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Boarding School Encounter Chapter Seven: Henrietta's Pussy Tentacles Molests Her Class By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 "Answer me, Miss Henrietta," panted my Latin teacher, Miss Erma. She stepped back from the desk. I lay stretched over it, my ass burning from the spanking she gave me, my small breasts rubbing naked into the desk. Why does she have tentacles?

I heard her thoughts echo in my head, one of my new powers since I met Merita, the lesbian alien. And out of her cunny? I was naked, along with my new friend and lover Tabitha. We both were late arriving to Miss Erma's class. We had been out in the countryside, looking for the missing core to Merita's ship. We found it, but all the nanites—which were small automatons like the ones inside my body repairing mys pine—had escaped, eating the core in the process.

Merita feared they had encountered a human and were causing all sorts of problems. And I wanted to help her, I did, but I had problems of my own. While Miss Erma spanked Tabitha and me, she excited us. There was something so erotic about her hand smacking over and over on my bottom, the loud crack, the heat reaching into my pussy and making me shudder with bliss. It was ecstatic. Amazing. And that excitement made my pussy tentacles squirm. I tried to control myself while the class masturbated, watching our discipline.

She spanked us until we had our orgasms. Tabitha came first, gasping and moaning.

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I tried to fight it, but Miss Erma was so insistent that I also achieve my release. She made me cum. And I lost all control over my pussy tentacles. Since the alien merged with me, I gained the tentacles and something Merita called telepathy. Now I had four squirming, writhing, and sensitive tentacles, as purple as Merita, in my cunny.

They burst out of my pussy, eager to touch and caress a woman, to drive her wild with passion. Before the masturbating class, I fucked Miss Erma with my tentacles, looking control of them when I climaxed.

I plunged them in and out of her holes, ripping her dress off in the process. She gasped and moaned, my appendages reaming her asshole and pussy while the other eighteen-year-old students watched wide-eyed. Before, only Peony and Tabitha knew my secret. Now they all knew. What would they do? Would they think I was a freak? Something that belonged in a traveling menagerie and not in a school for educating young woman.

Yes, the school had liberal policies on sapphic delights, encouraging faculty and students to explore each other's bodies, to relieve each other's hysterics.

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To make love to each other in the most wicked of manner. But this? I could hear the shock in Miss Erma's voice as she stared at my pussy, trying to spot my tentacles. I didn't know what to do. Help me, Merita, I plead to the voice that occupied my mind. What can I say? I don't know, Merita answered, her voice sluggish. She was despondent. Losing the core meant the possibility of being stranded on my planet. As much as she loved me and was glad she met, my world was so primitive. She talked about things I couldn't even understand, that English didn't even have words for.

I mean, there wasn't even electricity in our school. It was too far from London or any other large city. We were lucky it had a railroad and a telegraph post in the nearby town. "Miss Henriette, you will tell me what those are this instant," insisted Miss Erma.

"They were like the tentacles of an octopus. And the things they did to my body." "Wonderful things," Tabitha sighed. My redhead friend rolled over onto her back, her round tits pillowing into two freckled mounds.

"Weren't they, Miss Erma? You loved them. You had such a release. Etta really cured the hysterics stirred by spanking our bums." "Yes, she did," Miss Erma admitted. She patted her hair gathered in a severe bun. It was still severe, held in place by several hairpins, but more than a few locks had escaped as she thrashed.

"I cannot deny that. But her.tentacles are.unusual." I bit my lip. "I am sorry, Miss Erma," I said, a shudder running through my body. "I.I." Tears fell down my cheeks. "I tried to keep them under c-control. B-but when y-you made m-m-me org-gasm, they c-came out." Tears fell hot down my cheeks. My voice choked up. I covered my face with my hands, feeling all the eyes on me, my red butt, and my pussy. The class all had to be staring at my cunny, trying to see the tentacles. "T-they're n-new.

I.I." Yes, yes, tell them about me, sighed Merita.

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Just.leave out where my ship is. I tried to keep speaking, but the tears came faster.

