Watch Me GROW Thick Cock Boy playing with his Dick)

Watch Me GROW Thick Cock Boy playing with his Dick)
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​Inspiration for the story: I got married late in life. Which was fine, because I loved older women. Always had, figured I always would. My wife is only a year older than me at 44, but I had always gone for older. My first time at the age of 20 was with a 35 year old woman, and they had only gotten older from there. I was a nerd, a study guy, and did well in school and had gotten my pharmacology degree and later gone on to work with Merck.

I had been a nerd and socially awkward in high school. Never had a girlfriend, let alone a lover. I never thought much about it, and never cared much. After all, older women were skilled, and patient and wiling to teach.

I figured, who cared that I had never gotten any when i was young. Then I got married to Amy and got a job more toward the executive level and not so much in the minutia. We moved to the suburbs when I was 37 and we had a kid the next year. Amy was right on the edge of age for a child but things went through fine and we welcomed our own little boy Jerry Jr. to the world.

Next door to us were Sam and Kathy, and their little girl Sabrina. Sabrina was as sweet as they come and was their only child and the pair of psychiatrists spoiled her rotten, but her disposition was still sweet and she was a good kid, just turning 8 a few months after we moved in next door.

When she was 11 she began to baby sit for us, and she did a splendid job. Enough so that sometimes we would even have her come sit when one of us was there to make it easier to work. It allowed me to work from home more often which was just fine by me.


We became good friends with Sam and Kathy and even went on a vacation with them down to Laguna Beach when Jerry Jr was 5 and Sabrina was 12 and a half. Now Sabrina was a cutie but very awkward. She had a nose that stuck out too far, her eyes seemed too close together and she sprung up like a week, going from 4 foot 5 to 5 foot 2 almost over night.

I remembered thinking she was going to have trouble with boys with how picky there were. She was not a shy girl, even though she was a bit naive about things being spoiled as she was. This vacation she wore bikinis that were more modest than the kind some girls wear, it covered her behind and the top more than swallowed up her just beginning breasts.

What I did notice the second day when Sabrina was drying off after hitting the pool at our rental was her legs. They were too skinny and knobby but the potential was there, and her hips were already jutting out.

I thought about never being with girls when I was young and how I wish I had had an awkward neighbor that wasn't getting action and could have been my entrance into the world of sex acts. I thought it was too bad she wasn't a few years younger, so that my boy Jerry Jr. could grow up with a ready made girlfriend and not be the outcast I was. I didn't think much more about it. Then we went on vacation the next summer. While I had seen Sabrina when she babysat, and I knew she had thickened a bit.

But she hadn't worn anything revealing, her mother was into expensive clothes but not sultry or slutty ones.

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Now Sabrina had been in a gymnastics accident on the balance beam. The poor girl had landed on her face and had to have some surgery the month before our vacation to Laguna Beach. Most of the work was done on her nose. The bandages came off the day we got to the rental property.

To say they did a good job is an understatement. She went from awkward looking to downright beautiful. Her nose was slimmed and shortened, which made her too close together eyes now look equidistant.

Throw in her braces coming off two months prior leaving her with a beautiful smile. She was just starting to fill out, and in her shorts and t-shirt I found myself watching her a lot. The next morning when we went to the beach and she shed her clothes to her bikini. She had really filled out and was mature for her age. Her legs, were now symmetrical and firm.

That amazing in between stage before a bunch of muscle or cellulite forms. Her thighs were as big around as my upper arm, her calves very dainty. Her waist was now defined and the way her skin was so tight across her tummy, the creases when she sat the only sense she wasn't an airbrushed picture.

She had gotten a tan started before we came down and her skin was a gorgeous dark peach all over. Her long straight brown hair was just past her shoulders, she had been growing it longer all year.

Her breasts were now a solid A cup, waiting to cross over into B territory. She was a svelte dream of a tween, and I had to stop myself from staring. It was the first time I thought about what I had missed out on by being a social outcast as a kid, and never getting to play with or feel a young hard body.

I thought about all the girls I wanted in middle and high school.

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All the nights spent jacking off. All the fantasies with no outlet. It all truly started that night when I had a dream about her. I dreamed that someone, not me, was behind her, on knees, eating her out through her bikini bottoms. I could hear her moaning and groaning as she was brought to orgasm, and I heard her say, "please fuck me!" right when I woke up. With a raging hard on no less. I made my way to the bathroom before anyone else woke up and took a hot shower and jacked off to one hell of a release, thinking of Sabrina the entire time.

We all went to the beach again that day and came back to the house at about 1. Everyone else was going to go to town for a bit but I told them I was bushed (mostly from waking up so early) and used too much sun as the excuse.

I was genuinely tired and did fall asleep before they all even left. What I didn't know was they didn't all leave. I woke up hearing the sliding door shut and figured that everyone was back from town. But it had only been about 45 minutes. I got up to see what the noise was, and walked down the hall.

