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1girl 5boys story sex xxx
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i was divorced after 23 years of marriage. I am 45 and have three grown boys, 23 and 20 year old twins. i had started dating after about of year of feeling dejected.

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My new Boy friend was 7 years older then me and made me feel good and happy again. He always told me how sexy and hot I was giving me my confidence back. He encouraged me to dress sexy and would by me sexy thongs and clothes. I was starting to enjoy doing this for him and was never jealous and would tell me how guys were checking me out. I never really paid attention. He asked if I wanted to go out to the bar one Friday night with him and 3 of his work buddies. I said sure and he told me they were much younger 23, 35 and a black buddy that was 42.

He asked me to dress sexy and be flirty and friendly with them and have fun. I agreed and was feeling excited all day.

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I took a bath and shaved my legs and pussy, not sure why but it turned me on and I played with myself in the tub. I got dressed in my white sheer g-string and short skirt I bought for the occasion and low blouse. When he got home and came in, I was surprised his buddies were with him he hugged me and told me I looked so hot. He introduced me to his friends, who all hugged me. They seemed nice and very young. his black friend John hugged me and said that he never told them how sexy I was and was very pretty.

Thanks I said and got us all a beer feeling excited and a little horny.

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My guy went in to change shirts and I followed him in and we talked, He said he loved my out fit I looked sexy and to have fun and be flirty> I told him John said I was pretty and sexy, good he said.I told him I got excited taking a bath today thinking about tonight and played with my self in the tub.

Good girl he said it should be fun tonight. We got ready and went to the bar all riding together. Once there we had drinks and lots of shots and my boyfriend kept telling me to flirt and be feely.

I was feeling pretty drunk and said I would that his buddies were all hot.

The youngest when Ben bought us shots and was rubbing against me as it was very crowded so I put my arm around him and said excuse me and brushed my tits against him as I went to the rest room.

When I got back John grabbed my hand and asked me to dance, he was muscular and led me to the floor we danced and had fun then a slow song came on and he pulled me close and we danced he kinda ground against me making me horny I could feel his cock against my thigh. I looked at my guy and he winked and smiled giving his approval.


So I pressed closer to him and my tits against his chest he took the hint and I felt his hand sliding down my back and on my ass, I kinda nuzzled closer and he began rubbing my ass. I was getting wet and let my thigh rub his cock noticeably. The song ended and he kissed me on the lips thanking me. I had a shot waiting for me when I got back but it was so crowded I couldn't get to the bar, his buddy Ben stood up got off his bar stool and took my hand and said here you go help me squeeze through the crowd.

I felt like I was be fondled squeezing through the crowd. Ben stood in front of me as I tried to slide up on the stool I noticed his eyes starring at my crotch and looked down and saw my skirt had slid up and my thong showing, oops I said pulling it down sorry.

Not at all very sexy he told me.after several more drinks I was getting wasted and told my guy we should be going while some one could still drive. I think it's to late for that and he called a uber cab. When the cab arrived, He said we could all squeeze in. Some how I ended in the back between Ben and John with Mike and my guy in the front. I heard my guy ask him to stop for beer and he ran in getting us drinks for the house.

Ben said I looked really sexy and hot tonight, thanks I said but I'm too old for you. Not at all he said I'd love a hot girl like you and he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth sliding his tongue in mine I kissed him back. When we got home I could hardly walk stumbling I grabbed John's arm asking him to help me as my guy had the drinks. He put his arm around my waist and Ben grabbed my arm once inside I sat down on the couch and my BF got us drinks and I said I'm good, come on he said and handed me one.


We started talking and my BF started dealing cards and his buddy Mike said oh strip poker, sounds good my BF said, and I looked at him and he smiled, Ok I'll play a little I said Mike lost and my Bf told me to remove his shirt and play with his chest for 1 minute I stood up my skirt up to my waist as all looked at my thong sorry I said,don't be sweety I think we all enjoyed it.

For sure they agreed> I slid Mike shirt up and over his head stumbling I said grab hold of me and mike put his arms around me as I started rubbing his chest, he was 35 and firm and felt good my Bf being 52 and me 44, I was enjoying this I bent down and started kissing and sucking his nipples as they all cheered me on, yea go girl they yelled, I sucked his nipples rubbing his chest as his hands rubbed my body, Ok time my guy said and I stood up kissed him on the mouth wew I said that was fun.

