Playful lesbian ladies enjoy fucking with giant zucchini

Playful lesbian ladies enjoy fucking with giant zucchini
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Over this past summer I worked at a YMCA camp in northern Pennsylvania. Naturally, each week during my day off I had to leave camp and get away from everything in order to stay sane. A few times I contacted my cousin and asked her if I could come and stay the night at her house.

It was a chance to sleep in a real bed, which was a luxury for me, and see my favorite cousin at the same time. I arrived at her house around 6:20, parked my car, grabbed my bag and headed to the front door. I rand the doorbell and waited for her to answer the door.

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She opened the door and there was my beautiful cousin. She stood at 5' 3", long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful face. She wasn't as skinny as a stick, but she was still thin, and she had impressive breasts 32B (I saw the tag on her bra one time when she was wearing an open back dress during Christmas), and a nice ass.

I smiled at her, "Hey cuz!" I took a step forward to go inside, but she didn't move. She told me to go away and slammed the door in my face. I stood there quietly for several seconds shaking my head. I was familiar with her forms of humor. The door opened and she stood there laughing and motioned for me to come inside.

"Nice to see you." She said to me as I stepped inside. "Smartass." I said punching her lightly on the shoulder. She laughed and we went upstairs to her room. I said hello to her mother and grandmother as I passed them in the hallway.

I set my bag down on the floor in her room and took my shoes off and she sat on her bed. We talked for a few minutes catching up. She mentioned that we were getting Pizza for dinner per my request. I asked what we should do and she suggested we could go swimming in her pool. I had been to her house many times before, but I had never swam in her pool before, because whenever I did visit it was usually in the winter so nobody was going swimming then.

I said it was a good idea, and I grabbed my suit from my bag and I went into the bathroom to get changed. We grabbed towels and headed out back. I watched her drop her towel and slide in lady-like, sighing as she felt the cool water hitting her skin.

Being a guy I screamed and did a cannon ball right next to her, showering her in spray. When I came up I looked at her and she told me that she hated me and we both laughed. We swam around for a few minutes and talked, but I was having a lot of trouble adjusting to the temperature of the water so I was shivering. I asked her if we could get out and she laughed and said that it was fine.

We headed back inside, changed, dried off, and we hooked up her PS2 and alternated between playing GTA Vice City, and GTA San Adreas. That was part of our ritual every time we hung out. Play video games and blow shit up, bicker at each other, and just have a good time overall.

Out of all my cousins I'm closest to her, probably because we're only 3 weeks apart in age, and we always have a good time when we're together.

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My dad remarked that we're like a couple at times. I admit I have flirted with her a few times, and surprisingly she has flirted back.

I've kept my flirting in check though, especially when we're around family, because I didn't want to make my attraction to her too obvious. She's everything that I would want in a girlfriend, but I could never find one like her.

We played on her PS2 until the pizza arrived, and we took a break to eat.

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After devouring an entire pizza by myself (it was so good to eat something other than camp food) we retreated to her room and watched a DVD I had brought. Around midnight I was pretty tired after working all day so I said goodnight to my cousin and retreated to my room for the night.

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It was hot in my room and I had trouble falling asleep. I thought about my beautiful cousin in the next room and my cock began to get hard.

I jerked off twice before I fell asleep, picturing myself lying on top of her thrusting deep into her pussy and blasting her full of my cum. I awoke groggily around 2 a.m. and had to pee. I stepped out of my room and crept down the hall. I looked off to my left and noticed my cousin's door was open and the light was on, Is she still awake? I thought to myself. She's been known to stay up 'til 3 a.m. doing homework, and waking up at 6 a.m. to go to school. I honestly don't know how she does it.

I peeked into her room, and there she was lying on her bed, asleep, and facing towards me. I forgot that she slept with the door open and her light on. She and I are so opposite with that. I need the light off and the door shut when I sleep. I stood there watching her sleep for a few minutes, and I felt an urge in my chest that I never felt before.

I decided to do something absolutely crazy, and hopefully I wouldn't wake her up in the process. I quietly crept into her room and knelt in front of her.


