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Nipple bdsm Petite  tattooed  and very pretty  Gina Valentina is the
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( i do not own this story, all credit goes to the original author, the author posted the story for everyone to see on a totally free story website ) ( side-note: i changed the ending of the ex boyfriend part of the story series.

i felt WAY too bad for him) thanks for reading mah intro, now onto the story!! Dr. Ann McNickles pushed away from the desk she had set up with her notes pushed all along the edges and folded her glasses to set to one side.

It was the wee hours of the morning and the only noise in the lab was the movements of animals in their cages and the occasional click and whirr of one of the machines as it shifted gears.

She didn't make it a habit of coming into the lab this late at night. It was well past three in the morning if the clock on her computer was right and she was still running data through the machine. Each time there was a little chime she stopped and looked at the glow of the screen and wrote the numbers down into her journal.

She moved her chair back a little and turned her head to look at the terrariums that were set up against the wall. Although many labs kept their animals in closed quarters and with a minimum of space she couldn't bear to see them with just barely enough room to turn around. The different snakes were kept in large sixty gallon terrariums that were well lit with branches and plants filling the area. They even had small pools that would allow them to slink into it to help shed skin.

Over time she'd ensured they were tamed to her hand and could handle them with a minimum of fuss with various procedures. More importantly she kept them separated from each other to prevent fights. The doctor leaned down to look at her notes with her brows furrowed together as she licked the edges of her lips.

They kept coming out with the same results, and she tapped a foot against the ground lightly as she considered what that might mean. Her eyes were drawn to a small pale white snake in one of the smaller set ups. The albino snake was coiled up awkwardly in the corner with its eyes staring miserably at the small mouse that was cleaning itself in the corner of the set up.

It seemed to be resisting the urge to strike so far, but she predicted that in the next day or so that the hunger would will out. The serum was working, after nearly nine years she had a genetic serum that could penetrate the body's basic DNA make up and alter it.

At first she'd had some trouble doing anything more the introducing small changes in her subjects. One of the more frightening experiments had ended up with venomous mice when she'd mingled the DNA from one of her snakes with it. Still she had hopes for the latest experiments success.

Five mice had been transformed over the course of several evenings with the introduction of the serum, and her hopes had soared when the first might had successfully carried eggs to term. If they could reproduce true then it was possible she was on the right track. So far reptile DNA had been the easiest to work with along with some sea animals. She'd yet to perfect mammals.

Dr. McNickle leaned back in the chair as her thoughts drifted from snakes to the reason she was here. A bitter surge of anger rolled through her as she looked over at the picture that had been slammed face down on her desk. Her boyfriend had been supportive of her for years while she worked.

Though he didn't understand all of what she did, he knew that she had wealthy backers eager to be able to further her genetic research, but not the ins and outs. Her lips thinned down angrily.


At first their lives hadn't been that bad, they'd actually been rather nice, that was until he started sleeping around five out of seven nights of the week. She knew he'd slept with at least two of her interns and he didn't seem to care that she knew.

In fact he seemed to flaunt his sexual conquests when she caught him. She was surprised he didn't give her play by plays on what they did better than her. She'd gone home earlier and found the house entirely quiet and empty, an empty box of condoms tossed on the dresser like a slap in the face.

Her rage had flared and she'd stiffly left the house and come here to the lab where it was at least peaceful and she could work. She glanced over at the clock that ticked along and gave a shake before she stood up and pulled her chair back.

It should be safe to head home now.

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Dr. McNickle picked up her briefcase and flipped off the computer monitor a moment before she heard a slightly drunken voice and a high pitched giggle answer it. The first voice had been male and familiar, the second even more so. She balled her fingers in to grip her briefcase so roughly that her nails sank into the leather. A raw wave of anger rushed through her as she heard her boyfriend's voice slur on the other side of the door.

He'd obviously been drinking and the girl answered him softly while the doctor stepped back and tried to make herself small. She didn't need this. She didn't need to confront her boyfriend with their neighbor.