I heard Sabrina cough once, and realized she had stayed behind. There was a dribble of water from the sliding door to the edge of the carpet.

She must have been swimming in the rental's pool. I was going to knock on the door and see if she wanted to head into town, as I felt better.

But as I got there the door was cracked open and I couldn't help but peer in. Sabrina was bent over, drying her legs with a towel. She had one her neon green bikini. It was one of those types with ties at each end and the strings of the tie hang down. Her soon to be perfect butt was sticking out and the tassels of her suit were on her thighs.

She had an amazing 2 inch gap where her legs met her lower body, her thighs perfectly identical.

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I wanted to walk up behind her and grab and massage those thighs, bury my nose in her ass and lick her pussy through that bikini. It was just something about her tightness all over. That flat hard tummy, those pure muscle and bone thighs, those rounded curves. She stood up and was looking at herself in the vanity mirror. She spun left, and then right on her heels, going up on her toes and looking at her shape.

Like most girls her age she was hooked on twitter and facebook and copied what she saw the popular hot women do. She started pushing up under her top, making her boobs look a bit bigger.

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It was obvious she was frustrated that they weren't bigger. The trials of a teen, wanting everything to happen NOW! I was still watching her, and didn't suspect what she did next which was reach behind and yanked on the back tie of her top and in one motion pulled from the top and up over her head exposing her A cup breasts.

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I couldn't help but utter a gasp and getting a full shot of her bare like that. Her breasts, while small were already showing great shape. Little tear drops that already have a curved under definition at the bottom. These weren't going to be fat breasts, but perky gems. Unfortunately my gasp was a little too loud. Her eyes snapped up looking in the mirror back at the door I was behind and her eyes caught mine looking through the crack.

I panicked and ran back to my room and hopped on the bed, pretending to be asleep. My heart was pounding and I could hear myself breathing but hoping against hope she didn't see me. I didn't hear her open the door but I felt the weight when her 95 pound frame got on the bed.

Without a word she snuggled up to the crook in my arm, one hand on my chest and she bent one leg so that yummy thigh was on my tummy, her knee a centimeter from my penis. I only had a chubby at that moment but when she curled up on me I felt the inevitable rise in my trunks. I tried to focus on any thing but the tight little soon to be Freshman lying next to me, but I couldn't help it.

The way she had curled up left my arm on the outer part of her body. Almost imperceptibly I grazed her back with my thumb. I just wanted to feel her! I had been admiring her from afar, and I was so happy I felt the string of her bikini top.

Thank god she wasn't next to me topless! She stirred a bit when my thumb touched her back and she cuddled harder into me, and her knee hit my growing hard on. I was trying so hard not to breath hard, but I couldn't stop. Surely she felt my chest heaving as she lay on me. She not only noticed my hard on, but began to rub along it with her perfect thigh, up and down, back and forth, her whole body moving to get maximum contact. I don't know if she knew what she was doing but she was at that age a girl would certainly be curious.

I didn't dare open my eyes, plausible deniability. But almost without realizing it my arm and circled around her and my hand was squarely on her ass and one finger was already between her legs as she rubbed me, lightly pushing against her young pussy.

She began to make slight, quiet half second moans, like someone stretching after a long nap. I wasn't sure if it was in reaction to my touching or something else but I knew I was getting close and I should stop her right then. But as my hand crept to the right I got on that great thigh and began to massage it, helping guide her leg to grope my penis just right. I was breathing very hard, and I was very hard, and God I was getting close!

I moved back to her ass to grope, knowing I didn't need to guide her any longer. My fingers just went on instinct and began to try to pleasure the female next to me.


My head started to swim as I felt that feeling growing in my loins. I began to tingle all over as that intoxicating rush of orgasm sped from my testicles to the tip of my penis and I went over the edge. I free hand reached over and grasped Sabrina's leg at the knee joint and pressed down hard to give my groin something to grind against as my cum poured out of me and into my swim trunks.

My hand on Sabrina clenched and I heard her whimper. I heard myself grunting and buried my face in the hair on her head. I grunted for at least 10 seconds as my shorts filled with my semen.

It took a good 45 seconds for me to calm down and the ringing in my ears to stop. Holy shit I had cum really hard.

It was only then as I came out of my cum dream that I realized why Sabrina had whimpered, my finger had pushed so hard it had jammed her bikini bottoms right up into her young pussy, my finger the focal point.

I wondered why she didn't have a hymen blocking that but it didn't matter, what mattered was what the fuck i had just done.

I had just used a young lady to masturbate me and come really hard. I was wondering what to do or say when I heard the front door open. "We're home!" I heard Sabrina's dad say loudly. My finger yanked out and Sabrina bolted off the bed and hurried to her room. Then I heard her say, "Hey daddy!" "Hi Sweetie!

