College boy physicals naked massages gay Early this week I received a

College boy physicals naked massages gay Early this week I received a
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She was an ordinary girl or so you would think. She had long waist length blonde hair and beautiful blue aqua blue eyes. Her body was beautiful, her breasts were small but firm, her waist was tiny and her ass was perfect.

Her legs were strong and muscled. She was a short woman but her shoulders were large and broad making most men afraid to approach her. She had a boyfriend of sorts. His name was Mark. He had met her through her brother. He still remembered the first day that he had seen her. She had been sitting on the back porch rail with one leg up painting her toes nails in a pair of short shorts that showed off her ass. She had been listening to music loudly and drinking a beer. As he watched she had changed legs and took a long swig of her beer tilting her neck back as she did.

He had instantly got a hardon just watching her. He approached her at first just talking and after a few days he had even got close enough to touch her legs and breasts and kiss her but nothing more. It was the middle of summer and their air conditioner had gone out. All of the neighborhood kids chose their house as a hangout being that it was the biggest house and all. On those hot nights they all slept under a sheet tied to two box fans.

It was cool and comfortable. One night he edged closer to her as she slept and reached to stoke her hair waking her up. He smiled at her and pulled her to him to kiss her. He then reached to stroke her breast and pulled her shirt up to suck it. She moaned pleasantly. She pushed him back and pulled his cock out of his boxers and bent her head and started sucking him she then moved to suck and lick all up and down the shaft and then licked the tip and then down to suck his balls and back up to suck him again.

He pushed her back and took off his shorts and then her shorts and panties.

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As he pushed his cock into her he bent to kiss her smothering her moans in his mouth. He pulled her onto him as he pushed into her. She bent her back pushing him more into her. Over and over he pushed into her. He moaned into her mouth that he was about to cum and reached to rub her clit wanting her to cum with him. Her breathing grew faster and harder as she started to shake. He moved faster and faster increasing his hold on her clit. As he moaned that he was cumming she pushed into him hitting her finish at the same time.

He layed half way on top of her not wanting to hurt her and kissed her. After a few minutes he helped her put her clothes on put on his wrapped his arms around her and they both went to sleep. As school began everyone knew that he was her man. But noone knew the secret behind their relationship. He had friends that had told him that they wanted her. After talking with her they agreed if they paid him a said amount she would have sex with them.

The only rules were that he had to go talk with her first and let her see that they were with him, they could never never hurt her nor could they tell anyone else. Other than that everything was ok.


One night he came over with a friend. He went in and told her the guy was there with him kissed her and left. The guy came in being that the lights were out she didn't know who it was and didn't care to know. As long as Mark knew it was ok.

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The guy sat down and reached as it to kiss her but he suddenly pulled her hair. She slapped him and he let go and slapped her knocking her back. She raised up to slap at him and he again slapped her back. He grabbed her wrists and she kicked at him. He put his knees over her legs and tied her hands together and then to the bed. She twisted against him and he again slapped her. The blow knocked her out for a moment and when she came to he was squeezing her breasts leaving bruises on her tender skin.

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He then ripped her pants and panties off and pulled her legs apart leaving bruises on them. He held them apart as he pulled his cock out and shoved it into her. She cried out and twisted against the ropes holding her hands. He roughly swung her over and shoved her legs open and shoved his cock into her again. He slammed into her pulling her hair and slapping her ass and legs. She could only whimper in pain.


He finished and left quickly. About a hour later Mark returned after tapping on the door and getting no answer he entered with his key to find her tied to the bed. He quickly untied her and pulled her into his arms and held her as she cried and told him all that had happened.

The next day at school you could not even see her bruises she wore clothes and makeup that covered them. Mark went with and talked to the coach and explained what had happened.

The coach agreed to come see her after school to help relieve the pain in her arms and shoulders. The next day it was all over school what had happened to Daniel (the guy that had hurt her) No one knew why but 4 guys had jumped him outside of school and he was in the hospital with a concussion, two black eyes a broken nose, jaw and shoulder and a busted knee. He hadn't seen his attackers and knew that if he told what had happened he would be in trouble and no one else.

