Morning Routine of Pretty Babe

Morning Routine of Pretty Babe
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Donnie's Story Wednesday I've been on the road for four years, on and off. We are home only about half the time, it seems. Maybe I exaggerate a little, but it seems like we are always on the road.

And yet, I've never been truly lonely till now. And it's only been three days since I left Deirdre and Andrew. I just can't seem to concentrate anymore. I feel like I'm going through the motions, and that means my customer isn't getting his money's worth.

Well we do seem to be making the same progress as we were before last weekend. And he seems to be happy. So perhaps this is one of those jobs where going through the motions is enough. Dee Dee and I always talk in the evenings.

We need each other. I tell her how my job is going and vice versa. We share what secrets we have to share none too many since we are like two sides of the same coin. And we tell each other our fears, our dreams, talk of our emptiness. But she has no emptiness. She spends every evening in Andrew's arms. I'm not jealous but I am envious. Those are the arms I want to die in. We all had dinner together on Saturday night, agreeing to shelve talk of the next generation until we knew for sure.

We had our theories. Andrew is a great one for theories. But this is one theorem whose proof will be tested almost immediately.


We are all on pins and needles. I went home with Andrew on Saturday night and we made slow romantic love. At least we did between the times when he took me to the edge of death.

He forces me to confront the depths of my own passion. I'm this simple businesswoman who looked at sex as a mildly pleasant diversion that I could take or leave. But now it is almost all I think about.

What did he say? Sex begets more sex. And more sex begets even more sex. He has a strange way of putting things. I had never heard anyone use the word 'beget' in a sentence outside of our pastor reading some biblical passage. And it certainly wasn't in that context. But he is so right. What he is wrong about is that our desire for more sex would lead us to anyone but him. It's he I desire. I can hardly stand to be away from his bed. I feel like I've got the worst schoolgirl crush in history.

I cried when they dropped me off at the airport.

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Security is so tight anymore that it is impossible to actually see anyone off. What kind of a world have we built, we homo sapiens: so many good and wonderful things, but always against a backdrop of guilt and fear, greed and anger, repression and jealousy. I don't remember the last time I cried before last Friday. Now I think I've cried every night since then.

My emotions are just out of control. I don't know what has gotten into me. I've waiting for the call. On Sunday we went to a drug store and bought early pregnancy tests for both of us. The directions say that they can be used as early as six days after impregnation with the possibility of a positive result. Dee Dee promised to do the test after work today. Then she will call me win or lose, positive or negative. I'll be doing my test the day after tomorrow. No wonder I am a wreck. At least Deirdre has Andrew to share it with.

When the time comes, I will too. Andrew is coming to Indianapolis on Friday afternoon. We are going to do the test together. Well I'll do the test, Andrew will watch.

I was in my room staring at the phone when it rang. I must have jumped two feet in the air. Never stare at the phone when you are nervous. It doesn't make it better it makes it worse. Of course it was Dee Dee. "Donnie, guess what! The rabbit died. We're preggers!" I was shocked. I was amazed. It had felt right all week, and still I really couldn't believe it. "Oh my GOD!

You're going to be a mommy! You must be so happy! " "Donnie, I've never been so excited in my life! I feel like a six year old on Christmas morning!" I didn't blame her.

I was excited too, and it wasn't even my baby.

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"How is Andrew taking it?" She laughed. "He's wavering between proud as a peacock and scared to death. It's a big jump between speculating about fatherhood and suddenly knowing he's going to be a father. He's starting to realize the responsibilities he is assuming." "What are you going to do about it? Are you going out to celebrate? Have some champagne?" "Yes, eventually. But first we've just got to make love.

I am wildly aroused. Donnie I hope you caught too. It will make everything perfect." I said, "Well if I didn't, it wasn't for lack of trying. Andrew was inside me so many times last weekend that I was sore till this morning." Dee Dee said, "Donnie, are you feeling a little, uh, horny?" "No I'm not, Dee Dee. I'm feeling a lot horny. I'm feeling like I'm desperate for it." "Would you like to talk to Andrew?" "Oh boy, would I?

Put him on! I can hardly wait." Andrew took the phone. "Hi, baby, how are you holding up there all by yourself?" I felt close to crying. "I'm lonely! I'm horny! I miss you both!" I heard some kind of movement, noises coming from the other end of the line. Then Andrew started talking. "Donnie, honey, Dee Dee said to tell you that she just pulled down my pants. She said to tell you I'm lying back on the bed, sticking straight up in the air, and she is starting to, oh God, uh, mount me.