Is Jerry still here?" "Oh yeah, he was snoring just a little while ago in his room." I was impressed, not only did she seem un-startled by what had happened but she was already covering for her, and for me. I pulled the comforter over me to try to hid any smell of my cum and when my wife peeked in and "woke" me, I told her I was gonna hop in the shower. I did and washed the evidence down the drain then joined the rest of the group for a game night with dinner.

Nothing else happened for the next 4 days, in fact Sabrina played it off better than I did, acting like a carefree young lady, just enjoying her time. But it was the night before we were leaving that things got dicey. That night we opened all of the remaining wine in the house and went to town, not wanting to leave anything un-used. Sabrina went to bed at 10, and the women were asleep by midnight.

Sam and I were still going for a while and then Sam passed right out on the couch in mid conversation. I went to the kitchen and downed a glass of water and headed towards the bedroom, and along the way passed Sabrina's room. Her door was half open and her shades were up, bathing her room in a blue light.

I couldn't resist looking in and there she was, her shirt ridden up almost to exposing her growing breasts, and wearing a teeny tiny pair of adidas soccer shorts. I just stared at the hard little body, thinking of how good she felt before. The house was silent, and I should have gone to bed but I wanted to feel her one more time. I stepped lightly into her room, glad to not hear any floorboards crack. I sat on the edge her bed the opposite side she was laying and then lay down myself, and snuggled up to her.

She either woke up right away or was waiting for me. Either way, there was no surprise in her movement as she snuggled right back into me. I was hard almost instantly feeling the great little body of the future Frosh teen.

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I slid one arm over her waist, her shirt was already out of the way of her tummy and I let my open hand feel that amazing tight and silky skin. I had my other hand go up to the top of the bed and grab one of the spokes in the headboard, I needed something to grip. I used my hand on her belly to push her into just the right spot so that my hard on was pushing against her, our shorts the only thing between us. Feeling her silky skin, I knew I needed to really feel her to get the release I felt I needed.

Only because of copious booze was I thinking so foolishly to do what I did. I hooked my thumb into my shorts and pulled them down to my mid thigh, releasing my raging hard on. Sabrina moved a smidgen when my hard on popped out of my trunks and smacked into her thigh. I took my hand off her tummy and used it to position my cock to that the head slipped right in between her short shorts and ass cheek.

Sabrina again seemed all to complicit as she flexed just right to give me a good path and before you know it, my penis shaft was in the crack between her ass cheeks snug as a bug. The tip of my penis was just above the crack in her ass. God how amazing it felt to have my erect manhood touching her bare skin, and thank God she didn't wear underwear tonight!


I replaced my hand on her tummy, holding her to me and I began to slowly shift my hips back and forth sliding my erection up and down the crack of her gorgeous butt. It wasn't but a few seconds and I could hear Sabrina breathing hard with me. I began to massage her thigh instead of her tummy, now that we were in a good rhythm, with Sabrina pulling her legs up, then pushing them straight to help add more friction to our movements.

I had to shove my face down into the nape of her neck to calm myself as when I went too fast I heard the bed creak and didn't need anyone walking in on this scene.

I had to focus hard to keep my moans breathless and quiet but even so every 10 seconds I would be too loud, but thanks to my rapidly approaching orgasm, that would not be a sustained problem.

My hand on the headboard spoke was gripping so hard I worried it might break and my penis and Sabrina's ass had begun to sweat, slicking us up for better mobility and I felt the first jolt from my sack up to my penis and knew time was short.

I began to grind really hard into Sabrina, and was wondering if she would let me inside her. The thought alone was too much for me and I smashed my groin into her and held the pressure when my cock ruptured cum. "Arrrrrrmmmff!" I grunted as quiet as I could into her neck as I felt my load pop and could fell some sliding back down when the second shot exploded, and grabbed her flat tummy and jutted forward. "Teeee-heeeey!" I yelped in a whispering whimper, shoving so hard into Sabrina that I heard her hiccup out a quiet cry.

I hadn't really relaxed from the second spurt when the third squirted out, my dick clenching hard enough to hurt. I kept holding her and Sabrina stayed silent for the next four to five minutes. I came too, my head pressed into Sabrina's neck, sweating there. I could feel the cum all over Sabrina's backside and on my dick was starting to get cold.

I was still gripping her and I wondered how many minutes I was out, and hoping to god I hadn't snored. I loosened my grip on the headboard and Sabrina and was able to pull my shrinking dick out of her shorts easily now flaccid. I rested for another moment or two and rolled off the bed onto my feet and pulled my trunks the rest of the way up. Man it stuck like spunk! I heard Sabrina roll over and looked down at her, she was looking up and me.

I don't know what came over me but I leaned down and kissed her. Long. Wet. Probing. I pulled up and looked at her, wondering what in the world I was going to do, but I was lucky to not have gotten caught, and needed to stay away from Sabrina as much as I can. Until a week later. . .