Sexy gay twink short shorts first time Local stud Phoenix Link

Sexy gay twink short shorts first time Local stud Phoenix Link
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So. first a little about myself. My name is Javon, 17 years old and a junior in high school. I am pretty short, 5'7" and about 145 lbs, thin but also somewhat muscular as I work out often. I play two sports, football in the fall, and wrestling in the winter. I am half white half african-american, and I am adopted by a single mother.

I live in a nice suburban town in a small apartment. I'm also known to have a baby face, which could either be a big turn on or off for a girl.

But enough with myself, I will get on with the story. It all started at the end of my freshman year, final report cards came in. My mother has an upset look on her face, as she reads my report card.

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I have usually had mediocre grades, but this was worse. I had a few B's, many C's, but the grade that stood out was the F in Algebra I.


This meant I had to retake algebra as a sophomore. Summer came and go, with those football practices and bullshit, and before I knew it, September came along. I walk into my 3rd period Algebra I class, I'm immediatly embarresed. Me, a sophomore (although young looking), is in a class with a bunch of little freshmen. But, I did meet one guy who became one of my good friends in the class, and I noticed this one girl who sat to the left of me.

The girl's name was Jaclyn, she was short, about 5'3" and maybe 100 lbs. She had dirty blonde hair, really big tits (I'm gonna guess maybe 36D?), and a tight ass that was exposed with the tight pants she was wore.

She wore a lot of makeup, had dark eyes, and a very pretty smile. The way she dressed made her seem even more attractive, as she was very fashionable.

She was also a cheerleader, so I saw her at football games too. My first impression of her, was of course, "damnnnnn she's really hot bla bla she must have fucked or have at least dated another guy" despite her being only 14. But I was wrong, she was a very quiet girl, and has never even kissed a guy (I haven't kissed a girl either).

I went through the whole year in that classroom checking her out and hoping she wouldn't notice me, as I was painfully shy. I never spoke a word to her the whole year, despite in my opinion, her being one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. I did end up passing with a D, with math being clearly the weakest subject for me.

So for my junior year, I took Geometry as my math course, most sophs took Geometry after Algebra I, and juniors usually took Algebra II after Geometry, but as you know my failure with Algebra I my freshman year fucked me over.

I walk in again this September, and there she was again, nothing changed with her, ditto for me. But I also noticed another girl too. Her name was Sallie, I later found out she was best friends with Jaclyn. Sallie sat right in front of me, and Jaclyn sat to the left.

I had Geometry 9th period which was the last class and my favorite because of two sexy girls sitting by me. Sallie was actually taller than me, about 5'8" and 120 lbs. She has blonde hair, smaller tits than Jaclyn (not sure if they were high A cups of low B's), her ass was simular to Jaclyn's, both frequently wore tight pants, but she had a beautiful face, with blue eyes that I found really attractive.

She wasn't as fashionable as Jaclyn, but still dressed nice, mostly Hollister clothes. She was also a cheerleader. At this point, I was still too painfully shy to approach any girl. Sallie actually was dating some random skater kid at that point, not sure what went down between them but eventually broke up in the winter.

Jaclyn still hasn't done anything with any guy. But anyway, I was so pissed at myself for being too shy to approach her. I slowly developed a crush on her, I don't know how, but there's no way in hell I would tell ANYONE as I felt if any of this was ruined, I would kill myself. I really hated myself. My shyness would fade though, eventually, thanks to someone else. I go to a gym with my friend Ken in our town basically everyday to work out, and sometimes there was this really hot girl who worked at the front desk.

She was probably 20-23 years old, maybe 5'5" 110 lbs, brunette hair with a few blonde highlights, pretty brown eyes, really really huge tits (DD?), and a huge ass. Me and Ken would frequently talk about how hot she was while we were working out. One day in a warm and sunny day in April, me and Ken went to the gym right after school, as wrestling season was over and I did no sports in the spring.

