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Ladyboy shemale riding on dick with her tight ass
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Jack stood in his driveway feeling very emotional. Tears were rolling down his eyes for this had been a day he was both anticipating and dreading. He looked over at his little girl standing next to her fully packed car.

He continued to stare at her, she wasn't so little anymore now she was a full-grown woman on her way to college. She smiled at him and he burst into tears.

"Oh daddy please don't cry please.' His daughter Ashley begged. Jack wiped his eyes. "I can't help it baby your just growing up too fast and now your leaving." Ashley smiled and felt her fathers face "You knew this day would have to come and besides I'll be back for holidays." Jack smiled and bit and hugged her.

"I know baby but it will sure be lonely without you around." Ashley grew a few tears of your own. "Daddy I know you will find someone soon just be patient." Jack frowned because he knew what she had really met by that. His wife had been dead for years and he had not found a new partner. He and Ashley had sex with each other a few times but one day she decided to stop because she wanted a more normal life, which Jack completely understood and respected.

Since then he had not been with another woman and the loneliness had really started setting in. He looked up and saw his daughter looked worried so he put on a smile. This was her day and she should enjoy it. "Oh Ashley be sure to enjoy yourself and don't study too hard or you will go crazy." Ashley smiled and gave her father a goodbye hug and kiss.

She got in her car and drove away leaving her father all alone. Jack watched the car go all the way down the street until he couldn't see it anymore. She was gone and he now was all alone with no one to talk to. Jack went into the house and sighed. He never noticed how quiet the how was without Ashley in it.

Normally there would be the sound of rock music coming or telephone conversation coming from her room but now all he could hear was the sound of the air conditioning going. Jack sighed and sat in his chair. Tonight would be a good night to hang out with his friend Allen but he hadn't been answering his phone lately. Jack looked up at the ceiling and remembered being a boy and dreaming of days when the house was empty.

He could throw a party or use the computer to go onto a chat room or surf some porn. Jack turned his head over to his computer. He shrugged, after all why not it had been over a month since he looked at porn and there was no one to bust in on him now. He went over to his computer and logged in. As soon as the screen loaded a voice on the computer talked to him telling him that he had unread mail.

He went to his email and discovered that there had been a message on there for over a week saying that his high school reunion would take place on the following day.

Jack paused and thought for a moment about going. He had never gone to a reunion before and this could be a chance to see his old buddies again. He saw that the reunion was early in the morning so he decided to skip the porn and just go to bed. The next morning Jack was at his reunion. He was dressed in his favourite blue vest and jeans. He felt that a casual look would be best for an occasion such as this.

For the most part the event was pretty boring. Everyone was talking to each other about their successful business or their travels around the world. Jack found the subjects interesting but they also filled him with shame.

He simply ran the local convince store on his street so he didn't want to talk about his professional life and even worse when people would ask about his dead wife. Finally he couldn't take any more questions and he went outside for some air. Jack sat on the bottom of the steps silently sobbing over his wife and the fact that his daughter had left him as well.

"Hey Mr. Sobbicans need some help." Said a familiar voice from behind him.


Jack turned around and saw the outline of a figure with the sun behind them so he couldn't see their face. "Who are you?" he asked. The person laughed and came closer so he could see her face. Jack smiled to see it was his old friend Ashley. "Oh wow Ashley you startled me." Jack said well laughing. Ashley smiled. "Well you were always easy prey for pranks.

Mind if I sit down?" Jack smiled and said of course. Ashley sat down and smiled. "How is my goddaughter doing lately?" The question caught Jack off guard he had forgotten that this Ashley was the godmother of his daughter.

"Oh she is doing great! She left for college last night actually." Ashley smiled and nodded. "I'm sorry I haven't been around to see her in the past few years but I've been traveling non stop lately. I only just got back into town last week and I've been meaning to call you." Jack smiled. "Don't worry I know that being geologist must be difficult on you and I understand you being busy.' Ashley nodded "Yes well I'm back in town for a while now. We discovered some Native American rock formations near by so I'll be studying that for at least a year." Ashley went on talking about her work and for the first time since he had gotten there Jack was interested in what she had to say.

Jack studied her features. He had never noticed how beautiful she was before with her long light brown hair, soft brown eyes and beautiful Chinese features. She had grown into such a beautiful woman and he had never noticed until now for his eyes were always on his wife. Jack thought back to when the three of them first met back in kindergarten.

