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Pretty Tbabe got her bubble butt barebacked by a stud
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Anastasia Ridgeback was very pretty for a fifth-year.

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The rest of the girls in the Hufflepuff girl's dormitory were rather average in appearance, except for Anastasia and me. Don't think I'm full of myself, my brilliant pink hair just made me a little hard to miss. What made Anastasia so noticeable, you ask? Well, for starters, her long blonde hair tickled her round arse just right, and her breasts seemed too large to be stored away in her tight, black school robes.

I'm not nearly as piggish as I sound; I was just in love with this girl. Her bed was right beside mine and every night, we would change into our pajamas together, chatting happily about our day. Ana always talked about Ravenclaw boys, and I pretended to be interested in Gryffindors.


For almost five years, now, I had thought about Ana and only Ana, but she never suspected a thing. I was too afraid to say anything to her about the way I felt for her, it was too embarrassing! And what would happen if she thought something horrible about me and decided to never talk to me again? I couldn't take that chance. There was one couple, though, that gave me hope: Stephanie Silver and Missy Curtis.

The seventh-year Ravenclaw girls had been dating for three years and were planning to be married after graduation. Ana was Stephanie's best friend, and would be her maid of honor that summer. "How are the wedding plans going?" I asked Ana one day in the common room. "Ooh, wonderfully!" she replied. "Missy picked out her dress and I was allowed to see it.

It's absolutely beautiful!" I smiled at her. "Have you ever thought about being with another girl?" I asked, trying desperately to sound casual.

"You know," she said slowly, taking time to think, "I've considered it, but I don't know who I would try anything with." My heart skipped a beat.


"What about you?" I shrugged. "I've thought about it," I admitted, blushing. "So," she said, leaning over the arm of her chair to get closer to me, "have you thought of anyone in particular?" "No," I lied.

"Ooh," she said, sounding disappointed. "Have you figured out how to turn your toothpick into a worm yet?" "Not quite," I admitted, thankful for a change in subject. The next morning at breakfast there was a large crowd around the Gryffindor table. Two boys stood in the middle, looking terrified into each other's eyes. "What do you suppose that's about?" I asked Ana. "Dunno," she said. "Let's find out!" So, we joined the large crowd.

"Stupid queers," I heard a Slytherin boy say. I looked at Ana, she was looking at me with an odd smile on her face. "What?" I whispered to her, turning my head so she could easily whisper into my ear. I didn't hear anything for a second; I only felt a light tingling sensation on my cheek. I turned to look at Ana, confusion written all over my face. She was smiling. "Hogwarts doesn't need any fags!" called a Slytherin girl from somewhere behind us.

I looked up and saw the boys blush. One of them was definitely crying. "Silence!" a voice boomed and every head in the room turned toward the head table.

Dumbledore stood at his podium with his wand to his throat. "Please, be seated." Ana and I struggled to get through the crowd to the Hufflepuff table. She grabbed my hand to not get separated from me. I held on tight, wishing she would never let go. Finally, the crowd settled into their own tables and Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Marshall, Todd, please stand," he said, nodding toward the Gryffindor table. The two boys stood with their heads bowed. "I see nothing wrong with these boys," Dumbledore said.

"What seems to be the problem?" The gleam in his eye told us all that he knew. "They're a couple of queers!" called a Slytherin, and a few of his housemates hooted.

"No," said Dumbledore in a meddlesome tone, "I don't see anything strange about them. Boys, why would they say such things about you?" Marshall concentrated hard on his shoes while he said, "Because we're dating, professor." "Ooh, you're dating!" Dumbledore replied, sounding ecstatic.

"Now there's nothing wrong with that! Why, my only love was a man." The room went silent. Ana squeezed my hand. She was positively beaming. "I knew it!" she whispered. I squeezed her hand and smiled. "Now, boys, please be seated," Dumbledore said, gesturing towards Marshall and Todd.

"Please, everyone, eat. If I hear about anyone saying anything against these boys, there will be severe consequences. Keep in mind that I have a keen sense of hearing and ears all over this castle." Everyone sat down and started eating their breakfast. Ana regretfully let go of my hand, but never took her eyes off of me. We had herbology with Gryffindor first, and Marshall and Todd were in our class. "Congratulations, guys," I said with my arms around both of them. Todd smiled at me hesitantly.

"You mean it?" he asked. "Of course!" I said. "It takes a lot of guts to come out. I'm happy for you two!" "Thanks, Tonks!" they both said, grabbing each other's hands. I fell back to give them some privacy and Ana hooked her arm through mine. "All of this gay love lately is making me really curious," she whispered in my ear, lingering to breathe softly on my neck.

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I felt my hair change from pink to red to orange to blue. Ana chuckled. Herbology was a very long class that day. Ana and I didn't have class for another two hours after herbology, so we went back to the Hufflepuff dormitory.

Ana practically dragged me to the girl's dorm and laughed out loud when we got there. "What's up?" I asked, barely hearing myself over the beating of my own heart.

"Dora, I," she started, placing a hand on the small of my back and looking deep into my eyes. I turned my eyes to her favorite shade of green and she smiled. "I want it to be you," she finally finished. I looked at her, feigning confusion.

She sighed, but pulled me a little closer and placed her other hand on my hip. "Ana, what do you want me to do?" I asked in a whisper. She laid her head on my chest and sighed.

"I don't know," she admitted. "That's the problem." I ran a hand through her long, blonde hair until I got to the zipper on her robes. Careful to not get any of her precious hair caught, I unzipped her robes and rubbed her bare back. She let out a soft moan as I carefully pulled her robes away from her shoulders. "Is this okay?" I asked. "Ooh, yes, please!" she practically begged. I pushed her robes down her arms until they fell on their own to the floor.

