Xxx story sex stories 2019 samundar

Xxx story sex stories 2019 samundar
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The auction was finally over much to Rose's relief and Seth was happy with the slaves he had brought.By now she knew the routine Seth would choose a few he really wanted and hold a auction once he was home to get his gold back and then some.Rose followed Seth around while he barked out orders to have his new slaves loaded into his covered carriages a few hours later they were heading home.

Five days later late in the afternoon the carriages pulled over for the usual rest stop so the slaves could relieve themselves and stretch their legs.Rose walked to a nearby bush and did what she had to do then watched as Seth was looking over the slaves she also seen the familar lick of the lips.A voice yelled out everyone was to get back in the carriages as the slaves pleaded to be let go their ankles were shackled.

Seth whispered to a soldier then walked back to the carriage summoning her as he did Rose quicken her pace and took her seat in the carriage.A few moments later a young man was pushed into the carriage with them.Rose said nothing and did not react she knew better. "Rose get your gown off" He said his eyes on the young man on the floor.Rose took her gown off and just sat there quietly.The carriages started to move it was then that seth stood and removed his clothes his cock now hard he looked down at the young man.

"Get undressed and be fucking quick about it." He ordered once the young man was undressed Seth grabbed his arm and pulled him to stand in front of Rose. 'We are going to have a bit of fun." He smirked and bent the young man over. "Lick her cunt" He said still stroking his cock.The young man hesitated which was a mistake and got a sharp slap up the side of the head for it.He lowered his head and started licking Rose's cunt Rose could tell he had never done this before but she said nothing.

The man lifted his heard as a god awful scream came from his mouth as Seth started pushing his cock into the young man.The young man started to cry that just seem to spur Seth on as he grabbed the man by the hair and pulled his head back and pushed deeper into the man's ass.

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Seth released his seed into the young man then grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to look at him. "I will let you rest for a little while then Rose here is going to suck your cock until your hard then your going to fuck me and get use to it iam going to keep you in my service solely for this purpose." He said and pushed the young man away and sat back down smiling then beckoned Rose to come and sit on his lap as soon as she did his fingers went straight into her cunt the smile got bigger when she came over his fingers.A hour later Rose sat on her seat her feet up on the seat and her legs apart as Seth licked and sucked her cunt and the young man was fucking Seth,s ass.

Once over Seth looked to the young man with a smirk. Rose's father and two brother's arrived at Seth's castle they walked around and seen that what they been told was very true this man was a slave trader and from the looks of things they were setting up for a auction.

Rose's father Adam walked over to the nearest man and asked what was going on and was told that Lord Seth was two days out with a load of slaves and there was going to be a auction.

"Thank-you" He said. Adam told his two sons William and Jon that Lord Seth was not there but was expected back in two days and that they need to find the nearest tavern and get some rooms.

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Late in the afternoon two days later the carriages came into the castle grounds the grounds came alive with people getting slaves out of the carriages and into the large room were Seth would pick the ones he wanted to keep the rest would be cleaned up and gotten ready for the auction the next day.

The next morning Seth woke up and threw the covers off his hard cock waiting for his morning fuck.Rose sat up as soon as Seth threw the covers of and straddled Seth just like she did every morning. Seth let out a soft moan as he held Rose by the hips and moved her up and down slow on his cock he let go of her hips and pulled her down to him as and continued fucking her as he did he looked over at the young man and grinned.

"I fuck her every morning excellent way to start the day" He said and picked up the pace until finally he released his load.Rose rolled off and laid on the bed and spread her legs Seth had taken to wanting to licking and suck her cunt first thing in the morning did not take long before Rose moan loudly and dug her nails into Seth as she came Seth continued for a few more moments then sat up on the bed. "Go get cleaned up Rose i have a few things to attend to before the auction" He said and pulled on his pants and boots as he walked from the room he put his shirt on.As soon as he was gone Rose scrambled from the bed and walked quickly to where Jack was chained in the corner.