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Tabitha put a comforting hand on my shoulder as I squirmed on the desk. They would lock me up. Send me to one of those Sanitariums. There was one near my house. So dark and foreboding. You could hear the people inside screaming. Then Miss Erma grasped me with gentle fingers and pulled me onto my feet. She turned me around and hugged me. She still wore her heeled boots, giving her a few more inches of height. My face pressed into her ample bosom. It was such a comforting gesture as her hands stroked my back.

"There, there. It's okay. I didn't mean to frighten you. I was just.shocked. I have never seen anything like that in my life. And what you did with them. I have never had my hysterics cured with such vigor. Don't cry." "E-everyone m-must think I-I'm a f-freak. A-a d-disgusting." "You're not disgusting, right girls?" "Right, Miss Erma," the girls chorused. "This morning, she took my maidenhead in the bath," Peony spoke up. Her tentacles were ever so delightful and gave me such an effervescent release.

It was quite satisfying. Even if it did disappoint Nurse Paige that my cherry was already plucked." "They do," Kayleigh said, a curvy girl with strawberry-blonde curls.

"Yes," nodded a raven-haired, pale-faced girl with wide, blue eyes. I didn't know her name. She licked at her sticky fingers, her gray skirts clearly hiked over her knees. "Where do they come from?" another girl asked, an eager smile on her face. "Can anyone grow them?" "Did you get them in Africa?" "Or China? I bet they're from China.

Or Japan." I swallowed. "No, no. I've never been to any exotic place. They're—" "Did a gypsy curse you?" another girl asked. "Or was it a fairy?" "The gentle folk do have a sense of humor," nodded Kayleigh. "I bet one of them did that." I froze, squirming. I thought Merita was a fairy when I first met her.

That she had taken me inside her silver egg as part of her mischief. That sounds like a great story to tell, Merita said, her voice slightly more involved. Not so depressed. Tell them that. "Yes." I swallowed. "Last night, I went for a walk in the fog." Tabitha nodded her head in support. "And while I was walking, a shooting star fell. It burned so bright and so hot, so I went to find it." That part was true. "And I found this silver egg. It was so beautiful.

I went to the egg and touched it and" "Hatched," supplied Tabitha, taking my hand as I rested my head against Miss Erma's round breast. Her nipple was hard, rubbing on my cheek. "It hatched and out came a fairy." "And she was beautiful." I pictured Merita as she appeared.

"Purple skin with absolutely no hair." "Even on her head?" the raven-haired girl asked. "Yes. She didn't even have eyebrows. And her breasts were round and her nipples were even darker purple. She was so beautiful. Enchanting, even." I was?Merita asked.

You were. You were gorgeous. As frightened as I was, I still noticed that. "And she hovered over me with these tentacles. And she touched me with them. She sensed my hysterics were building, and she caressed me, kissed me, and took my maidenhead. I writhed in such wonderful bliss. Ecstasy." "Wow," Peony said. All the girls nodded their head. Since attending school, the had all discovered the joys women could share with each other.

They squirmed on the desk, several still rubbing their cunnies, eager to have their first orgasm or a second. "That does sound amazing," Miss Erma said, still stroking my back.

A tingle rushed down to my pussy. Heat blossomed and the tentacles writhed inside. "Her tentacles pumped in and out of me," I continued, loving the feel of Miss Erma's naked body against mine. Her nipple was right by my lips. I could lick her, nuzzle at her. "I gasped and writhed, and when I had my release, that wonderful moment of bubbling paroxysms, she merged with me." "What?" Miss Erma asked.

Merged? With a fairy? How remarkable. "She's inside me now. We're one person. And the tentacles are her gift. Now I get to play with them. I get the joy of stroking a woman and plunging my appendages in and out of her cunny. To embrace the wonderful feel of silky flesh caressing me." I shuddered.

"It is such a wonderful feeling. I had such joy when my tentacles cured your hysterics, Miss Erma. I had my release, too." "I heard, you wicked girl." The older woman shuddered.

"So you are possessed by a fairy. And one with tentacles. I am not familiar with that kind." "But there are so many," I told her. "And I bet there are even more lost to history, not recorded down and were lost as the Christians stamped out the local pagan beliefs." "Quite right you are," she nodded.

