to figure out if this was just another one of her cruel games. However, all I could find was a sincerity. "How can you say that? This isn't at all wrong to you?" "Kyle, it's just sex…" Of course this means nothing to her. Do I mean so little to her? She's so easily willing to just degrade me for her own pleasure without a concern as to how I feel… "Now where's a good place to get some grub, preferably somewhere that has beer." "There's a bar up the street we can eat at…" I turn away and stare out the window, for once I was just angry with her.

She doesn't even care. She pulls out of the empty parking lot and heads up to the street until we arrive at the bar. There were a few guys hanging outside smoking cigs, the awful smell lingered as we walk in. The bar wasn't as completely empty as I thought it would be, just a few tables taken. One by four farmhands that worked for another ranch. I recognized them, they used to work for us. As in, Steph fired them for being a bunch of transphobic bigots. I sigh as we took a booth on the other side of the bar.

The bar was a typical hole in the wall, grimy, greasy, and full of the usual dirtbags, but they had some of the best bar food around. The bar had two TVs playing, one was playing the football game and the other had the news on. Debby the waitress I've known for a while comes over and brings us menus. "Hey Kyle, it's good to see that familiar face of yours.

It's been awhile." "Thanks Debby, the ranch has been keeping me busy. How have you been?" "Oh just working as usual," she says as she turns to Amanda. "You look familiar…" "This is Amanda, she helps out on the farm." "Well it's nice to meet ya Amanda. Can I get you both something to drink?" "I'll just take whatever ya got on tap, preferably Dos Equis." Amanda, says as she eyes the waitress up and down.

"I'll take a water, thanks Debby." She gives me a smile. "Anything for you gorgeous. I'll be right back with those drinks while you go over the menu." Amanda stares at her backside as she walks away.

"Damn she's got a fine ass. Don't think I don't see the way she stares at you." "She's just close friends with Steph. That's all." I quickly flip up the menu to hide the obvious blush appearing on my face. Her voice went down to a whisper. "Hmmm whatever, all that matters is I'm going to be the one with my cock so far up your ass, you'll be able to brush your teeth with my cum." If my face wasn't red before it certainly was now.


"I can't wait to see you all dolled up like a slut. You're going to look so damn hot in those thigh highs and panties I bought you. My dicks hard just thinking about it." Why does she have to do this in public? It's bad enough I have to endure all her abuse behind closed doors, but saying all this in public is just… too much.

I set down the menu and look her in the eyes. "Please Amanda, I'm begging you. Not here. I'll do anything you want, just don't say anything while we're in public." A smirk spreads across her face, one that I'm sure has malicious intent behind it. "Anything?" "Yes anything you want.

I promise." "Good, before you go to bed, you're going to wear that outfit and leave that door of yours unlocked." Her smirk grew even wider as she leans a little closer. "You're going to give me a little show before I fuck you like the girl you are." "Okay!

I'll do it! Just please don't talk about it anymore!" I nervously look over at the table with the farm hands, hoping they didn't hear any of it.

Amanda leans back with a victorious grin on her face. "If you don't, you'll severely regret it." Debby came back with our drinks.

"Kyle I take it you'll have your usual? The junior rodeo burger with potato wedges?" "Yes please." "Some things never change," she says giggling. "And for you?" "I'll do the same, only I'll take the adult version." She gives me a smirk. I figured she meant that as another way to degrade me. "I'll put that order in for ya right away." "Thanks, Debby." "You're always welcome Kyle." As we sit there waiting for our food the news caught my attention.

"We have some breaking news. We have a video that went viral from Gennecho University, the new private university in Detroit." The news reporter looked down at his hands before glancing up with a concern look. "Ladies and gentlemen the video may be too sensitive for children because it contains some disturbing violence. We ask you watch at your own discretion." "Holy shit, this is the video I watched the other day on the Shadow Leaks.

This guy named Luke Houghton was with his Transgender girlfriend and they were jumped by these kids while walking back to their dorms. He sacrificed his body to protect her! I can't believe their showing this!" It actually worked!

