Gozando nos peitos da esposa safada

Gozando nos peitos da esposa safada
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I Had No Choice pt.4 By EFon So things were great. My wife had just given birth to the two most beautiful girls in the world, twins named Kristine and Katherine.

She had invited her friend Judy over for a threesome to release my supposed pent up sexual frustration. What she didn't know was that a few weeks earlier Judy's teenage daughter Becky, who was also my student still in High School, seduced me into introducing her the ways of womanhood in her own bedroom, with her mother's support and encouragement. Becky had, of course having been totally in love with me, twice a week during our 'tutoring' sessions cleaned my clock for the last two weeks before the birth of my babies.

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I'd never been so sexually popular since I first started getting some in college, but if I had thought that I couldn't get any more twisted up, I would have been wrong.

It would have been a quiet week off, if you don't count the newborns waking us up for feedings every three or four hours. And I had to go out and buy a breast pump to save the excess breast milk my wife's now ample breasts now produced.

I bottled it and placed them in the fridge for later use for times when Rachel was empty. That activity seemed natural for her, and often she would wake up at two in the morning and begin feeding the kids before they started crying, with her mother's instinct.

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Judy did come over and visit again at the end of the week, but we were too ragged with sleep deprivation for anything more exciting. By the end of the second week I was finally used to the 'regular' feeding sessions and interrupted nap sleep pattern and several times I'd let Rachel get more sleep by using the stored breast milk, microwaving it to warm, and bottle feeding the girls.

Judy and Becky started coming fairly regularly to check in on us, along with some people from both of our workplaces, all fawning over our precious wonders. By the end of the second week I had to admit though that I was getting randy thoughts while Judy or Becky were over, but I tried to ward them off from coming out. The only reason I'd even had sex with Judy was because Rachel had asked me to.

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I had a harder time rationalizing Becky, but luckily Rachel didn't know about it, and neither Judy nor Becky made any attempt to tell her, so far as I could tell. Saturday night after we'd put the girls to bed I cuddled up with Rachel watching some TV. She turned off the TV and said to me, "So, now that we got things under control with the girls, when are you going back to work?" "Well… I got four weeks maternity leave, and it's only been two, so I'll get all the time I can with you and the girls I can." "What about Becky?" That threw me and for a moment I thought she had somehow found out about my affair.

I nervously cleared my throat and got out, "What do you mean?" She looked at me sternly, "You know what I mean mister." I gulped waiting for her axe to fall. "She's got her SAT's that you were tutoring her for, and all the rest of your students need a full time teacher and not just a sub giving them study hall's for a whole month." I breathed easy with the weight of my adultery lifting from my mind, "Yea, but you and the girls…" She interrupted me, "…will be just fine.

You're only gone for nine hours during the day, and it's not like I can't just call Judy for help if I really need it. You need to go back to work. Your students need you." She smiled her confident and beautiful smile and I knew that I had lost this one. "All right," I conceded, "Monday morning I'm going back." "Good!" Becky said smugly with her win and placed her head back on my chest, snuggling lovely against me. I relaxed and closed my eyes holding her to me.

Then I felt her hands rubbing my chest and it felt great. Then her hands moved over my belly, and then continuing down to my groin, which hadn't seen any attention in a week. I'd been too busy to even think about it, but her gentle caresses flicked my sexual light switch and I quickly responded to her touch, growing firm and long.

While I really enjoyed it, I almost regretted her waking him up if I wasn't going to finish, but I wasn't going to tell her that. "Hmm… Looks like I need to put another baby to bed," she grinned. I groaned at the pleasure and bad pun together and she squeezed my now engorged penis.

I knew I had to give her the time she needed to heal from birthing our twins, but my cock now encouraged, throbbed to ravish my beloved wife's depths again like I hadn't in over four months. She winked to me and pulled the covers over her head, and in mere moments I began getting one of the best blowjobs I'd ever gotten. She massaged my balls with her hands, squeezed hard on my base, and sucked up and down my shaft deep and hard. It was so good that my loins burned and my cock pulsed.

She worked on me for several minutes, and I was in heaven. I really wished I could cum for her, but as great as it felt it still couldn't compare to the velvety glove of a woman's vagina that my cock craved. Rachel knew this, but she also knew that I loved a good suck before we moved to sex. It really got me good and hard for her and she also loved sucking on me almost as much as I loved being sucked on.

