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British Mother Want To Fuck
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Gaara wanted to explode in sheer rage. So he did. "Fuck you, Sakura! You miserable little fucking slut!" he snarled out. "Go back to that little fucking cock in our bed, enjoy!

But know this, you will never see or be near me again. Your fucking loss!" Slamming the door in her shocked face. The rage begins to finally calm a bit as he climbs into the waiting cab and directs the driver to The Black Forest Resort. Making pit stops at some clothing stores to purchase new clothes and necessities along the way.

Arriving at the resort exactly two hours later. After paying the driver, he climbs out with his bags. Taking a deep breath, he enters the pleasantly, dark resort. He quickly heads to the front desk to get a room. After the necessary paperwork is done, the clerk hands him a key card for room 666. "Sir, the room is just now getting finished by the housekeepers, would you mind waiting in the bar for about 20 minutes?" the clerk politely requests.

"Sure, I need a drink anyways." Gaara mumbles, heading to the bar quickly. Gaara orders a glass of Absinthe and slides into the soft black leather recliners near the fireplace and closes his eyes. His breath calm and even. Suddenly, a chill crawls over his skin, he feels like someone is watching him. Cautiously opening his eyes to glance around, his breath catches as he sees a woman staring right at him.

His eyes widen to take her beauty in. She is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. And he's seen alot. Drinking his Absinthe in one long gulp. She looked to stand five foot six, her body was most definitely worthy of worship. Her fair, pale skin flawless and glowing. Long, flowing red hair and piercing black eyes perfected her goddess-like features. Her full lips painted black curled up into a small smile full of sexual heat and promise.

The clerks hand lands on his shoulder quietly. Gaara clamps his hand over the intruding hand forcefully, almost jumping. "Oh sir! I'm so sorry. I was just letting you know your room is ready, " the clerk explains. "Thank you." Gaara replies curtly, already headed for the elevator. Trying to relax as the doors close.

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Punching the button for floor eighteen. Gathering his bags and composure as the doors slide open on his floor. Quickly and quietly, he makes his way down the hall to his room. After entering and throwing the bags onto the couch in the sitting area, he takes a long look around.

It wasn't a room but a suite. A large bedroom was connected to the living room. Both rooms richly decorated in Black and Blood-Red silk and the bed looked to be made for sinning.

Smiling, he casually undresses and heads to the shower. After a long hot shower, Gaara steps out and vigorously towels his usually pale skin till its red. Brushing his short red hair, he checks out his reflection. He stands six foot four, his body chiseled and toned.

Being blessed with a thick ten inch cock was just icing on the cake. At least in this form. He wasn't really human, not at all. His real name is shukaku, and he is a lust demon.

But sadly, he's trapped on the surface until he finds his true mate.


Sighing softly to himself, he turns to head to the large bed. A soft knock on the door changes his direction. Grabbing the dark silk robe hanging in the closet, provided by the resort, and slipping it on. Opening the door, smiling wide when he sees that the gorgeous woman from downstairs is standing there. "Hello," Gaara grins, looking down at her. "Can I help you?" Her black eyes lazily travel up and down his body, sending a trail of fire coursing through his veins.

"Hello. My names Lithium. I hope you feel the fire that burns between us like I do. May I come in?" Lithium's voice just as sexually alluring as her looks.

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For a moment, Gaara can't help but stare. Bowing his head slightly, stepping back to let her enter.

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"I'm usually not so aggressive but my body seems to be betraying my mind, Gaara." Lithium softly whispers as she enters and backs him up until the couch hits the back of his knees. As he falls to the couch, her small hands grab the tie to the robe. The delicate silk untying easily. Gaara's eyes suddenly turn an unusual color, flaming to a deep amber as he looks up at her, his naked body on display for her between the parted robe.

His lips part slightly, a deep growl of appreciation rumbles deep in his chest at the pure lust in her eyes. "Gaara, I'm going to make you feel like a real man should" Lithium whispers as she kneels down between his muscular thighs.

He spreads his legs farther for her, slowly his amber eyes locks on Lithiums as he guides her mouth to his hard cock. "Lithium, I'm no man, I'm a lust demon. Turn away now if your scared but I'm burning alive from the lust I have for you." Gently and expertly, she licks up and down the shaft, driving him crazy and honoring him with her acceptance of his true nature. Using a hand to cup his balls, she starts to rub them gently. Moaning as she finally takes him deep into her mouth.