"Jack" She said and waited for the young man to look up at her. "I cant talk long so listen just do whatever Lord Seth wants and dont protest you will pay the price if you do there are alot of us in the same situation Jack just let him do whatever he wants he orders you to do anything just do it." She said and stood back up and went to walk away. "I hate him for what he has done to me and what he has made me do but you look like you like what he does to are nothing but a dirty whore and dont you tell me what to do." he said with so much hate in his voice.


Rose looked down at Jack. "Call me what you want Jack you got of easy the day Seth choose me i was raped repeatly by him then others then i was bent over a table and had my ass raped by him and others one after the other.He has not even started to play with you yet yes iam a whore he made me into one and do i like it weeks ago i would have said no but now its all i know thats what my life is now so i have accepted it and yes i enjoy it now." She said abit shocked with herself that she had actually admited it to Jack but more to herself Rose walked away not waiting to see if Jack was going to say anything but as she did walk away Jack just watched her and released Rose was in the same postion as him at Lord Seth mercy.

Seth came back into the room just as Rose finished doing her hair standing she turned around to face Seth it was then she seen the man with Seth.

"Jack get to your feet" He ordered and walked over to stand in front of him. "This is David your teacher you will be practicing fucking his ass and you his and how to suck on a cock and to-night you will show me what you have learnt" Seth said and gave David a nod. David walked over and pushed Jack back to the ground to his knee's and put his cock to Jack mouth Jack refused to open his mouth.In a split second a fist contected with his jaw and Seth was pulling him back to his knee's.

"You refuse one more time or David tells me you have i will take you to the barracks now open your fucking mouth and take his cock." Seth roared.Jack opened his mouth and David slipped his cock in. "Now that is better teach him well David or you will pay the price too." Seth said and walked to the door and called Rose and headed down to the castle grounds to watch the auction.

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Adam and his sons arrived at the auction by now the auction was on its way and prices were being called out Adam looked at the slaves and felt sorry for them some where so young.He watched as young girls were being dragged away screaming by their new owners.They rounded a corner and seen a young woman crying and begging a man who was pulling up her tattered dress to let her go home.She screamed as he forced his fingers inside her.

"Your mine now you bitch to do whatever i like ." He growled and began moving his fingers faster. Adam walked away in disgust and beckoned his sons to follow as they walked further into the crowd Adam stopped suddenly. "My god its Rose" He said and walked closer. "Father stop there are to many guards around them we will have to wait." William said. Adam nodded his head and lead his sons to the back of the crowd but not to far that he could not see his daughter.

The auction finished and the grounds were now being packed up and people started to head home.Seth looked down at Rose. "Go back to the castle i have a few things to do change your gown wear the red one for to-nights after auction feast." He said and started to walk off before stopping again. "Straight to the castle Rose" He ordered. Rose nodded and began the walk back towards the castle.Adam saw his chance and looked to Jon.

"Get our horses dont bother with the saddles we dont have time meet us outside the castle in the tree line now hurry son" He said and nodded for William to follow he began walking quickly following his daughter.As Rose turned a corner Adam was within arms reach he grabbed Rose and put his hand over her mouth.Rose went to scream then looked straight into the eyes of her father Rose shook her head and began struggling.Adam took his hand away and pulled Rose to him in a tight hug.

"We found you my god i have you back" He said. Rose pulled back and looked at her father then her brother. "Go home father Lord Seth will kill you iam not the daughter you once knew" She said softly. Adam shook his head and grabbed Rose by the arm and began dragging her.William grabbed the other arm and both men dragged Rose from the castle grounds and ran as fast as they could to the tree line to where Jon was waiting.


"NO father let me go please i beg you he will kill us all" Rose begged as her father put her on the horse and got up behind her and kicked the horse and took off through the tree's his two sons close behind.