I ran my hands over her back and shoulders as she worked on me, then she turned and got on all fours next to me, allowing me to access her rear end. I ran my hands over her legs and ass. I spied her seam between her ass and pussy and saw that the stitches she'd had there were almost gone and while I could feel the clean scar, had healed remarkably well. "Oh… Now I see. My little girl is feeling better and wants get her cock back?" Rachel flipped the covers up off of us and withdrew my cock from her mouth, "I know you've been wanting me… unless Judy was better…" I surged up, pulling her head to mine, kissing her fiercely.

After a moment we broke apart, and our eyes reopened. "You're my wife, and the best lover I ever will have." She smiled, kissed me again, and hugged me tight. Then I heard her whisper in my ear, "Show me," and bent back over, pointing her naked ass at me.

I got up to my knees and lined my thick cock up with her moist pussy. I thought she would be loose from being stretched out so much from the babies, but as I gently plied my cock into her vagina I found she was already almost back to her previous tightness.

Not wanting to hurt her still I gently eased in and out of her, but immensely pleased to be making love to my own wife once more. I continued to pump her pussy from behind for almost ten minutes before she was panting and said, "Lie back, I need to ride you." I withdrew and lie on my back with my hard cock pointing up. She turned and straddled my hips, and quickly landed her pussy on my pole and began to vigorously grind her hips into mine before cumming with a loud groan.

I eased her back and let her catch her breath. She smiled at me next to her before whispering, "Your turn." I chuckled and rolled on top while she spread her legs wide.


I kissed and nibbled her neck while I readied my cock again and placed it at her wet front door. I eased in slowly, loving every delectable inch of her insides, and she purred with pleasure as I slowly made love to her. It never takes me long to cum after I've been sucked on really well and I sped up a little, but soon had a long and gentle orgasm that pumped a fresh load of my baby-makers into the womb that had recently held my twin daughters only a few weeks ago. As I pulsed inside her I could almost feel them swimming out of me and into her uterus, seeking out yet another egg to fertilize.

As I reopened my eyes to gaze at my wife and lover she smiled and said, "Thank you." I hugged her and we settled down to sleep until the next feeding time and drifted off to sleep. I didn't wake until late the next morning, and I felt guilty that I didn't wake with Rachel for their early morning feeding, or the next one for that fact.

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She was asleep now, but I knew she must have gotten up for feedings earlier. I got up and prepped a bottle of warm milk in the kitchen, then quietly snuck back into the bedroom to gently wake the girls with the bottle one at a time. After the kids had their fill and relaxed back to gentle wakefulness, I went back to the kitchen and made scrambled eggs and toast. I almost had it done for a breakfast in bed, but Rachel met me in the kitchen in her nightshirt rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

We ate and talked about the kids, who were always doing something cute. She handed me the phone and I called in to tell the Principal that I'd be back to work tomorrow, and was happy for us and thankful that he'd not have to temp two more weeks of my classes, since math & science were really his forte. Sunday slipped by all too quick before I found myself once again driving into teach at the High School Monday morning.

It was like getting back on a bike after a fall, I didn't even remember where in the curriculum we were at, but after the first rough class, the rest went by smoothly, until third period. This was Becky's class. I was nervous at first, but she was ecstatic to see me back at work and said as much, maybe just a little more delighted than the rest of the class, many of whom were missing not having a sub study hall again like the last two weeks.

I got through the class, but not without having to sit a few times behind my desk to calm a sudden hard-on I'd get from looking at her blonde curls or smooth bare legs.

For once I was just as relieved as most of the other students when the bell rang. The kids filled out, with Becky stopping by to ask if I was still up for tutoring on Tuesday. "I think Rachel would kill me if I stopped before your SAT's!" I laughed. She laughed as well and said, "Great…" winked at me and filed out with everyone else.

I leaned over my papers to start making some notes about today's lesson when another student, Lisa Cohen, a smart girl in the same class came to my desk. "Mr. Font, did you just say you were tutoring Becky for the SAT's?" I looked at her, a small girl with raven black hair.

She looked to have Asian decent, but spoke strait English.

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At a loss for words I said I was. Then she turned on her full sweet charm attack face, "Do you think I could get some tutoring help as well Mr. Font?" I couldn't tell her no without a good reason. Unlike my wife, Lisa surely knew that Becky was as good a student as she was, maybe a little better. I had no choice but to say, "Sure, talk to your parents and have them give me a call at home with when would be good for you." I scratched my number on a post-it and gave it to her. She smiled and thanked me and quickly proceeded out to her next class.

