Turkish sluts are the best

Turkish sluts are the best
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I had to stay late afterschool to work on a science project with my science teacher Mr.

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Brown. I had to work afterschool on a friday and I wasn't to happy. I was sick the week before so he gave me extra time. Since it was a friday, the rest of the staff already went home. For the most part Mr. Brown and I didn't talk except over little details of the project. I was working at my desk and he was on the computer at his desk.

When I finished I asked him if I could call my mom. He threw me his cell phone and told me he had some extra unlimited minutes. I called my mom and asked her to pick me up. She had totally forgotten about me and told me that she was stuck at work. She told me to call up a cab and I told her to just wait. I went over to Mr. Brown and when I got to his desk my jaw dropped. He was looking at porn.

He looked at me with a grin on his face. He said he would be happy to take me home. I told my mom and hung up. I was like oh shit!!!


It wasn't ordinary porn, but gay porn. He asked me if I was twelve and I told him yes.


He said I was old enough to look at porn now. To tell the truth I had already been looking at porn on a daily basis, but not gay porn. He asked me if I had ever wanted to have a homosexual experience. I asked if he meant to be gay.

He said yes and surprisingly I got turned on by the gay porn. He asked me if I wanted to expiriment at his house. I said sure and he told me to call my mom and tell her that I had some extra work to do. I called and she said as long as I get good grades she didn't care. I told him let's go and we walked out to his car. I told him where my house was and he said that his house was just on the way.

I knew what I was doing was wrong but I was actually horny for my thirty-something science teacher. I knew he wasn't married because he told us in class one time so I knew that wasn't a problem.

When we got to his house we got out and went inside.

I sat down on his living room couch while he pulled out a porno. He put it in and there was a giant gay orgy. I, almost instinctivly, whipped out my erect cock and started jacking off. Mr. Brown sat down next to me and whipped his out. I as shocked at how big it was.

It didn't take long for me to feel my body harden up and I told him I was about to cum. He instantly shoved my cock into his mouth. I couldn't believe how good it felt to release my load into someone's mouth.

He swished it around then swallowed it all in one big gulp. He told me to start sucking his cock. I was a little reluctant at first but my curiosity got the better of me.

I put the head of his penis in my mouth and started pumping his shaft with my mouth. I could feel his body get hard and I tried to pull away but he pushed my head down onto his cock. Right when his cum entered my mouth I knew I was addicted to it's warm and salty taste. I swished it around in my mouth like he did but before I could swallow it, he grabbed me and passionatly kissed me.

We exchanged the cum for a while but then I swallowed the cum in my mouth. When we were finished he asked me if I was ready for the hardcore shit. I asked if he meant up the butt. He told me of course and he showed me to his bedroom. I knew what to do so I strted to take off my clothes.

He turned to me as he undressed and told me he was going to make me his teacher's pet. When we both got totally naked we got on the king-sized bed. He told e that we needed to use lubricant but I was already ahead of him. I was spitting on my hand and rubbing my butthole. He spread my legs apart and he told me it would only hurt for a little bit.

At first he only rubbed the head of his seven-and-a-half inch cock on my hole. Then all of a sudden he rammed all of it up my ass. I moaned in pain but soon started to like the feeling. He slowly moved his cock in and out of me.

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I couldn't believe how good being gay could feel. I leaned up a little bit so I could start jacking off my now erect cock.

After a while I turned to face him and asked if he could give it to his teacher's pet harder.

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He just smiled and started stabbing my ass with his dick. By then my moaning had gotten so loud that he had to turn on some music to block my excessive moans. He rode me doggy-style for at least five minutes before he told me he was going to cum again. I asked him if it was safe inbetween moans. He asked me if I really cared and in that time of passion I didn't care at all.

The inside of my ass felt so warm with his cum deep inside it. He pulled his dick out and I turned around and started sucking it clean. We just lay there on his bed for a while.

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Hetold me that he had to piss and he started walking to bsthroom. I told him to stop and told him about water sports and golden showers. I asked him if I could drink his piss and he immediatly agreed. I laid down in his bathtub andtold him to let it rip. I had drunk my own piss every once in while so I was ready.


He started pissing in my mouth and I struggled to swallow it all. A little bit drizzled out of my mouth every once in awhile but I swalloed most of it.

When I finished he told me to dry up and meet him on his bed. He told me that he had never had a cock up his ass before and had always wanted to know what it felt like. I told him I would be happy to fuck him up the ass. He bent over and I shoved my boner up his ass.

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We both were moaning when I started pumping it in really fast. It took like thirty seconds for me to shoot my load up his ass. I pulled my dick out and he sucked it clean like I had done before.

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He told me to wash up because he was going to take me home. After I took a shower he drove me home and nobody suspected a thing. Over summer break I told my mom I was going to the mall but instead I took the bus over to Mr.

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Brown's house for some more hardcore sex. One day he moved to Seattle and I never saw him again. Nobody every found out about my dirty little secret.