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My girlfriend Haylee and I have been together for just over 1 year now. We met in college and are both in our last semester. I'm 23 years old, half chinese, half white. She is 22 and full Chinese (from China actually). This last semester we decided to move into an apartment together kind of far from campus to save money. Student loans have been killing us financially, but all we needed was one more semester before we could start paying it off. To make it even harder, we've had all kinds of maintenance issues ever since we've moved in and have had time to call anyone to fix it.

Let me tell about my Haylee before I tell you what happened. Like I mentioned, she's 22 years old and from China. She's a very shy person when it comes to meeting new people.

Even if you've known her a while, she comes off as a little reserved. Something that I find very attractive about her is her physique. It would be a stretch to say that she's taller than 5' 0". Even though she's so short and Asian, she has a nice, round little bubble butt since she loves running, doing squats and working out when she can.

She also has beautiful long, straight black hair that contrasts her light skin. One big embarrassing reason why I like how small she is, is because she makes my dick look normal. To be honest, I'm pretty small at just over 4.5".

But with Haylee, I appear "normal". Whenever we have sex it's like a perfect match. Tiny body, small cock. I mean I wish I was bigger, but I can't change that. She's even told me before that anything bigger wouldn't even fit in her most likely.

One week, we finally had the time to call up maintenance to try and fix a few things around the apartment. We had numerous issues ranging from water leaks, to AC problems to clogged drains. "Oh look baby, the maintenance man here!", my girl exclaimed as she pointed out the window. I looked out the window to see a big white van pull up right on time. Both sides doors opened, and I watched as two men got out. The one on the passenger side looked to be pretty young, maybe 18 or 19 years old. He was white, very tall and kind of heavy set but with muscle.

I guess you could call it "stalky". The driver was around 40 to 45 years old and pretty heavy set. He looked around 250 - 300 pounds, but a lot of it was just because how tall and broad he was. He had a big moustache and looked kind of creepy. He definitely gave me a strange feeling. "Wow they're so tall! Haha.", Haylee said. I didn't like that. I knew it was nothing, but I still for some reason didn't like that she had to say that.

They knocked and I opened the door to greet them. "How you guys doing? Can I come in and check out the stuff you called about? Let me look at that sink drain first", the older one said in a very deep, raspy voice. "Oh by the way, I'm Bill and this is my son Pete", he said as he pointed to the younger guy. As they walked in, they spotted my girlfriend sitting on the couch. "Well hello ma'am, what is your name?", the younger one asked, completely ignoring me and not even asking for my name first.

"Hi i'm Haylee", she replied in a shy, quiet voice. "She's a beauty ain't she?", the older, Bill said as he winked at his son.

Right in my face! I thought. He just told his son that right in front of me and didn't even care to look at me or laugh it off. Nothing! For the next 30 minutes they looked at our apartments' problems and tinkered around with some tools. I honestly had no idea what they were doing, but for some reason, my girlfriend somehow gained the confidence to ask them a lot of questions in her little accent.

She seemed so curious for absolutely no reason. I actually never had seen her so open with a stranger, much less two, very large white men. I eventually told her behind their back to stop asking them so many questions about what they were doing and to let them finish. I couldn't help but notice how tiny she looked with them in her presence. She looked like a child.

Finally, the dad, Bill, came up to me and said, "Well, it looks like the AC is in pretty bad shape, and I'll have to get some more tools and fix it another time. I don't have the time today but I could be here tomorrow at 2".

"Oh I have class at that time, that won't work actually.", I said. "Oh no it's fine!", Hayless interrupted. "I don't have class, so I'll be able to be here!". I wanted to say something. I wanted to say no! But how could I with them standing right there? I couldn't make it seem like I didn't trust them. So I just remained silent. "Perfect", he said, smiling and then looked at his Son who also had a big grin on his face.

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"We'll see you then". "They were nice", Haylee said as they closed our door. I couldn't sleep that. Deep down I knew nothing bad would happen, but the "what if" scenarios kept going through my head. What if she rob us? What if they try to hurt her or… no! Nevermind. I finally fell asleep around 1AM. The next day I went to my morning class, but the thought of my girl being there alone with those guys couldn't escape my mind. "Fuck it", I thought. "I'll just skip my 1pm class and go home early to be with her before they come", I said to myself.

With that, I got on the city bus and took the long ride home. The way our apartment complex is laid out, our room is the only one on the back corner. It's kind of weird how the complex is structured, but ours is in the back, isolated by the corner so we can't see any other rooms and they can't see us. As I walked to the complex, I immediately felt horrified and sick when I saw their van parked outside. I rushed around the corner and up the stairs but then slowed down and decided to just peer through.

It was almost impossible to tell from the inside that someone was watching from the outside. The curtain to the living room window was wide open as usual.

