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Winter had arrived, Christmas was in the air, and many girls tried to get Harry under the mistletoe. Needless to say, he kissed very few. The only girls he did kiss were Hermione, Parvarti, Leanne, and when Ron wasn't in the room, Lavender. She explained that sex with Ron wasn't as good as sex with Harry, but she wasn't a cheater. He thanked her for the compliment and walked through the halls. He remembered when he fucked Hermione and how good it was.

He wanted her again and would do anything to have her again. The same was said about the Patil twins, who said hi to him every chance they got. That night was the Slughorn Christmas party and he had no date. Different girls stared at him as he cruised the halls, licking their lips. He was in the entrance hall when he saw a group of Ravenclaws conversing.

One of them was Luna Lovegood, his good friend. When the group broke apart, Harry rushed to her. "Hey Luna." "Hello Harry.

How are you?" "Fine. What were you all conversing about?" "Rumors are going around that Cho is pregnant." "Oh," he said nervously. "They say who the dad is?" "She says its her ex from back home. The others are skeptical. They think it's Anthony Goldstein's." "What do you think?" "I don't know. Never was one to take rumors for truth." "Ditto. Say, can I ask you something?" "Of course Harry!" "Wanna go to Slughorn's party with me tonight?" "Oh?" she asked surprised.

"Sure, I love parties." "Meet me here at eight." "Okey dokey." That night, Harry told Ron that he was taking Luna to the party, but Ron cut him off to complain about it.

He complained on why he was taking 'Looney' Lovegood when there were many other attractive girls to choose from. Harry ignored him and asked about his relationship with Lavender.


Ron smiled and began explaining how the sex was incredible. Harry knew deep down that Lavender preferred him in bed instead of Ron.

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Many girls were sad that Harry was going with Luna, especially Romilda, who pressured him into sex with her before he had to go. Just that one time was crazy and he admitted that Romilda had gotten better, but he was still taking Luna.

Harry left the broom closet, flattening his robe and leaving Romilda naked in the closet, her face covered in his cum. He knew it was rude, but he didn't want to keep his date waiting. The entrance hall was empty, apart from Luna standing in a pink dress. Approaching her, he complimented her on how she looked. He couldn't help, but stare at her cleavage, which showed a good deal of her tits. Harry began thinking that she was a solid B. Maybe a C? At the party, everyone was enjoying themselves, drinking punch and eating biscuits.

Luna had informed him that Ginny and Dean had broken up, so in a way he was happy. On occasion, he would stand close to Luna in order to get a look down her dress. When Luna turned her head to look at him, he diverted his eyes quickly.

Near the end of the evening, Malfoy interrupted the party with his gatecrashing. When Snape escorted him out, Harry followed. He overheard them talking about a job Malfoy was chosen to do. Snape offered to help, but it was cut off there.

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When they left, he was approached by Luna. "Spying on people Harry?" "Luna!

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Ah, no. Of course not." "It's fine. Nargles spy on me all the time, so I'm used to it." "Anyway, have you enjoyed the evening?" "Almost.

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Except for the finish." "Finish? What finish?" "Oh, Harry. You must've known that inviting me here, you must've been planning to fuck me!" "Wait, what?!" "It's okay. I know that you've been fucking lots of girls, including Cho. I bet you are the one who got her pregnant." "Yeah, I did. She says she'll cover for me and blame her ex." "And I noticed that throughout the evening, you were staring down my dress trying to get a peek at my tits." "How?" "I may be weird Harry, but I'm not blind.

Come on." she grabbed his arm and escorted him to a lone room with a small mattress inside. A soft blanket covered it and pillows were fluffy and brown. Harry never expected to have sex with Luna Lovegood, but a fuck is a fuck. He turned to her and stroked her blond hair, followed by a warm kiss. As they made out, Luna grasped his erection and giggled. "Wow, someone's eager." "Sex brings out the best in me." She giggled and wrapped her arms around him.

As they kissed, Harry lifted her up and and carried her to the mattress, plopping her down on the bed. He started stripping off her clothes. First her shirt, then her pants.

Even being half naked made her look like a golden goddess.


He crawled to her, spreading her nice smooth legs. Once he was in her face, he undid the front of her bra and removed it, throwing it across the room. Her boobs were what he thought: a solid B. They weren't the biggest, but he knew boobs were boobs no matter how small. His hands touched them, feeling them all over. Her nipples were hard, which was weird for her since she never had sex before. He moved his head down and started licking her nipples, making her moan.

"Harry." she said quietly. Licking them felt so good, even when her hand moved and grabbed his cock, thus stroking it.

Harry groaned when she did this, so he started pinching one nipple and biting the other, not to hard though. She moaned louder and started stroking faster. Harry let go of her boob and moved up, putting his cock in her face. She opened her mouth all the way and inserted it, almost deep-throating Harry. Once in, she clamped down on it and Harry moved it in and out, Luna sucking it and licking his head.

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She could see his balls swaying back and forth and it made her grab them and massage them. He moaned like never before. Harry had never been touched down there before, so it was new. The more she sucked him, the faster he went. "Luna. good God! Blow me baby!" Before he could come, he took it out and Luna licked her lips sexily. She turned around on her stomach and spanked her ass a little.

Spreading her legs, she asked for him to take her virginity. Harry was happy to do it, so he moved behind her, aiming at her tight virgin cunt. He felt her ass cheeks before hand. They were so soft, so round, and so sexy. "Can I anal you after I fuck your cunt?" "My ass? I don't know. Does it hurt?" "A little, but it feels good after a while." "Sure you can." A smile grew on his face and he slowly entered her pussy, Luna moaning as it went in. Luna grasped the blanket and buried her head in the pillow to sustain her scream.

Once all the way in, Harry grabbed her sides and started thrusting in and out of her, enjoying the pleasure.

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Luna found it comforting, so she raised her head up and moved her hips in unison with his thrusts. "Harry, oh God! So good! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! Harder! Harder!" He went as hard as he could go and made her scream. He could feel himself getting close to climax, so he slowed down and took it out.

She was panting slowly and turned her head. He saw an evil look on her that he had never seen. He was afraid Luna was now sex crazy. She had Harry lay down, his head on the pillow. She scooted to his cock, which was pointed up. He sat near it, bent down and began kissing him. She used her hand, grabbed his cock and inserted it into her ass. He entered her slowly and that made her yell out his name a few times.

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When his dick was all the way in, he thrusted in and out, going faster with each one. He wrapped his arms around her and sucked on her face. He fucked her faster and faster, making her scream. "HARRY! OH HARRY! THIS IS SO GOOD! IT HURTS, BUT I CAN TAKE IT! HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH! FUCK MY ASS HARDER! HARDER! FUCKING HARDER!" Grabbing her sides, he thrusted harder and faster, making tears fall down her cheek. He hugged her tightly and banged her ass as hard as he could, making her scream like a banshee.

Luna could feel his cock getting ready to erupt, but she kept it in. In no time flat, he exploded inside her. She yelled as it burned inside her, stream after stream of hot cum filled her asshole. When it had ended, he took it out and she laid next to him, feeling relieved. "That was great Harry. The evening is now over." "You were pretty good Luna." "Maybe if you fuck Ginny, we can arrange a threesome. Me and her do have lesbian sex sometimes." "Heh, nice."