Keyla le da una buena mamada al su pana bien ricota

Keyla le da una buena mamada al su pana bien ricota
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The next morning, I woke up to see Lilly still asleep. I quietly got up, seeing it was five in the morning. I turned off the alarm clock so it wouldn't go off, I then started on making egg sandwiches for breakfast. When I finished, I took them back to my room. I gently scooped Lilly up in my hands, separating her from her sleeping bag, and kissed her belly, awakening her.


I showed her the breakfast, and she turned to human size. As we ate, I asked for another ability. "I need people to believe whatever I say for the next 8 hours." "Be careful with this one." She said. "Don't worry. You're coming with. " I said.

When we finished eating, I pulled Lilly to me, and held her. "Thank you for everything Lilly. I love you." "You're welcome." She said, tears dropping from her eyes. I then kissed her cheeks, drying them, then I kissed her lips. "I love you too." Smiling, I told her to not cry so we could start our day. "I need you to acquire any knowledge on law involving the education system." I then told Lilly about how the Board of Education forced me to transfer schools.

"I'm going to need you to be a little taller, with older looking skin, and silver streaks in your hair. Set this look as one of your body modes." "Done." She said. "There's a suit in my closet. Make it fit you, and wear it" I then told her about my plan. After she and I dressed, we headed to the school.

Quietly walking into the staff lounge, Lilly and I was met with the Principle, baseball coach, and all my teachers, coincidently, talking. "Perfect. Just as planned." I thought, as I pulled the wadded up permission slip out of my pocket. "Hey Coach, here's your damn permission slip." I said, shocking the rest of the staff.

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"Mr. Thompson, my office now." Said the Principle. "No, we can meet right here." I said. "Now, I have to say I am quite impressed. It takes sheer guts. Guts and stupidity to fuck with someone who has already had a pretty shit life, and knows how to take and deliver bullshit. Also, you didn't count the connections that I have." I paused for effect. "This permission slip's empty!" Said the Coach.

"No shit." I said. "Your star quarterback is going away for life, as he decided to fuck with a first responder. As for me, with the help of my lawyer, I will be getting transferred back to East Valley. In the mean time, here's what will happen." I paused again. "I will show up before class every monday for the next few weeks, and collect the week's work for all my classes.

I will then head home. You will not have the best high school baseball player in the city on your team, furthermore, I will ensure I am marked absent from every class, denying your school funding." I said, placing a piece of paper on the table. "Start writing the assignments for this week." "You can't do this, you ungrateful little shit!" The coach yelled. "You make me drive five miles to school, versus walking three hundred feet.

You offer me a spot on a team with a bunch of C grade dumbasses, when I used to be working with A-B people, then you don't even read my file to know both my parents were killed in action.

And you call me ungrateful?" I asked, on the verge of tears. "What he means to say," Said one of the teachers, "Is that you legally can not do that." "Actually," Said Lilly, speaking for the first time, "James can even force you to provide a home tutor, if he feels he is not safe here.

For instance, since he was charged by a boy with a knife yesterday, he could file a claim, which he should, as he needed to use his gun to deter the boy. "Gun!?" Yelled one of the female teachers. "None of you knew?" I asked, then explained the situation. "He's lucky i hesitated. Next time," I concluded, "I will not think twice." I then picked up the empty piece of paper, seeing it was 5 minutes before 7.

"Since none of you were cooperative today, I hope you are all more indulging next week. Have a nice day." Lilly and I then walked back to the car, finding yet another dumbass siting on the hood of my Charger. <Follow my lead.> I said. Not saying a word, we got in the car, locking the doors.

"What the fuck, esse`" Said the dark skinned idiot. I proceeded to start the car, and pulled out of the parking spot, flinging him to the side. On the way home, she changed back to her younger human form. At home, I got on the computer and checked my stocks, doing some buying and selling. Seeing as I had 2 million in my account, I decided to set up a trust fund for Mikaela, starting at 100 thousand dollars.

I then set up an account with 1 million dollars. The payments to the new car would be taken out of there, building my credit. After turning off the computer, I took Lilly to the local shopping center.

We stopped at a clothing store, where she picked out several items of clothing. We then stopped at a grocery store before heading home.

After setting up a spot in my dresser for Lilly's clothing, and grabbing clothing for Mikaela, we drove to the hospital. When we got up to Mikaela's room, I was surprised to see a boy about 10, in her bed next to her, holding her while she slept. <It's me, Sean.> He said. <she was tired, and wanted to cuddle, as she was scared her mother would come and take her.> <Thank you.> was all I said.

