Mexican gay twink fuck teen Scouser Danny was waiting for a elevate

Mexican gay twink fuck teen Scouser Danny was waiting for a elevate
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Demented cock whore. Lizzy, liked to play on the beach as a child, she would jump in the water, roll in the sand and make all the other girls jealous because she always had the best swimsuit on or just threw enough tantrums to attract everybody else. She was hardly 10 and yet she was grwoing up to be a cock-tease like her mother. Her mother would be in the car-park getting her pussy fucked till she passed out, and here was little Lizzy playing in the sand totally oblivious to her mother cheating and getting her brains fucked out.

I guess genes are partly responsible for what happened to Lizzy, during her sophomore days she was dating a football player, who had a small dick ( which is so common!) and she would get off with his little pecker.

Her lovebox had enever seen a big dick until she reached college where she secretly dated a professor. whose, 6inch cock used to struggle to fir in her tight wet twat. But I guess she was never prepared to go through this pussy splitting experience, but she did nevertheless. Newly settled in Detroit, Lizzy was driving down a few blocks to get some groceries for the evening she had been planning with her boyfriend, she picked up some bread, some teriyaki sauce and hunted for some chicken.

She also managed to pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels just for the weekends sake. Just before she could settle her bill, she glanced upon a pack of Trojans, which she picked up at the last minute.

She was walking down to her car when she noticed a sex shop across the street, she never knew it existed. but then again she was new. she chuckled and moved on. on her way to the car, she couldnt help notice a car shaking vigorously a few yards away. She didnt know if she should, but she decided to go check it out. In the darkness and the cold, she saw the condensed windows of the Chevy, and feet spread in a spread-agle fashion. Her pussy began to tingle, she inched further and checked it out.

She moved to the front of the car, only to glance at a muscled black butt going up and down ina fukcing crazied frenzy. She was startled when the black guy looked her in the eye, and smiled.

he kept fucking the little white girl under him. Both Lizzy and the black dude were in frozen with the aggravated balc guy relentlessly pounding on the little white slut, " Phut, phut, phut, phut." creak creak creak, the car rattled.

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He must have blown his load in this little white whore coz she was trembling and yelping. Lizzy was frozen stiff, her juices flowing and panties soaked, she wanted to go home but just as she was about to go. the black guy got out of the car and walked towards her, she was ina daze looking at his huge 10 inch fat cock just hanging like a third leg.

she didnt know wat to do, she just froze. He took her by one hand and with the other he carressed her lilly ass. she started mumbling, " this is not right, I cant do this.

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" The black guy slapped her accross the face and threw her in top of the partly conscious white girl who he just impreganted. She could smell her juices in the heat of the car, she cud see this girl was fucked beyond belief and that there was blood on her thighs. Wesley shouted, " this bitch owed me money, she aint never gona dis me again. fuckin how do these 14 year olds learn to steal." But honey, ur going to love this. I am gona do u slow. u wana do it here or u wana come over to my place?", he said, rubbing her twat through her jeans.


She gave into her carnal desires and rode with him, she texted her boyfriend that she is going out to her friends and that she would be back the following morning. She probably thought she was going to have a power love-makingsession with this huge-dick nigga. They drove a few miles and pulled up into a motel on the highwayshe felt her pussy burn the seat and was aching for that cock. She parked her car, and he told her to stay inside, and to wait for his signal.

She waited for a minute and was trying to adjust her make-up when a cloth doused in chloroform knocked her out. She must have slept for a long time coz when she woke up, she was ina room with more than 10 black dudes, all members of the Footlong DOng club.

she was scared. little did she know that having her tied the way she was, with her hands behind her back tied to the ankles- she was left open! She was wet, but she could feel her hair all-sticky and gooey.

Wesley came along and said, Hey bitch, u been out the whole day, we decided to bust out nuts in ur head." "But now that ur up, lets get u a fix and start the show." Lizzy was trembling, she was scared. she did not know wat was going to happen next. One huge guy, max came from the side and picked her up.

he pushed a needle in her hand and before she sould notice anything, she was horny like a bitch in heat.


Max, open her up. They cut her ropes and freed her. Without warning, Shawn moved in and picked her up. " U guys, shes gonna take me first.

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Once maxs done with her, shes gona b a pipeline." Hey bitch. suck on this dick, u white bitch. she was truggling, but a slap across her face made her open her mouth.

Relentless face-fucking ensued, like she was being punished, She started gagging and choking. she was crying, but who cared. " Take the whole 7inches bitch. take it.


and i dont want no teeth, i'll kill u if i feel any teeth. he held her mouth open. and continued fucking. she puked.

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he went on. she gagged, puked and was responding like a lifeless ragdoll. bobbing her head. and spewing spit, puke. and coughing. he blew his load around her tonsils. and kicked her away from him.

A group of four guys picked her up and without any lubrication, they shoved their dicks deep in her twat. " She was so drugged, she didnt know wat was happening. she felt numb but cudnt rationalise wat she going thru. Phut phut phut, smack smack smack.

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she was being fucked. this guy came on her thighs and rubbed it to lubricate her pussy. This relentless fucking continued till most of the guys had empty ball-bags, she was exhaustd and passed out. They threw sum water on her and woke her up, she was almost half groggy, but thru her peeping eye-lis she managed to register the size of the dick that was about to ravage her holes. " In the ass, in the Ass. " all of them shouted, Max's 14 inch baseball bat was pointing at her like a rifle.

She didnt have any strenght to resist, but shut her legs. she tried to deny access. But the guys held her apart.and took her legs above her head and tied it to the headpost of the bed, making her asshole accessible and open in the air. max chuckled, he smeared some gel onto her ass and spanked her ass, her little shitter wud peep open everytime he did dat.

That spurned him, he rubbed sum gel onto his cock and pushed it against her asshole. She was thrashing about.whch turned him on even more. With no notice, he slammed all he could into her ass. she screamed so loud, u cudve heard it in canada. she was broken.

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beyond repair. a little shit oozing out of her ass but he kept ploughing her. totally degrading her white ass.he drilled her ass till she passed out. He woke her up when he was ready for her to eat his jism. he slapped her and came in her mouth. She did as she was told, she swallowed the sperm. Wesley got on top of her after that, and kept pounding her until she spurted a fountain of pussy juice, and he pulled out his cock from her cunt and rammed in full lenght into her ass, and came right there.

She passed out again. When she woke up, she was lying in a pool of dried sperm and sum puke around the edges with her hands and egs tied to the bed, naked without any clothes and with a wired dildo fixed in her pussy and taped with duct tape.

She noticed that the vibrator was a contraption hooked to a battery and a timer. She didnt know what was happening, then the alarm rang and the vibrator started to move in her pussy.

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the speed was rapid and she was beginning to feel like her pussy was amputated but on fire, she came with a rage and kept bucking and tryng to force the dildo out of her pussy. She came and came and eventually passed out. Lizzy woke up after a few hours, thoroughly exhasuted and dandy legged with a soar ass and enlarged pussy. She was found naked in the room the next day by the motel owner who broke down the door. Lizzy was fucked beyond belief.