Gaara tangles his hands into her long hair to pull her closer, his hips bucking. His hisses and snarls fill the room. The orgasm building quickly in him. "Oh fuck, Lithium! I'm gonna cum!" he barely manages to rasp out past the growls of pure pleasure. Shocked he was cumming so quickly. Lithium slows her movements for a moment but only to wrap her hand around the base. Stroking him fast and thrusting her mouth down on him faster. Silently pleading for his cum. "OH! SHIT" Gaara growls out, his body tensing up hard as he orgasms, filling her mouth and throat with thick creamy cum.

The only sound after Gaara's growl of rapture is Lithium's tongue slurping up all of his cum hungrily. She keeps licking and sucking until she cleans him. Raising her head finally, her smiling mouth wet with his cum, "Mmm, Your cum is so hot and powerful.

My body is aching for you now, my demon" Lithium moans loudly. "Let me see you, Lithium.


I need to see you now!" Gaara orders. She stands, slowly peeling the black shirt from her curvy body, she unbuttons her long, baggy Tripp pants, letting them slip down to stand completely bare before him.

"Am I pleasing to your eyes, My dear Gaara?" Shukaku grins demonicly, "Call me Shukaku, my peite little morsel." Scooting to the edge of the couch and hooking his hands around her soft pale thighs, pulling her to him. Slowly and sensually, cupping her pussy and sliding a finger in her folds to tease her clit.

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"Oh fuck yes, Lithium," his lust filled voice hissing, "My body is burning alive for you. But first, I must taste." his hand spreading her folds open, eyes locking onto hers as his hot wet tongue teases her clit. "Shukaku! Oh fuck yes!" Lithium's soft voice exploding in passion.

"Taste me. Feel my passion for you." Lithium's small hands grasping his hair, urging deeper thrusts with his tongue, pulling him closer. Her leg lifts up and hooks over his shoulder to allow his tongue deeper penetration. He grunts and begins to tongue fuck her hot wet pussy. Her hands grasping his headurging more.

Her loud moans echoing in his mind. "Ohf Fuck Yes! Taste me now!" she screams as her hot cum fills his mouth and throat.

His thrusting tongue continuing until he swallowed it all. As soon as he removes his mouth from her, he stands and scoops Lithium up into his arms.

Carrying her to the bedroom and laying her down. "My well sweet, i must tell you that I'm no mortal man," Gaara's long black tipped fingers coaxing her pussy, "Do you still wish to have my body? Do you wish to see what I really am?" Lithium nods yes, the pleasure he was evoking to great to speak through.

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Moaning loudly in protest as he moves away. As she stares at him, he transforms. He grows to be over seven feet tall, his eyes become pure amber and slightly slanted, a long forked tongue darts out quickly, the muscles he has, amazingly become bigger and more defined, he aslo grew a long scaled tail, and large black bat-like wing, after taking this all in her eyes glide to a stop on his cock. His thick ten inch cock is now at least fourteen inches. "Do you still want me, my sweet little Lithium?" Gaara growls.

He gets his answers by her spreading her thighs slowly, and licking her lips. "Oh darling, you won't be sorry!" he growls.

Jumping on the bed and raising her legs straight back and up, causing her ass to lift off the bed. He rests her ass on his thighs, and guides his cock to her tight pussy. "You ready, my sweet?" "Oh god YES! Fuck me now!" she screams out wildly, her hand darting down to begin to rub her clit.

Gaara growls and thrusts half his cock deep into her. Her pussy spasms forcefully around his cock. Pumping in and out slowly, moaning deeply with each thrust.

"Oh god, your so tight, sweet! I want all my cock deep in this hot pussy so bad!" "Give it to me! I need to be filled by you!" she begs. His control breaks, throwing his head back, howling. He shoves his cock deep in her wet pussy. Her screams urging his animalistic urges. He begins to ram his whole cock in and out over and over.

His growls deepen and grow longer as he fucks her hard and fast, his balls slapping against her ass. "Oh fuck yes, Lithium! Your so hot and tight!" he grunts. Her pussy suddenly grips his cock tighter, her screams filling his head.

Her hot cum gushes out around his cock, driving him over the edge. Pounding deep and hard, spurting large bursts of cum deep in her. Lithium's legs and arms wrap around him quickly, "Please don't leave me!

I won't be able to live alone now that I've tasted heaven" Holding her tightly, gasping for air. "Lithium, my sweet morsel, I'm never, ever letting you go ." Gaara whispers into her ear, knowing he had just found his true mate.