Find out this stunning blowjob done in tranny style

Find out this stunning blowjob done in tranny style
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It was custom for my parents and their friends to have us teenagers help serve at their parties. We didn't make the drinks, but we took them to guests after their orders. It was pocket change for us and it was fun.

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One particular party I'll never forget. There was this woman there that I had never seen before and I figured a new person in my parent's realm of friends.

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She was average in height and weight, but I could not notice her large breasts stretching against her low cut dress. She was good looking too. What got to me was that everytime I asked her if she wanted another drink, she would engage me forever in questioning me about my personal life.

She would also push herself against me, pressing those breasts against my chest. This turned me on and I told my friends about it.

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As the party was about to end and I began cleaning up, she was there looking at me strangely and then said she could not find her coat in the upstairs bedroom where guests left their coats. I figured she had too many drinks and was perhaps lost in the house.

She turned to me, staring at my body and with a grin on her face and said, "Would you please help me find my coat upstairs?" I didn't know how she could miss her own coat, but replied as politely as I could, "Sure, I'll help you." She took my hand quite firmly and led me up the stairs as if I didn't know how to climb stairs.

When we got to the top, she pulled me away from the bedroom used for guest coats and drew me into another bedroom, turning on a light and closing the door behind us.

As I looked at the bed, there were no coats and I said, "I think you have the wrong room." She faced me and pressed herself against me until I fell backwards onto the bed.

She immediately fell on top of me saying, "Your a nice young man and do you know what I do with nice young men?" I was so astonished that I didn't answer her.

She wasn't that heavy as she lay upon me and I could smell liquor mixed with perfume as she took her hand to the back of my head and pressed her lips onto mine. I felt her tongue split my lips and it found my tongue. Her kissing and playing with my mouth began to feel good and I just moaned a bit.

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Then she kissed me harder with both her hands holding my head firmly. I was grasping for breath as she released my head, placing each of her knees either side of me with her dress lifted. She said, "I had noticed downstairs that your eyes were fixed on my breasts, do you want to see them?" Like it or not, she unzipped the back of her dress and unclipped her bra and dropped the toparound her mid-waist.


There before my bulging eyes were two of the best shapped breasts I had every seen and large, hard pink nipples. She lowerd them over my mouth saying.

"I want you to appreciate them, so suck them hard." I could not resist her demand." At first I swirled my tongue around her nipples and fondled her firm large breats with my ands gently. The taste of her skin and the smell of her perfume led me to aggressively suck her nipples hard. She responded with a smile, looking as if she had her prey. She moved back and went for me belt. She quickly had the belt undone and with her hands, pulled my pants and under shorts down exposeing my hardening dick.

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She said, "Now there is my prize." She took hold of my dick like she was holding a hammer and began to gently move her hand up and down.

This made me enlarge to my fullest and I took pride of how large I could get.


She bent over and had it in her mouth in no time, licking the under part where it is most sensitve. I could feel her wet lips move up and down my shaft, sometimes closing tightly. I could not hold back my first load of cum which she swallowed. She lifted her head and said, "Now that I've tasted you, I want you to taste me," She moved her crotch right over my face and said, "Like me good young man." I licked her cunt lips gently at first before my tongue found her clit.

She began to moan with pleasure as I nursed that nub. I kept licking and sucking until her jucies began to flow and she nealt screamed with her hard orgasm.

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Once that orgasim subsided, she said, "Now young man, I want all your meat inside me, do you hear me?" She took ahold of my dick and led it right into her wet hole and began to rock on it hard. She pumped me continuously as I came again in her and her juices flowed down my balls and onto the bed.

Exhausted, she turned over and laughed and said, "You know young man, I don't think I wore a coat tonight, but I guess I didn't need it anyway. We dressed and walked downstairs and I asked, "You know, I never asked you your name." She replied, "You didn't have to, it doesn't matter. I'll know you when we see each other again, maybe tomorrow.

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I won't forget your young body and I don't think you will forget mine, sweet dreams." She left the party, but I didn't need to jerl off that night, I was spent.