For three weeks Mark pampered and treated her like a baby. Then one night as they sat on her bed she kissed him and he felt that she was ready for him. He kissed her from head to toe and carefully sucked her breasts and then moved between her thighs. He stuck his tongue into her as she moved her pussy into his face. He fingered her clit into she hit her orgasm then moved to suck her clit and placed two fingers into her. He fingered her pussy and sucked her clit until she orgasmed yet again.

He then offered her his cock which she lovingly took into her mouth.

She licked the shaft up and down and moved to suck the tip then to lick it all around. She then grabbed it looked into his eyes and told him to give it to her. He moved to carefully put it in her and fucked her slow and gentle.

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Over and over he rocked into her causing her to orgasm again and again. He then moved faster and faster causing her to cry out as he hit his orgasm pumping squirt and squirt of hot cum into her tight hole. He rolled over with her and kissed her softly as they fell asleep. The next day when the coach came to see her, Mark simply smiled at her and nodded as he left the room. The coach rubbed her shoulders and arms as she leaned against him. As he rubbed harder and harder she began to moan.

He stopped and looked into her eyes and asked her if she stil hurt. Yes she told him and took his hand and placed it between her thighs.

He could feel the warmth of her through her shorts and he began to rub her. She moaned and pulled his head to kiss him and then moved down to undo his pants she took his large cock into her mouth and sucked him gently. Then she licked the tip of his cock as she pulled on the shaft. He moaned and pushed her head onto his cock.

She sucked him harder then pulling on his cock she looked at him and told him to fuck her good. He removed her shirt to suck her breasts. Then her shorts finding no panties. Smiling he eased her onto her back and moved to lick her pussy. He eased his tongue in and out as she pushed his head down onto her. She bucked against him as she hit her oragasm.

He raised up and raised her legs and entered her hot hole. She moaned as he pushed his large cock into her. He started moving slowly but she grabbed his head pulled him down and told him to fuck her hard.

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He raised up and gripped her hips and began moving faster and harder. He slammed into her his balls slapping her ass. As she bucked and moved under him begging him to make her cum. He moved to finger her clit in time to his cock slamming her pussy.

She hit her orgasm just as he too hit his. Pumping his semen into her hot cunt as it squeezed him for more. He pulled out dressed and kissed her and left.

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Mark came in and smiled at her and told her that she had done a good job. A few nights later he came over and told her he had another friend that wanted to see her. He told her he would stay right outside and the window was open so he could hear everything. His friend entered and sat down. He bent and kissed and told her that everything was ok he wouldn't hurt at all.

She began to relax as he kissed her more then moved down to remove her shirt and sucked her breasts.


First one then the other and then back again. He then moved to kiss her stomach and then removed her panties. He removed in between her thighs to kiss her cunt. He ran his tongue into her hole and licked her and then pulled her more into his face as he ate her pussy her juices running onto his tongue.

She orgasmed again and again. He then moved to remove his pants. She reached down to grip him and gasped at the size of his cock. He smiled and offered it to her. She took it in her mouth and started to suck it. Then she licked all the way up and down it and sucked the tip. She sucked and caressed his balls and then sucked him again. He pulled away from her and moved to enter her. She gasped as he entered her slowly.

He began to move faster and faster kissing her as she moaned. He then helped her to roll over and pulled her hips onto him again. He fucked her hard as he reached to massage her clit. He moved faster and faster as his balls slapped her ass.

He then layed down and pulled her to ride him. She rode him moving up and down back and forth as he gripped her hips. She hit her orgasm as he too hit his.

He pumped squirt after squirt into her pulsating cunt. He helped get dressed and then pulled his clothes on. He kissed her and told her that he would come back and soon. After he left Mark came in and kissed her and told her that his friend had left very happy and she told him that she had enjoyed it alot too. He kissed her and left. She layed down and went to sleep happily satisified yet again.