"Aww don't worry, she's pr'bly at home. Ya wanna see those freaky snakes o' hers. I saw her notes, all they do is fuck." Greg's voice came out thickly as the door opened and he walked in with his hand wrapped around the bleach blondes waist. "Snakes? Ew!" The voice trembled with fear and playfulness as they walked closer towards the cages.

Her boyfriend's hand moved up to cup just against one of Jill's generous breasts and kneaded the orb against the palm of his hand. The girl was all too willing to enjoy it as she leaned into the touch with a soft moan of pleasure.

Her head moved back and pressed against her shoulder as he kept working her breasts with adept fingers. The doctor couldn't stop the flush of red rage that ran through her and she dropped her briefcase suddenly so that it made a resounding smack against the ground.

Jill jerked away from her boyfriend but Greg just turned with a wicked smile on his face as if teasing her. He knew she was here tonight, he'd probably seen her car. That.that.snake! He'd done this on purpose! She stepped forward with her eyes narrowed and watched as their neighbor stepped back and her mouth worked before a tumbled burst of apologies erupted from her.

Ann didn't bother to hide the rage on her face as she stalked forward and watched the smug smile twitch on Greg's lips. He was enjoying seeing her upset! She narrowed her eyes and finally slammed her hand flat down against the edge of her desk.

A few of the rats woke up and she heard the clatter of claws against the cage bars as she finally cut off Jill's apologies with a motion of her hand. "Out, Now. I have to talk to Greg." She glared at her boyfriend as an idea started to form in her mind. She paused for a moment, it was a horrible idea, a wicked idea, a wrong idea.

But wouldn't he deserve it? ++++ Greg smirked as his girlfriend stopped the fun before it got any further then a bit of groping. He knew she would, a shame as well since it could be quite fun to see her unbend a bit and join into the fun. He let Jill go with a sudden slide of his fingers along the curve of her rump before he turned back to lean insolently against the good docter's desk.

She needed to learn how to unbend. How could a doctor who was studying mating habits and watching animals fuck all day behave like she was a school teacher? When they first met he was sure she'd be a pistol to handle.

Instead he was stuck with a mouse of a woman that barely had an interest in sex unless she was watching it in her lab. " COULD you, you bastard!" Her voice rose up in her anger and he tossed his hair out of his eyes. "How could I? Easily enough. You don't want to do anything in bed, so isn't it obvious I'd go and find someone who did?" He pushed away from the desk to walk over to look at the aquariums, "Aren't that what you're studying?

Animals with enhanced breeding capabilities?" "I'm busy! It's over, Greg, just over!" Her voice almost cracked and he gave a shake of his head. "I don't think so, Ann. It's not over at all." He smirked a little bit, the hell if he was going to lose the ability to have as much money coming in as she brought him. He had a good thing going, she just needed to learn her place in the situation.

"I want you out by the time I get home! Out!" She snapped the words as if she wanted to bite into them and he gave another shake of his head.

This time a laugh came out of his throat. "I don't think so. You've not been honest with your backers. I know you haven't been. Why? Because I saw your little reports last month. You haven't even come close to what they want, but you keep feeding them false info don't you?" He watched her eyes widen and a slight flash of fear run through her eyes.

"I'm not an idiot, I saw the books you keep at home. So we'll make this simple, I'll keep my mouth shut and you learn to behave." Greg watched her mouth work for a moment and smugness passed over him as she looked more than outraged, she looked afraid.

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Something else flickered behind her eyes and he dusted his shirt off and walked up beside her, his hand moved up to grip her upper arm roughly as she tried to pull herself backwards. His fingers bit into her arm and he looked down from just a few inches from her face so that he made sure his threat hit home. He wasn't going to be tossed on the streets by some mousey little scientist who had more passion in a beaker then she did in the bedroom. "Why don't' you stay here tonight. I'm going to go make sure Jill isn't upset." He caressed the words teasingly.

He wasn't prepared for what happened next, she'd always been a biddable girl at home. Her world revolved around the lab and she didn't even kill spiders! The very niceness of her was enough to make him want to throw her out on her ass. He couldn't remember what had made him attracted to her aside from the fact she had more money than he had ever dreamed of.