I can't believe it. We both watch in silence as Luke used his body as a shield to protect his girlfriend while being beaten by the group of guys. "Holy shit that kid can take a beating." I quickly look at Amanda's expression as he exploded with rage and started fighting back. She's impressed that's for sure. Especially after watching him take a bat to the face and continue fighting. "He's a fucking evolve. What a freak," says one of the guys at the other table.

"No one can take have a bat smashed over their head like that and continue fighting." Amanda's impression quickly turns to rage after hearing what those farm hands had to say. "As you can see the boy in the photo who's name is Luke Houghton was attacked while walking back to his dorm room with his transgender girlfriend." They flash a photo of Luke on the tv.

Amanda gasps as she saw got a good look at Luke's face. "The girl he was protecting is in critical condition at John Farrell's new hospital. Unfortunately, Luke was arrested the next day after returning to the fraternity house of the students who were in the video and was filmed assaulting them as well as causing severe property damage. He is being held at the local county jail and bond has yet to be determined. We do have the second video which we are going to play right now." As they played the second video, I couldn't help notice Amanda's reaction when they showed Luke's photo.

Her expression was unmistakable, she recognized him! They showed Luke beating the shit out of the guys in the fraternity house. Debby delivers our food as the video continues to play. We both start to eat while still watching without missing a beat. "What freak!

Not only is he an evolve but he's one of those tranny fuckers," the outspoken farmhand blurted out. I could see the rage in Amanda's eyes. I reach over and grab her hand just as she is about to do something. "Please Amanda! Just ignore those assholes." "Remember that fucking tranny we used to work for?" the one farthest away asks. "What was that freaks name?" Oh my god they're talking about my mom! Those fucking assholes.

"Wasn't it Steph?" Asks the one that does most of the rambling. "Yeah that's it! What a fucking freak show. I'm glad we don't work there anymore." Oh my god, what is their problem!?

"I can't believe they let that fucking tranny have a kid. It's just so wrong." I can't take this anymore. "Stop talking about her like that!" Oh fuck!

I quickly grasp my mouth. Why did I have to open my mouth. "Oh shit, isn't that the tranny's kid? Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. He looks more like a girl than the one he's with." "I've had enough of you fucks spoiling the good time I'm trying to have." Amanda's furious, I don't think I've ever seen her this mad before. "Either you get the fuck out or I'm going to put you out." The four of them burst out laughing. "Fuck… I haven't laughed so hard in my life!" the one closest to us blurts out.

"It's obvious she wears the pants in that relationship." They all continue to choke up. I pull Amanda's arm. "Let's just go. Screw them." Amanda wasn't having it. She stood up causing them to do the same. "You honestly think you can take the four of us?' Asks one of them. I quickly got up and grab Amanda's arm trying to stop her. "Amanda please, it's not worth it.

Let's just eat our food and go." "You should listen to the little bitch, she's right." "Don't fucking talk to him." They all took a step closer to us.

"I fucking say whatever I want to whoever I want. Got that ya fucking bitch?" It was clear Amanda wasn't backing down. I turn to the assholes harassing us. "Just leave us alone and we'll leave." SMACK! I fell against a table as one of them back handed me on the side of the head. The room was spinning as all hell broke loose. CRASH! One of the farmhands smacks into the wall. I look over at Amanda as one of his friends threw a punch at her.

She caught his fist and immediately bent his wrist down causing him to cry out in pain, but before anything could leave his mouth, Amanda's hand slammed into his throat. One of them grab her from behind as the other guy still standing slams his fist against her jaw. "Stop it!" I scream as I watch helplessly on the floor.

They both look over at me just as Amanda pushes off the guy in front of her with her boot, sending her and the guy holding her falling backwards. She broke his grip once they hit the floor and knocks him out with an elbow to his face.

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Debby was screaming in the background as Amanda took a knee to the face from the guy she kicked. It didn't seem to phase her as she punches him in the groin, bringing him down to his knees in front of her.

She grabs his head with both of her hands and smashes him with her own head, sending him to the ground. She easily got back up to her feet and made her way over to me. She pulls me off the ground, then grabs my chin and forces my head sideways as she looked over where the guy hit me. "Too early to tell if that's going to leave a mark," she says as she runs her hand over it causing me to wince. She let me go as she turns to Debby who was still freaking out.