He remembered that the three of them were best friends and that he had some feelings towards Ashley that he repressed because he had such strong feelings for Helen. Suddenly he imagined a world where he and Helen were just friends and that he and Ashley got married.

He pictured Ashley in a beautiful white wedding dress staring at him and rubbing her hands through his black hair. "Ummm hello Earth to Jack hello?" Jack snapped out of his fantasy. "Sorry lost myself in thought what were you saying?" Ashley laughed and gently smacked him on the head. "I asked what you have been up to for the past few years?" Jack smiled and began to recap his story.

"Well I'm still working over at the local store. It's not a lot of money but Helen's…&hellip.well Helen's insurance money has being doing a lot and with Ashley out of the house it's a lot easier." Ashley nodded she understood that it was hard for him to talk about his wife. Suddenly the bell rang signifying the end of the reunion. "Well I'll see you around sometime Jack." Jack smiled and hugged her before heading out on his way. A week went by and Jack went back to his normal life.

He was working at the store reading the newspaper. He was reading the horoscope section and his read "Today will be a day of significance. An old friend will make you an offer which you should not refuse." Jack laughed today had been the most boring day ever, barley a person in the store, he hardly doubted some big event was about to happen.

Suddenly there was a voice from the other side of the newspaper. "Umm excuse me sir do you sell nice gentle men?" Jack looked up from his paper and saw that Ashley was looking at him smileing. Jack smiled back and hugged Ashley. "Wow I didn't expect to see you so soon after the reunion what's up?" Ashley rolled her eyes. "Well when I was at the reunion last week and I ran into Lily. Anyway we got talking and it turns out she is getting married to Ben this weekend." Jack was taken back in shock.

"You mean they haven't gotten married yet?" Ashley giggled. "Yeah turns out they wanted to make sure the relationship was going to work and it took a long time to make sure. Anyway she invited me to the wedding and well I don't have a date." Jack slowly nodded and began putting things together in his head.

She wasn't going to ask him?

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Ashley looked deep into his eyes and it was almost as though she opened a portal into their minds and he knew that's what she wanted. "Ashley I know were good friends but I just don't know if I'm ready to date again." Ashley frowned. "Listen I'm not asking you to come to my room and fuck me. I just need someone to be there with me so all the single guys there don't treat me like I'm easy pray." At the word fuck Jack's mind flashed to Ashley's naked body lying under him her beautiful face moaning with pleasure at his pelvic thrusts.

He looked into her eyes and she gave him a look of anxiousness. "Oh well I guess I could do it if it's just a casual thing." Ashley's eyes lit up as if she was 11 years old again.

"Oh thank you thank you so much I'll see you Saturday at 7." The rest of the week went by without incident. Jack stood in front of his mirror on Saturday evening putting on his tuxedo. It was the same tuxedo he wore on his wedding day, he was amazed it still fit.

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He examined himself in the mirror and remembered that day like it was just about to happen. He remembered the excitement of marrying the woman of his dreams.

Tears began to fall from his eyes, me missed Helen so much and it was still hard to continue living without her. Helen's voice rang through his mind. "Life isn't about being perfect but finding the good in even the darkest situation." Jack smiled his wife was so wise and she always knew what to say to make him feel better. It was time to stop dwelling in the past and look to the future. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door.

He went down and opened the door. Standing on his doorstep was Ashley looking positively radiant in her powder blue dress and beautiful smile. "Ready go stud?" Ashley asked him. Jack was at a loss for words so he simply nodded. As they were leaving they saw a young teenage girl with blonde hair and pigtails carrying a book in her arms was leaving her home from her window and sneaking off into the night. Jack and Ashley laughed about the disobedient little girl and the trouble she was going to get into later.

They drove to the church and got there just in time to be seated. Jack looked around and saw a bunch of people from his high school, it was like the reunion all over again.

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The wedding began and Ben stood at the front looking like it was the best day of his life. Jack had a flash of himself standing up there with a big smile on his face. Lily then came from the back dressed in a beautiful white dress followed by her maid of honour Jenny. Jack had another flash this time of Ashley wearing the wedding dress. The ceremony continued and finally it was time for the bride and groom to kiss. As the two of them leaned in for the kiss Jack's mind flashed and he saw him and Ashley kissing on their wedding day.

The rest of the wedding flew by and Jack was sitting at the dinner table. The visions of him and Ashley filled his brain. Why was he picturing marrying her and not Helen? "Hey you ok there Jack?" Ashley asked with worry in her voice. Jack stood up "I'm sorry but I just need to go thank you for the lovely evening." Jack hurried away from the wedding party and stood near a tree in the churchyard.