We walk in, the girl in the front desk says hi to us, and for some reason I was spacing out, looking straight at her tits. She looks right at me in the eye. Then I walk away. "what the hell was that about", Ken said.

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"haha, I don't know man, but its kind of embaressing, she probably caught me checking her out", I replied. After about a half an hour working out and lifting weights, Ken had to take a piss, so I was alone for a while. "hey". I look over, its that girl I was caught checking out "yeah you, can you come over here".

"ummm okay" was all I managed to blurt out, I felt like I was gonna get a heart attack pretty soon. So I walk over to the front desk. "Soo uhh I see you've noticed these" as she grabs her breasts. "don't be scared, im not mad, my names Lauren, I've seen you quite a lot around here". "Yeah yeah. I'm Javon." I replied. I was definietly sweating my balls off. I notice Ken's about to walk out of the bathroom so I tell Lauren that my friends coming and that I should leave for now.

She said okay, and gave me her number for some reason, I then walked away from the front desk before Ken saw me. I pretty much went through the rest of the day normally, but also confused on why this sexy girl that was older than me gave me her number.

At school, shit was still the same, I was still too shy to talk to any girls, but it didn't matter anyway, I still really wanted Jaclyn. But that didn't mean I was gonna try to get with other girls, I just wouldn't date any girl besides Jaclyn at that point.

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The funny thing is, we still haven't talked at that point, although I talked to Sallie a few times, but only about Geometry bullshit. A few days later, Lauren texted me saying she wanted me to come over her house. I was like, what the fuck, this girl is crazy, she's inviting a 17 year old high school student to her house, whom she barely knows!

And I was loving it. Later on that Friday night, I got dressed in my nice expensive jeans and a Hollister t shirt. It was about 8 pm and I got into my car, and headed to the address that I was reading from my cell phone.

She lived in the same town as I had, and went to the same high school as I do right now, I was a freshman when she was a senior, so I mustve seen her at one point. After about 5 minutes I pull into her driveway, and I ring the doorbell. She opens the door, and for some reason she looked better than ever.

She was only wearing a white v neck t shirt and short shorts, but for some reason she still looked great. "Hey, Javon, follow me". I walk into her fairly small house, suggesting she lives alone while she goes to college. She leads me into the living room, and the TV is already on. MTV was on and the show "Jersey Shore" was on, I was obviously silent the whole time, focusing on the televison because of my painful shyness.

But Lauren finally broke the silence. "You know, you are just too cute, I love that your such an innocent little boy but that's not it." I was kind of confused, and "thanks" was all I blurted out. "But I see what you really are, you may seem to be some shy innocent boy, but I know you really are a perverted fuck, you little bitch, you stare at my tits, haha, I bet you jerk off to me all night, don't deny it, you cum all over your tiny bed thinking of how sexy I am" I was stunned.

obviously in silence, I was started to get worried because I had no idea what she was thinking of, but I wasn't like upset or anything. "you know Lauren." I replied "shut the fuck up Javon, Lauren runs this shit, in her fucking house, Javon listens to Lauren, okay?" she cuts me off.

Honestly, I found it sexy how she was trying to control me and shit, so I listened to her. "Come upstairs to my room with me you pervert, hurry!" I follow her into her room, not knowing what's about to happen next. "Hurry the fuck up, ughhh fucking teenages are slow as shit." When I walk in, she grabs me by the waist and brings me to her bed. She then lets me go and orders me to stay on her bed while she's sitting on a chair by her desk.

"You ready for this you pussy? I don't give a fuck if you haven't done shit with a girl, you will listen to me, and do whatever the fuck I want, understand?". "Uh ye." I managed to say before she cut me off again. This time, she then jumped out of her seat and went on top of me as I was laying down on my back. She then pressed her lips into mine, her tounge exploring my mouth.

