Enorm Engen Arsch Bekommt Zwei Schwänze

Enorm Engen Arsch Bekommt Zwei Schwänze
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They were hanging out at the park. Amber, Micaiah, and a few other people.

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Micaiah kept playing with Ambers foot under the table, slipping his hand up her miniskirt, accidently bumping into her tits. His best friend, Joe, saw them and told them to get a room. Blushing slightly from the sudden remark, Micaiah told him to shut up, but stopped the flirting for a while.

After about an hour everybody started to go home, as it was getting late. Amber decided to try to stay at Micaiah's house that night, so they headed in that general direction.

On the way there, the flirting began again, with little pinches and pokes. They got to the house, and as Micaiah opened the front door, Amber's hand brushed against his cock, making it stir.

He tried to keep the shudder from being noticed, but she caught it, and was soon stroking his cock through his jeans. He pushed through the door into the guest bedroom, and, closing the door and locking it, lay Amber on her back onto the bed.

Standing at 6'5", Micaiah was very skinny, almost to the point of anorexic. He had red hair, hazel eyes, and a slightly athletic build. Amber was 5'8", a little less skinny, and had more of a dancers body. The room was simple, a closet full of simple things and a large queen size bed took up most of the room.

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Micaiah slowly took off her clothes and she started to undress him as well. He took off her shirt, revealing her size 36 c tits, and then moved down to remove her miniskirt. She bent down to unzip his jeans, and then she pulled them down and pulled them off of him.

He helped her pull the boxers off, and she got the first glimpse of his cock.


It was about 6.5-7" long and about 1.5" thick. She started to tease it with her tongue and fingers.


Then she slowly put her lips to the head of his cock. He moaned a little as her mouth slid almost all the way down. She looked up to see his face as she deepthroated his cock. After a few moments, she began to bob up and down faster and faster. He tensed, ready to shoot his cum down her throat, and she must have felt it, because she removed it from her mouth and let him cum all over her face and tits. Micaiah bent down and picked her up and put her on the bed, and slowly lowered his face to her pussy.

He tentatively licked her outer lips, and relished the immediated reaction he got from her. Getting into the rhythm, he began licking her clitoris, loving every moan that his touches brought from her.

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Then, wanting more, he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, and she screamed from the pleasure. Thank God the house was empty.

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He kept thrusting with his tongue, making her moan more and more. He felt her pussy clamp around his tongue as she came, and he had no choice but to swallow her juices. After wiping his mouth, he raised himself, and began kissing her passionately.

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Amber moaned slightly as he began to explore the rest of her body with his tongue. He lovingly sucked each nipple, while caressing the other one.

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He then got off the bed and went into the closet. He came out holding some nylon rope and some fuzzy handcuffs.

Amber was excited when she saw them and quickly got into the position that he asked for. He handcuffed her wrists above her head and tied them to the headboard.

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Then he lifted her legs up and put them over his shoulders before pushing himself into her. She moaned a little as he pushed his cock all the way in, then he began pulling back out.

When his head was almost all the way out, he slammed back into her, causing her to scream a little.

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Micaiah started picking up the pace, and Amber's moans started to fall in rhythm with each thrust. Amber tensed up, and she came like never before, and Micaiah pulled his cock out just as he started cumming, and his cum landed on her stomach. He untied her, and they just lay down for a while. Amber started to kiss his collarbone, and then she moved down to kiss his chest, sucking on his skin in different places as she went further down. Before reaching his cock, she got up, and straddled it.

She started to bounce, just playfully at first, but then more aggressively. She started to moan again, as she brought herself to her climax, and then she fell sideways off of him, back onto the bed.

They both fell asleep, and woke up about two hours later. They jumped into the shower together, and cleaned each other off. After they got dressed, Micaiah looked straight into Amber's eyes, and said," I love you, beautiful."