He tried to clear his mind of the visions and secret desires burning in his heart. "Hey what's wrong Jack?" Ashley asked looking worried. Jack stared into her eyes, he couldn't lie to her. "It's just I keep having fantasies about marrying you and even having sex with you and I don't know why." Ashley looked at Jack with pity.

"Well those feelings can be normal I mean you have been alone for so long." Jack nodded finding some solace in her words but he knew there was more to it. "I think that I have deep feelings for you and that maybe they have always been there." Jack lowered his head not wanting to look her in the eye. "I understand." Ashley said. "I understand completely. When I was in kindergarten I had a huge crush on you but Helen did too so I backed off. All the time you were dating her I was jealous and used to imagine you leaving her.

I always felt horrible about it." Ashley put her head down in shame. Jack looked at her with wonderment. How does someone keep such feelings in for so long and not express them. But he understood. Deep down he had feelings for her even back before he knew he liked girls. Helen just made a move first. Jack slowly reached out and felt her face.

She was so beautiful, so sweet and so loving. She looked up into his eyes and once again it was like their minds were connected. She wanted to be with him now more than ever and he wanted to be with her.

He slowly leaned in and kissed her softly and she returned one even softer. They seemed to stand there kissing each other for what seemed a lifetime. They broke away both slightly panting under their breath. Jack looked deeply into her eyes and it was as if the world finally made sense he wanted to be with her more than anything. "You know Ashley I've got this entire big house to myself and it can get kind of lonely so I was wondering if you wanted to stay over." Ashley blushed in her own way and smiled.

"Sure thing I would love to spend the night with you. It will be just like old times." Later that night Jack prepared for the night ahead. They had decided to have an old fashioned pyjama party. Jack was in little Ashley's room looking for pyjamas for Ashley to wear. He finally found a pair of plain pink pj's. "Here these should fit you they are from a few years ago." Ashley smiled and went and changed into her pj's and Jack changed into his.

Jack then went down stairs and put on The Wolf Man for them to watch. Ashley came down stairs and Jack's jaw almost dropped. Little Ashley's pyjamas were very tight on Ashley and it really showed off her figure and her midriff was showing. Even though they were too small Ashley didn't make a fuss in fact she seemed to enjoy it. The two sat down and cuddled up to watch the movie. Ashley giggled. "Wow I feel just like a kid again." Jack smiled. "Yes but we have some of the benefits of being adults." He reached down and pulled up and ice bucket with champagne in it and two glasses.

Jack poured her a glass and she smiled and snuggled up close. It had been a long time since anyone had smuggled up close to Jack especially someone as beautiful as Ashley.

Ashley's butt gently rubbed against his cock causing it to slowly swell and grow. The more his penis began to grow the more Ashley seemed to move closer. Jack was getting uncomfortable he but he didn't want to move her because she seemed so relaxed. The movie continued and The Wolf Man grabbed the heroine and Ashley jumped two feet into the air.

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She landed right on Jack's cock causing it to go gently inside her ass through the pjs. Jack gently lifted her off and went to the other side of the couch.

"Oh my god I'm sorry it was just you were so close to me and it was a contact erection of I'm so sorry!" Ashley went over to him and gently rubbed his face. "It's ok I'm not embarrassed and you shouldn't be either.

I wanted this to happen," Jack looked up at her a little confused. "Oh Jack I can't deny it anymore I love you. I have never stopped loving you. I'd tried to forget you by dating and having sex with other guys hoping to find love but no one could compare to you. You were and still are my true love." Jack leaned back. It was a shock to take it all in and yet he felt the same way.

His head was spinning he wondered what his wife would think. He thought of the three of them and their relationship and somehow he knew that this would have been what Helen wanted. She wouldn't want him to live alone for years she would have wanted him to move on. Jack looked deep into her eyes. "I love you too and I want to be with you now and forever." Ashley stopped the movie and went over to Jack.

She gently sat on his lap and wrapped her legs around him. Jack reached out and rubbed his hands through her hair gently. Her hair was so silky smooth it was like rubbing his hands through filtered water.

She smiled and moved her face closer. Jack studied her beautiful face. He had never noticed the tiny light brown freckles near her nose and cheek or how her eye brows were perfectly shaped over her eyes.

She closed her eyes and finally leaded in for a kiss. As soon as their lips met it was like the world stopped. Both of them were enjoying the most incredible kiss they had ever had.