<Don't worry about it. I'm setting this body mode up to age with her, until I turn 17 physically. I will then wait for her.> <Don't worry. By then you two will be married.> I said, half jokingly, as I started rubbing Mikaela's back, gently waking her up.

"Hi little one.


We brought you some clothes." "Thanks, Brother." She said, as a nurse entered the room. "Mr. Thompson, we have some good news." She said. "Today, we are going to run some tests, and then let your sister go home. She will be allowed to go with you, since her mother is facing charges. There's an officer waiting to discuss those with you." I left Lilly in the room, to talk to the officer. "You stirred up a hornets nest today, son." He began. "But first, let me talk about family matters.

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Linda," He started, referring to my stepmother, is being charged with child abuse, as well as child prostitution, along with charges related to attempts to illegally obtain your Charger, which was registered as a government vehicle before your Dad was killed.

Her lawyer is being charged with sexual assault, and statutory rape. Both are getting general confinement." I smiled. "Now, about today. You put that kid in the hospital." "He could have gotten off the car." I replied. "Well, he didn't get off the ground. Now, he claims you attacked him, and the school won't give up the security footage." "They're impeding an investigation." I then went on to explain how they stole me from another school, and how I was retaliating legally, while working to prove they were breaking the law, and get back into East Valley.

"I'm not a dipshit. I know what they did, and I won't play their games." I concluded.

He nodded his head, and then got up to leave, before adding, "don't do anything stupid." He said. When I returned to Mikaela's room, it was time to take her home.

I loaded her and Sean into the back, with me and Lilly up front. When we got home, Mikaela took Sean's hand. "Come on! Let's go play!" She said, dragging him to her room. "Uhh, no." I said, walking after them. "Mikey, you are to lay down for the rest of today. Maybe you guys can play tomorrow, but for now take it easy. Watch a movie or something." "Ugh." She groaned.

"Can Sean at least stay with me?" "Yes, as he is your guardian." I said. "In fact, we need to get you a new bed, as a single is too small. How about a twin?" "Okay." She said, laying down on the sofa in the front room.

I then observed Sean put in a movie, and they began watching it. Seeing as it was only 2 in the afternoon, I checked my email, and found that all my teachers had sent me emails.

They contained my assignments, as well as letters begging me not to take the school situation any further. "Like hell." I thought. I then made a few phone calls, setting Mikaela and Sean up for homeschooling, Sean under Lilly's last name, as her younger brother. I then went to my room, where I found Lilly trying on her clothing. She was currently wearing a yellow sun dress. I pulled her to me, looking her in the eyes, which I noticed were purple. I then kissed her for the first time.

"That's for helping me today." I said. I then kissed her again. "And that, is for the adventures we have shared, and the adventurers we will share in the future." I said, kissing her again.

She began to get the hang of kissing, and we were eventually making out. She then paused, looking down, eyes closed. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I've never done this before." She said. "Oh!" I said.

"Well, neither have I." I said. I picked Lilly up, laying her on the bed, before undressing myself.

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I then laid next to her, and continued kissing her, running my left hand under her dress, and over her hip, where I was surprised to find no panties. I then felt her tongue enter my mouth, so I reciprocated the gesture. I then ran my hand up and down her vulva, prompting her to part her legs.

I parted our lips, moving down the bed. I flipped her dress up, smelling her arousal. "No." She said. I then found, lying next to her again. "Are you okay?" I asked. "I want my first time to be strictly intercourse. "Well then I wish your G-spot jutted out inside your vagina." I replied.

"Done". She said. I we then started kissing as I mounted her.

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"Ready?" I asked. "Yes." She said. I slowly entered her tight, but wet vagina. "Mmm." She moaned. "Oh." I answered. I then started rocking my hips, going deeper each time, all the while we grunted and groaned. I stopped when I felt her maiden barrier. "Do it." She said.

I thought for a second, then said "link our minds." "Done." She said. I put my lips to hers, before pressing forward. "Mmm!" She groaned in pain. "Ungh!" I answered, my prostate on fire. I then popped through her barrier, and began thrusting again, our pain slowly replaced by pleasure.

Soon, we were both thrusting in a rhythm, moaning into each other's mouths. I soon felt the head of my penis touch her cervix, sending us both over the edge. "Uuuhhh!" We both moaned, as I exploded into her womb. "That was amazing." She said. "That was. Thank you." I said, laying on my back. She then laid half on me. "I love you." I said, kissing her. "I love you too." She said, closing her eyes. When I woke up from my nap, it was 4 in the afternoon. Lilly was still asleep, so I quietly got up, and went to check on Mikaela and Sean, seeing them asleep, clinging to each other, with Mikey on top.