I brushed her long blonde hair out of her face, leaned forward, and softly kissed her on the lips. Then, to my horror, her eyes shot open! I grunted in surprise and our lips separated. She and I stared at in each other in shock, "Jessica…" I began, "I'm sorry, I…" I never got to finish my sentence. She seized me and pulled me to her and captured my lips with her own. I grunted in surprise again as we kissed passionately.

I climbed onto her bed and laid on top of her and we began to French kiss furiously. Years of pent up desire were being unleashed from both of us. I kissed her neck as she moaned and pulled at my earlobe with her teeth. She pulled my face from her neck and looked squarely into my lust-filled eyes. She then licked me from the base of my neck to the bottom of my jaw. I sighed and ground my rock-hard dick into her pelvis.

She gasped and looked at me wide-eyed, "Did you just grind your dick against me?

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You are so perverted!" She said smiling as she punched my shoulder. I chuckled, "If you're gonna stop me you better do it now, because it's only going to get worse!" Jessica raised her eyebrows, "Is that so?

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What are you going to do that's worse than what you just did?" I leaned down and placed my lips right by her ear and whispered to her, "I'm going to rip your clothes off, fuck you through the goddamn mattress, and blast you full of my cum again and again, and again." Her breathing was getting faster and faster as I described what I was going to do to her. I could feel her squirming against my cock. She seemed to be trying to reposition herself so I would be lying directly on top of her.

I smiled and placed my hand on top of her pussy making her jump slightly. Without even teasing her with my fingers I could feel the heat radiating from her sex, "Seems like you're getting excited baby cuz." I said teasingly.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this with you." She said breathlessly, "I swear, if you're just teasing me and you don't keep your promise I will cut your dick and balls off and tell my mom and grandmother that you tried to rape me." Her threat caught me off guard, but I had no intention of breaking my word, "Don't worry baby cuz I'm going to ravage you until dawn." Jessica smirked and gripped my dick making me groan, "Okay one: don't call me baby cuz again for the rest of the night, and two: I hope your balls have enough cum in them to fuck me until dawn." "We'll have to see won't we?" I moved back slightly and slid both my hands up my cousin's smooth silky legs and grabbed them hem of her panties.

I slowly slid them down, taking in the sight of her hairless moist pussy. We smiled at each other as I slid her panties down to her feet, she kicked them away. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it off her body, exposing her breasts to me for the first time. I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth and began sucking on it like a new-born infant.

She moaned and cradled my head. I pushed myself off of her, stood on the floor, and dropped my boxers to the floor. Her eyes went wide at the tool between my legs, "God you're bigger than any guy I have ever been with!" I smiled at her, "That's good to hear, but I don't want to know how many guys you've been with." I said while climbing back on top of her.


She laughed, "Now please stick that dick inside me and pound me like the bitch I am!" I lined my dick up with her pussy, and then I paused and looked at her open bedroom door, "Shouldn't I close that? What if your mom or grandmother gets up and sees what we're doing?" She put her hands on my waist and tried to pull me down into her, "Don't worry about them, they take sleep aids every night and wear earplugs for whatever reason." That was enough for me and I slammed my dick into her with one thrust making my beautiful cousin scream silently and then moan loudly.

I pistoned in and out of her, alternating between long hard strokes, or short and fast ones. I was enjoying the sight of her bouncing breasts as I pounded her relentlessly.

Jessica couldn't believe what she was experiencing. Her cousin was pounding her pussy with the longest dick she had ever had inside her. She could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching and knew it was going to be intense, "Oh god keep pounding my pussy! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!

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I'm… going… to… ahhhhhh!" She screamed and bucked upward so hard that she forced her cousin's dick out of her gushing pussy. Slowly, she fell back to the bed with a great sigh. I was amazed! I couldn't believe she had that big of a reaction to my dick! I kissed her face and rubbed her pussy a few times trying to rouse her.