John lost next and my guy said honey your up again but first shots and we all downed a shot of tequila, I leaned over as he was beside me on the couch I reached with my hands grabbing his shirt pulling it up my skirt was sliding up, quit looking I said, Oh well you all seen them already, I pulled his shirt of, He was so smooth and muscular, I had never really been with a black guy before and was getting turned on I rubbed his chest and pushed him back on the couch and leaned over on him I started licking his chest and nipples laying across him I reached back pulling at the back of my skirt, its OK my Bf said we cant see anything sure I said Oh well enjoy I am I sucked on his nipples his hand on my head his hard cock felt so big against me, nice ass I heard Ben say, time my Bf said and I leaned up kissing John passionately.

I sat up drinking my beer, I need another one I said getting up and bathroom back. My guy said I'll get them you go to the bathroom.

I went in and my thong was pulled up my butt crack and the front was soaking wet. I came back out and sat down they had moved and put me in the middle. My Bf lost next but said he passed he was just the dealer and was have to much fun watching, Ok babe you take my turn he told me. Really I said yes they all said, you sure you want me to I asked my Bf. yes absolutely, Ok I said but who take off my blouse high hand he said, Ben said that's me, and told me to lean back as he unbuttoned my blouse my lacy sheer bra showing I heard some whistles and shook my chest at them.

He pulled my blouse off and started rubbing my tits he leaned over me his leg between mine I spread them open to give him room he started licking my tits his hand on my nipples His knee on my pussy I moaned grabbing his head.

OK time my guy said and he leaned up kissing me deeply and sat back up I sat up my sjirt around my waist I started to pull it down it's fine my guy said OK I said. He dealt again and Ben Lost I took his shirt foo leaned over my turn now, he looked my 23 year old son I said as I started licking and sucking his chest. I was so horny then I felt John's hand rubbing my ass as I sucked Ben's nipples.

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Time My BF said. I sat up and was handed a shot, I pass I said and they said you have to do it or do a dare my guy said, whats the dare I asked, shot or you rub ever guys dick for thirty seconds, really I smiled dare I said and I started rubbing Ben's cock it was so hard I rubbed and played and worked my way around the room rubbing all their cocks as they rubbed my ass.

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I sat back down and my guy started dealing maybe we should quit now I said. No come on they all said were having fun and be nice aren't we. Yes I said well OK and then Ben lost again Ok honey his pants he stood in front of me and I slid his pants down over his dick and it sprang up hard as could be in his boxers, I pulled them off and started to sit down and my guy said you have 1 minute dear.

I looked at him and he smiled and winked and said enjoy, you sure I asked him yes I love it so I sat Ben down and began rubbing his cock through his boxers, I started biting and put it in y mouth rubbing his balls your so hard I said, you feel so good he told me. Times up as I sat back down. I need a drink I said and Mike got us all a beer and rubbed my tits.

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I lost the next hand and Mike had the high hand so he came over reaching for my bra, I said my skirt next he asked me to stand and slid my skirt down and off my sheer g string soaking wet my shaved pussy except for a small patch showing clearly very nice John said and Mike had me sit down and knelt between my legs spreading them wide He started rubbing me then put his mouth on my pussy and licked and sucked my clit, oh yes I moaned, time my BF said, damn I said.

John lost next and my Bf said while you smiling honey, I just smiled and undid John's pants and slid them off, he had the biggest hard dick I ever saw and was wearing no under wear Ut oh I said now what, well when some one is naked you get 2 minutes my Bf said.

You sure yes. I started stroking his cock my hand would not reach around it his head was the size of my fist. I started licking and stroking him as his hands played with my tits I put my lips on the head of his cock and my tongue licking it I slid down over the shaft and started sucking him off he was fucking my mouth and was moaning, I was so horny he put his hands on my head hold on to it, I was slurping and going as deep as I could, I tasted some precum and thought oh no, but wanted him to explode in my throat really.

Time I heard and sat up kissing him I made out with him for several minutes. I said to my guy we better quit before it's to late. If you want to he said but I am loving it, you are enjoying watch me, Yes he said I love it. Tomorrows my birthday this can be my present he said what to watch me with your buddy's, yes a great present.