Smiling at the beautiful sight I decided to get started on today's school work. At 5, I cooked a dinner of barbeque chicken, rice, and veggies, which everyone enjoyed. After dinner, Sean and Mikaela headed to their room, while Lilly and I stayed in the kitchen, her doing dishes while I did school work.

By the time I had it done, around 11 at night, she too, had turned in. I went to check on Mikey and Sean, finding them in her bed, both shrunken down, but seemingly asleep.

<You can change her back, right?> I asked Sean. <She will automatically change back in eight hours.> He replied. I left their room with a smile. "Now there's an idea!" I thought.

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When I got to mine and Lilly's room, I ran the idea by her. She then shrunk me to her size, and we lay down on the massive expanse that is my bed. We then cuddled up under the blanket, kissing until we fell asleep. The next morning, I was up at 8.

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Kissing Lilly to wakefulness, I had her change me back to full size, knowing she wouldn't be ready for another hour. I checked on Mikaela and Sean, finding them both still asleep. I then started on homework. By the time I got done with yesterday's homework, it was 10, and everyone was up, and had eaten breakfast. By 12 noon, today's homework was completed, and Mikaela and Sean were back in her room. When I went to check on them again, they were playing with what little toys she had here. <I'm going to go run a few errands with Lilly.> I told Sean.

<please take care of Mikey. If you can, see if you can get her to take a bath without her health declining.> <I'll take care of her.> Lilly and I then got into the Charger, with her driving. "Auto plaza, please." I said. On the way, we got to talking. "You know he loves her, right?" She started. "You can tell by the way he treats her." "I know." I said. "That's why I trust him. He better not betray that trust, or I'll find a way to kill him." "He won't." She said.

We rode the rest of the way in silence. When we got to the dealership, I could see the new car sitting out front. We went inside to sign papers, and 2 hours later, I held the title to a brand new car. Lilly and I then convoyed to my stepmother's house, where we packed all of Mikaela's things.


We then headed home. Walking through the door, I headed straight for Mikaela's room, where I found her and Sean wrapped in my giant size beach towel, holding each other, still wet from a bath.

"Alright, you two love birds," I started. "All though I fancy the idea of you two getting along so well, you guys need to keep clothes on when you cuddle. Sean, since you are older, I expect you to have a level head on your shoulders." "Yes, James.

I am using common sense, and control." "Good. Now come help get your girlfriends stuff." I said, seeing Mikaela blush, but smile. <Lilly told you, didn't she?> Sean asked, as we were unloading the cars. <Yes. Break her heart, and I'll kill you.> I answered. <Understood.> He said. <And Sean, when the time comes, I don't really care when, just make sure she enjoys it, and don't get her pregnant until she's an adult.> I said, unaware I was a huge hypocrite.

<I'll ensure she has the time of her life. If I may ask a favor?> He said. <Go ahead.> I answered. <I would like a one fifth scale balsa wood model of a two seat biplane. Something you could turn into a radio controlled airplane.> <What for?> I asked. <I plan to build a fully functional airplane, but one that I or Mikey could fly in small size.> He said.

<We'll talk later.> I said. "Not a chance in hell." I thought. But the idea intrigued me. When we were done putting everything away, I did some work on my computer, this time with Lilly sitting on my lap, learning how to do things.

When I checked my emails, I found on from the Principle of my school. It read Dear Mr. Thompson. I know we got off on the wrong foot, but the reason I manipulated the Board of Education was because we need your help.

I'm not talking about Baseball, as no one really cares about high school baseball. Me and my, let's call him a friend, need you, and seeing as you also have friends that are like mine, you're the one I can go to for help. If you agree to meet me tomorrow in my office, I'll explain everything. Either way, you will find yourself enrolled back at East Valley by next week. "Is this fuckster for real?" I asked Lilly.

"I guess." She stated. "Do me a favor." I said. "Put a protective cloak over the Charger, to keep away any ill minded people. "Done." "Thanks." After dinner, the Mikaela and Sean were in bed, and Lilly and I was standing in the shower, kissing, while rubbing each other all over. We had lost track of time. "We could totally use this size thing to have some fun." I said, running my hard shaft between her legs. "I have a few ideas." Said Lilly.

I then noticed her start to shrink, so I turned her around, letting my penis run under her butt, tickling her vagina. By the time we were out of the shower and in bed, she was back to her tiny self, and clinging to my hard shaft.

I rolled onto my back, and she positioned herself in between my penis and my belly, where she proceeded to stroke the underside of my prick with her hands, until I fell asleep.