Hot cowgirl riding with wild luscious chick homemade hardcore

Hot cowgirl riding with wild luscious chick homemade hardcore
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Story My name is kris. I am 18, 5'9 and 160 pounds.


I have an athletic build and I run track. I was walking to one of my classes when I saw a girl I have never saw before. I asked my buddy who that was and he said she has been comming to school here since freshman year. Her name is courtney and she is 5'3 and about 120 pounds. She is blonde and wears glasses. She has a nice ass and 34 b cup tits. The next day I went up to her and started talking.

She had the sweetest voice I ever heard. I asked if she wanted to go see a movie this weekend and she accepted. She gave me her number and we started to talk alot more.

She told me that her favorite stuffed animal was a rabbit her grandma gave her. She never told me why. I was excited to see her.


The last relationship I had this other girl that was a whore secretly. I saw her kiss another guy and she lied to me that it was truth or dare which was some bullshit. I let it slide tho, because I was nice. Then a few weeks later she breaks up with me and goes with that other guy. Friday I drive to her house and pick her up. She wore a long skirt and a low cut shirt. Her hair was straightend and she looked beautiful. I get out and open the door for her. I tell her she looks beautiful she blushes and says thank you.

We drive to the theatre and we go inside. We get popcorn and a drink so we can share. We go inside and sit down. I hold her hand and she holds mine back. I look at her and she looks nervous.

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My freind told me she hasn't had a boyfreind since 3rd grade. I had no idea why but she gave me butterflys every time I saw her too, maybe it was because she was so beautiful. I wrapped my arm around her and she laid on my shoulder.

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Half way through the movie I kissed her on the cheek and I can feel her face get hot. We sit and watch for a while when all of a sudden she puts her hand on my pants. She was just touching the knee and for a split second I thought i was gonna get some and then I realize that she hasn't date so wouldn't jut give herself up like that. She says goodnight and I asked, may I take you out again sometime. She said yes and went inside and I went home and thought of her till I fell asleep.

2nd date We made a plan to go olive garden. I picked her up and she looked stunning. She had a medium skirt with a tube top to show off her nice tits. I did the same thing, open the door for her and kiss her on the lips. We got there and we sat down. I looked in her eyes and I asked her out. She said yes and we both smiled then we kissed.

We ordered our food and ate and we left. We got to her house and we started making out. I started to run my hand up her shirt and she pushed my hand down. I said sorry and I stopped.

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She said she was sorry but she was just nervous. I walked her to the door and we kissed and I left. Prom I drove to her house and when she walked out I saw her in a strapless baby blue silky dress. My jaw dropped. She laughed when that happened and said that was cute. We went to dinner at claim jumper and we shared a steak. We went with her best freind Megan. (secretly I wanted to fuck Megan but thats a different story) We drove to the dance and we had a good time.

After the dance we went to the park and I laid down a blanket. We both laid down and we started kissing. I started to take off her dress and she let me. When I got it off she didn't have a bra or panties on.

I wondered if she knew we were gonna do it, I didn't ask. I started to eat her out and she got really wet.

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I slide in a finger into her sweet tight pussy and she moaned loud. I knew that she has either never or barley played with herself. After fingering her for a while I got up and asked if she was ready. She nodded and grabbed my 7 inch dick and put it in front of her love hole. When I started to push in she started to pleasure scream. I reached her hymen and I held her down so that she wouldn't move alot when I popped her cherry. When I broke it she screamed and I started to kiss her.

I started to gently moving back and forth. I started going faster and she moaned alot. I sucked on her nice juicy Tits and she seemed to like it when I held her down. I pulled out and we got into a the cowgirl position. She was bouncing on my dick like she was a pro. Her tits bouncing and I can feel my balls start to swell.

I quickly flipped her over and I fucked her as fast as I can. Right before I came I pulled out and I came all over her glasses. She licked it all up.

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I was still hard. I started thinking about her cute ass. I started to lick her ass hole and she was surprised. I started to finger her but she said she didn't wanna do it there. I told her it will be ok. She was calmed down and I spat on her hole and got my dick and slid it in. She screamed and I was in heaven.

It was the tightest thing I ever felt. I started to go to hard and she started to bleed and cry. I didn't stop it felt to good. My balls were starting to swell up again. I pulled out not wanting to cum yet. I ate her out till she orgasamsd. I looked into her eyes and i knew she was the one. I wanted to be with her forever. So that night I proposed and she said yes.

We got dressed and we left and went home and I kissed her goodnight and I told her I loved her. A few weeks later she called me and told me that she was pregnent. I didn't wanna be a dad yet so i left her but I gave her child support money.

I told her I was sorry and she said it was okay.

A few days later she committed suicide.