Two lesbians whores preparing themselves for hardcore sex

Two lesbians whores preparing themselves for hardcore sex
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I close my car door and walk up the stair to the front door of my house. I unlock the door with my keys. I walk inside and close the door, taking my boots off slowly unzipping them, then placing them by my other shoes to the left of the door. I had the light on above the stove enough light to light up the kitchen and the living room, of course the entrance too. I dropped my bag down and put my keys down on the shelf. I then took off my jacket and placed it on the hook hanging on the wall.

I usually eat but tonight I wasn't hungry, so I decided I would just take a shower instead. I hooked up my phone to the Bluetooth speaker, turning the sound up, not to high. I took a toothbrush and brushed my teeth while the water was warming up to the right temperature that I enjoyed. After my teeth were all clean, I started to strip and placed them in the hamper.

I then got into the shower. The water running so hot on me it turned my skin red. I loved watching it turn the different shades of red. I did a quick shave and washed my hair, then body. I always enjoyed playing with my breast in the shower, especially when they were soapy.

My breasts were not small, they were DD. I loved watching them fall when I would pick them up and let go. It was appealing to me. I am proud of my body. I got out of the shower and started to dry off. I wrapped my towel around me and through a towel up in my hair. I then brushed my hair after and got dressed quickly. I put on a lace pair of underwear on with a matching top.

It was sexy and complimented my curves. Black making my pale skin even lighter. I wanted to eat something if not at least snack on something so I went to the fridge and grabbed some grapes and took one and popped it into my mouth.

Then I noticed that a breeze made me shiver slightly. Then glancing over at my front door it was cracked open, which was odd. I knew I closed it earlier, or did I. I was beating myself up trying to remember if I did or not. I shut the door and locked it this time. Now knowing that it was secure. I went back into the kitchen and ate a couple more grapes before putting them back into the fridge.

I started to walk to my bedroom and then I heard a creak from the floor board behind me. Just then a strong pair of hands grabbed me. Then spinning me around and slamming my body against the wall with my hands now together in one hand and another hand going around my neck.

I let out a squeal. It was pointless to try to scream, seeing that I lived in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors around for miles.

He roughly turned my head to the side and whispered in my ear. "I'm going to enjoy every part of this." He grinned. His eyes piercing, as he looked into mine. My heart started to beat fast, almost as if adrenaline was running through my veins. He pushed me in front of him forcing me to walk backwards to my bedroom. He pushed my with a hard shove and made me fall onto the bed. I tried to crawl away, he then grabbed my ankle and pulled me closer to the edge right where I had been pushed before hand.

He then climbed on top of me and I tried to hit him. He pinned both of my hands above my head and then slapped me across the face. It stung. "I'd cooperate if I were you." He said roughly in a deep voice.

He then took my hands that were pinned and started to tie them with a rope, then to the bedpost.

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He secured it with a tight not, I tried to wiggle my hands free but it was no use, they were tight in place. Just then he started to push my top up, exposing my breasts.

His hands were cold making my nipples hard. I tried to shove him off with my feet. It was no use he was to strong. I whimpered. He seemed to enjoy my response, He grabbed on foot and started to tie rope around that foot and then the next tying them both to the bed.

Also making those secure so I couldn't try to kick again. He went back to my breasts again tracing his fingers against them, grabbing them firm in his hand and then slapping them, a few times, making them tingle.

Then he took a nipple into his mouth, I gasped through my teeth as he started to nibble on it. Then he pulled away and hit it again but harder this time. Satisfied he continued down my body with his finger to my panties. Ripping them off, and tossing them aside. He began to trace his fingers along my thighs making them tickle even twitch a little. Then he took his face and put it in front of my vagina.

He took one finger and went from my ass all the way up to my clit. My body twitched. He then began to eat me out. Latching on, it was very intense. As much as I didn't want to be aroused, I became more and more so. I felt myself become wet, he then inserted a finger into me. I gasped and bit my arm so he didn't know I was enjoying it as much as I was. I was climbing to an orgasm and fast. My body began to twitch uncontrollably, and I let out a loud moan before it turned into a high pitch squeal.