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My heart sank when I saw what was going on inside… There was Pete, the 18 year old son, sitting on our couch with his pants around his ankles and the longest dick I have ever seen pointing straight up, rock solid. His dick was huge, with a curve in the middle. To be honest the first half before the curve was a bigger then mine… Then there was a second half. "Omfg" I said quietly as I just looked, in shock at what I was seeing.

I was so shocked at how big this guys dick was that I almost didn't realized Haylee walk in from the kitchen. She was wearing only a T-shirt and panties and was holding a beer, one of my beers! She handed it to Pete and gave him with this exotic, lustful look. I literally felt sick.


"Is that better?", I heard her ask in a sexy voice I've never heard from her. She was doing anything he wanted! I couldn't understand or believe it. "Now get on your little chink knees and lick this big fat white dick, bitch", he demanded. I couldn't stop watching. There was no way I could even move. I felt like time froze that very second as I thought to myself if she would actually do it.

Would she actually get on her knees in front of this random stranger??? Why would she do this? It couldn't be just because he was bigger, more manly than me, could it? That's not really how it works…Right? She then proceeded to get on her knees and stared directly at the giant, white dick as it stood straight up, proudly. "No, no no, god no", I said to myself. She then slowly moved her head forward like a curious little cat and examined it in awe.

Her little tongue crept outward and made contact with the massive shaft. Right as it touched him, his cock pulsated and throbbed a bit. She then giggled and pressed her tongue firmly at the bottom of the shaft and slowly worked her way up for what seemed forever, until she reached the tip. I could clearly see the underside of his long dick, now shine with her spit.

She then tilted her head sideways and pushed both lips on the dick as she moved up and down, getting it nice and wet. She seemed desperate to make him feel as best she could. Without him even asking, she moved lower and started licking his big, heavy balls. His cock violently throbbed as soon as she did this and he let out a load "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" and then took a big swig of my beer.

My girls tongue moved quickly tickling all around his sack making him almost shake on the couch. I swear I could almost hear his dick pulsating it was so big and moving so much. She never did anything remotely close to this to me in all the time we've been together.

In fact, it took us several months of going out before I even got to see her naked… This random guy was sitting on MY couch, getting his balls licked by my girl, my love&hellip. "That's it bitch, keep licking", he told her. He was calling her a bitch and it was as if she liked it! I Stood back from the window and looked around, suddenly realizing that I was just standing there awkwardly looking.

What could I do? There was nothing… I felt like complete shit, yet realized that I had a massive boner. When I looked back in, I saw a big drop of pre-cum oozing out of his head. "Suck that all up", he demanded. She immediately stopped licking his balls and attempted to fit his cock in her little mouth. It was definitely a challenge for her. She opened super wide and tried her best to fit his head in.

"No teeth!", he yelled, and slapped her cheek. She let out a whimper and tried again, this time more carefully. She figured out the technique and started sucking the head. God it was hot. Each time she came up there was a loud "pop" sound from the suction. It was so messy.

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Her spit was sliding down his shaft as she furiously sucked, getting lower and lower each time. I saw a stand of her spit slide down his dick and down to his balls. At this moment my eyes darted upward to the hallway across the room.

The bathroom down opened up and I saw Pete's dad, Bill leave the restroom. He was in there this whole time! He knew what was happening all the while! Unbelieveable, I thought. He casually walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer, not minding what was happening a few feet away on the couch. He then proceeded to walk over to the love chair beside the couch and turned on my TV.

He just sat there and watched some show while his son was getting his dick serviced by my girlfriend. She didn't even look up. My girl just kept sucking away like her life depended on it. Pete then grabbed Haylee's hair and forced her head down lower then she thought she could go. I saw her eyes go wide and watery as her face was forced down on this guys big dick.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here is this guy shoving my girlfriend's head down his dick while his dad sits right by watching my tv. Bill looked over at the scene and chuckled lightly. He was delighted to see his son throat fuck her.

All the while, Pete was grunting and looking at the ceiling, mouth open, in complete satisfaction. He finally let up and Haylee's head came back up for air. Her spit and tears were all over his dick at this point. She put both hands on his cock and started to jack him off, desperate to make him cum. Even with both hands on it, there was still room for two more of her small hands. "That feel good???", she asked as she looked up at him as if he was her master.

Without answering, he shoved her head back down his dick and started groaning. "UHhHHHHH OHH FUCCCCCCCK", he yelled. I saw his heavy balls rise and tighten up. I saw the veins in this massive shaft move and tighten. Even his ass started to contract… He was cumming. I've never seen a body pump like this. It was like a machine.

His dick pumped and pumped and Haylee murmured something flailing her arms around trying to get air, but Pete simply put his muscular arm on her head and continued cumming.

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I looked up at his face and saw him drool as he came. His face looked dumb and emotionless as he was in some horny, orgasm trance at the expense of my girlfriend. I looked back down to see cum flowing out of her mouth and going everywhere. He finally pulled her head away and cum continued to spurt from his dick hole, oozing all over the place. I thought he was done, but he shot one last explosive spurt right into Haylee's face.