Her hand moved back and suddenly came forward right against his side. The bite of something stung against him and he jerked back and away to find her holding a syringe in one hand and her eyes flooded with fury. She stepped forward as he felt a wave of dizziness run through him.

"I think you need to stay here tonight, Greg." Her words came out of teeth clenched together as his world swam in darkness and he moved to hold the counter as his knees went out from under him. ++++ The world was muzzy and dark when he started to hear noises around him. Everything on his body felt weighed down all over. His head even felt overly large and a headache was forming just behind his eyes while he moved and tried to force his eyes open.

They fluttered before he opened one just a crack and immediately shut it again as a bright light was over him. It was then he realized he could feel the heat of the bulbs casting over his body. He could even see the brightness through his eye lids. He moved one his legs up with a muffled groan as it sluggishly responded and raised upwards at the knee.

"Subject, that will be referred to as 'Greg', is a 32 year old male, average height and weight." His girlfriend's voice came to his ears suddenly loud and echoing. "No history of illness or drug use. A thorough physical and history reveals no allergies that may prove difficult. Greg has been given a mild sedative and is currently waking up." "Mrrrph.Ann?" His tongue felt two sizes too big in his mouth as well as dry. "Good morning." Her voice was slightly harsh with anger and a pair of latex covered fingers moved down and suddenly peeled back his eye lids.

"HEY!" His eyes were forced open and a pen light suddenly dazzled his pupils making his headache flare to life again. "Excellent, you're coming around. I didn't want to deprive you of the experience of being the first." She laughed and even to his ears it sounded strange and rough.

"First?" He felt like his mind wasn't processing what was happening, but at least he was able to open his eyes entirely and found himself staring at Ann far closer then he expected. He realized that he was resting on a hard cold metal table, a set of bands wrapped over his chest and just along his hips so that he was secured down.

As he tried to move a hand up he found that he couldn't move it more than half an inch before the restraints that wrapped over him stopped it. He tried to follow her movements as she moved away from him and towards a phone that was hanging on the wall next to the door. Where was he? It was obviously a part of the lab, but he didn't know which part. He didn't even know what time it was. All he knew was that he couldn't wriggle free from the bindings.

He tried to wet his lips as his girlfriend tapped out a number on the key pad. +++++ "Rr.'ello?" The sleepy male voice came over the phone and she forced herself to calm down and to keep her voice quiet. "Terry! It's Ann. Listen, we had a breakthrough last night. One of the changed mice responded to the serum and was able to lay quite a clutch of eggs." She put excitement into her voice while her eyes remained averted from Greg's bound form.

"Really? Are you serious!?" She heard a sudden clatter and thud, "Ow.damnit. Hold on I'll be right down!" "No, no don't Terry. I called to say I'm going to be trying to see if I can work on one of the rats and use the Round Island Boa DNA to see if I can press through and change one. The garter snake works, but since we have the backers coming in next week I'm going to try and push ahead." Silence over the phone for a moment. "You sure? I mean, I know the garter DNA worked, but we've been using that for a while now and worked out the kinks.

I should be there." "Yeah, I need you to come in tonight, I'm hoping to have the rat changed by then and I'll need someone to monitor the situation through the night. You okay working an overnight?" She glanced over to see Greg's body moving clumsily, well she had a rat alright.

"Okay, Doc." Terry gave a nervous laugh. "I can't believe this is happening. Did she really lay eggs?" "Yeah, Terry. Twice the normal number, and I'm almost positive they're viable. Just one genetically modified snake could make leaps and bounds to repopulating the species. I'm going to go, how about you come in around ten tonight?" "See ya then, Doc. Good luck, gimme a call if you need me to come in though." Terry yawned and she chuckled before saying her good bye with a bit of laughter.

She placed the phone back in its cradle before she moved her hands up to smooth her short hair back against her head. She felt nervous and angry as she stared over at Greg who was trying to push up against the padded restraints she'd attached to his body.