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He then moved closer to my face and took his hand and put it on my neck choking me. He then kissed me. I could taste me on his lips, it made me even more aroused. I tried to turn my head away in disgust of myself. He forced my face back and slapped me again across the face. "I told you to cooperate didn't I?" He asked. I didn't answer.

He slapped my face on the other side this time. "Didn't I?" He said again a little louder this time, even choking me a little more. I nodded. "Say it." He said. "Yes." I whimpered. "Yes, what?" He asked me. "Yes I will cooperate." I said softly.

He began to kiss me again, once again I could still taste myself from his lips. For some reason this seemed to excite me. Then he got up and I could hear his belt open up and his pants falling to the floor. At this point I knew what was going to happen.

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He was going to fuck the shit out of me. He moved his body closer to my face. "Open your mouth." He said softly almost as a whisper. I did as he said, then his cock entered my mouth he was already hard, I barely even sucked before he grabbed my hair firm and began fucking my face. It wasn't as aggressive as I thought it was going to be. He then shoved far into the back of my throat and held it there. I began to gag and he withdrew and let me catch my breath.

He waited for me to open my mouth. I did and he began to fuck my face once more. He lightened the grip of my hair, and then took his cock away. I almost didn't want it to end. He then climbed over me and positioned himself in front of my pussy.


Taking his dick and rubbing it up over my slit and then my clitoris. Making me tremble. He had it positioned now right at the entrance of my tight pussy. Because I was already so wet he was able to slide in with ease. I groaned and then gasped as he went as far as it could go. He then began to fuck me hard. Thrusting in and out of my pussy, with each pump brought me closer and closer to an orgasm. I began to moan loudly.

"You like this don't you, little slut." He fucked me even harder. Sending me over the edge. My body began shaking and trembling. My legs twitching and my arms shaking, them still being held in place by the rope, I didn't even realize how hard I was pulling at them.

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My orgasm seemed to last forever before another one was already building behind that one. And then he pulled out. As disgusted as I was at myself, I was sad when he stopped. Then I noticed he began to undo the ropes that were around my ankles, letting them free. But not my hands. I pulled my legs up instinctively. He started to make me turn around so I was on my knees.

He slapped my ass hard and not just once, but several time. He almost made a low noise resembling a growl. Then he took his cock and once again shoved it back into my pussy. He grabbed my hair and pulled it hard. And his other hand gripping my hips. I moaned loudly as I felt the orgasm that subsided, again rebuilding. My breathing became unstable becoming shorter almost as if gasping for air like it wasn't available.


Then a sharp intake of air rushed into my lungs as I forced my own head down into the pillows and screamed as the orgasm ripped through my body making me buck back onto cock even harder meeting his thrusts.

Sending me over the edge, I couldn't meet his thrusts and my body shook violently as I lost control. Gasping for air, my breath shaky. He gave me just a moment before he kept going. This time he took his hands and instead of him pulling my hair he wrapped his hands around my neck choking me slightly. I clenched his cock hard with my pussy, he instantly noticed and moaned loudly.

"Fuck, your so tight." He said as he fucked me harder.


"I'm going to cum." He said between short gasps. I smiled, as I also had another orgasm building and fast.

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He thrust with more and more aggression. I clench down on his cock as hard as I could. Sending me into another orgasm. I squealed. He began to moan louder and louder, I could feel his cock start to throb. He then pulled out and went to the front of my face. "Open your mouth." He said, I did right as I was told. He shoved his cock in my mouth and as soon as he did he exploded in orgasm.

His hot cum going to the back of my throat, which I instantly swallowed. There was so much cum and I swallowed it all.

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Not leaving one drop to spare. He slid off the bed and put his pants back on and began to untie my hands. I collapsed onto the bed exhausted.

I didn't even bother to move from where I fell.

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"I'll be seeing you soon." He said, before he walked away. I almost couldn't wait for the next encounter.