How about it guys. Sure they all said it can be our birthday present to. Ok I said I'm game then and he dealt again and I lost Mike was high and removed my bra my tits exposed he played with them and sucked them good.

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Time's up. The next hand Ben lost and I went over to take his boxers off it had been a while since I seen one this young I feel guilty I smiled, you never seen your son my BF asked yes when gets out of the shower I smiled, turn you on he asked me embarrassing me, honestly it does get me a little wet I said, and he said, what I asked, what do you do, nothing I said he's my son, nothing at all, you touch yourself, Ok yes I have done that,like earlier today, what I said, in the tub today, tell them what you told me, really I smiled< OK it's your birthday as you wish, I slid Ben's shorts off and started stroking his cock today when I got my bath and shaved my legs and pussy I was thinking about tonight and I rubbed my pussy and my clits thinking about going out with all you guys, it felt so good I came so much, they all stared in excitement as I bent down sucking Bens cock yummy I said rubbing his balls, Time my guy said> john and Ben were naked and me and Mike were down to our undies, next hand me and Mike tied and both lost, thats a time saver my BF said as we all laughed, I slid mikes boxers off sucking his cock it reminded me of my Bf same size and thickness, then he slid my thong off and tossed it on the table, I think that might leave a mark my Bf said they all laughed and Mike spread my legs and my shaved wet pussy for all to see he leaned back for all to get a good look he started licking me and fingering my pussy he sucked on my clit and I moaned loudly yes that feels so good.

Time my BF said I sat up all naked but all eyes on me, I guess the game is over I said smiling. They all looked at my Bf who said or just starting.


What do you want I asked him it's for your birthday tell us, tell us all I said as I spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy and fingering my self, you have to tell me. I want to watch you fuck all my friends take their cum and suck them off let them all take turns with you and me watch< Ok babe I told him Ben come here and fuck me, he grabbed my hand and laid me on the floor I turned so my pussy faced my BF, he shoved his young hard cock in my pussy and started fucking me violently he pounded my pussy for 10 minutes and then I moaned oh yes Ben fuck me I'm cumming oh damn yes you feel great fuck me, he shoved his cock deep inside me and said Oh i'm going to cum and started to pull out no I said cum in me fuck me he shoved in deep his load filling my pussy he came in my wet pussy, he got up and went to the bathroom, I lay there dripping cum from my pussy for my guy to see.

Mike came over and asked me to get on my knees, he got behind me and started fucking me from behind he fucked me as his balls were slapping my ass he came pretty quickly, sorry he said it's be awhile, that was great don't be sorry next time will be longer.

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I stood up dripping cum running down my leg, I went and got us all a beer and went over to my BF and put my foot in his lap his hard cock against it I reached down rubbing the cum from my legs and pussy sucking my fingers, Happy Birthday sweet heart I smiled, I sat next to John drinking my beer with a towel between my legs stroking his cock, I sat my beer down and turned around facing John I took his cock and slowly slid down his thick long shaft facing my BF so he could watch his buddy john's cock, sliding in and out of my wet stretched pussy, I purposely slid up and down feeling it fill me up, Oh ys John fuck my tight white pussy, he started pumping me then he rolled me over on the couch and pinned my legs back he began fucking me harder and faster his black cock stretching my pussy yes baby you feels so good stretching my pussy oh I'm coming yes fuck me I exploded on him cumming so much my pussy was so lathered up he fucked me good he kept pounding my pussy, he said I'm going to cum, fill my pussy John cum in me He started cumming and just kept fucking me and cumming so much I felt it running down my ass crack, then he pulled it out and I turned around my pussy facing the guys I bent over sucking John's cock I sucked him clean every dropcum running out my pussy and down my ass, I got up putting the towel between my legs and sat down on the couch, taking a drink I looked at my guy and said damn baby happy birthday that felt so good.

Did you like it. Yes he smiled I loved it we all sat there naked and talked and then Ben came over sat beside me with a hard cock standing up I started stroking him and he asked if I'd give him a blow job, I knelt between his legs and sucked his young hard cock so deep and fast I was so horny he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth he tensed up and started coming in my mouth swallowing I sucked his load deep down my throat.

We played more cards and the guys took turns fingering me rubbing my clit and fucking me Finally we were all worn out and my boy friend said goodnight and went to bed as they all passed out on the couch and floor, my BF told me how sexy and hot it was watching me with his buddies.