"We're going to need to get that to go please and thank you. And while you're at it, could ya get him some ice?" Debby calms down and nods.

She grabs our plates and went to the kitchen. It didn't take long for Debby to return with two to-go-boxes and a bag of ice. Amanda pulls out a couple of twenties slips them into Debby's hand. "That's for all the trouble." I follow Amanda out to the truck. "Are you okay?" I ask as we climb in. "Yeah, I'm fine…" "How can you be fine? You took two blows to the head!! You probably have a concussion!" I scoot closer to look at Amanda's face.

She didn't look at all like someone who took a punch to the jaw and a knee to the nose. Her face looked rather untouched… How can that be? "What are you looking at? I told ya I was fine didn't I?" She shoves the bag of ice at my stomach causing me to grunt.

"Put this on your face before it starts to bruise. I'm going to be pissed if those fuckers messed up that pretty face of yours." I sit back in my seat and buckle up as I bring the ice up to the side of my head. Fortunately, they didn't hit me in the face. We pull out and make our way back home. Amanda digs into her leftover food as we drive in silence.

As we near home, Amanda reaches down and grabs the pink bag and hands it to me. "Don't forget to put this on tonight. I want to see you all dolled up for me. I'm always in desperate need of a nice fuck after a good fight like that." I almost forgot about the stupid outfit Amanda's going to force me to wear.

"After all that just happened, you're still going to make me wear that?" "Of course! Fighting makes me horny and I didn't just buy all those clothes so I could stare at them.

I want you in them. I bet you gonna look real sexy with that outfit." She glances over and eyes me with that stare of hers.

That possessive dominating stare. "You belong in a skirt. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can enjoy it." Why does everyone think that? Am I really that much like a girl? I don't feel like a girl. I don't really feel like a boy either if I'm being honest. I don't know what I am… But I know I don't want to wear a skirt.

I can only imagine what people will say about me if anyone finds me in a skirt. As we pull up to the drive and park the truck, I reach over and grab Amanda's arm. "Please don't say anything to Steph. She doesn't need to know about the bar or about Fred." "As long as you put on that outfit my lips are sealed." How did I know she was going to say that? I have no choice but to agree to her terms. It will only make things worse if Steph finds out what happened.

"Okay, I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't tell Steph." A smile takes over Amanda's face. "Deal!" I dump the ice out before we entered the house. As we walk in I try to hide the pink bag full of girl clothes under the bag with the new Aratheon book. I place the part Steph needed on the counter and put my leftovers in the fridge as Amanda throws her empty to-go-box in the garbage.

We find Steph sitting in her chair with the tv on sipping a beer. She looks up as we walk in. "How was town?" "Oh it was real nice! Kyle and I had a lot of fun, didn't we?" "Oh yeah, loads of fun." "Where did you guys eat?" "The bar that Debby works at. The one with the rodeo burgers!" "Oh, I'm surprised you didn't eat at that mexican place." Steph looks up at my head, she knows something is up.

"How's Deb? I've been meaning to pay her a visit." "She's fine… I'm kind of tired. I think I'm going to hit the hay." I need to leave before Steph spots the pink bag. "Okay hun, good night. I love you." "Good night love you too." I go over and give Steph a kiss goodnight and make my way over to the stairs.

"Good night Kyle, I'll see ya later." I glance back at Amanda as she gives me a wink. "Good night… Amanda" I sputter out. Tonight is going to be a long night. Once in my room, I set the book on the desk and set the pink bag on my bed. I can't believe I'm doing this. I open up the bag and pull out it's contents laying the clothes out across my freshly cleaned sheets.

This is going to be humiliating. I slowly undress all the way to the nude and walk over to the outfit. Fuck… Why is she making me do this?

I pick up the thin pair of white, cotton panties with a pink lace trim on the edges. They're tiny! Especially in the front! Best to just get on with it. I slide them on, barely large enough to cover my privates. Although, they're actually kind of nice.

