Freaky amateur with big tits just wants to suck a cock

Freaky amateur with big tits just wants to suck a cock
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Marjorie 3 This is a continuation of one story, you really will need to read this from the beginning. I downed what was left of my coffee and while still naked I walked to the shower. I left little droplets of dog cum in the living room as I made my way to the master bath.

The living room has the only hardwood floors in his house, at least for now anyway. I felt a whole lot more awake after my shower but oh my god what a feeling I still had from having my vagina stretched out like that, that big knotted dog cock had totally filled me. I wandered naked back to the kitchen and looked down on the floor where it had happened. There were still two puddles, one of my drool and Bobs sperm and another one of puddled up dog sperm.

Plus a little trail of it where it had still been leaking out of my pussy after I had stood up. I just couldn't clean it now, my husband wasn't home till tomorrow and I wanted to look at this for a while before destroying the evidence.

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I was pulled out of my revere by a knock at the door. I grabbed my robe, but I only carried it with me to the door. A look through the peep hole showed it was Bob, with a worried look on his face and a cell phone in his hand. I threw my robe on the chair and opened the door naked. Bob was narrating as he walked, saying "I'm walking in now, she's uh, still naked" with a look that totally belied his tough guy act with me, he handed his phone to me so that I could talk to his wife.

Her voice sounded pissed. She asked if I was the woman that lived next door. I said yes. She said "I am at work now so I can't ask the questions that I want, so I want you to tell me everything so that I don't have to ask them" I was busted, I knew that much, I had to hope that if I was truthful with her then maybe I could still salvage my marriage.

I told her everything, yes I was standing there naked, my husbands E.D. I wanted to write a dirty dog story, I watched her and her husband, twice.

Everything, oh and please could you not tell my husband. She was quiet for a bit, then she said that she wanted me to come over, just as I was. To meet her and her husband properly. When could I do that? It was set up for tonight. Hopefully I could get this all straightened out before Paul gets home, but just to be sure I left Paul a note.

Just in case they killed me and cut me up and dumped me in a land fill. I had no idea what to expect but I knew that I had to go there naked. I told Paul that I loved him in my note and prepared to meet my doom. Apparently I imagined too many bad things, the night went wayy better than that.

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Bob came and got me before his wife got home. I was waiting for her naked in their living room. Bob was dressed, Luxor was on his leash and I stood there with my hands folded hiding my bush. Michelle came home from work, she was dressed in what looked like a sexy one piece nurse costume, then I read her name tag.

Oh my god, she's the pharmacist at Wal Greens! She still looked mad so I stayed quiet. She went through the list of things that I did wrong, then told me that my punishment was that I was going to have to perform for them like they had for me. And that since I had seen them on more than one day that my "punishment" would also take place on two different days.

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Starting tonight I would provide a sex show for her and her husband, and since I had spied on them on different days, that I would finish my punishment on a different day. My next day she was going leave me to her husband, to be used the same way I had seen her used. This second show she would watch through the fence the same way I did.


That if I did these two things then she would seriously consider not telling my husband. I was both terrified and thrilled at the same time. There was hope to save my marriage and possibly be blackmailed in to doing dirty nasty things that I might never have the courage to try any other way. Michelle then unzipped her one piece far enough to reveal a red lace bra that I am certain would show her nipples if she opened it wide enough. She motioned to her husband Bob towards the collar.

I blurted out that I didn't want him pulling out of me, I wanted to feel his knot. She smiled a wicked smile and nodded. I took my position on my hands and knees exposing my backside to Michelle and Bob. I felt my face flush at the obscene exposure and it only became worse as I heard Michelle snicker to her husband "look at all that hair" Bob then produced Luxor and let him mount me, as Luxor began wildly stabbing his cock in hopes of finding a open wet slit I heard Michelle whisper "oh god" As this was happening I realized that I needed to put on a good show for them to protect my marriage, I remembered how Michelle threw her head back as she was penetrated, just in time.

As Luxor found his mark and began breeding me in wild deep thrusts I threw my head back in shock opening my mouth and letting out a garbled groan. I heard Michelle gasp, then she said in a lower husky sounding voice "describe what he's doing to you" All I could think of at first was "oh god, oh god" which she really seemed to like.

I then was able to start thinking more.

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I said how long it felt, how far inside me he was going. Then I think I showed some of my fear in my voice as I described feeling his knot at my entrance. I couldn't help grunting when I felt it go in. Once it was in I gargled out the words describing how it felt to have the knot swell further while in me, how it felt like there was a fist pumping my insides.

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My talk was filthy, I was openly describing how this dog was fucking me and I was totally losing myself into this depravity. I described how I felt the skinny tip of his cock stabbing at my cervix or maybe it was my bladder, god I don't know. I was babbling now about what he was doing and then I felt him start going off.


All I cold feel was cock, knot, full, squirting, oh god he's squirting in me. I felt my toes curl as a filthy dog fucking orgasm took me. I felt my body shiver and heard Michelle say something about my tits wiggling before I lost my hearing. This orgasm was so powerful that I didn't realize that I had let my face fall to the floor.

I became more aware when I felt the cool floor on my breasts which were now laying on the floor. My ass was still up and I looked realizing that Bob was holding Luxor so that his knot would stay in me. This, and that both of them could most likely see everything that was going on down there, in vivid up close detail. Being helplessly exposed like that just threw me back into a erotic high, eventually Luxor did start to pull, how do you describe the feeling of having an animal try to pull a fist out of you?.

I could feel some of what Michelle had experienced. When Luxor did pop out I was commanded to stay in that position, just to hold as much of his dog sperm in me as possible. I heard Michelle talking as she walked up behind me. Then her slender fingers probing inside me feeling all the wet left behind.

I did nothing until I felt her fourth finger start to enter. I grumped in protest and she withdrew. Well that was good, it seemed that with all her talk she was willing to accept some limits too.

Now Michelle told me that I may as well stay there for a while because she didn't think that Luxor was finished. I looked at her now seeing that her one piece was totally open, one of her breasts was out of her bra and her matching red lace panties were in a funny position, like they'd been pushed aside and almost went back.

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Luxor got ready and began circling and whining, Michelle knelt down where I could watch, she began manually stroking his cock bringing it out of its sheath. Then she stepped back, Luxor looked confused for a moment just humping the air, then he mounted me.

Michelle guided him along with a few of her fingers into my sopping wet hole. Then she pulled out and he pushed back in.

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Michelle commented "look at her take it" and I found myself being violated for the third time in one day by this dog, and I was really starting to love it. I was in a situation that was out of my control and they were forcing fantasy sex on me, I came before Luxor did, I came while Luxor did and then I am embarrassed to say. I came while Michelle massaged my sopping wet and sore pussy right in front of her husband.

My husband wasn't due home for quite some time so to add some further humiliation to my day.

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Michelle held on to my clothing, they turned off their porch light and Michelle walked me home while carrying my clothing. While en route she told me in private that she loved seeing me hold on to the knot like I did. That every time she dreads and fears him pulling it out. That she would do anything to stop from being drug around the house by his cock, while it is going on.

But that every time that she thinks about it, all she remembers is being used and pulled by that cock. That she always tells her husband to collar her up before the next time so that Luxor is free to do it again.

Once inside the house I burned the note I had left for my husband, took a long hot bath and began dreading and hoping for my next and hopefully last punishment.