Just her making out with me made me feel hot, my dick was starting to get hard. The kiss lasted for about 5 minutes, she then pushed me off. "Don't think I'm done for one second you pussy, I'm just getting started here, oh boy, you little pervert, you don't know what I want to do to you baby, you are so sick, you and your lust and thoughts about how hot I was" Her talking like this really turned me on.

I didn't give a fuck about my "love" for Jaclyn at this point. Lauren the stripped off her t shirt, exposing her pink bra and huge breasts. "Don't say a fucking word you bitch boy!" She then stripped off her black short shorts, revealing her white panties. I've never seen anything close to this in person, and I soon couldn't hide my boner.

She then noticed it. "You are such a fucking pussy, Javon. Can't you hold a boner a little bit longer? Oh wait, you are a little teenaged boy in high school while im a sexy goddess that's the best looking female in her college campus". Lauren then forcefully undid my belt and pulled my jeans down, then told me to take off my shirt. She then pulled my boxers down. I was now fully naked exposing my huge boner, I honestly have never been hornier in my life.

"Not bad. ehhhhh, this little boy has pretty big meat, im impressed, but I still don't give a fuck! Javon still does what Lauren says!" Lauren then takes off her bra, fully showing her amazing huge perky tits.

She then pulls her panties down, which exposes her perfectly shaved pussy. It was such a beautiful sight, I couldn't fucking believe it. "Eat me out, now!! you better fucking know what that means you stupid ass" I then started licking her pussy, I was nervous, as I obviously had no experience in this. "Ohhhh damnnn Javon you aren't so bad! don't fucking stop now!" I then started to nibble on her clit.

"alright, stop, I don't wanna get off so soon, now start fingering me you bitch!" I obviously listened, and slided my pointing and middle finger into her pussy. I went as deep as I could, assuming she was not a virgin. I then kept sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy, hoping she would hit orgasm soon. "oh oh oh IM GONNA CUM! DON'T STOP NOWWW" Then before I knew it, her pussy exploded, my fingers had pussy juice all over them.

Lauren then licked it off my fingers. "You know, we aren't fucking close to being done, so don't even think about leaving my room! I don't give a fuck if you are tired, but since im such a sweetheart its my turn" Then I started to get real excited, what was this sexy girl gonna do to me? I could be her bitch for all I care, as what was happening was too good to be true.

She then grabbed my still hard cock and started to jerk it back and forth. "Oh god this feels amazing" I said, which was funny because these were probably the first words I said since I walked into her house. "Did I say you could speak?" she replied. Before I would cum, she then stopped giving me a handjob then stuck my cock into her mouth. "When you are about to cum, push me off and cum all over my tits and face, I fucking love that shit" she managed to say while simutaniously sucking my cock.

It really felt amazing, I was really surprised I haven't came so far, but I was about to do so real soon. "ahhhh alright im cumming!" I then pushed her off as she told me to, I then had the best orgasm of my life, I exploded all over her tits and then her face, with shots coming out of my dick nonstop as it seemed.

"Alright, Javon, lets take a break, but not too long." Lauren finally seemed like she has calmed down, she then turned on the small TV in her room and changed the channel to some Disney channel show.

"This is probably what you kids watch all night, right Javon?" She just wouldn't stop teasing me about my age, and I loved it, I found it sexy how she was basically controlling me this whole time. After about 15 minutes of watching TV naked, she ordered pizza, so the pizza man rang the door bell, she quickly put on her t shirt, although braless, and her shorts. After he left, she brought the pizza into her room, and stripped off her clothes again. God she was beautiful.

After eating, Lauren seemed like she wanted to start again. "Fuck this, to the bed you go, Javon." Honestly, I was exhasted at this point, although I was still horny, I was tired as fuck, I felt like I wanted to pass out.

But obviously, there was no way out so there I went lying down on her pink sheets. "Alright listen up bitch, you are gonna fuck me up the asshole doggystyle." My eyes lit up when she said that. I grabbed my wood, and as she went in her position, shoved it up her ass without any hesitation.

