Crazy teen fucked by doctors

Crazy teen fucked by doctors
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This is the story of my first experience with a man. The people my age will remember the old roadside rest areas that were frequented by older gay men for their discreet meetings.

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This is where my story takes place. This is my first attempt at writing any story, so constructive criticism is appreciated, but please be gentle. Even before I started driving, I loved going out to the old style rest area (by old style, I mean outhouses and no electric) about 2 miles from my house to read the graffiti on the walls. Mostly, just kids writing their stupid sayings or "so and so was here", but those weren't the ones that interested me.

I was intrigued by the 'ads' for blow jobs on the mens room wall. Almost once a week, the state workers would paint over all the writing, but on occasion, I got to read the when, where and how to meet someone. Of course, not being able to drive, I wasn't able to go out at the times listed. During the summer, I'd ride my bike almost daily the couple miles to see if anyone had written something new, or maybe actually catch someone there writing, but never with any luck.

So it became my daily routine to pack a lunch, ride out to the rest area and eat lunch and if no one showed up, I'd read the ads, jack off and go home. When I turned 16 and was able to drive, I started to explore other roadside rest stops in the area and found all of them had the same types of messages.

I started to visit some of the rest areas further from my house and would jack off reading the 'ads'.

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On occasion, someone would stop in the rest area while I was there, most were just travelers using the stop for it's intended purpose, but several times the men seemed to a little hesitant to go in with me sitting on the benches nearby. It took over a year, but I finally worked up the nerve to visit one at the correct time and place for a meeting.


The correct protocol at this particular rest area was to back into a parking spot, turn off your lights and car, step on your brake three times, get out of your car, rub your crotch, then go into the mens room and wait with your dick out. As I pulled in, there was one other car parked in the lot, and it was away from the buildings.

I sat for a few minutes before deciding I wanted to try this and I did as directed and went into the mens room. It seemed like forever, but in about 20 seconds, I heard the door slam on the car in the lot.

I waited inside for the door to open, a man about 50 walked in, a faint smell of beer was on his breath and I began to worry as it was very difficult to see as he stepped towards me. I jumped as I felt a hand grabbing my cock and begin to feel and pull on my limp cock. He told me he could do more if I got in his car with him, so I zipped up and followed him across the lot to his car.

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As we sat, he asked the typical questions; how old I was, if I'd been with a guy before, what I'd let him do,etc. During the conversation, he began to rub me through my jeans, enlarging my already stiff cock. We continued the small talk and he continued to slowly work himself into my jeans, first undoing my button and zipper and playing with me through my underwear. Then moving into my shorts and actually stroking me.

I had never been so nervous in my life, then he asked the all important question.


"Do you want to take off your pants so I can suck you off good?" I pushed my pants down to my ankles, asking if that was good enough, without a word, he leaned across the console of the car and began to give me my first man to man blow job.

The feeling was intense, as I'd never received a 'good' blowjob from any of the girls my age that I'd dated.

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He took his time and seemed to enjoy every inch of my cock, all the time his hand was massaging my balls and stroking my cock as he went up and down. Then he spread my legs slightly and started to rub just under my sack, a feeling I won't ever forget, and then he surprised the hell out of me by moving a bit more down and stared rubbing my asshole.

I was in pure heaven, then he tried to stick his finger in my ass, this was far beyond anything I'd imagined and by my reaction, he stopped, but his mouth never left my cock.

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I pushed his hand back down and told him it just surprised me and he could do it and I'd stop him again if it got to uncomfortable. He slowly began to work a finger into my ass,which to this point had been an exit only, and as I began to relax and enjoy the sensation he was able stick his entire finger in my ass.

I was surprised by the fact I hadn't cum yet, I'd been being sucked for nearly 20 minutes and had been fingered for about 5, so I started to stroke myself with his rhythm until I started to feel the beginnings of my orgasm and I asked where he wanted me to cum.

He just put his other hand on mine and started to jack me faster as he sucked me harder and faster and in no time I'd blown my first wad in to a man's mouth.

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But he wasn't done yet, he continued to suck me at the same pace until I'd nearly passed out. Surprisingly, I felt the stirring of another orgasm building, the second orgasm hit me and I couldn't believe that cumming could feel better than it had in the past.


I spent many a nights after that in those road side rest areas, getting blown by anonymous men, and eventually giving my first blow job in one of those same road side stops. Unfortunately, the state shut down each and every one of those rest areas in the next 4 or 5 years and my forbidden enjoyment was put to a stop.