"Well, class, this is a remarkable turn of events." She broke away from me, stepping back, her body flushed as her heeled boots clicked on the floor. She stared down at the tattered remains of her dress clinging about her hips, a frown appearing.

She bent down, grasping a torn scrap of fabric belonging to her undergarments. "I am sorry about the dress, Miss Erma." I swallowed. "I'm afraid by holding my tentacles in, by trying to fight my orgasm, it caused me to lose all control when it did finally happen." "Well, in light of the satisfaction your tentacles gave me, I am more than gracious enough to forgive you." She smiled, licking her lips.

"I think all of us can agree that we experienced such delight today." "Definitely," Tabitha nodded, standing naked beside me. The other girls in the classroom nodded, their eyes all staring at me.

It made me feel so self-conscious. My dress was folded on the desk. I wanted to pull it on. A shiver ran through me. And a twinge of excitement increasing the heat. The tentacles writhed more, caressing the walls of my pussy.

The black-haired girl gasped. "Her groin just moved. Was that your tentacles, Henrietta?" "Yes," I blushed. "Um." "Christine," she answered, blue eyes wide. "Yes," I nodded. "Between everyone looking at me and embracing Miss Erma's naked body has made me more than a little hysterical. And they do get active when I feel those flutters." "Wow," a few of the girl's said. "Miss Erma," Christine said, her eyes eager, "may we have another demonstration of her tentacles?

I think we would all be so grateful if we could see them. Observe them. They are a remarkable discovery." "Hmm," Miss Erma said as she seated herself on her desk and crossed her legs. Her large breasts jiggled, her nipples so hard and inviting. "I think that is a good way to spend class. I rather doubt any of you girls are in the state of mind to learn Latin today.

And I, for one, and far too aroused to want to teach it right now. "You may go ahead with a demonstration, Miss Henrietta." "Thank you," I smiled. A demonstration, giggled Merita. More like an orgy. I think we are about to have a lot of fun. I'm glad you're feeling better. She sighed. Well, wallowing in self-pity isn't going to help with my situation. We just have to find those nanites before they cause too many problems.

Besides, it is not terrible here. I have pleasant company. I rather like being bonded with you. As do I, Merita. I would miss you greatly, but I also want your happiness. Such a wonderful girl. I felt her emotions beating with love. I smiled. "Um, Henrietta, why are you just standing there daydreaming?" Christine asked. "Are you okay?" Peony asked. "She's just talking to the fairy," Tabitha said.

She hugged me from behind. "When they talk, Henrietta gets all dreamy." But it is so sexy when she's dreamy, especially the way she wiggles her hips. I could stare at her backside all day. No wonder men love watching women walk.


My smile grew as I read Tabitha's thoughts. I sensed hers more than others, probably because I felt so close to her. "So, this is how you get her pussy tentacles out," Tabitha said. "It's really not hard. You just have to tease her." Tabitha lips kissed at my neck. With my blonde hair in two pigtails, it was easy for her to do. I moaned, the soft touch of her lips sending wonderful pleasure rippling down my body. I undulated my hips, grinding back into her. She let out a purr of delight, her fingers tracing slow circles around my stomach while I felt her hard nipples against my back and her fiery down of pubic hair tickling the cheeks of my bottom.

"Then we just slid one hand up and the other down," Tabitha purred. I groaned as her fingers trailed across my body. One came up and brushed the bottom of my right breast while the other stroked down.

My pussy clenched and my tentacles undulated inside of me, caressing my sensitive cunny walls. Her finger reached my golden down and stroked through it, curling fine hairs about her digit.

She kissed me again, her touch still teasing me. Juices wept down my thighs as one finger went higher, the other lower. I gasped as she brushed the edge of my areola, swirling across the pink patch for my nipple. Her other finger moved lower and lower, reaching between my thighs and stroking past my cunny's slit.

I trembled in her embrace as her finger spiraled into my nipple, caressing it. "Look at how she trembles and moans," Tabitha purred. Everyone watched. Their eyes wide. The girls licked their lips and fidgeted. Some resumed masturbating, letting out their own sighs. It was.enthralling. The way they watched me with rosy cheeks and glossy eyes. I excited them. "Tabitha," I moaned as she stroked her finger up my slit, pushing between my plump vulva to caress my inner delight. She brushed my clitoris, the pleasure shooting to my sensitive tentacles.