Seth came into his room about two hours later and stopped when he didnt see Rose he looked to Jack. "Where is Rose?" He roared. "Have not seen her since she left with you this morning Milord" Jack said quietly.Seth stormed from the room roaring for guards as he did.

"Find Rose and find her now" He yelled and went back out into the castle grounds.Soldiers were now searching the grounds people were being questioned and Seth was red with rage. About twenty minutes later a soldier dragged a terrified boy to Seth. "Tell lord Seth what you told me" He ordered. "Your slave was taken by two men she begged them to let her go but they dragged her away they went through that side gate and went to the tree's" The small boy said.Seth looked to the side gate then to the soldier.

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"Get my horse saddled and i want six soldiers as well." He ordered and started walking towards the stables. Fifteen minutes later Seth was riding out of the castle grounds and in the direction the boy had showed him.One of the soldiers stopped and dismounted and bent down to the ground and looked at hoof marks and footprints. "Milord there are four sets of footprints and three horses and they have gone in that direction" he said and mounted his horse again.

Seth kicked his horse and went in the direction given he wanted his Rose back and would not stop until he had her back. Adam spured his horse on they need to get distance between them and Lord Seth he didnt know if Seth would come looking for them but something told him he would. Eight hours later one of the soldiers came up along side Seth. "Three riders are stopped near a stream there is a female with them but we cant make out if its your slave." He said Seth nodded.

"Lead the way we will find out" He said and kicked his horse once more.Seth was so focused and as the figures came into view he spurred his horse on faster then he seen it was Rose his Rose.He drew his sword the soldiers following suit Rose turned her head when she heard the noise and seen Seth coming at them before she could say anything Seth pulled his mount up and was off in seconds.

"She is mine" He growled his sword at the ready Rose stepped in front of her father and looked at Seth. "Milord he is my father and these are my brothers please dont kill them i will come back with you." She said.

"You have no fucking choice Rose you are coming back." He said Adam roared and came at Seth in seconds Seth had his sword at Adam's throat and pushed it slightly drawing blood. "She is mine." He said then smirked. "Tie these men up and put them on their horses they are coming back to the castle." He said and lifted Rose up onto his horse and got up behind her. By the time they got back to the castle everyone was tired Seth told the soldiers to take the three men to the holding pens and that they were not to be touched and he would send for them in a few hours.seth helped Rose down and took her by the arm and lead her to the castle and up to their room.Rose felt the slap as soon as she entered the room and then he grabbed her hair and pulled her back to him.

"From now on you go no where alone." He growled and hit her again Rose hit the floor again Seth bent down and ripped her gown from her body.Again he bent down and grabbed her by the hair and dragged her towards the bed and Rose was then backhanded onto the bed.Seth continued hitting her Rose was screaming and trying to cover herself from the hits.Seth rolled her over and roared at her to get on her hands and knee's grabbing her hair Seth rammed his cock all the way into her ass Rose screamed again as tears streamed down her face.When he was done he got of the bed and pulled Rose from the bed and picked up his belt.

"Hold the bed post Rose you let go will result in more." He spat and the first hit from the belt landed across her back Rose screamed as five more time Seth hit her.He dropped the belt and walked to the bed and got under the covers Rose slumped to the ground and curled up into ball and cried.

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It was sunset of the next day before Seth sent for Adam and his two sons three seats had been place for them to sit and guards were in the room as well one standing behind each of them.As soon as they were seated Seth rang a small bell and three more soldiers walked in and one woman.Then he walked to stand in front of Adam and back handed him.Adam's head flew to the side as a little blood came from his lip.

"You have no idea what your daughter is and what she has done.she is not the innocent little girl you once knew.She shares my bed and many others if i order it do you understand what iam telling you?" Seth said with a smile.

Adam shook his head.