She's holding on to my, ummm, dick. She's playing with it, the bitch, she's rubbing it around her pussy but she won't put it in. Damn it Dee Dee! Stop teasing me!" I couldn't help it. I was only wearing my robe and that had to come off. I laid back onto the bed myself. I wedged the phone between my chin and my shoulder because I really needed both hands free. My left hand started teasing my nipple. The fingers of my right hand were sliding up the slit of my pussy collecting the wetness.

I was so aroused! They must have laid the phone on Andrew's chest, because now I could hear Dee Dee talking, going through that new thing she does, being vocal during sex. I think I like is almost as much as Andrew does. "God, Donnie, Andrew is huge tonight. I'm riding him like a cowgirl. Oh MY!!

He's so deep. He's GOOD Donnie! OHHH! Donnie He's so good! I'm rubbing him up and down my pussy. I'm plunging in as deeply as it will go. It feels like it is coming out my throat.

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I don't know how I can take all of this dick!" I was doing some plunging myself, as I fitted one and then a second finger into my pussy. My left hand went down and was rubbing around my clitoris while my right hand worked my pussy. I couldn't last long like this! I was crazed with lust. I closed my eyes, listening to the obscene sounds coming from my phone. Andrew said, "Dee Dee, Donnie, I'm close to cumming.

I can't take much more of this! Oh God Dee Dee! Keep going. Harder! I want to fuck you Donnie!" I couldn't help it. I started screaming my climax. I heard two voices join me in their climax from 300 miles away.

God I needed that! I felt so much better. I held the phone back to my ear. Then I heard Andrew say, "Good night Donnie. We love you. And Donnie?" "Yes Andrew?" "You're next!" And then he hung up. My God; he got horny all over again. I couldn't help it; I had to take care of myself again. I was rubbing my clitoris and plunging my fingers into my pussy, massaging my G Spot, all the while pretending it was that gorgeous penis of Andrew's doing it to me.

In no time I had a second thundering orgasm. I can't wait till Friday. Andrew's Story Friday Dee Dee and I both went to the airport on Friday afternoon. But we were headed in two different directions. I was catching a flight to Indianapolis while Deirdre was headed home to Cincinnati.

That was one difficult parting. I'm not sure when we will see each other again. Well at the latest next weekend.

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I can't last longer than that. I've got to be with her. I've got to be with both of them. I gave my notice today: two weeks. My boss wasn't too happy. He was asking all these 'what will it take to make you stay' questions. He just doesn't get it. The only thing they can do to make me stay is move the company to Cincinnati.

I told Donnie I would take a limo or cab from the airport to her hotel. She was staying at the Radisson City Centre or something like that. The girls like to be in walking distance of everything.

I grabbed the limo and was at her hotel by 7:30 in the evening. I celled her on the way in and she was waiting for me in the lobby. Damn she looked good. I took her in my arms and she just melted into me. How can two people be so much in love? Come to think of it, how can three people be so much in love? I don't understand the emotional dynamic of this particular relationship, because I would have bet anything that I was incapable of giving complete affection to more than one woman at a time.

It has to be chemistry or genetics or some such thing. I don't have it in me to be this loving. I need some sort of chemical enhancement. When we finally broke our embrace, Donnie's eyes were tearing and I was pretty emotional myself. I was going to ask her if she wanted to go out to eat, but that would have been a cruel joke.

Worse, she might have accepted. So I kept my mouth shut. I needed to take her up to her room to immediately deal with the pent-up passion caused by five days of separation.

Donnie was as excited as I was. On the elevator we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. She was so beautiful, so alluring. She exuded sex. Is it them or is it me? Is it all of us? None of us had that great a sexual history. They hadn't been laid in three or four years before me, so they said. I was getting it a couple of times a month, I guess.

I had a few regular friends with similar interests in working off some sexual energy: fuck buddies. There were no attachments, just friends getting together, maybe watching a movie, having some wine, maybe getting laid. One of them gave me a call the other day. I was in conference with Deirdre when my cell rang.

It was one of my fuck buddies looking for a date for Friday night. I said "No can do, Bonnie. I'm out of circulation permanently. I'll be moving to Cincinnati in a few weeks.

Sorry, but you will have to call someone else. I hope we bump into each other again sometime. Have a good life. Bye" Dee Dee was interested in that call. There's a surprise. So I told her that Bonnie was this ultra-hot number with enormous breasts who calls me regularly and begs me to take her to bed. Dee Dee had heard my end of the conversation and knew that I had blown her off. What can I say? Bonnie is an average looking chick with small breasts. We are good friends and fuck occasionally.