Really snug. They fit perfectly over my ass. It surprising how comfortable they are. I better get the rest of the outfit on before Amanda sneaks in. I pull out my computer chair and take a seat as I grab the white thigh highs. Getting them on definitely isn't easy. They're tight and came up to the middle of my thighs.

But wow, they actually aren't that bad either. They kind of feel good. I pull the shirt over my head and it's rather tight. All that's left is the skirt. After I get it on, the outfit is finally complete. I walk into the bathroom and look at the mirror.

Taking it all in, I can't believe how much of a girl I look like. A girl with short black hair. I don't look bad either, but still… This is embarrassing. If someone saw me like this, I would forever be labeled a freak.

Not that I'm not already. I feel so vulnerable and… confused I guess. Seeing myself in the mirror, it looks so perfect, but I feel so… I hear the door open up to my bedroom and shut.

I walk out to find Amanda sitting on my bed. The minute she laid eyes on me, her jaw drops. "Wow…" "I knew you would look good, but damn." Feeling more exposed than ever before, I grab the bottom of my skirt and give it a tug. The embarrassment plain as day on my face.

"Go on, don't be shy, do a twirl for me." Hesitating, I slowly turn around for her. "Hmmmm, you are one sexy slut!" Blushing, I felt an influx of mixed emotions as Amanda's eyes look me up and down. I was very insecure about the whole thing and still very embarrassed. But I also felt a tinge of exhilaration. "I knew you would look good." Amanda licks her lips, making me feel so objectified. I nervously tug once more at the bottom of my skirt feeling a chill go up my leg. "Don't be shy, you might as well get used to it.

You're going to be wearing these clothes and other slutty outfits quite often." She stands up and grabs me, turning me around facing the bed, so my back was towards her. She lifts my skirt up and rubs her hand on my bottom before giving it a slap. I gasp and feel strangely turned on by it.

"Fuck! I'm going to have such a good time with ya. Kylie, you're in for a long night." I look back at her with anxiety gripping me. "Please Amanda. Be gentle, my ass is still sore from last time." "Oh hush slut. Don't forget ya belong to me and after today, ya owe me for saving your ass." Amanda gives me a shove, bending me over the bed.

I grab a pillow and hugged it for support as Amanda pulls my panties completely off and gives my ass another spank. I look back and notice she already has her python freed. I bite down on the pillow as she rubs the head of her snake against my rosebud.

"Ha, my little pillow biter." Holy shit! I finally understand the meaning of a pillow biter. "AAAAOOUuuuhhh!!!!" Her rod just pushed past my sphincter causing me to grunt. "Be quiet you little cock tease, you better not wake up Steph! Or better yet, the more the marrier" She slowly stuffs my arse full with her thick veiny dick.

I look up at her sniffing my panties before giving me a deviant grin. She then bends down and stuffs them in my mouth. I tighten my grip around the pillow as she slams forward driving me harder into the bed. "This ass looks soo good in that skirt! You such a good girl" She whispers in my ear before she stands back up, pulling completely out. I felt her meat stick across my crack. She grabs my thighs and pushed me forward onto the bed.

She grabs my pillow as she lays me all the way on the bed, facing me to the head of the bed. She then picks up my waist and slides the pillow under me, propping up my tush, giving her easy access. "That's more like it." I could feel the weight of her as she straddles my thighs. I was completely at her mercy like always. "Ready my little mattress muncher?" Before I could give any response she slams her shaft deep into my back door causing me to howl, but my grunts are muted by the panties stuffed in my mouth.

She puts her hands on my back as she leans into me and starts moving her hips in a steady motion, gyrating her schlong deep inside of me. "Uhhmmmmmmmm!" I moan. "You're such a little girl slut. My little gir," she moans softly. Lodging her meat shaft deep into my rear, rubbing my prostate, I squirm as the mixture of pain and pleasure wreaks havoc on me.

I can feel the weight of her breast as she leans down and bites my ear. "You know, eventually I'm going to make you into a permanent girl. And you're going to love it. You're going to love being my pretty little girlfriend." She gives me a few more hard thrusts before once more pulling all the way out. She gets up off the bed, then grabs my arms and pulls me to the edge of the bed, my face winds up under her genitals.