"OH MY GODD YOU ARE GREATTT KEEP GOING KEEP GOING DON'T EVER FUCKING STOP THIS DOESN'T FUCKING HURT ME AT ALL SO DON'T HESITATE!" I kept inserting my dick in and out of her asshole, and it seemed as if she was gonna hit orgasm yet again. I was seriously amazed on how anal sex wouldn't hurt her, I'm guessing she has done it so much that it made her ass loose as hell, but its not like I cared.

After a little while, I was starting to get close too. Before warning, Lauren was about to cum. "I'm gonna cum!!" "Me too" I replied. Then it happend, almost exactly at the same time, we came. Her bed was very wet, mixed with our fluids all over.

I was so fucking tired at this point. Even Lauren seemed to lose some steam, as she was lightly panting and moaning after she hit orgasm. "We. still aren't done. I don't care what you say!" But the look on her pretty face indicated she wanted another break from doing anything.

After about 5 minutes, we both fell asleep on the wet bed. We woke up at around 10 pm after our nap, perfect I thought, because I had to be over my friend Ryan's at about midnight to sleepover, although I was enjoying my time with Lauren, I was eager to get this all over with because I was still tired as fuck. "Alrightttt Javon, time for our finish, you ready you punk?" She then tackled me so she would be on top of me.

"Even thought you are an immature perverted little boy, I'm sure you know what you gotta do." I then grabbed my huge dick, and lined it up to her beautiful completly shaved pussy.

Her pussy was unlike any other I've seen, it got me sooo hard and horny, and I watched tons of porn which shows how sexy this girl was. I realized she was about to take my virginity away, being so young, her being 20 years old, me being only 17, it was too good to be true.

Without any hesitation, I inserted my dick into her pussy. I went as deep as I could, knowing she could probably take anything because she probably fucked an older guy with a bigger dick, not that it mattered anyway. "OH MY GOD YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING, DON'T STOP EVER UGHHHHHH, KEEP FUCKING THE SHIT OUTTA ME, YES IM A FUCKING DIRTY SLUT WHO'S FUCKING A LITTLE TEENAGED BOY, SO DON'T STOPPPPPPPPP" Then as I was getting closer to cumming again, a thought came into my head.

Was she on birth control. But before I could say anything, she interrupted my thoughts. "I'm on birth control, so you can cum inside of me, but you probably knew anyway since I am such a slut." Without warning, I exploded all over inside of her.

It just hit me that I have lost my virginity to this beautiful girl 3 years older than I was. Her bed was wetter than anything I've ever seen, it had many huge dark spots, which were mixed with cum from myself and Lauren. "Looks like we've officially fucked kid, you are only lucky one, many men has gotten the chance to fuck me, but not some 17 year old pervert in high school." "ummm I gotta leave" I told her after looking at her digital clock, which read 10:30.

"I'll let you go, for now, bye Javon." she replied. I then got dressed and left her house with absolutely no regrets, I went into my car and drove over to a local Wendy's to get some food. After eating, I went to Ryan's. Even after these bizarre events at Lauren's, Jaclyn was still stuck in the back of my mind.

At Ryan's all we did was sit on the porch and roll up a few blunts. Doing this got me all relaxed, which was needed. I passed out on his couch at about 1 am. Now it was Saturday and when I woke up around 11, meand Ryan just went to some bagel shop to grab some breakfast. When we walked into the shop, I noticed Sallie sitting there with Jaclyn. "Hey Javon, hi Ryan." she said. "Hey Sallie, funny how we are all here, right?" Ryan replied.

We ordered some bagels and orange juice, and took a seat by Sallie and Jaclyn. I didn't say a word, I was burning up inside, and still tired from what happend at Lauren's, plus there was no way I was gonna tell anyone about what happend there. Ryan, being taller, bigger, and more outgoing than me, got more girls than I did, he was a senior, so he probably wasn't interested in Sallie or Jaclyn.

Yet he still flirted with them, as he was known as a complete flirt around school. Then Jaclyn spoke up. "Javon, why do you never talk in 9th period?