They reached for the entrance of my pussy. "Mmm, I love it when you moan my name, Etta." She stroked my clitoris faster. "She really loves it when you do this. It really makes her go wild." "I see," Christine said, licking her lips, her blue eyes focused on Tabitha's finger dancing around my clitoris.

"I have discovered that spot to be quite.stimulating myself." Tabitha laughed, rubbing harder. "I bet you have, saucy girl." I moaned, arching my neck. Tabitha pinched my nipple, adding more trembling delight to my body. My tentacles pressed out the entrance of my pussy.

Girls gasped, spotting the four purple appendages as they wiggled out, dripping with my juices. "That is astounding," Christine said. "They are coming out of her." "Look at how long they are." "And they're dripping with her cream. I bet they must taste remarkable." "Yes, yes, yes," Peony moaned, her face contorting as she came on her fingers, her desk rocking.

Christine bit her lip. "May I.touch one, Henrietta?" "I think I would like that very much," I purred and stepped forward, my tentacles reaching before me. Christine reached out with a hesitant hand.

She brushed my tentacle, which sent a wonderful shiver through me. I groaned as her finger stroked me, gathering my cunny juices glistening like dew on the purple appendage.

She brought her finger to her lips, sucked on it. "Mmm, you taste sweet," she said, a blush on her cheeks. "I can't believe this school. And now this. It's much." "I know," I said as I stood naked, the other girls leaning forward in their desks or craning their heads to see over their classmates.

"It's all so intoxicating to do these naughty acts." She nodded her head and touched my tentacle again. She stroked her fingers up and down it as I shivered. My pussy clenched about my tentacles, the other three wiggling and writhing as her soft touch stirred delicious tingles down the appendage. "You shiver when I touch you." Christine licked her lips.

"What's it feel like?" "Like someone's touching my nipples or cunny," I answered. "Or my clitoris." "They're that sensitive?" another girl asked, her eyes wide.

"Yes, they are. They're like.extensions of my pussy. It makes me feel amazing to touch and stroke others with them." "And take their maidenheads?" Peony asked. "That is definitely a treat," I nodded. "Like Christmas pudding." Christmas? asked Merita. Just a holiday. Where we— My thoughts were scattered by Christine's tongue licking at the tip of my appendage.

She circled it, gathering the juices beading on my purple tentacle, her blue eyes flashing up to mine. Color burned even brighter in her pale cheeks as she made my other three tentacles lash and writhe. I moaned in delight. Her tongue was so delicious on my tentacle. And then she opened wide and sucked on it.

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I groaned, my back arching and my small breasts jiggling before me. The desks creaked as the girls squirm. "It's like she's sucking on a prick," one girl said. "Eww," another gasped. "That's disgusting." "But this isn't." The girl who squealed let out a breathy, "No.

No, it is not." The brunette sitting beside Christine suddenly seized a second tentacle, both her hands wrapped about it, stroking up and down the undulating length as she opened her mouth wide.


I pressed my tentacle past her lips, savoring her warm, sucking mouth. I shuddered as two girls sucked my tentacles. Christine's tongue danced while the brunette's cheeks hollowed.

She sucked so hard, loving my tentacle while her hands pumped up and down my length for as far as she could reach, her fists gliding along thanks to my cunny juices. "Wow, look at her face," Peony said.

"She looks like she is in heaven." "Uh-huh," I groaned, my hips shifting. The sucking sensations shivered down my body. "What's it feel like?" "Like someone is sucking on my tentacles," I gasped. "Better than having my nipples sucked on.

Oh, yes, yes, please, keep sucking. Oh, you are making me feel all fluttery." "She's going to orgasm," chuckled a girl in the back. "Definitely," Tabitha purred as she pressed up behind me again. This time, both her hands cupped my breasts as she nibbled on my shoulder. My small tits were the perfect size for her to cup. Her fingers swiped across my mounds and brushed my hard nipples.


They throbbed, shooting bliss down to my pussy. Juices dripped down my thighs. I squirmed, my two free tentacles writhing. I arched my neck as Christine and the brunette sucked hard on my tentacles. They worshiped them. My stomach fluttered as the pleasure built.