She was a little horny and called me to see if I wanted to give her a hand. Why should I tell it that way to Dee Dee when I could make her feel better by slightly exaggerating the degree of my sacrifice? Besides, everybody lies about sex. Donnie and I barely made it into the room when we were tearing each other's clothes off.

Dee Dee is pregnant; maybe Donnie is too. That thought alone makes me want to fuck her blind. I picked her naked body up and carried her to the bed.

I was on her and in her in no time. We were both so ready to fuck! I hadn't made three complete strokes before Donnie's first orgasm of the night arrived. I had the fleeting thought that she better get used to them, because she's going to have a bundle of them before this weekend is through. I couldn't let her rest after her first climax. I just kept hammering away, building passion upon passion upon passion.

The woman is capable of so much passion. It comes from some deep untapped well of emotion. It just needed a little encouragement from me, and it emerged, overwhelmingly beautiful, frighteningly intense; that wonderful thing that is Donnie. We were engaged in a full fledged monkey fuck. There was no time for romance, sweet nothings, gentle caresses. We had been apart for almost a week. Something inside me needed to reclaim her. I know I had told her she could take lovers if she needed to.

That was the intellectual me. The emotional me, the primal me, the me so deep inside that it precludes rational thought, wants only to own her, to never let another man plant his seed in her. That part of me took over at times like these, making sure that Donnie understood that regardless of what I might say, deep in our souls, she belongs to only me. Is there a dichotomy there? Donnie had begun to moan in anticipation of another orgasm.

"Andrew, fuck me harder! Oh, sweetie, give me a baby. Make me pregnant! Fuck me hard, Andrew. I love you, baby.

FUCK ME! OH GOD!!! " I was accelerating to my own orgasm. I felt the rush of fluids build in my groin, the surging of my dick as it grew in anticipation of a shuddering release.

We were slamming into each other, groaning and crying in our passion. Donnie had reached her peak! She screamed her orgasm and her pussy started to spasm. My dick responded by ejaculating stream upon stream of sperm into my sweet lover's pussy. We were suddenly both spent. I fell to the side of her so she didn't have to support my entire weight, but one leg and arm were draped over her lovely white body.

I pulled her close enough that I could nuzzle my chin into her neck, apply soft kisses to her cheek, cuddling my body against hers. My biggest problem with fucking Donnie and Dee Dee is that eventually it ends. That painful reality is salved by the knowledge that in a few minutes they will want to do it again. How the hell did I fall into this shit and come up smelling like a rose? Somebody up there really, really likes me.

Donnie sat up suddenly with her eyes wide open. "Andrew, it's time!" I knew exactly what she meant, but couldn't help yanking her chain. "You want to do it again?" She hit my arm. "You know what I'm saying, don't pretend you don't." I sat up with her and put my arms around her.


"Well then, let's go see. Oops! The big question is: do you have to pee?" Donnie said, "Andrew I always have to pee!" So in we went to the bathroom and Donnie peed into this container.

She pulled out the test strip and held it in the pee for a few seconds and then brought it out and laid it on the counter. I had my hands around her and was cupping each breast, massaging her nipples as we watched. In a few minutes there were two stripes on the test strip, one on the control section and one on the test section. I kissed her neck. Donnie said quietly "Andrew, I want to do it again." Dee Dee's Story I had just gotten into the house and made my way up to my bedroom.

I stripped off my clothes and lay on the bed, waiting. It was already almost eight o'clock, so I knew that Andrew was probably in Indianapolis, probably already in Donnie, knowing them. I knew they would call as soon as they knew, just as we had called Donnie.

I wanted to take a shower, just wash off the day, the trip, and feel fresh and new again. But I didn't want to miss this phone call. It rang. I picked it up. "Preggers! Dee Dee we've hit the daily double!" Andrew grabbed the phone from her. "If your girls follow form and both have twins we've hit some kind of quadfecta." He gave the phone back to Donnie.

I said "Donnie he's probably right, you know. We may be going from 0 to 4 in nine months! I know that's no record, but it's close." Donnie was as excited as I had been on Wednesday.

So was I. We had every reason to be excited, and then I realized that Donnie had an additional reason.


"Oh, Dee Dee; does Andrew have a thing about your breasts? He just won't leave my breasts alone tonight. It feels so good." I knew what she meant.