Damn. Now I really would have to give REAL tutoring. Well the SATs were coming at the beginning of November, so it would only be another month before I could go back to my normal life. That's what I'd do, wean Becky off to actually help other students, and be done with it after that. Sure I loved the attention and she was sexy as a fox, but this had to stop before I got caught and lost my job or went to jail, or worse, by Rachel and lost my wife.

Firming my resolve I got through the next class and was glad to hear the lunch bell. I closed my door and relaxed at my desk. I pulled out my sandwich and soda and ate in peace and quiet for only a moment before there was a knock at the door. It was Becky.

I went and opened the door, letting her in. "What is the problem Becky?" "The problem Mr.


Font," Becky said in a wanton voice, "is that you've been a bad teacher and I've been untutored for over two weeks…" She neatly shut the door behind her, locked it and pulled down the window shade. "Becky, you can't be serious! This is too far." I stammered, but she just unbuttoned her blouse revealing her ample young bosom, like a younger version of her mother.

No, I had to stop thinking sexy thoughts. Be firm Ed, you can say no. Then I remembered the promise. "Becky, you promised to keep this in your room." HA! I had her now. She'd have to back down to keep her promise.

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"Not exactly." She said, as she reached for my belt. "I promised not to ASK you for anything outside my room. Then you fucked me in my shower, and even in your wife's bed.

Now I'm not ASKING." She'd already loosed my belt and unzipped my cock as she knelt before me and before I could get out a reasoned response my engorged cock was encased in her eager mouth to her tonsils.

GOD DAMN that felt good. Here I was, standing at the front of my empty classroom, struggling to stand as my sexy young adulterous did her damn best to choke herself on my man-meat. She wasn't gentile, she was ravenous. The empty room echoed with wet sucking and my grunts as I had no choice but enjoy her quickly slam her pretty blonde head over and over down my shaft. Slowly my resolve crumbled and my urges took over.

Well if she wasn't going to ask, then nether was I. I grabbed hold of her head, with her ponytail in my right hand, and began thrusting into her mouth hard. She had been getting her lips almost an inch from my base, but with my firm hold on her head I made her nose pounding into my pelvic bone and lips go straight to the balls. Now I've mentioned before that I've never had a woman make me cum with anything but her pussy, and while many may not believe that it is true.

I don't know if it is something to do with not wanting to hurt my partner, impregnation fantasies, or homophobia, but no mouth, no matter how pretty, or ass, no matter how hot, has ever been able to set me off. I've even once has a BJ party bet in college where I had several girls, including my future wife, bet $20 each that they couldn't suck me off. I went home that night with a sore cock and full balls, but over $200 in my wallet and many girlfriends for the following months.

I'd never been so rough with a girl giving me oral sex, but if this is what she wanted, than this is what she'll get. I rammed in. HARD. She gagged, but I didn't relent.

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I don't know what came over me, but I felt an experience I'd never had before. Her hair was flying, her throat relaxed and I could feel her depths of her gullet swallow my cockhead and I just let go of all my frustration, anger, lust, and worry. With one last lunge I jammed my cock deeper than ever, grinding her nose into my base, and literally dumping my sperm strait into her stomach. Blast after mind-numbing blast shot from my cock.

After a few seconds she forcefully pushed me back, breaking my death grip on her head. She was gasping for breath and coughing up the last spurt of my cum. She stayed kneeling in front of me, and I just stood there, my shrinking cock still dribbling cum onto the floor in front of her, matching that which was still dripping from her wheezing lips and even running out of her nose. My euphoric bliss faded as the horror at what I'd done closed in on me like a tsunami of guilt.

"Becky…" I barely whispered. She didn't say anything for a moment, then with her head still down, she wiped her mouth and tear-filled eyes, but when she looked up it wasn't with the malice or betrayal I'd imagined. She looked at me with a purely natural smile. I dropped to the floor and hugged her and I almost cried. "I'm Ok Ed, it was just a little more than I'd expected." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" but she silenced me with a kiss. We just sat in quiet peace, out lips not lusting after each other, just lightly loving each other.

It must have taken a while longer than I'd thought because my watch, which was set to warn me a few minutes before lunch ended, began beeping. I reached down to my wrist and silenced it. We sat for a moment longer until I said, "We have to get cleaned up." Becky nodded, then we rose and redressed.

I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned my cum from the floor.


It was only moments before we finished I heard the end of lunch bell ring. Becky smiled and kissed me once more before silently moving to my door, pulling up the shade, and with one last sweet glance back, opened and slipped out the door.

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I was still in a daze at the next class of students, grumbling and jabbering flowed into the room, eventually taking their seats before the bell rang for the start of class.