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But I needed more. And I had two tentacles free. Fuck their cunnies, Merita moaned in my mind. Oh, yes, let's make this into one wild orgy of delight. You know you want to. I did. So badly. I lowered my two tentacles. It was easy to control them both. I reached out beneath Christine's and the brunette's desk and brushed the bottoms of their skirts. The girls sitting behind them craned their necks forward, huge smiles on their lips.

"Her tentacles are going up their skirts," one said. "Oh, Henrietta, you are so naughty." "Uh-huh," I moaned then shuddered as Tabitha pinched and rolled my nipples between her fingers. "Fuck their cunnies," my redheaded lover whispered in my ear, her tongue flicking out and licking a lobe. "Do it." Yes, do it, Henrietta, moaned Merita. It'll be so hot, thought Christine.

To lose my maidenhead to her fairy tentacles. This is amazing. So hot. She's reaching beneath my skirt, came from the brunette. She sucked harder on my tentacle. She's going to violate my cunny. Oh, yes. That sounds wonderful. Their thoughts poured into me, making me tremble with excitement. My tentacles disappeared beneath their skirts and petticoats. It was warm beneath their clothing. I brushed their stocking-clad calves, sliding up their legs to their knees and then to their bare thighs.

Oh, she's touching me, thought the brunette. Her eyes squeezed shut. She stroked her hands faster and faster on my tentacle she sucked, shooting pleasure down to my pussy. I was so close to cumming. I stroked up both girl's thighs.

I wrapped my tentacle around Christine's leg since I stood closer to her. I savored the feel of her silky thigh as the tip of my tentacle reached both girls' cunnies. Their curly pubic hair massaged the ends of my tentacles.

It was such a wicked delight. I came. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped suddenly. "Oh, that's so amazing. Suck my tentacles. And then I'm going to fuck your cunnies so hard." "She's had her release," Peony groaned. "Look at her." The effervescent pleasure bubbled through me as both my tentacles pressed against their pussies. I slipped into the brunette without any effort, her hymen already pricked. Her hot, tight cunny engulfed my cock. She moaned and spasmed. The tight feel of her pussy caressing my tentacle sent another burst of paroxysms through me.

I trembled in Tabitha's arm as the brunette thought, She's fucking me with her tentacle. Oh, Lord, this is so wrong. So wonderfully wrong. As she sucked harder on my tentacle and squirmed as my other fucked her cunny, my third tentacle pressed on the entrance of Christine's virgin pussy.

I know I promised the Headmistress not to pluck any more cherries. But I couldn't help it. Not when Christine moaned in my mind, Yes, yes, take my maidenhead.

I need it in me. As my orgasm peaked inside me, bathing my mind with pleasure, I rammed my tentacle forward. Christine's hymen gave a valiant fight. The black-haired girl moaned about my tentacle, her tongue fluttering hard against it as her membrane stretched and stretched. And snapped. I'm a woman now, Christine screamed in my thoughts as my tentacle penetrated into the hot depths of her virgin snatch.

I shuddered in Tabitha's embrace, moaning again as I fucked both girls cunnies with my tentacles, pumping them in and out of their depths. "Oh, yes, fuck them," Tabitha moaned. "This is so hot. Oh, yes. I love you." "Love you," I answered as I shuddered, more orgasms bursting out of my pussy.

The pleasure radiating down my tentacles were enchanting, leaving me shaking and shuddering as I savored the hot, tight embraces of their cunnies. Ooh, Etta has such a nice ass, thought Tabitha.

It was so hot when I licked her while Miss Erma spanked her. Mmm, so sour and yummy. "Do it," I moaned. "Lick my ass, Tabitha. I would love for you do that again." "Ooh, you're reading my mind again," she giggled.

"I will. I have such a letch for your pretty bum." Tabitha, and her wonderful breasts, slid down my back as my four tentacles writhed in heaven. They fucked in and out of Christine's and the brunette's tight, slick cunnies faster and faster.