"He thinks he is the royal breast inspector. I don't know why he's so interested. We're so small that I've always felt inadequate." Donnie was having a hard time holding up her end of the conversation. "Does he always use his mouth on yours? OH MY! I, uh, I can't wait to get home so we can, uh, talk about this, oh shit! Sorry Dee Dee. Oh dear! Andrew isn't on my, uh, breasts anymore. He's worked his way, oh GOD!, south, if you know what I, uh, mean." I knew exactly what she meant.

For a Northern boy, Andrew sure knows his way around the south, if you now what I mean. I had expected something like this to happen after he and I had done something similar on Wednesday. My hands had found their way to my pussy as soon as the phone rang. Being pregnant makes me horny. Every time Andrew looks at me cross-eyed I want to get laid. If he takes my hand in his, I want to get laid. When he walks into the same room with me, I want to get laid. This boy is going to be under a lot of pressure the next nine months, because Donnie feels the same way I do.

Honestly, just being around him was arousing even before I thought about pregnancy. Now I can barely control myself. Donnie was still talking. She thinks I sound like a slut! "Andrew, move your tongue over my clit, honey. Please, baby, stop teasing me. I need you to… Oh, yeah, that's it.

THAT'S IT!! AHHHH!" She stopped talking and started screaming. I could have hung up the phone and opened the window and still heard her. I wasn't far behind. I had been teasing myself with my fingers, never quite touching the really sensitive part. But when I heard Donnie go off, I had to follow.

I rubbed myself off, circling around and around my clitoris while my other hand continued to pleasure my pussy. God it was GOOD! I heard myself screaming. Then I heard Andrew laughing.

"Dee Dee, honey, are you alright? You're not having a heart attack or anything, are you?" He can't help teasing us. It's in his nature. I refused to play along, though. I'm too much the lady. "I'm perfectly fine, Andrew. You can just forget you heard anything at all. And you keep your mouth shut about it to that slutty sister of mine as well." "Okay, sweetheart; I see nothing; I hear nothing; I know nothing!" Donnie wouldn't leave it alone, of course.

She yelled at the phone, "I heard it too, Deirdre. You are a tramp!" Oh well, so much for decorum. Andrew said, "Dee Dee, we've really got to talk about things now. Everything before was just speculation. But now you are both pregnant. Of course, we won't know if I really am 'one of us' until you get pregnant the second time." Oh my!

We haven't even had the first batch yet and Andrew is thinking about putting some more in the oven. The man is incorrigible. "I suggest you don't hold your breath, Andrew." He said "Well I guess we could lend me out to some of the unattached twins, just to jump start the project, so to speak." I wasn't buying that one either. "You just be satisfied with what you've got buster. The other twins can find their own stud. We've found ours and we're keeping him!" He got serious.

"Deirdre, I love you. I can't wait to see you. I'll be flying in to Cincy next Friday.

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Donnie's coming too, so we'll be together for the entire weekend, anyway." "Andrew, please call me during the week. I'm going to need to talk to you." "Baby, I'll call you every night, just as soon as you two blabbermouths get off the phone with each other." I heard Donnie in the background saying "Have you two geniuses ever heard of a conference call?" Andrew said "The first thing I'm going to do is buy you some video cameras for your laptops. Then we can video conference. That will be better.

Maybe you could even, uh, you know, show off a little, if you know what I mean." I said "Andrew you are beginning to talk like us. I know exactly what you mean by 'show off' and you can rest assured we will not be displaying anything too personal on an internet broadcast!" "Aw, Dee Dee, come on.

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours." I'll admit, the idea has merit. "We can talk about this at some future time when the technology is in place. Until then, dream on." He said, "But dreaming isn't nearly as good as the real thing where you are concerned." Donnie took the phone from him. "Dee Dee, don't let that man talk you into anything.

We're supposed to be the ones seducing him, not the other way around. Andrew, stop it! No! Ohhh! Lower, go lower, baby! Uh, Dee Dee, I've got to get off now. That beast just will not leave me alone, thank God!" Yep. I figured that if Andrew had orally pleasured Donnie, he was just warming her up for the main event.

His warm ups would kill most women. His main event is what made me understand the term 'Death by Fucking'. I was thinking of that on the plane ride home. We are ready to birth the next generation, the ones who will replace the current species of human as the dominant life form on earth.

That's the theory, anyway. If our children, or their children, or our children's children's children are indeed a separate species, then they will slowly displace homo sapiens. But they won't do it as sapiens did to Neanderthals. We won't kill them off. We will love them to death.

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We will replace them one at a time, we will nurture those that remain, and then love the current human race to death. Homo sapiens won't be exterminated by war. It will be death by fucking. -- to be continued