No response. I had fucked my cousin senseless! I couldn't believe it! I laid by her side and watched as she slowly came back to reality. "What happened?" She murmured. She looked down and saw that half of her bed was soaked, "Is all that from me?" She asked incredulously. I nodded, "Yep, and you passed out too." "Have you even cum yet?" She asked shocked.

"No I haven't." I grinned wolfishly, "Get ready for the next assault Jessica. This time I'm gonna pump your womb full of my cum!" I flipped her over onto her stomach and positioned myself near her ass. I grabbed 2 handfuls of her ass cheeks and kneaded them for a few seconds. I'd been wanting to do that for awhile. I heard her whine and felt her wiggle her ass slightly, "Stick that big cock in me again, I can't wait anymore!" I lined my dick up with her pussy and penetrated her once again.

She moaned and arched her back. My hands latched onto her breasts and I began pounding her pussy once again. Her moans got louder and louder as she approached another orgasm. I could feel myself approaching my limit as well. "I'm so close Jessica! So close! Oh Jesus… Fucking… CHRIST!" I screamed as I emptied my balls inside my cousin. Jessica moaned loudly as she felt my cum spurting deep inside her mixing with her own squirting juices. After my last drop of cum shot inside her we both collapsed on her bed panting heavily.

She turned and smiled at me, her eyes shining, "You were fucking amazing Lucas, you are officially the best fuck I've ever had. Nobody has made me cum as hard as you did." I smiled back and we kissed tenderly, "Give me a few minutes to recharge my batteries and we can go again." Her smile widened and her eyes twinkled, "And again?" "And again." I added.

"And again!" She said laughing as she held me close. Jessica looked at me closely, "I love you." I smiled lovingly at her. I sealed her lips with my own, adding my tongue into the mix, "I love you too." She seized me and we made out heavily for a few minutes. Soon enough my recharged cock was poking her stomach. She looked down at my cock and grinned, "Looks like somebody is ready for round 2." I chuckled and lined myself up with her again, "He's ready to go for as many rounds as you want." "Well I say we test his stamina!" "You'll get no argument from me!" We went 4 more times that night.

She rode me until I creamed her pussy once again, I ate her out as she sucked my cock until I came in her mouth, she rode me again this time reverse cowgirl style while I groped her tits, and I came in her one final time as she sat in my lap and I slowly and lovingly bucked into her and came in her pussy one final time. Exhausted we fell back on the bed eager to go to sleep. I glanced at the open door and decided to shut it less we get caught when her mom and grandmother got up in the morning.

I climbed back in bed, turned on my side and pulled my beautiful cousin close to my body and wrapped my arms around her. She put her arms on mine and kissed my hand tenderly as we drifted off into a dreamless sleep. -- I awoke sometime later to my cousin's alarm going off. I shook my head to clear the fog from lack of sleep and realized that I had to drive my cousin to work. I kissed her awake and told her that we had to get going. She groaned and said that she wanted me inside her one last time before we left, she could just tell her boss that she overslept.

I laughed and pulled her on top of me. We made slow sweet love until I came in her again. We pulled the cum-stained sheets off her bed and tossed them into the wash, trying to leave no evidence of what we did.

We both got changed and I grabbed my stuff and we got into my car and left. Ten minutes later after following her extremely vague directions such as "you go up to the thing and you do a thing at the thing" we arrived at where she worked. We kissed and groped each other for a few seconds, "I hope this isn't the only time that we do this." Jessica smiled at me, "Oh trust me, it may have been the first, but it certainly won't be the last.

Your dick is too beautiful to not be inside me again." I grinned, "You know it's not too late to turn around and go back to your place." I said winking at her. She laughed, "Very tempting, but I really have to get to work. You'll just have to come back to me during your next day off." I smiled at her, "I guess so!" We kissed one last time, said goodbye to each other and I watched her get out of my car and walk up to the building watching her swing her hips extra wide.

She looked back at me and winked, we both laughed. I watched her until she disappeared inside. I put my car in gear. As I left the parking lot, embarking on the rest of my day off I smiled to myself and said, "Man, I know one thing for certain, my next day off can't get here fast enough!" So there it is everyone! Constructive criticism only please!