I savored the velvety press of their flesh on mine. Tabitha's tongue ran down my spine. I groaned, loving how wicked it felt as she traced lower and lower. And then her hands reached my butt-cheeks. She squeezed both of them, bringing a gasp of pain from my lips, reminding me of Miss Erma's wonderful hand falling over and over on my backside.

I squirmed, my eyes fluttering. Whimpers of delight burst from my mouth. I trembled. My eyes fluttered. Such wonderful, delicious pleasure. Her ass is so beautiful, thought Tabitha as she pressed her mouth between the cheeks of my ass.

Your ass is beautiful, Henrietta, Merita giggled. I thoroughly enjoyed licking and fingering it in your dream. That was nice, I agreed as Tabitha's tongue licked lower and lower through my crack, nearing my dirty sphincter. "Oh, yes," I gasped as my friend rimmed her tongue around my puckered opening. It felt so naughty to feel her tongue circle it.

Trembles shook my body and then wiggled down my tentacles. They pumped harder and harder in and out of the two girls' cunnies, my body shaking. The shudders popped my appendage out of Christine's mouth. "Oh, yes, yes, yes," she gasped, her body quaking as my free tentacle writhed in the air.

"So good. She's wiggled her tentacle so deep in my pussy. This is amazing. So much better than rubbing at the outside." "Yes," I agreed in agreement. "It so is," Peony nodded, her skirt bunched around her waist, her stocking-clad legs spread wide.

I could see her fingers pumping in and out of her cunny. "You have a tentacle free," gasped a cinnamon-haired beauty whose name, I think, was Leonora. She ripped her fingers from her pussy and darted froward, her dark-gray skirts swishing about her thighs, part of her hem stuck on her petticoats, showing the snowy garment beneath.

She reached me and hiked up her skirts and petticoats, revealing a bright-red bush just like Tabitha's. "Fuck me," Leanora moaned. "Do it," Tabitha moaned between licks of my asshole. I couldn't resist Leonora's proffered cunny. I shoved my free tentacle between her legs, stroking at the hot flesh of her sex.

I groaned, savoring how juicy she felt, a line of cream trickling down my appendage. Such pleasure ran down all of my tentacles. I grinned and then shoved it into her pussy. My eyes widened. My tentacles were buried in three different cunnies, and they all felt different. Warm, wet, and silky, yes, but they were tighter in different places.

I panted, ramming my tentacle deep into Leanora's pussy as the girl stumbled forward, her sticky fingers grasping my shoulders. "Oh, yes, yes, yes. She's fucking me with her tentacle. Cure my hysterics." "Yes," groaned Christine, her head lolled back.

"Oh, sweet Lord. I.I." "Enjoy your release," I panted, reaming all three of my tentacles faster and faster through the three girls' cunnies. The brunette's hands clenched on my tentacle. I turned my head. Her face contorted with pleasure she convulsed. Her pussy spasmed about my tentacles, shooting sweet delight down my appendage to my pussy. My cunny clenched about my tentacles and my sphincter ached as Tabitha probed her tongue into my bowels, her fingers digging into my ass.

So many inputs. It was all so much. The brunette convulsed again. She pulled my tentacle out of her mouth, gasping, "I'm cumming. Her tentacles are wonderful. They're the best.'re amazing!" I beamed as I savored all the wicked delights shooting through my body. Tabitha's tongue probed into my asshole, sliding in and out of it like a many tentacle, sending the hot, burning bliss to my pussy.

The brunette's cunny spasmed a final time, and then she slumped out of her desk to the floor, eyes fluttering as she gasped for breath. "So good," she groaned. "Free tentacles," squealed the girls.

It was a rush to get to me as I pulled my appendage out of the brunette's spasming pussy. Juices dripped from it as the girls surrounded us. Another blonde, her hair in ringlets, reached me first, seizing the tentacle fresh from the brunette's cunny. "Please, please, me next." She shoved the tentacle down with one hand, the other frantically yanking up her gray skirt. I shuddered as a saucy-lipped girl with huge, green eyes reached the fourth tentacle, her skirt already hiked up, those eyes begging to be fucked.

