Teen liza rowe gives nice head hardcore and blowjob

Teen liza rowe gives nice head hardcore and blowjob
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The summer of my 10th grade year I had taken a life guarding class. I took the class through my school and another guy took the class with me, Tommy. I wasn't that close of friends with him; we talked in school and very little outside of it. Tommy was about 5' 7", Italian, with spiky brown hair and brown eyes. He played on the football team so he was very muscular. At the time I was still in the closet and apparently so was he.

I felt so weird when I first realized he was going to be in the class. I hated him in the fact that he was so hot and I was mad and jealous that he got all the girls. Every time I saw him I fell more and more in love with them, especially seeing him only wearing a bathing suit. During the day before one of the classes I was at home and Tommy instant messages me.

Tommy: Hey :-* lol Me: Hey, what's up? lol Tommy: Nothing much. Hanging out with Antonio later. You? (*try and remember him for later, he's Tommy's best friend and will come in later) Me: Same.

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Watching TV. Tommy: Are you excited about life guarding tonight? Me: Yeah I guess. Tommy: Cool, can't wait to see you in the showers.

:-P Me: You're so gay. lol (At this point my heart was racing and my mind was filled with lust filled thoughts.) Tommy: Well I have to go, see you later ;-) Me: See you then. :-P The class started and we did partner work on rescues and all that.

I had always went with my one friend Ashley who was in the class too, but then one day the coach told us to work with someone who we hadn't before.


The first two times I worked with two other people but the third time I was with Tommy. He had tried to pick me the other times but the other two beat him to it. What we had to do was take turns pulling the person across the pool on our backs.

Tommy pulled me first. As I rest there I rest my head on his shoulder and my ass was resting in his lap. We neared the end I could swear I felt his dick rising up. It was now my turn and I pulled him across fast so that I wouldn't get hard.

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That was our last exercise and everyone went into the locker rooms. We ended early and I lived nearby and it was a nice Friday night so I could walk home but I had to stay after because the coach wanted me to get all the equipment put away.

When I finished and entered the locker room, I was the only one left. The coach said he was leaving and trusted me to leave on my own. I was really excited because now I could jack off in peace.

I quickly looked around and dropped my shorts. I turned on the water and soaked my body. Not to be conceded but I'm pretty good looking, 5'5" (I know I'm short) brown hair and eyes, with a decent 6-pack.

I felt around my nipples and lowered my hand to my now growing cock. I started playing with myself and my mind drifted to thinking about Tommy with his hot, naked, wet body. I was there for a good ten minutes with my eyes closed when I knew I was close to cumming.

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Suddenly I felt a pair of lips meeting mine and instinctively kissed back a little. I opened my eyes and saw Tommy standing there. I pushed him away and shouted "What the fuck man!" I stepped back but I was against a wall. "What the fuck! I'm not gay what are you doing?" "I told you I wanted too see you in the showers. So I waited around for you and saw you jacking off and it got me horny." Tommy said.

As he talked he had on a grin that was enticing and frightening at the same time. He walked towards me and I backed up. He blocked my way with his arms and started kissing me. I resisted a little at first.

I've heard stories of guys who pretend to be gay just to "out" people at my school to get them jumped. I didn't want to be one of them. But something told me that wasn't going to happen and I was love struck.

I kissed back and he began to lower himself to my nipples. He licked, kissed, sucked and bit each one just to tease me and kept going. He reached my stomach and kissed my abs, which sent a chill up my spine and through my growing dick. He finally reached my dick and put his mouth around the whole thing.

He only gave me a few sucks and stopped.


"Let's continue this somewhere else, incase coach comes back." We threw on a layer of clothes and ran out the door. We walked in the darkening light to Tommy's house. I called my parents and told them that I was staying the night at a friend's house and would be back the next day.

We arrived at his house and he told his parents we were there. We hung out in his basement until his parents fell asleep. Tommy got up and snuck us some beers to loosen us up. We sat on a couch quietly with the television on as background noise.

We didn't know how to start so I chugged the rest of my beer stood up and took off my shirt. I leaned down to Tommy and we kissed tenderly on the lips.

I closed my eyes as our lips met and he slowly put his tongue into my mouth. Our hands wandered across each other's bodies and I pulled off his shirt. He sat there with the same smile he had when we were in the locker room. I couldn't help my self and blurted out, "I think I love you." He stared blankly at me and said, "Dude, I have a girlfriend." The words hit me like a rock, why would he tempt me like this, I knew he must have been trying to out me, I went to get my shirt and leave.

He grabbed my arm and turned me around. "But I love you too." I melted into his arms and almost cried. He went up the stairs to lock the basement door and rejoined me. There was a large mattress that was against the wall that we brought down onto the floor. He lay down and I walked down to the foot of the mattress. I crawled on top of him, kissing everywhere on his body. I reached his face and laughed a little.