Its weird because that doesn't seem like you." I was still in silence for a few seconds before I blurted out "Yeah you are right, I should talk more in class, I don't know what was wrong with me but whatever." "Yuppp" was all she said. We all chatted for a little, I obviously did the least talking as I was extremely shy in front of this girl.

Soon after we left, saying bye. Nothing went on at all for the rest of the day and Sunday, and before I knew it, it was Monday and my crazy weekend was over. I walk into Geometry 9th period after a long day of school. After a few minutes, I was dazing off, staring at Jaclyn, thinking that she wouldn't look back and notice me.

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But she did, making eye contact with me and I quickly looked away. She just gave me a quick wink, and nothing happend for the rest of the period. I drove back home after school, and went to the gym again with Ken after a few minutes. Lauren was there again, acting like nothing happend, just said hello to me and Ken. After working out and getting some food, I went home and into my room and booted up my computer.

I was bored, and I went on my facebook account. I realized I had a big test coming up in Geometry on Friday, and although I was doing well in that class I sucked on tests and quizzes. So I wrote on my facebook status "Can anyone from my 9th period Geometry class text me all the answers on Friday when we take the test?" After like 5 minutes, Jaclyn commented on it saying "I can =)". She then messaged me her number.

I was shocked, the girl of my dreams gave me her number. Nothing went on the next few days, although spring break was next week. Friday came along, and after yet another long day in school, I walked into my 9th period Geometry class. I got all of my answers from Jaclyn, and as the bell rung, I walked out and felt a tap on my shoulder. "Soooo someone deserves a thank you!" Jaclyn said. "haha okay, thanks a lot, as you could probably tell I'm a dumbass being a junior in a class with sophomores, so it means a lot." I managed to reply.

"it helps that I'm in this class, right?" she said. "of course" I said. But as soon as I got home, I got a text from none other than Lauren, I couldn't get away from her, not that I wanted to though. Her text message read "Round 2 tonight?" I just replied sure, and I'm not going into detail in what happend this night, as it was basically the same thing.

As much as I enjoyed fucking the shit out of Lauren, it was taking a toll on me, I wanted to settle down a bit but she pretty much controlled me. Junior prom was coming up the week before Memorial Day weekend, and I still didn't have a date, although I had time, I didn't wanna ask Lauren as she probably didn't wanna be on a party bus with a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds.

During spring break all I did was party with friends and other girls from my school, nothing special, and it didn't really matter because Jaclyn was the type that was really hot but quiet so she wasn't slutty or partied as much, so I rarely saw her or Sallie out on weekends. After spring break was over, it was May before I knew it, which meant junior prom was coming up and then school was over a few weeks after that.

It was also starting to get hot (I live in New Jersey so it was very cold in the first few months of the year). So that meant girls who wore more revealing clothes, which any straight guy loved.

I had lunch 6th period, and juniors, sophomores, and freshmen were in seperate cafeterias, but I had a car so I went out to lunch everyday even though its usually only seniors allowed to eat off school grounds. Out of nowhere, Jaclyn spots me in the hallway while lunch started. "Hey Javon, can you take me out to lunch? Maybe at that pizzeria?" "Sure" was all I said. She followed me outside in the nice warm weather to my car.

While we were driving, I didn't say anything, as even at this point I was too shy to initate a conversation with her. On my car's radio the song "You belong with me" by Taylor Swift came on the radio station. "Keep this song on, I love this song." Jaclyn said. "Alright" I replied.

"Soooo Javon how's life, excited for football season?" "Ehhh its alright, and I guess, senior year is always the best for football players, I guess im lucky that I'll be able to see you in every football game cheerleading, right?" "Haha of course, but I wish you would've noticed me before!" After about 5 minutes we got out of my car and took a seat at the pizzeria.

We had about 35 minutes to eat, as each period was 40 minues.