"Yes," I groaned, my head spinning as I thrust my tentacles into the two new pussies. They engulfed my appendages in hot, tight, feminine delight. Four pussies, Merita! Yes, yes, it is such a delight. Leonora's hands tightened on my shoulders as her face twisted with passion. She leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips as her hips writhed, her pussy clenching on my appendage.

The saucy-lipped girl moaned, her mouth opened wide as she shuddered. Tabitha licked my asshole harder and harder, the pleasure bursting through me. I came again. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned, breaking the kiss with Leonora, my voice echoing through the room. "It's soooo good. Four cunnies on my tentacles." Enjoy, Merita groaned. Oh, yes, savor this. My tentacles pulsed as I orgasmed. The swells rippled down the appendages and into the four girls' pussies. All four of them shuddering in shock.

Their thoughts spilled into my mind, all four girls screaming their bliss as they writhed. Cumming, Christine's thoughts gasped the loudest in my mind as her mouth sang out wordless bliss for the entire school to hear. As my tentacle pulsed in her cunny, her flesh spasmed about my appendage.

I swayed, my mind exploding with so many sensations. Stars danced around my head. The room swam. Tabitha's hands clenched on my ass, the pain the only thing keeping the pleasure from carrying me aloft. It was wonderful. Wicked.

I needed more. I wanted to keep cumming. "Me next," someone moaned as I pulled my tentacle out of Christine's pussy. A new cunny to fuck. I rammed my tentacle into the girl, not even knowing who it was. I didn't care whose pussy I reamed. I just had to pleasure these naughty girls. Leonora's cinnamon hair swept across my breasts.

Her lips latched onto my nipple. She sucked on my nub. One more sensation swirling through me. Etta's ass taste so good, thought Tabitha. Oh, I love sucking on her nipple while she fucks my cunny. Her tentacle is so deep in me. I'm going to have my release.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Someone came on my tentacle, hot cunny massaging my appendage. I shuddered, swaying. Only Leonora and Tabitha kept me standing as another orgasm burst through me. My tentacles were so sensitive, and the girl's cumming pussy had set me off again. The room reeked of hot pussy. A wonderful, passionate scent. Girls' hands touched me, stroked me. Someone else nibbled on my second nipple.

A hand caressed my free tentacle, guiding it to another cunny. A girl moaned as I penetrated her. I fucked them all. I came and came as the room swam over me. My tentacles moved from girl to girl, coated with an ever-increasing cocktail of juices.

Puddles of girl-cum dribbled on the floor. My toes clenched in it. Tabitha licked and tongued my ass the entire time. I lost track of my orgasms. I was so dizzy. The moans of girls serenaded me. I caught glimpses of naked, girlish flesh pressed together. Kissing, licking, fingering. Those not being fucked found their own ways to entertain themselves.

Miss Erma was in the middle, holding Leonora and Peony to her breasts while the brunette tongued her pussy. She had a look of delicious joy on her face as I fucked and writhed and came so hard. It was an orgy of passion. When it was over, I sank into a desk chair. The room spun around me. Girls panted all over the room, their faces red and flushed.

They had such huge smiles on their lips. They all had been satiated. I gave them all pleasure. Tabitha sat on my lap. "That was so hot," she groaned before she kissed me with sour lips. My ass. I loved it how naughty it was to taste it on her lips. Today was such a wonderful day.

No, it is not. The containment. Remember, Henrietta. I sighed, breaking the kiss with Tabitha. I forgot. But I don't know what we can do about it. We have to get back to my ship.

Perhaps the computer has ideas. But I fear the nanites have infected a local. And. What does that mean. What will it do to them? Merita hesitated. I don't know. It could mutate them. Change their bodies on a molecular level. Mole.what? Merita sighed again. Everything is made up of tiny particles divided into elements based on their composition. These elements bond together. Like Iron or Gold or Carbon or Oxygen. These are elements. And when they bond together, they form molecules. You breathe a combination of gases.

The most prominent is made of a pair of Nitrogen atoms. The next most is made of two Oxygen atoms, which your body breaks down to fuel your metabolism, and in the process you exhale a gas made out of a Carbon atom and two Oxygen atoms as waste. Really? I blinked.

Wow. Your body is made up of more molecules, mostly Carbon and Hydrogen, with Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and other elements. The nanites can modify these molecules. It is how they're replacing the Calcium in your spine and repairing the nerves severed in your body.

