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Blonde teen girl sucks cock xxx gina valentina gets her wish
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Prize Pig Story: #12 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 05 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: PiasaBird2004 Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** In a strange world before cannibalism, where actual pig's a cow's were used for meat instead of human female's we find ourselves at the 10th annual county fair where a some what strange pageant is about to take place.

Jessica a short busty, 18 year old blonde, with flowing hair and blue eye's was attending the county fair, her father Steve entered their family farm's best pig, their farm having won the last 4 county pig pageant's they felt their sow would prevail.


"come one come all, the 10th annual county fair's barnyard pig pageant will begin soon" came the voice over the loud speaker as Jessica and her father prepared there pig for the contest, there wasn't much time to wash there sow for the judging. "Stay here and watch Betsy while I go fetch someone to help move her on over to the judging stand" Steve said as he left there hut on the fair ground's. Jessica being so excited could not bare to be stuck in a muddy tent watching some smelly old pig, this being her first time at the county fair, now that she was old enough to attend that is, she thought to herself "I don't have to watch some smelly old pig, no one will bother it anyway" and left the tent to look around.

On his way back to their hut the flame's and smoke could be seen, fearing the worst Steve began to run toward the flame, once there he could already see people trying to put down the flame's to save the other tent's before the fire spread, looking down at the charred remains of his muddy tent and Betsy, he quickly thought "where's Jessica" looking around he saw no sign that Jessica was anywhere in or near the hut while it was aflame.

Seeing Jessica walking toward what was left of the hut caused Steve to breathe a sign of relief "Dad what happened here?" Jessica asked shocked at what she was seeing "You tell me?

I told you to stay here and look after Betsy!" he said in an almost yelling tone. Jessica bowed her head "sorry daddy I just wanted to see the fair" The judging was set to begin, without a pig to enter he began to pack up what little the fire hadn't consumed as the judge approved "Hiya Steve, sorry this had to happen, look's like someone don't want you to enter this year" he said as Steve looked on toward the rest of the lined up pig's by the judge's stand.

"Tell you what we will hold off on the judging for a little while if you can get another pig here to enter" he said as Steve began shaking his hand madly "yes, ill try to get another pig".

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Calling his Dan his head farm manager informing him about the loss of Betsy, "what Steve we don't have a pig that is good enough to replace Betsy" Dan said.

Steve hung up the phone and returned to the charcoal mess that use to be his tent, "Dan says we don't have a chance without Betsy, so we might as well go home" he said looking in to the blue teary eye's of his daughter, it was at this moment he got an almost insane idea but time's being what they are changing fast he thought it just might work.

Calling the judge over "I got a replacement pig but ill need a new tent to prepare it" he asked the judge. Giving them a new tent, Steve was ready to begin "Dad why did you lie to him we don't have a replacement for Betsy, do we?" she asked him puzzled waiting for his answer "Sure we do honey" he replied "Where daddy?

I don't see it" she again asked more puzzled and now slightly scared. Looking in to her eyes "you, are Betsy's replacement, now stop, piggie's don't wear cloths" he replied.

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Taking a step back "Me?, you cant be serious" she said as her father took a step closer blocking the tent's exit, "daddy what if I win?" she said placing her hand over her mouth, "What IF you win?, I don't want to hear that YOU WILL WIN!!" he replied taking a further step closer reaching for her tank top shirt to begin removing it "our farm's reputation is on the line, we never lose" he said as he forced her shirt off "but daddy, the prize pig always goes to slaughter after the contest" she said as her father ripped off her gene's.

Standing there in front of her father in panties and bra, "SO!" he replied motioning for her to remove the bra and panty's "but daddy?" she tried to protest.

"I don't want to hear but daddy anything, its your fault Betsy is gone" he replied forbearing a gag in her moth and snapping a collar around her neck then placing a long leash in the middle ring little piggy Jessica was ready for the show.


Forcing Jessica onto the ground to walk on all four's Steve threw a sheet over her an started her walking toward the judges table, once there she was made to sit on the end of the row of lined pigs. Starting from the first pig in line the judge judged the contestants, open reaching Steve's entry he was asked to remove the sheet and reveal his best pig to the judge. Reaching for the sheet Steve grabbed and ripped it off of Jessica, once she had been revealed the other pig owner's all began to argue and yell with the judge that a human could not be entered into this pageant, "what have we got here Steve?

Your daughter?" the judge asked "yes sir, isn't she a fine pig?" he replied waiting for his judgment, "Steve you can't submit a human girl as a pig contestant" the judge said with his eye's glued to Jessica's nude form.

Steve began to speak "where does it say that?" he asked "this is a PIG! Pageant, didn't the word PIG! Give you a clue?" came a reply from one of the other pig owners "I meant where does it say that in the rules?" came Steve's sharp reply.

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Looking it up in the county rule book, "apparently when the rule's were laid put, no one considered someone would want to enter a human in the pageant knowing the winner would go to slaughter but he's right no where in the rule book does it say a human can't enter the pig pageant" the judge replied.

Forced to accept Jessica as an entry the judge began to pinch her arm meat for thickness and quality, the same as he would do to any pig fit for slaughter, he then moved to her breast squeezing each in succession, not so much for sake of judgment but rather to cop a cheap feel of a lovely young lady.

After several minute's of adding up the contestants score's the judge returned to announce the winner, walking over to the microphone on the stage he began to read out the score announcing "Pig Jessica" the winner.

Jessica's heart sank and she began to scream though her gag, all that could be heard sounded just like the squeals of any frightened pig.

As usual after the announcing of the winner, even under these circumstance's where the Prize Pig was a human girl, the auction began as Steve was handed his 5th pig pageant winner's cup, after several minute's everyone began to think of Jessica not as a human girl but as any other prize pig waiting for slaughter, the owner of Hill's Fine Meat's having won the auction, paid for his pig.

Walking over to Jessica he made her stand, forcing her hand's behind her back and tying them tight at the wrist, Jessica looked toward her father to save her but he had already disconnected himself emotionally and also just considered her another pig sold for slaughter, as she was dragged away squealing.

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Jessica had seen many prize pig's slaughtered over the year's, once arriving at Hill's Fine Meat's she had some idea what was to become of her as she was penned up in the sty with the other pig's at Hill's.

Hearing about the pig pageant and the prize pig being a human girl who would be slaughtered, butchered and sold for meat, the order's began pouring in everyone wanted a piece of Jessica, having so many order's to fill it was decided that it was time for Jessica to meat the axe. Since all pig's can do is squeal Jessica would not be allowed any last words since the gag was never going to be removed, taking her out back the butcher forced Jessica's head down on the chopping block and went to swing the axe to chop off her head just as the axe came crashing down Jessica quickly moved her head and the axe dug deep into the work block, "Keep that pretty little head of yours still, or ill butcher you alive!" he said as he forced her head down on the block a second time.

Not wanting to be cut up while still alive Jessica resigned to her fait and awaited the axe's fatal kiss.

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With her head on the block the butcher raised the axe, Jessica could see the shadow of the axe in the grass and tried to scream as it came crashing down cutting her head clean off her body, blood began pouring from the gaping hole in her neck as the final death spasms took over and Jessica stopped twitching.

Her body was then taken to the kitchen where she was butchered in various cuts of tasty meat and sold. It was decided by the county that Jessica's meat was so good that next year all the contestants to the pageant would be human girl's and renamed "the Girl-Pig Pageant" thus entering a new age of cannibalism.


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