Every mouth watering taste one can imagine seemed to emanate from their mouths. Saliva traveled from one mouth to another almost as though it had found it's happiness in the other. There was no tongue and there didn't need to be, it was a beautiful moment in it's own.

They broke apart and looked into each others eyes. They looked at each other almost as though they had just rediscovered each other and that they had just shared a lifetimes worth of stories. Jack looked at her with a new found love and he was going to do what ever it took to make her happy.

Jack leaded into her and began kissing her neck softly. Ashley gave a soft moan of pleasure and let her body go numb. Jack kissed and sucked on her neck. He twirled his tongue around like a tornado causing a great moan of pleasure and juices to leak from her pussy. Jack smiled and lied her down. He gently began kissing down her neck sucking gently on each soft smooth spot.

Each kiss caused a rush of luscious pleasure through her body. He began taking off her top and licked her tits all over getting them good and wet. He made his way down her body and licked her stomach clean.

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Finally Jack as at her pussy which was extremely wet from the kissing. He slowly pulled down her pj bottoms and stared at her glorious pussy. He reached down and touched her pussy gently. Ashley squirmed in both pleasure and shock.

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"I'm sorry it's just been a really long time since someone else has touched it." Ashley said with a bit of shame. Jack smiled and wiped his finger around her clit causing her to gasp. "Don't worry it's been a long time for me as well but I promise I'll be as gently as if you were a fresh virgin." Jack moved down and began lightly tracing the outside of her vagina with his finger.

Ashley moaned and relaxed her body accepting everything he was doing. Jack bent over and circled the inside of her pussy gently teasing her. Ashley's pussy squirted with juices and she began to sweat.

"Please Jack don't hold back please pleasure me!" Ashley begged. Jack smiled and stuck his two small fingers in and spread the lips apart then he put his tongue deep inside of her pussy and started lick them wildly. Ashley's legs squirmed as she panted with pleasure. Jack twirled his tongue rapidly and he began massaging her clit gently. The more he went the wetter she became and the more she lost her self to the rhythm. Jack began fingering her with two fingers licking the sweet tasting juices that flowed.

Ashley was finally at the breaking point she couldn't take any more and she reached a blissful climax spraying pussy juice all over. Jack smiled as he wiped up the pussy juice with his hand and licked it clean. "You've still got a lot of juices for an old girl." Jack joked.

Ashley laughed then punched him in the arm. She sat him down and got on her knees on the floor. "Your turn" she said with a big smile on her face.

She reached up and felt his pyjama bottoms and discovered a big bulge in it. "Not lets just get a good look at that penis." Ashley said with a big grin on her face. She pulled down his pj bottoms and was shocked at the full 10 inch penis in front of her.

Ashley stared at it with awe. She had always imagined Jack's penis before but never had she pictured it to be so big and bountiful. Ashley reached out and touched it, it was rock hard and looked like it was going to burst all over her. She gently jerked up and down it's length and it began to twitch and grow stiffer and shot straight up. "Oh Ashley that feels so good I almost want to cum right now." Ashley put a finger to his lips.

"Not just yet I'm going to give you the best blowjob you have ever received and that is something I guarantee." Jack smiled and leaned back. Ashley put her mouth to the edge of his penis and lick the tip like a snake, Jack jolted at the strange sensation and smiled he had a feeling she knew what she was doing and that he was going to like it. Ashley grabbed the base of the penis and massaged the balls with her pinkie.

She looked up at him with a look saying "you ready?" Jack merely nodded. With amazing speed Ashley put 4 inches of the cock in her mouth and began sucking like a women stuck in the desert for 3 weeks. Her head moved up and down so fast it appeared to be mechanical.


Jack couldn't believe what he was feeling it was like getting a blowjob from a jackhammer. She took 6 inches in her mouth and stopped. She took the cock out of her mouth and began licking it softly.

She increased in speed and began licking the shaft like an ice cream cone. Jack began sweating he felt like the luckiest man in the world. Ashley put the cock in her mouth again and began sucking it again this time a little slower but with more pressure.

Jack couldn't take anymore and finally she shot a tremendous load in her mouth. Ashley closed her mouth tight and began licking the his penis right where the tip meets the vain. This made Jack cum even more and the months supply of cum he had came rushing out.