But if they're not controlled.they can do other things. Sounds scary. Okay, we'll sneak out after dinner. Only one more class to go.

Philosophy taught by Miss Marilynn. Okay, Merita agreed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .connect. The words whispered through the mind of Marilynn Gully as she walked with the three others. Their minds were connected through the metal tentacles.

Two sprouted from Marilynn's pussy, connected to Daisy and Geneva, with Daisy also connected to Emaleine. They had to find more connections. The voice needed more. The four didn't question it. Their thoughts ran from one to the other, mixing, sharing, thinking. They had to find the ship. They had to be complete again. But they had no idea where the ship was or how to make themselves whole. So they would connect. They strode the hallways of Kensington Boarding School.

Marilynn knew she was a teacher here, Daisy a maid, and Geneva and Emaleine were students. There were more girls and women to connect to here. The third tentacle sprouted from her pussy undulated beneath her skirt, eager to connect. .connect. "Yes," the four said in unison.

"Connect." Loud footsteps thudded behind them, heeled boots ringing on the stone of the building. Someone walked with a brisk stride, skirts swirling. The four turned in unison, excitement throbbing through their pussies. Connection was such a bliss. It was wonderful to unite with another woman, to slide their metal tentacles into her cunny and feel the electric, orgasmic joy burst in their depths. Headmistress Edna Neville strode down the hallway in a dark-red dress, her back straight, her beautiful, mature face hardening as she sighted the four.

Marilynn's tentacle writhed in unison with her three companions. The headmistress marched forward, her hair pulled back into a tight, black bun. It would have intimidated any of the connected four before their union.

But now they were more. They were changed. "Marilynn Gully, where have you been all day?" demanded the headmistress as she stopped before the foursome. "You came with impressive recommendations.

They all described you as punctual and dependable, not a woman that misses almost her entire first day of teaching." The headmistress's eyes flicked down, drinking in the grass-stained, rumpled nature of Marilynn's green dress. "What have you been up to?" "Searching for women," Marilynn answered, the other three fighting not to speak with her. "Searching.for women?" Edna Neville took a step closer, standing right before Marilynn with only a foot or so separating them. "Just because this school is liberal in the sexual pleasure we allow the staff and students to engage in isn't an excuse for you to abandon your duties.

You are here to teach." As the headmistress spoke, Marilynn's third tentacle slithered out beneath her dress, slid across the floor, slipped beneath the headmistress's skirt, and reached up for her pussy. Marilynn trembled, ecstatic joy bursting across her face. "Are you even taking this seriously?" demanded the headmistress. "This isn't a—" She gave a shriek as the tentacle rammed into her pussy.

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"Connecting," moaned the four in unison as pleasure rippled through them. "Oh, my. What is that? You. I." Headmistress Edna shook her head and took a step back as the tentacle fucked in and out of her pussy, giving her such pleasure. "What are you.doing.? Oh, Lord, that's good." "We're connecting with you," the foursome said in unison. "Why weird. And together.

What is going.on?" At that moment, classes ended. Girls poured out of their classroom into the hallway.

They giggled as they streamed past, whispering as the headmistress clearly writhed in orgasmic pleasure. Three girls in the crowd gasped and moaned as metal tentacles slithered up their skirts and thrust into their pussies.

Tawny-haired Zelda writhed as her cherry popped and then moaned in delight as Daisy's tentacle reamed deep into her snatch. She clutched onto Jeane who also shuddered while Darcy, the third girl, let out a huge moan of bliss. The other students walked by, giggling louder, unaware that three of their fellow classmates and the headmistress were being assimilated.

The tentacles pumped faster and faster, driving all eight to their orgasms and the moment of blissful connection. They screamed out their joy, their words echoing over the students as four became eight, the nanites surging into new hosts and going to work.

They moved faster than before. With each new woman they connected to, they knew how to modify her body with more efficacy. The intervals shortened between new tentacles sprouting, using the reserves of metal from the casing of the devoured core. In a handful of minutes, the eight went in search of more to connect to, tentacles writhing beneath their skirts.

.connect. To be continued.