"My daughter is not what you say i will pay you what you payed for her let me take her home to her mother." He pleaded. Seth laughed and turned his head. "Rose come here" He said once Rose stood beside him he ripped her gown from her body. "You dont beleive me so i will show you what your daughter does." He said and pushed Rose's legs apart and stood at her side one hand held her by the back of the neck as his other hand went between her legs.Seth inserted two fingers then bent his head down and took one of Rose's tits in his mouth and began sucking.Rose let out a moan Adam started dry retching and tried to turn his head away but a soldier turned it back.

Rose arched her back as she came over Seth's fingers he pulled them out and wiped them across Adams lips. "Taste your daughter" He said then told the three soldiers in the background to drag the large cushions closer to the three sitting down then to undress.

"Now for the next show Adam may i call you Adam?" Seth asked with a smirk and looked to Rose. "Go to the cushions show your father and brothers what your job is now" He said and and sat on the end of his desk and waited.

Rose walked to the cushions were the three soldiers were now standing and dropped to her knee's and took the cock of the closer man to her as she began sucking him she took the other two in each hand. After a few minutes they swapped places this time Rose took him further down her throat making the soldier groan and grab her hair. Seth smiled and looked at Adam. "Thats your baby daughter look how she takes that cock down her throat." He said and turned back to watch.


One of the soldiers laid down and Rose went to straddle him but stopped when she heard seth speak. "No i want your brothers and your father to see your face Rose to see how much you love cock put your ass on his cock" Seth said. The soldier reached up and spread Rose's ass cheeks and shoved a finger in her ass and then two and stretched her before guiding her down on his cock.Another soldier got above her and put his cock to her cunt and pushed in Rose let out a long moan as both men began fucking her.

Adam's watched his daughter in disgust her two brother could not take their eyes off her.Rose let out another moan and yelled out she was cumming.The men started fucking her faster Rose yelled out in pure pleasure the men continued for a few more minutes before releasing their our loads inside her.Seth walked over and pulled Rose to her feet and stood her in front of her father then spun her around and bent her over and spread her ass cheeks her hole still gapping open and cum dripping from it.

"Alot of cocks have been in this hole and alot more will be in it." he said and spun her around. "Lean over Rose and hold onto your father's shoulders." He ordered Rose did as tears rolled down her face and she dropped her head not wanting to look at him.Seth reefed her head up and nodded at the last soldier to fuck Rose.

"Look at your father let him see the little whore you are and that you belong to me and i will kill anyone who thinks they can take you away." He spat and nodded to the soldier who put his cock inside Rose's cunt and grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard. Rose looked at her father tears rolling down her cheeks Adam just looked at her blankly then let out a long deep breath.

"I will tell your poor mother you are dead because to me you are Roae your his whore." He said and spat in Rose's face Rose didnt move and let out a long moan and came again. "As you wish father i stopped being your daughter the day lord Seth took me." She said and bit her lip as the man rammed hard into her and released his seed. Seth pulled Rose away and told her to lay down on the cushions then looked at Adam.

"She does not only fuck men she likes women too and i really want you to see the lot." He said and waved the young woman over who dropped between Rose's legs and began working on her cunt. Rose arched her back and let out moans and grabbed the woman's head pushing her deeper into her cunt. The woman stopped and crawled up and straddled Rose face and lowered herself down.Rose began sucking and licking the woman's very wet cunt and grabbing her by the ass cheeks and pulling her down harder.

Finally the woman got off and straddled Rose's face again then buried her face in Rose's cunt. Five minutes later both of the woman came and Seth smiled rubbing his own bulging pants. "Ok one more show" he said and walked to Rose and undone his pants and got between her legs and hooked them over his shoulders and entered Rose.

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'You love this dont you Rose you love my cock deep in your wet cunt." He said and started fucking harder and faster. "Oh yes fuck me oh god harder" she called out and she did want him too again Rose came.Seth pulled out and rolled her over and pulled her ass up in the air and entered her ass grabbing her by the hair and pulled her back and rammed as hard as he could into her.