She almost felt sorry for him until she remembered what he'd said last night. Her eyes narrowed and hardened as she drew in a deep breath and straightened her back up. His head twisted to stare at her with outrage in his eyes as she went to the cabinet's set into one wall. "What the hell are you doing?" His voice came out higher pitched then normal and she forced herself to ignore him. "HEY! Damnit, woman, let me up!" Ann opened the small fridge and considered the various glass bottles that were all meticulously labeled.

She knew that in theory it should work on a human, they'd even had discussions about the possibility of actually developing a line that could change people back and forth. It wouldn't be much on the scientific scale, but who wouldn't want to be an animal for just a little bit?

To have wings like an eagle or slide through the ocean as a dolphin. She picked out a bottle that was filled with a milky white substance and checked the label on it before setting it on the counter. It took a while to find the boa mix that she wanted but once she did it was placed on the counter as well. Greg kept demanding to know what she was doing as she dug through the drawers. Her hands shook a little bit as she made her choice and filled a syringe with a mix of the serums.

She had to calculate Greg's weight as she paused and then bent down to pull out another small bottle. The next one was a pale pink color that she added until the three chemical's mingled together naturally. She walked back towards the bound man and shook her head as he kept demanding answers as his voice rose up in pitch and the insults started. "You bitch! God damnit, let me go.

I'll report you to everyone, you're going to get shut down, what the fuck is that!?" His voice broke as she rolled up the short sleeve of his shirt twisted his arm to the side.

Ann couldn't help but feel a slight rush of anticipation that ran through her at what she was about to do. She tried to ignore her own excitement as she sank the needle home into the bound man's arm. It was almost sexual and mingled with her own eagerness to attempt something new. She depressed the syringe to send the drug flooding into Greg's arm while he spit out a rapid series of curses.

She tuned them out as she ensured the steady flow of the drug entered his blood stream to start the changes. If he wanted to act like a snake, perhaps he should be one as well. ++++++ Greg felt his eyes bulge slightly as his mousey girlfriend seemed to coldly measure out the drugs from across the room.

Not even her intern would be coming in, there wasn't even that hope of escape! Everything was alright until the needle sank into his arm. To that point he could lie to himself and say that perhaps she was just trying to scare him into behaving. Perhaps it was just a set up to make him apologize to her and give up his lovers. Or maybe she just wanted to see him panic while bound up on one of her tables. But she didn't hesitate when he felt the drug being pumped into his body.

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He arched upwards and cried out. "What the fuck was that?!" He yelled out as the needle pulled from her body and she tossed it into a can. "Subject has been injected with the altering serum, boa-DNA and gender reassigning serum." She commented as she held the button down on her recorder. "Since this is the first change in a subject of this kind, we'll be recording for further review later." "YOU DID WHAT?

GENDER?!" He yelled out as he could feel the drugs sliding through his body so that his skin felt swollen and tight. Ann walked over towards a corner of the room and he watched as she pulled out a camcorder from one of the cupboards and placed it on the counter.

The red light blinked as she leaned over and seemed to be focusing it towards him. He wanted to yell more, but he became aware that his body started to feel swollen and strange. The sound of his heart beat came louder and faster in his own ears as the drug was pumped through his blood stream.

He opened his lips and let out a low groan while his chest tightened and closed his eyes while the rush of drug ran over his mind. He could feel every nerve being awakened along his stomach and chest while his body started to shudder. The first thing he noticed was that his lips had started to thin down. He flicked his tongue out to wet them and felt not the plush softness of human lips, but something thin and almost hard feeling.

He jerked his head back while the heat spread over his lips and face. The moments passed by while he didn't see the changes at first, they happened so slowly that he thought he was imagining it. But soon he watched as his lips and nose pushed forward and a shimmer of scales started to slide along the bridge of his nose.

They were pale and flesh colored at first, just a hint of glimmering color that dusted over the top edge of them.

He drew in a breath and shuddered it out again and to his horror he felt his tongue move out with his breath. The tongue turned smaller and he felt the tip split open as he writhed against the restraints that kept him down. He watched his tongue tip flutter out as a ridge formed just at the apex of his upper lip. It was a slender opening that his tongue moved through seamlessly as his lips closed.

