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Group sex porn
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Sunday night and I'm sitting in bed jerking off to the thought of me, Luke and Ben having the threesome on Saturday night. It was very easy for me to cum because it was fresh in my memory and those two are so damn sexy.

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I fell asleep after I jerked off and woke in the morning at 7:00 from my alarm telling me to go to school, now that I knew there were people to look good for, I took time to get ready. I got on the bus and Ben and Luke got on later, Ben sat next to me and Luke behind us, we were quietly talking about the weekend, we were too frightened someone would see us so we decided not to make out on the bus.

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Me, Ben and Luke all had woodwork together in Period 6 and 7, so I had to wait until it was recess before I could see them again, during recess we decided to sit in our own group, just the three of us, and if we found anyone else gay, they could sit with us, we were the unofficial gay group, but no one else knew that except for us 3. We went back to class when the bell rang, yay English my most hated subject, the only reason I didn't absolutely hate it was because I was in a class with Jack, and we were good friends, not as much as Ben and Luke but still always sat next to each other every lesson, since two other guys knew I was gay, I was going to tell him that I was gay and if he didn't like that it was fine, I just needed him to know.


I told him, in the back of the classroom, and to my surprise he said he was fine with it, and that started him always talking dirty to me, it gets frustrating at times but I like it and he likes annoying me, at least that's why I thought he liked it for a few weeks, anyway after English we had Maths, I hate Maths but I'm good at it because there is one answer and not like English how you can argue like my English teacher said, " in maths 2+2=4, but in English 2+2 can equal 5 if you want it to, I always argued with her about that, I even showed her my calculator and she just told me to sit down, whatever, let's not get carried away at how much I hate my English teacher.

At lunch I was walking to where we sat at lunch, but then out of nowhere Ben came from behind me and told me to follow him, so I did, then we went into one stall where we jerked each other off, me Cumming first then him a minute later, we did up our pants but before we left he gave me a quick kiss, passionate but quick, I kissed him back and we left to go to our spot.

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Luke was there waiting and asked us where we were, we said the toilet and he automatically knew what we did and said "No fair, I need to get rid of a boner too" so I said seductively "follow me" and we went to the toilet where I gave him a blowjob, and he came down my throat and that was my lunch for the day, his tasty semen mmmm. Then we left doing up his zipper first and I gave him a kiss as well, just as passionate as Ben did to me.

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We walked back to Ben with him greeting us with "You Guys look like you had fun" and then he started laughing hysterically, I was wondering what's so funny, so he took a photo of me and showed me the cum on my lips. I quickly rubbed it off and hang my head down, hoping no one saw that bit of cum on my lips.


Turns out one person did, I thought no one did. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful but when it came to the weekend again, I was happy because Ben and Luke were coming to my house for the weekend because my parents went to some great aunts funeral, they left me $50 for the weekend and I said it was plenty. The only problem was my little brother Caleb.

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Caleb was 12, I thought he was straight but you never know until you get naked in front of them, it turns out Caleb was just as gay as me, and he actually wanted to fuck me, I never really looked at him like I did until that night. I gave my brother $20 and said if you want food there's some microwave meals in the cupboard or you can order pizza, turns out we wouldn't have dinner that night. I told him to stay out of my room unless i said he could come in because I had something special planned for Ben and Luke, or should I say something sexual, I was going to fuck them both this weekend and they were going to both fuck me, when they arrived i answered the door and gave them both a quick peck on the lips.


Then they kissed each other, that gets me so horny when they do that, I said "Come down to my room or as I like to call it 'My Fuck Dungeon' they laughed and followed me down the stairs to my room. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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