Cum dripped down her face and so much more flowed from her mouth, down her shirt. There was cum allllll over my couch. It was soaked.

Haylee fell back on the floor in shock while Pete's cock, still erect just pulsated in place. I had never seen anything like it.

Not even in porn online. "Hope you didn't ruin her for me, boy. Heheh", Bill said as he stood up from the chair. "Omg is he actually going to have her blow him too???", I thought to myself.

Surely she wouldn't. This guy was like 40, fat and ugly. "My god she's a fine little asian bitch ain't she?", he said. "Gunna feel real good, right girly?" "Yes sir", she responded looking up at him with wide eyes. No way… She just let this man do what he wanted.

She gave him permission&hellip. He then pulled down his pants to let the thickest dick I've ever seen pop out. It was long like his sons, but much thicker. He then grabbed Haylee like a doll and threw her on the couch. Instead of pulling down her panties, she simply ripped them off of her and threw the useless clothes off to the side.

I actually remember getting her those from Victoria's Secret. I thought she would look so sexy in them… and now this big old, stranger torn them off of my girl and was about to use her. From this view I noticed that she was so fucking wet. It was unreal. All this abuse and she was wet! Bill put his greasy fat index finger in his mouth and then shoved it inside Haylees pussy.

"Oh! Oh my god.", she exclaimed in shock. "You're so big!". She thought that it was his dick. He laughed and told her she had no idea. He pulled his finger out and licked it again.

"Mmm that pussy taste goooood", he said. I watched in horror, rock hard and scared. He then pressed his cock head against her hole. He just kept it there for a few seconds. The suspense was too much… Then slowly, he pulled her body inward. The head slipped in and slowly submerged itself. She desperately tried grabbing on to anything around her to stop him from pulling her in but it was comically futile.

He easily pulled her flailing body to his dick. "Oooommmg it's too big!


Go slow!", she pleaded. He didn't listen, or care. I saw his face when he felt just how tight she was. It was both disbelief and absolute pleasure. I could see he never felt anything like her. He pulled her in faster and his giant cock started to disappear in her.

She screamed and moaned. He grunted and groan. And like a piston, he started thrusting in her forcefully. Her body shook and shook. Her head smashing into the couch, his fat body slapping against her. Her once tight little pussy now looked stretched beyond what I thought it could.

I couldn't even imagine how good it felt for him. "Hooooooooly fuck girl! You aint gunna be tight no more!! GOOOODAAMNNN", he yelled as he continued to pound her. I watched in disgust as his ass clenched for each thrust in her. Her body started shaking in an uncontrollable orgasm as he continued. She was making noises I didn't know she could even make. He then put her hand on her head and pushed it in the back cushion of the couch, smashing her face as he ruined her hole.

He started to slow down and for a second I thought he was going to cum in her. He pulled out and picked her body up in the air. I saw her liquids drip out of her stretched pussy.

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His big arms turned her around, facing me. She started right into my eyes through the window as she sat her on his dick, standing up. He then started jerking her tiny body up and down on his massive cock as she shook in the air at his will. It was crazy to see her young, beautiful face as she was fucked and right behind her, his ugly, old face in total heaven.

Finally, he thrusted deep up in her (I could actually see her belly stretch to the shape of his cock) and stayed put. I saw her belly swell with each pulse of his dick and just imagined how much cum he was shooting into her. "OHHHHHHHH ohhh ohhhhh!", she screamed. He stood there unloading yelling, "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggg!" Then slowly, his fat cock pulled out of her. When it was completely out, liquids dripped from her pussy. The plug had been pulled.

He then simply dropped her on the carpet. He was done with his toy and now she was useless to him. A couple minutes later they had put their dicks back into their jeans and started for the door. I didn't know what to do… I thought about running but I couldn't move.

The door opened and both father and son stepped out. They saw me and smiled real big. "Sorry bout' the mess, haha", the younger one said. "Oh hey we couldn't fix any of that shit today so we'll be back another time", the dad said.

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And then they simply stepped around me, walked to their van and took off. I walked into the living room and laid eyes on Haylee. Laying there in a crumpled mess on the floor. I could smell their cum everywhere. It was so potent. Then I saw it&hellip. On the couch, on the floor… on Haylee's face, legs and body. They had just fucked her like nothing i've ever seen and I just watched.

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Haylee tried standing up but was shaky. She took a few steps forwards and smashed right into the wall, falling back down. She couldn't stand straight. I felt so bad. "Oh hey…", she said as if nothing happened while she tried to gather herself.

As if I couldn't tell what just happened. "So they said they'll be back next week to fix things, so I'll be here for them. Sorry… uh don't tell anyone. But they uhh… need to come back.", she said. "Unbelievable", I thought to myself. "Un-fucking-believable…"