He opened his jaws and let out a cry as his hair pulled back along his head and was lost under a ripple of scales that started to run along his body. The feel of them made his form writhe and twist back and forth. They itched as they trailed down his neck and then he heard the sickening pop of his bones a moment before an ache started.

His joints twisted and his arms were suddenly able to slip out from the restraints. He pulled them out and tried to yank at the buckles that held the padded leather across his chest and felt his eyes blur. Something wasn't right! As he watched a portion of his skin started to appear to spread outwards and darken. It looked almost like a tan spot before he realized that it was turning darker and darker as scales rippled out to run along the skin of his elbow.

His fingers started to grow shorter and pull inwards along the sides of his body as he tried desperately to free himself. It was only by luck that he managed to flip the buckle upwards and slip it free.

He sat up with a cry and found himself staring at the avid eyes of the doctor. Her lips were slightly parted as he twisted through the feel of heat that fed through him. His head turned broader and he felt his eyes sliding to either side as it formed a slight spade shape. His muzzle tapered down to a blunt snout as his tongue flickered out again and distressingly he was assaulted with a world of scent and taste. He tried to push himself out from under the final restraint as his arms pulled in tight against his body.

They seemed to be melting against him as the scales flowed over his body and ran along the line of his spine. His entire body felt as if it were disappearing in bulk as his clothes started to grow too large for him. The material billowed around him while his arms pulled in through the leaves and he felt instead his bulk growing longer.

He turned his head sharply to the side at the sound of a breath being undrawn before his jaws gaped to soundlessly scream as the ache rushed down along his spine. The vertebrae popped and cracked as they started to push him out more. The scales flowed over him while his legs strangely together.

The dark black-brown scales rippled up as they turned into a lighter color along his chest and he could feel his muscles sliding along his body.

It felt like water flowing over him as they reformed and only dimly he heard the click of a camera as it took pictures of his changing body. His clothing spilled around him and the pants tore open as his legs pulled in against him. He writhed and for a moment he felt the coldness of the metal beneath him as his limbs faded entirely and left him twisted about on the lab table. His eyes were strangely spread wide apart so that he couldn't get a good view of the room.

Instead it was strangely wavered as if he were watching heat signatures. He tried to twist around and for a moment he flailed and watched in horror as his tail lashed around as he was got onto his stomach. He felt his muscles bunch up while it took some effort to rear his head back to look around the room.

He didn't have any hands! Not feet! Instead his body looped around in coil after coil, a large snake with subtle patterns showing in the dark brown scales. "Subjects transformation was complete without any difficulties." Ann's voice made him jerk his head towards the doctor. "Subject does not appear distressed, theorized that some of the tranquilizer's effects may still be present." Greg wanted to twist his head up to snap at her but a pair of strong fingers pinched down just behind the back of his head and her hand wrapped around the midsection of his transformed body.

He was lifted up and naturally twisted his tail around her arm to try and hold on through the dizzying feeling. What was going on? The crazy bitch had turned him into a snake! He tried to find a way to bite himself to wake up from this nightmare. Instead he found his head so firmly held that he couldn't do more than gape his jaws open as he was carried out of the room.

The first reaction he had was the thick scent of reptile that assaulted his tongue when it flickered out from his muzzle. It seemed to roll down his throat until he half wanted to gag and he struggled and twisted in the doctors grasp.

She seemed used to handling large reptiles as she just clenched her fingers harder against the base of his skull and the other hand kept the bulk of his body twined against her fingers. He picked out a few of the cages that held snakes and rats near the corner and felt a roll of panic. Was she going to feed him to something? Was that her sick plan? To get rid of his body? By having an animal eat him alive?! ++++ The doctor looked down at her struggling ex and tried to ignore the feel of excitement that kept rushing through her.