Before I know it, my ass is in the air, my back is against the side of the bed, being supported by my shoulders and neck. I didn't even know I could bend this way. My one-eyed snake is starring me in the face. Amanda sits on the edge of the bed admiring her handywork. "I want you to cum all over that pretty face of yours as I bound that precious heinie." She leans down and pushes that monster of a hog down my anus once more, making me groin a muffled noise through the panties in my mouth.

After cramming her yardstick as far as it can go she leans down planting her hands on the bed, as my legs rest on her shoulders. She starts thrusting hard, her balls slapping against my rear. The sound of our bodies clapping together fills the room. Drops of precum splash on my face as my tinker starts leaking. Pleasure courses through me like a flood of water.

I grab onto her arms as her rod slams down on me. I can barely breathe as I look up into those twisted, animalistic eyes. She has a crazed look on her face as her meat beats my ass making me grunt and groin with every thrust. More precum drips down onto my face. I can barely contain myself.

I feel it coming. My cock is just yearning to explode. I do all I can to hold back, but nothing I do is enough. She pulls out the panties from my mouth. "I want you to taste that precious seed of yours, but you better keep quiet!" I feel my balls tense, my cock is starts to pulse spewing stick cum all over my face.

A lot of it gets in my mouth. "That's it you cum guzzler, paint that pretty face white." It feels soo good, as more ropes of thick creamy seed shoot out of my dick, covering my face.


I open my mouth as I spray another load all over. "Fuck that face looks so god damn sexy covered in cum. OH Shit! I'm about to cum." I can feel her cock go steely hard and then drop a load deep down into my bowels.

"Fuck!" She moans in a deep husky growl. She pulls out and sprays more cum all over me. "Oh fuck… That was amazing!" She smears the cum all over my face with her hand. "Good girl, now get yourself cleaned up, tomorrow I want that outfit nice and clean.

I want you in girls clothes from now on whenever we are alone together. Understood Kylie?" Panting for air, I can barely move. "Yes Amanda." I gasp out. Amanda gets up, causing me to collapse on the floor. She grabs her things and makes her way to the door. Before she leaves she turns to me. "Well you're at it, why don't you use that computer you're so good with and order some more outfits. Surprise me with something cute. Got it?" I look up at her in shock.

"How am I going to get money to pay for them?" "I'm sure Steph would be more then willing to buy you some new clothes if you told her how much you love wearing women's clothes." A wicked grin came across Amanda's face.

"In fact, that's exactly what you're going to do. It's time you came out of the closet. I'm sure she won't be surprised." "Please Amanda, don't make me do that.

I'll do anything… Anything but that! Please!" "You're not fooling anyone, you know deep down you want this. Trying to tell me you're no slut when you're covered in both of our cum.

It's time to stop lying to everyone, especially yourself. You were born to be my girl." She gives me one last look. "Now clean yourself up, I prefer ya not let all that precious seed go to waste, so make sure it goes where it belongs inside that pretty little mouth of yours." With that she went to her room through our connected bathroom. I laid there for a what seemed like forever before I finally found the strength to pick myself up.

I'm so exhausted. And once again humiliated. I feel like nothing more than a pet dog. Worst than a dog, at least they don't have to endure this abuse.

I walk into the bathroom and look into the mirror. I'm completely covered in cum. It's all over my hair, face and shirt. I look at Amanda's closed door, she would never know if I did or didn't eat all of this. Although, there would be hell to pay if she found out I didn't do what she commanded. I took my finger and swipe up a small bit of cum. Bringing it to my nose, I took a sniff of it. The scent of salty musk takes over my senses. It's not like I've never swallowed cum before.

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Let's just get this over with. I start to wipe up the cum with my hands and lick it up with my tongue. The saltiness took over my taste buds. Before long I guzzle down all the cum I could. The taste became more tolerable… Actually it didn't taste all that bad. I turn on the faucet and wash out the sperm in my hair, then I dry my hair the best I can. Finally I collapse on my bed and pass out. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, feel free to leave them below.

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