Ana's perfect breasts waited for me in a lacy, black bra. I could see her hard nipples through the lace, begging for my touch. Her panties matched, and I noticed a small wet spot in her crotch.

I ran my hands over her arms, pulled her close and rubbed her back. My fingers found her bra's clasp and I gently unhooked it, sliding the straps down her arms to expose her welcoming breasts. "Ana," I whispered, pulling her close and moving her hair out of the way so I could kiss her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips and she struggled to find the zipper to my robes. I shimmied my way out of them when she had them unzipped, revealing my turquoise bra and panties.

Her gentle blue eyes shakily searched my body and I suddenly became conscious of my appearance. I carefully pulled every hair on my exposed body back inside to make my skin as smooth as possible and slowly expanded the size of my breasts. "No, Dora," she said, tentatively placing a hand on one of my breasts. "Leave them like they were?" I smiled at her and shrunk them down to their usual size. She moved her hand around to my back and unclasped my bra, letting it drop to the floor. She smiled, placing her soft hands over my exposed breasts and squeezing gently.

I whimpered lightly. "Did that hurt?" she asked, letting go quickly. "No!" I said, grabbing her hand and placing it back on my breast. "Not at all." She looked tentatively into my eyes and I smiled reassuringly. "Let me." I laid her carefully across my unmade bed, crawling gently on top of her before closing the curtains around us.

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I mumbled a profanity as I crawled off of her to find my wand on the floor. I cast lumos and a spell to keep my wand hovering in the air above us. "Do you mind, or do you want the light off?" I asked.

She smiled. "On is fine," she said. I smiled and leaned over her, gently placing my lips on hers. Her lips parted and her soft tongue broke through to tease mine. I moaned into her mouth, gently cupping her breast with my left hand. I broke the kiss and slowly moved down so that my mouth was level with her breasts. My warm breath teased her nipple before I gently caressed it with my tongue.

She gasped, but tangled her fingers in my hair and wouldn't let me move my head. I laughed gently, flicking my tongue against her longing nipple again. Her moans encouraged me, and soon I had as much of her beautiful round breast in my mouth as I could fit and was rubbing the other gently with my hand. "Ooh, please!" she moaned, allowing me to pull my head back. Her thumbs were hooked in her panties, which were now clearly soaked through in anticipation. I crawled up and gently kissed her before backing down her body and slowly pulling her panties off.

Her gentle pink clit stood at attention, waiting, calling, longing for my touch. I breathed gently on it and she squirmed, pulling her knees up and thrusting her warm, wet crotch in my face.

I laughed gently before firmly licking her entire vulva in one pass. A sharp, encouraging gasp escaped her lips, causing me to temporarily lose my mind. I dove into her inviting crotch, pulling her thighs closer to me.

My tongue flicked along her clit and along her lips. I felt her hand squeeze my hair, pulling gently, but not enough to pull me away. I gently bit her clit, flicking my tongue against the tip and she let out a squeak. "Ooh, Dora!" she moaned, thrusting her hips higher and burring my face further into her crotch.

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I let out a low growl and she squirmed. Using two fingers, I gently searched for her G-spot, until she finally let out a sharp gasp. Licking her clit, I rubbed her G-spot, sending her into a frenzy of gasps and screams. I didn't care at this point if anyone heard us. Heard her.


Ana screamed louder and louder, until her back arched off of the bed and her body thrashed as she let out the loudest scream yet. Her body collapsed in front of me, and I looked up at her, my face dripping with her cum. "Ana?" I whispered. "Ooh, Dora!" she sighed. "Ooh, that was… incredible!" she was panting heavily. I gently kissed just above her clit, causing her to gasp, before crawling up her body to lie beside her.

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I wanted more than anything to tell her that I loved her, but I didn't know how she would react. "I guess it's my turn, then?" she asked, sounding a little scared. "If you don't want to, it's okay," I assured her. "I want to!" she said, rolling on top of me and slowly making her way down my body.

I arched my back to help her remove my panties and braced myself. She started off gently, licking and kissing my inner thighs before inserting two fingers into my vagina. I gasped, but silently encouraged her to continue by placing my hand on hers. Ana slowly lowered herself to my wet, longing crotch and breathed on it. I almost squirmed out of her grasp, but she held fast.

Slowly, she tickled my clit with her warm tongue and I moaned loudly. "Ana!" I gasped. I felt her smile as she licked more firmly. Her fingers found my G-spot and I let out a scream of pleasure. She gently rubbed my G-spot as she licked, sucked and bit my clit, and my throat grew raw as my screams grew louder.

Suddenly, my body shook violently and I let out a sharp scream, arching my back and digging my nails into the sheets on either side of me. After what seemed like five minutes of writhing in pleasure, I collapsed, panting, onto the mattress.

Ana crawled up me, curling up next to me and placing her arm across my chest. "How was it?" she asked, worry in her voice. I looked at her in amazement. "You have to ask?!" I said between breaths. She smiled, squeezing me gently. "Dora?" she said, sounding a little worried. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Is it too soon to say I love you?" she asked quietly. I smiled, rolling over on top of her. "Not at all!" I said happily before passionately kissing her. "I love you, too!" Apparently, one of the fourth-year girls had heard us when she went to her room and waited for us to walk past before leaving, because the next day, we were publicly accused of dating.

I didn't say a word about it, but looked at Ana. "Yes," she said proudly, looking lovingly into my eyes. "Yes, we are dating." Stephanie broke through the crowd and wrapped her arms around Ana.

"I knew it!" Stephanie said happily. "I knew you were gay!" Ana laughed. "Happy coming out," said Missy, wrapping an arm around my waist. I smiled at Ana and we leaned towards each other to kiss in front of everyone for the first time.