Watching him writhe on the table as his body faded under the roll of snake scales and his limbs disappearing had made her heart beat faster and her breath come in shallow gasps. It was something almost sexual and beyond that it had made her feel truly in control of the man who had made her life miserable. As she held him the sense of control grew. The body twisted in her hold and she felt the muscles ripple as she walked him towards the part of the lab that reserved for exams with the various animals in the lab.

The form twisted and jaws gaped as she pulled up a stool and rolled forward towards the specially designed table. It was all well and good when examining a snake now and then to simply use multiple people to hold a reptile down. Yet as the number of them grew it became more and more problematic. Finally she had spent a week designing a table that would allow one person to contain a snake for an exam.

The snake twisted itself around as she moved the head to place right into a curved holder and depressed a button. With a hiss the metal clacked together and wrapped right around the curve of the neck. It tightened just enough to ensure that held firmly enough that the snake couldn't pull back or forward to free itself.

"Subject has undergone a successful transformation. Now we will need to ascertain if the gender reassignment was also successful." She spoke into the recorder as she pulled the heavy body to lay it out on its back. She watched the eyes flicker towards her and got a rather wicked idea that made her tongue dance out against her lips.

She had started this for revenge after all, would it be so bad to indulge Greg in a bit of humiliation? She pulled the heavy body about on the table and moved out a series of cuffs to wrap around the thick body. They tightened down securely before the ring right at the edges snapped into place on various clips that were built into the table.

The entire while the snake twisted and tried to free itself, soft hisses came out of it as she turned the body about so that the underside and the genital slit were held almost directly beneath the jaws and eyes. Even as she watched the tongue fluttered out and snaked against its own vent.

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++++ Greg tried to free himself from the restraints that were holding him in place, and his body arched back only to feel himself being flipped over. Worst of all was the fact when he flickered his tongue out he tasted something new on the air. It was slightly sweet and musky and some part of his brain processed it as arousal. Human arousal. The doctor was getting off on this!

No wonder she was such a cold fish in the bedroom, she was some sort of twisted excuse of a human. His lower body was wrapped about until he found his blunt muzzle hovering just over a strange slit that worked along his scales. He could only assume that's where his cock went, not that he knew what a snakes cock looked like. "To ascertain the sex of the subject we will be using a probe." Her voice was cold and emotionless. A rush of humiliation ran through him as the hands released him and he was unable to wriggle his way free.

Sex?! What sex? He was a guy! What the hell was she even talking about? His tongue fluttered out before he brushed the edges of his tongue tips right against the vent and he could taste a faintly harsh neck ruffling scent. A pair of gloved hands moved down and he felt her finger working just along the slit and massaged over it. Where the finger trailed a thick dribble of lubricant was massaged over them before the finger and thumb moved to either side and gave a pull flashing the pink smooth inner flesh.

Greg's eyes flashed wider as the other hand came down with a slender metal tube and he tensed up his stomach scales.

What the hell was that for? What was it going to do? The tip of it was slick with lubricant as it slid right between the vent lips and started to penetrate him. His jaws gaped open soundlessly as he felt the cool metal sinking deeper into his body. The foreign experience making his entire body tense up while the muscles clenched along his stomach and tried to seal his vent off. The probe just kept slipping in and he felt his walls close down tightly to try and expel it.

His heart beat faster inside of him, his jaws snapped at the air roughly just an inch away from her fingers. "Gender assignment successful. Experiment 'Greg' shows all the signs of having lost his external male genitals and had them replaced with females." His jaws closed with a snap, what had she said? "Female Greg is currently not in heat, will attempt the fertility treatment to force ovulation to ensure successful copulation." The former human froze as the words hit him like a splash of cold water hitting against his.her face.

Female? She wasn't female! She was male! Greg writhed as the probe sank in just a bit deeper and a stab of pain ran through him so that he silently spread his jaws. It seemed to probe and push deeper inside of her. She had no idea how deep she was but the foreign feel of engulfing the probe made her want to tear her eyes from the sight. The walls closed harder around the probe before it pulled slowly from the glistening spread of her sex. Her eyes focused inches from her own vent, the lubricant giving it a look as if it was aroused.