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"I never did anything like this before." I said. "Don't worry," he said, "It'll be fine. First I want you to put your lips on mine like this." He leaned forward and our lips touched slightly. We would apply more and more pressure until eventually our tongues were moving wildly in each other's mouths.

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His cock was now hard and sticking up out of his mesh shorts as was mine. "Now I want you to work your way down to my cock, you owe me a blowjob you know." I went down to his shorts and pulled them down with my teeth, revealing a very visible outline of his cock through his boxers.

I licked up and down his shaft through the gray cotton which must have excited him because I saw where the tip of his cock was make a wet spot of precum on his boxers.

I went there and licked the precum up and then pulled his boxers off, rubbing his cock against my face along the way.

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I licked around the tip of his cock and tongued the slit. "Oh fuck yeah!" He said, "You're good for a beginner." I licked up and down the shaft again and reached up to fondle his balls. I went down and put them in my mouth and gave them a little tug. Tommy acknowledged his enjoyment by letting out a deep moan. "You like that?" I said. "Oh yeah baby, more." I went back up and put his cock in my mouth. I started with just the head, giving short sucks and licking all around to get used to it.

I was nervous and Tommy could tell so he put his hand on the back of my head as encouragement. He applied a little pressure and I took more of his cock into my mouth. He was only about 5 and a half inches so eventually I was felling his prickly pubes on my nose and felling his balls slap on my chin. I took in the smell of his musk as I slowly pumped his cock in my mouth." You love my cock don't you?

You just want your stomach filled with my cum don't you." I mumbled an answer which must have pleasured him more. I could feel him tense up and he pulled my head off his cock. "Wait, I want this night to last." We stood up on the mattress and made out. Our hard cocks were rubbing against each other. His hands wandered over to my ass and gave it a squeeze which made me laugh. "Why don't I finish what I started earlier?" He said.

He put his hand on my chest and lightly pushed me onto the couch. He got onto the floor in between my legs. He licked up from the spot in between my ass and my balls, all the way up to my head. I could tell he wasn't new to this.

He stuck out his tongue and went to town. He sucked on my willing cock until I felt like I was about to explode. He knew this and slid off my cock and stood up. I went to jack myself off to relieve my self but Tommy grabbed my hand and said, 'Just wait, save that for me. Now," he continued while walking over to the mattress, "do you think you're ready for me to fuck you?" he asked. "I thought you'd never ask." I said jumping towards him, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him deeply.

"Okay then," he said, "turn around and bend over." I turned around and bent down in front of him as sexily as I could and went onto my hands and knees.

He came up behind me and started kissing, licking and sucking my ass hole to get it wet and prepared. I moaned with pleasure and acceptance. Once I was good and wet enough, he placed his hands on my hips and pumped his dick between my cheeks, not in my hole just my cheeks.

I was so horny and he reached around and started slowly pumping my cock. He stopped a while and placed the tip of his throbbing cock on the edge of my hole. He pressed in slowly and I cringed with the new since of pain.

I was in pure bliss as more and more of his dick was inserted in my ass. He began to rock in and out faster and I bucked my ass back, begging for his cock. "Oh god, Tommy, yea fuck my ass!" I shouted. "Damn your ass is so hot." He said and pulled my shoulders back and turned my head towards him. He kissed me deep as he thrust himself deep into me. I could feel his cock swell and he pulled out of me.

"No please don't stop!" I said. "Trust me, you'll like this." Tommy replied, turning me around so I was lying on my back on the mattress. He went up towards my face and jerked his cock for a few seconds and I knew what was coming, him. So I opened my mouth and anticipated finally tasting his hot cum.

His first blast shot all over my face, on my cheeks, forehead, nose and lips, and a little in my mouth. I wanted to taste more, so I put the head of his cock just past my lips and he shot it, filling up my mouth. He finished with the last few drops, sucked up quickly and pulled out.

He went down to my face and licked up his cum and we made out, swapping cum and having it dribble all down our chins. We parted lips and he went down to my cock. He licked all over it again to wet it. I lay on my back with my hands behind my head and closed my eyes in pleasure. I felt him lift my dick so it stood straight up in the air. I wondered what he was doing and I felt my cock slide into something different. I opened my eyes and saw him thrust my cock deep in my ass. He had placed his feet by my head to brace him self and bobbed himself up and down on my ass.

"Fuck that feels good" I said. He went faster and faster, pumping my dick for all it was worth. I couldn't contain it any more and let my balls empty in his ass.

I came more then than ever before. He rolled off me and laughed. We were both out of breath. "Wow," he said, "That was the best feeling I ever had. I really do love you" he said.

I looked deep into his eyes and crawled over and placed my head on his chest, "I love you too." I said, pulling the covers over us. So there slept, with my summer love.