Ashley did the best she could to swallow it all but large portions ran down her mouth and fell on her tiny tits. Jack panted mercilessly he had never felt so drained in his life. "Oh my god where did you learn that?" Jack said between breaths. Ashley smiled as she wiped cum from her lips and chin. "Oh some of my roommates in college and I took a secret class you could say it was the highlight of my education." Jack struggled to laugh he was breathing so hard.

Ashley looked over at him. "Hang on I can fix you. Another thing they taught was healing massage that heals you after exhaustion." Jack nodded he needed something to help him. Ashley nodded and turned him on his back.

She began by massaging his shoulders gently. Then her hands moved down to his neck and massaged his throat. Jack was surprised at how well the treatment was working his throat cleared and his breathing became steadier. She moved down his back and towards his thighs. Finally she got to his ass. She knelt down and whispered in his ear "This may feel strange but bare with me." She rubbed her fingers around his cheeks and then gently inserted one in his butt hole.

Jack cringed at the sensation. "Just relax this is called freeing the chi and it will bring forth a second energy into you." Ashley gently pushed her finger into him and began searching around. Finally she found the spot she was looking for and began putting pressure on it. Jack bolted the front of his body up. He was in quite a lot of pain and discomfort. Suddenly after a few seconds the pain went away and he felt new life in him.

"Wow that really works but god dam that hurts!" Ashley smiled "Awww I'm sorry tell you what for that you can do what ever you want to me." She said with a naughty wink. Jack's mind flashed to tying her up and doing the nastiest things imaginable to her. But his mind went away from it for he loved her too much to cause her such pain and humiliation. "All I want is you in the sweetest and most sensual way." Ashley smiled and nodded.

Jack went over to her and kissed her passionately well picking up her naked body and carrying it to his upstairs bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed and began lighting candles. Finally it was time for them to share the single most sensual experience one can share. He knelt over her body and began kissing her softly well fingering her to get her good and wet again. She responded with moans and began jacking him off rapidly.

Finally her vagina was wet and his penis was back up to full size. He kissed her forehead and she whispered "go slow." Jack grabbed a hold of her sides and placed his penis head inside of her. Her eyes closed but otherwise she was ok. He slowly began pushing in deeper and she let out a little yelp. He pulled out most of the way and reinserted repeating the ritual numerous times.

He body loosened and she wined a little less. She was making noise of such protest that he was wondering if she had enjoyed it. He increased his pace a little and her head bobbed in the rhythm. She put her legs on his shoulders and let Jack take full control. He began going faster and harder making Ashley's high pitched moans sound like a flock of mocking birds in the morning.

He back arched and she lied under it. She was extremely flexible for her age and her body was as soft as a 20 year olds. She reached out and played with the bottom of his shaft. Both of them were reaching a climax. "Oh Jack I'm so close please finish me please." Jack responded by doubling his pace. He felt like a porn star the way he was moving and he looked into Ashley's sweet face in pure pleasure. The image caused him to burst deep inside of her.

He didn't have a lot of cum left from the blowjob but he could feel is ooze deep inside of her. The slimy liquid crossed her G-spot and she let out a beautiful climax that could have shattered a mirror. Both of them collapsed and Jack held her gently in his arms kissing the back of her neck. "Oh Jack that was the best of my life." Jack smiled.

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"Mine too." He had no shame saying it. He and Ashley were meant for each other and he knew that he would spend the rest of his life with her. 9 months later… It was a beautiful June afternoon. The sky was clear and trees were lush and green. Jack stood at the head of the alter in a very fine black tuxedo. He looked over the crowd all of his friends had once again been gathered to see him wed. Amongst the crowd was his lovely daughter with her new boyfriend Scott who Jack had highly approved of.

He crossed his hands in front of him this was the happiest day of his life. Finally the organist started playing here comes the bride and Jack knew the time had finally come.

His beautiful bride to be Ashley was walking down the isle. She looked more beautiful then he had ever seen her in her white dress, holding her bouquet.

She reached up to him and faced him. Both of them smiled widely as the minister began the service.

His words meant nothing to them they simply stared at each other thinking about just how lucky they were to have each other.

Finally the minister asked the important question. "Do you Jack take Ashley to be you lawful wedded wife?" Jack looked deep into her eyes. "I do." "Do you Ashley take Jack to be your lawful wedded husband?" Ashley smiled "I do." "Then I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride." Jack and Ashley leaned in and kissed each other with limitless passion. The crowd cheered and clapped for the happy couple.

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Ashley threw her bouquet and little Ashley caught it with a big grin on her face as she looked at Scott. Jack smiled for everything was perfect.