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We talked about random shit the whole time, a little about our Geometry class and how weird our teacher was. Before I knew it, 30 minutes passed and it was time to go back to school and head to 7th period. After we got back to school, the bell rung and it was time to go to our next class. "See you in 9th period!", Jaclyn then leaned and gave me a small kiss on my lips. 9th period came along and went through the class more talkative, usually chatting with Jaclyn or Sallie.

After class was over I walked with Jaclyn outside, I walked her over to her mother's car and before she got in her car, she gave me a small piece of paper folded up. I don't know if this was a cheat sheet or something like that, but I opened it when I got home.

It read "Listen Javon, I know this is weird that im writing a note to you, but can we hang out this weekend? I know you and your friends party often, and if you can take me to one or at least we can hang out? Again I know this is weird, but I like you a lot, and even though you barely speak, I think you a very nice kid, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but I didn't talk to you in the past because I thought you didn't like me or anyone else in our class because you were older, so if you don't like me, that's fine, but I couldn't hold it in anymore.

So please call me and tell me what you think - Jaclyn" I was in shock, the girl that I had a crush on for 2 years wanted to hang out! I was ecstatic! I called her up and explained to her I have had feelings for her for a long time, I didn't tell her because of my fear of rejection and obviously because of my shyness.

I was so happy to get this all off my chest. But what about Lauren? What if she calls me and wants to fuck me again? I was concerned about this. Friday came along and thank God Lauren didn't call, she was probably busy with one of her college friends. At about 8 pm, Jaclyn texted me asking if it was okay if Sallie came along.

I was fine with it, because having another hot girl around me wasn't so bad. I picked them both up from Jaclyn's, and headed to Ryan's to pick him up, as he was drinking that night. After picking him up, we headed to a house party at my friend Tim's. When we walked in there were about 70 people there, some just hanging out by the couch, some playing beer pong, nothing serious was going on yet. This was probably the first time Sallie and Jaclyn went to a party, so I thought it would be awkward walking in with them, but I was wrong, they both were cheerleaders so they knew the "popular" girls who partied and fucked.

I only had about 4 beers, I was tipsy but I couldn't drink any more because I had to drive that night. But everyone else there was wasted, and more interesting shit happend. A few were playing stripper poker, which lead to some really hot girls getting naked. Jaclyn and Sallie were both drunk (probably for the first time), but didn't do anything with guys and they pretty much talked to each other in jibberish. I then took a seat next to Jaclyn at the couch and talked to her for a bit, although she didn't make much sense because of her drunkness.

After a while, at around midnight, we left the party. First I dropped off Ryan in his drunken state, then Sallie. Jaclyn asked me if I could stay the night at her house. I agreed and little did I know much would go down when I got to her place. After I parked my car in her driveway, I walked into her house with her.

"My parents are out for a few days to Florida for their anniversary, so we got the house to ourselves" Jaclyn said stuttering a bit. After hanging out a bit at the kitchen talking, she lead me upstairs to her room. She turned on the lights, then the TV then changed it to a channel that played pop music. She then went over to her bed and layed down, the look on her red face showed that she wanted me to be next to her. So I followed her. While we were laying down, she put her arm around me.

Without any words, she leaned into me and put her lips into mine and started to give me a loving passionate kiss. This went on for a while, I was afraid to go any further because I did not know what she wanted. Like Lauren, it was her who changed it up. Jaclyn then pushed me off. "Hold on" Then she took off her tank top, which exposed her white bra, which I could also see through and see her hard nipples. She then pulled her pink shorts down, which exposed.

her neatly shaved pussy. She wore no panties. To this day, I did not know why. But its not like it mattered, right?


She then quickly took off her bra. The girl of my dreams is lying down next to me fully naked. "Uhm are you sure you wanna do this?" I said. "Duhhhh I thought you loved me" she replied in a stupid way. I then started to take off my own clothes, from my t shirt to my jeans then my boxers. Jaclyn then held my cock, and put it to her mouth. She kept pulling my cock deep into her mouth, it seemed it was close to her throat. Her drool being all over my dick really turned me on.