For a moment her mind refused to make sense of what this meant, refused to want to know what had been done to her. She couldn't be a real female!

It was impossible! The fingers moved just along the side of muscled form and she felt a sudden stab of pain as the needle sank into her body. She wanted to writhe away from it, but her eyes found the doctors face hovering above him. Her breathing was too fast and she seemed to watch as the needle sank deep enough along the underside of her scales higher up above her vent. The drug was pushed into her body so that it blossomed out in a wave of heat that flooded along her underside.

It pulsed and made her tense her stomach as something ran through her blood stream. Some small part of her mind responded to it, she felt herself push against the scales of her groin and force the scales to part to show the outer lining of her sex.

"There now.

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Perfect. Greg, I think you'll find this body will satisfy your needs entirely. " The restraints were pulled off, but not before her hands had gripped behind her head again. "I know you like catting around, so I suppose the punishment should fit the crime." The snake was only lifted for a moment before she was dropped into a glass enclosed aquarium. The floor of it was completely bare, there wasn't even a water bottle! She coiled herself up awkwardly and tried to huddle against the corner as she stared up at the looming two legged form.

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What was the crazy bitch talking about? The punishment fit the crime? She was able to wrap her body around and around until her coils were pulled in close as if trying to protect herself. She could hear noises above her as Ann moved around the room with several sounds as if something heavy were being drug along the floor.

Though she wasn't left in the dark for long as it seemed her former girlfriend had decided to clue her in. "We're going to record this, I wouldn't want my backers to think I'm lying on the possibilities of these drugs." There was another dragging noise.

"What you're likely feeling is a fertility drug that's particularly useful in reptiles. It not only will ensure that you're fertile, but I've found it also helps increase the size of clutches." Greg felt her heart beat against her face as she tried to flush, angry humiliation ran through her at the words. Fertile? Clutches?

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How dare she even hint at that! Though she did feel her body tense up strangely, her stomach cramped up and clenched when she tried to move around. The strange musk of snake was filling the air around her as she flicked her tongue out miserably.

The movement didn't seem to be something she could stop. How dare Ann do this to her! She'd get her revenge, there was no way they wouldn't notice that he was missing! The lid shifted above her and she felt a brush of air slide along her scaled sides. The displaced air made her lift her head up to see Ann holding a long dark form in her arms. The movements of the head twisted itself around so that she saw the dispassionate eyes of the male peering down at her as the tongue flicked out to taste her scent.

"Here we go. I'm introducing subject 1002 to 'Greg' to introduce her slowly into the transformation." The doctor's voice was completely emotionless as Greg watched a heavy scaled body dropped into the tank. "You should be thankful. Snakes aren't the type that enjoy single pairings. But I think I will save that for when you're broken in by your new friend." The other snake was larger then her, the scales a darker coloration as he was released and lifted his head a few inches from the bottom of the tank.

For a moment all she could do was stare in horror at the sight of the real snake just a few feet from her. Then the beast started to move and uncoil himself from his original position. She watched with wide fearful eyes and turned about to try and make a run from it.

Her blunt muzzle shoved up against the glass as she pushed herself back as far as she could manage. She was so close to the glass that she could see the red blinking light of the recorder trained on her. She was going record this?! The male slithered closer to her so that the pungent scent of the musk started to hit her tongue when it flickered out.

She wanted to shrink away and she twisted her head back to spread her jaws in a violent warning hiss. Instead of driving the animal away she was suddenly hit hard enough to slap against the glass as coils twisted around her body. The heavy muscled body twisted and wrapped along her changed form so that she felt the larger body clench down and the blunt muzzled head shoved up against her own.

She tried to snap against the scaled neck as the powerful muscles clenched down and there was a noise of movement against the other side of the aquarium. "The male subject seems to have developed an aggressive streak with his enforced solitude, the female does not appear receptive yet. Struggles are common at the beginning of snake courtship." Ann's voice filtered down but the next words were mocking.

"I hope you enjoy this, Greg. You're about to learn a lot more about my work. What better way than to become a part of it?"