When he was done he pulled Rose to her feet. "Go to the room and have a bath and dress and dont leave the room until i came and get you" he said Rose nodded and walked from Seth study and went up to the room. Seth looked at the three sitting before him and smiled. "Now i can see by the bulges in your pants you all enjoyed that beleive me she is a good fuck now you have disowned her Adam now i ask your two sons do they disown her as well?" he asked. "She is no sister of mine" William spat.

"She is a whore it would kill mother to know what she has become you are welcome to her" Jon said. Seth nodded and sat back in his seat and thought for a moment. "Well i have a proposal for you three would you like to fuck the little whore god we can make a party of it you three can have her first then you can sit around as other men fuck her hell you can join in if you want.Dont answer me now i will have you sent to three rooms to bath and change clothes under guard of course and i will come and get you in three hours and take you to the room she will be in she will be naked and waiting its up to you if you want to walk in and fuck her." Seth said and waved for the guards to take them away and put them in three different rooms.

Three hours later Seth went to the three rooms and lead the three to a room and opened the door Rose was laying on the bed she had no idea what was going on just that Seth told her to get undress and lay on the bed and waited. Rose turned her head when she heard the door open and seen her father and two brothers standing at the door with Seth.

"Well is anyone going to walk in remember you have disowned her just look at her as a whore.Go on look at her she is naked and waiting dont you want her sucking your cocks or feel how wet she is on your cocks and i bet your wife has never let you fuck her ass this whore will.go on take your angier out on her she loves it rough go put some fingers in her put your face between her legs taste her cum she loves to cum come on this is once offer one of you dont move i will shut the door and go about the party i have plan for her and you can go home.You have a chance to fuck her any way you want and as many times as you all want and watch other men fuck hurry the fuck up and move if your going too" Seth said and put his hand on the door to close it.

The two brothers their cocks were bulging in their pants looked at each other then to their father who had not taken his eyes of his naked daughter he nodded and walked into the room William and Jon followed undressing as they did.It was then Rose realized what was going on and smiled and got to her knee's she had a feeling Seth would set this up to show just how much control he had over her and she knew she could never go home again.

Seth took a seat as the three men walked to the bed and undressed all three climbed onto the large bed Adam dragged Rose down to his cock.Rose didnt relaize her father was so well endowed Rose opened her mouth and took his cock and began working on it slowly licking then started sucking on it.William told Rose to spread her her knee's and laid down between her legs and pulled her down and began sucking her cunt and darting his tongue in and out ot her.Jon lent down and stared sucking on one of her tits and squeezing the other.Rose moaned and pushed her father's cock further into her throat.

"yeah thats it you little whore suck it" He said and started face fucking her.Jon released her tit from his mouth and kissed his sister hard his tongue moving around in her mouth Rose responed back and decided that she was going to give them the fuck of their lives and one they would never forget.

Finally they all have their cocks down her throat as they called her names and hit her and told her to lay down her father wanted the pleasure of fucking her first.he pushed his cock in hard and lent down and kissed Rose deeply his tongue exploring her mouth again Rose responed and wrapped her legs around her father and looked into his eyes. "Fuck me hard father make this a fuck to remember" She said and groaned as he pushed in further and quicken his pace Rose went stiff as she let out a yell and came over her father's cock.Adam blew his seed into his daughter then laughed.

"Now it would be funny if i just got you pregnant." he said Seth walked over to the bed and handed Rose a glass of red wine and laughed at what Adam said. "Red wine gets her horny and as for babies if that happens which it has it will be gotten rid off not your concern she takes herbs to stop bastards begin made so fill her with your seed all you like." he said and took his seat again. Willian laid down and pulled Rose onto his cock he fucked her so hard and made her come twice her tits were red now from him holding them.Jon wanted her over the bed and just like William he fucked her hard his cock was a little thicker then the other two.Rose begged him to fuck her hard she wanted to feel his big cock all inside her Jon dug his fingers into her hips and fucked her like it was going to be the last fuck he would ever have.Both of them collapsed on the bed panting hard again Seth walked over and gave Rose a small red wine and took his seat again.