While she was still sucking my dick, I stuck my finger into her beautiful sexy pussy. "Oh!", she was caught my surprised but also seemed very turned on from that. "Oh my goddd this is the best feeling ever please don't stop Javon!! ohhhhhhh oh oh ohhh ahhhhh oh my fucking godddddddd" Shortly after I started to finger her, she came without saying anything or any warning.

I wasn't surprised, as she probably wasn't used to this, judging by how tight her pussy was. I wanted to fuck the shit out of her, I was totally in love with this girl, it was seriously the best feeling of my life, ever. With my fingers getting wet, I stopped fingering her as she continued to suck my dick. I was gonna wait until I was gonna cum. I was surprised on how good she was at giving head, obviously not as good as Lauren, but not bad for a 16 year old sophomore.

Especially because this was her first time. Before I knew it, I was getting closer and closer to hitting orgasm. "I'm gonna cum!" I told her. She kept sucking on my dick, seemingly ignoring me. Shortly after, I exploded in her mouth.

Cum shots came out of my dick non stop and Jaclyn was swallowing all of this. After I was done cumming, she opened her mouth wide, showing all of my fluids inside of her mouth. I found this very sexy.

It was almost 1 am, and we started to get tired.

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We stayed on the bed and starting making out again for a while. I fell asleep on her arms in her bed shortly after. I woke up next morning at about 10, Jaclyn was still fast asleep.

I went into her bathroom, I brushed my teeth with her toothbrush (she probably won't give a shit), then took a quick shower, I used some of her body wash that said "Pink" on them, I didn't give a fuck if I smelled like a girl. Soon after I got out of the shower, she was awake, still looking beautiful, sitting on her bed with the TV on. Without saying a word, she headed to the bathroom, probably doing the exact same thing as I did, as she was in there for about 10 minutes. After coming out of the bathroom, she jumped back onto her bed close to me.

"You know, I'm glad you are here now, you don't understand, I really do love you" Jaclyn told me. "I love you too, nothing will ever set us apart, ever." I replied. While making out again, she grabbed my cock without breaking off from the kiss, and lined it up to her pussy. Then she broke off the kiss and said "I think I'm ready now". I tried to be as gentle as possible, as I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy.

I kept going faster and faster with the pace, as I tried to hit orgasm as fast as possible. "OHHHHHH DON'T STOP KEEP GOING, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME IT DOESN'T HURT" So I kept going faster, and I finally popped her cherry. She was no longer a virgin, as her pussy had a little bit of blood dripping, but not as much as I'd thought. As I was close to reaching orgasm, I pulled my dick out, and then came all over her face.

Her bed was a mess, it was mixed with both of our fluids and some blood from her cherry popping. "Oh god. that was fucking. sexy, like I can't fucking believe this, this was the best feeling I ever had" she said.

"same here" I replied. We were both tired as hell at this point, it was only the morning so we decided to stop.


We put on our clothes, and talked for a bit. We decided to keep all this a secret, I don't know why, but we both didn't want people to know we were "going out". But nevertheless, we would continue to do this for a long time.

From then on, I hung out with her almost everyday, occasionally having sex. At school, other people just assumed we were probably close friends who just made out or something like that, so that was good that no one had a clue that we fucked. Class was a bit awkward at first for the both of us, but we got through it.

Junior prom came, and I didn't even have to ask her to be my date. We ended up having a blast, the pictures were great, the prom itself was kind of boring, but we had a great time on the party bus. Lauren still was around, but there was no way I was gonna mention her to Jaclyn.

And thank God word never spread out that we fucked, only Sallie knew, and she never told anyone.

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School ended in June, and I was preparing for my senior year, as she was going to be a junior. Good things were to come for us, as we had tons of time to spend together over the summer, even though I had football and she had cheerleading. I constantly remind myself that I could really get use to this without getting sick of it.