Adam pulled her back onto the bed and looked at her and slapped her hard across the face.Rose stared back at her father and smiled.

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"I have had worse done to me look at my back now fuck me again do you want my ass i love cock in my ass." She purred her father growled and got behind her and shoved fingers in her ass and fingered her hard and stretched her before putting his cock in her ass.By now the wine had hit her making her feel so good Rose pushed back and looked over her shoulder and smiled. 'Fuck me old man" She said Seth bit back a laugh and rubbed his crotch.

Adam grabbed her hair and pulled her back Rose was breathing fast as he pushed all of his cock inside her ass then pulled it almost out then rammed it in again.William got beside her and shoved two fingers in her and started fingering her fast Rose gasped then Jon stood in front of her and drove his cock down her throat making her gag.Seth cleared his throat and undone his pants and began stroking his cock.

"The one fingering her put your hand inside her its called fisting." He said and took a sip of his wine.William slipped another finger then another until finally he had his whole hand and started pulling it in and out fast.Rose cried out as soon as she did Jon shoved his cock down further Rose came again over Williams's hand he laughed and pulled his hand out and licked his hand.Just then his father released his seed into Rose's ass and pulled out and laid on the bed exhausted.

Both the brother's wanted to fuck her at the same time Willaim took her ass and Jon her cunt by the time they had finished which was a good fifteen minutes later Rose had come three more times all three men laided on their backs totally spent Rose sucked each of them again and took the last of their seed.

"Rose come here now" Seth said and put his wine down.Rose walked over and stood in front of her master and looked at his large very ready cock and straddled his legs and lowered herself onto his cock.Seth handed her the last of his wine which she down in one long gulp Seth began bouncing her on his cock. 'You want alot more cocks Rose?" he asked seeing her eyes were now glassy.

"Yes i do alot more can i fuck my brothers and father again later?' She asked Seth nodded and rang a small bell the door opened and ten more men walked in Rose smiled and looked at Seth. "They all for me master" She asked Seth nodded and pushed her down hard and released his seed. "Yes they are going to fuck you we all are Rose now get on the bed you have some cocks to start sucking on." he said Rose got off Seth and almost ran to the bed her body was so worked up and her cunt was aching for a release.

For hours the men took turns fucking Rose she was covered in cum as she laid on the bed the men where asleep all except her father he beckoned her to get of the bed and lead her to the mat on the floor. "Lay down iam going to fuck you one more time then i never want to see you again" He said and looked down at Rose's cunt she was so red and swollen but Adam didnt care he spat on his fingers and wet his cock and lowered himself into his daughter and began fucking her Rose bit her lip hard as her father looked down at her then lowered his lips to her's and kissed her deeply then buried his face into her neck Rose wrapped her legs around his waist she swore she heard him say he loved her but it was muffled.For the next ten minutes he fucked her then released his seed and pulled out and got to his feet and looked down at his daughter.

"Good -bye" he said and left the room and went back to his own and waited for his boys to wake.Rose climbed back onto the bed and nestled up to Seth and fell asleep. Hours later she was woken and told to get up everyone was gone Seth lead her down to the castle doors she was still naked and looked a mess her two brother's were standing there they looked at Rose.

'You are not our sister and father has said you ever come near our village he will kill you himself and Lord Seth has told Jon and myself we are welcome back anytime and that we can fuck you again and we will be back Rose." William said and both walked away and never turned back.

Seth put his hand on the small of Rose's back. "You know Rose that my mother is a slave my father brought her when she was twelve and married her at fifteen and when he wanted children no-one was to touch her until he got her pregnant.iam going to follow in his footsteps and marry you and you will mother my children." He said and turned a very stunned Rose around and started heading back up the stairs.