Cute college dude showing amazing body gay sex

Cute college dude showing amazing body gay sex
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by Kallie Please help me. They've left me alone-for now. But they'll be back. And they'll do something even worse, even more horrible. I don't know how that's possible, after all they've done to me, to my body. But I know they'll find a way. Find something even more terrible to drive into my pussy, to shove cruelly ups my bleeding ass.

Please help me. I am so ashamed. So humiliated. He seemed so nice, you know? Trainer at the gym, handsome, buff, funny. David. His name is David. Gentle in his guidance, his hand on my waist sending tingles through my body. I wanted him. Oh, dear God, I did, I wanted him. How was I to know he wanted me in this terrible way? Oh, this hurts so badly! Dildos shoved inside me, filling me, stretching me so painfully. David says I'll thank him for the stretching. Oh, please help me. It was just a normal day, you know?

I'm a schoolteacher. I was a schoolteacher. I'm a "fuck toy" now. That's what they tell me. What they laugh as they force their cocks into me. A schoolteacher, 5th grade. I left the school, went to the home to visit my grandma, then came to the gym late to avoid the crowd.

I always come in late, leave at closing. A normal day. Did my routine, David there, attentive, so very attractive. Smiling. He always smiled when he looked at me. He still does. After my workout, I hit the sauna. Towel open, leaning back, eyes closed. So impressed with myself, with my body. Touching my breasts-I've always thought they were too big, but others seem to like them. 34D. Touching my pussy just a little-clean shaven, soft. Ready to pull the towel shut should anyone come in, though I knew no one would.

I drowsed, drifted. Time to leave. I stood, pulled my towel around me, and reached for the door. Locked? Oh, no. I began tugging, calling out. Panic rising as my cries went unanswered. Sweating, shaking-what if they'd left for the night? Time passing, feeling faint. Would I die in here?

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Dear Jesus, I wish I had. Then the door opening, strong arms lifting me from the floor. Being laid out-massage table? Weight bench? I couldn't tell. Cool air on my bare skin. David? David. Thank goodness. My arms being pulled above my head, what was he doing? Tying me? Tying me! I struggled weakly, mumbled his name as my arms were securely bound. My head lolled over the edge as I struggled to lift it As he dragged my legs to the sides of the table, pulled my hips to the very edge of the table, commenced binding them, I began to grasp what was going on.

Began to struggle. He was silent, focused, forcing my legs, one at a time, down. Securing them. I looked at him for the first time, my vision still blurred. His expression so distant.

I screamed thinly. He didn't even look at me. Just reached into a drawer and pulled out-what was that? I didn't know at first. He walked around the table, grasped my head, and forced my jaws open. So strong. Where was everyone, why wasn't anyone helping me? A metal ring was forced behind my teeth, stretching my mouth open wide.

Then a leather strap, something slipping through the ring and into my mouth.

I was silenced. I began to cry. But, God forgive me, I was a little aroused, too. His body, so built, tanned muscle moving smoothly as he walked around me, surveying his work, examining me.

I thought maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I actually started to get wet. Oh, I hate myself for that. He walked away, I couldn't see him.

What was he doing? And then the door opened, and I heard, I realized. More men, many men. Oh, no! I began to struggle wildly, writhing against my bonds. Hands grabbing, squeezing. "Let's have some order here," David spoke with authority, "I told you all how this is going to go down-it's going to be on film, so let's do it right." The men backed off, and David began giving instructions. "You, Mike-her head. You hard? Good-wait until I tell you take it out. Don't take your pants off, just slide them down to your thighs when I say go, okay?

Remember the camera down there." The man stood above my face, grinning like a kid in a candy store. I shook my head fiercely. No, this wasn't happening! "Steve, you in her cunt, wait for it. Just take your spot-you hard? Okay then. When I say go, unzip, pants around ANKLES, okay? There's a camera right below you-don't be nervous, we just want a good shot of you slamming into her, you good with that?" This man moved to stand between my legs, the crotch of his jeans just brushing my smooth pussy.

He nodded, smiling. "Free for all on the tits-who wants to mount up and fuck her tits? Need someone tall with strong legs-goanna be a job staying up there, don't want any mistakes." A man stepped forward-black, built. David looked him over, then nodded his approval. "Perfect, take your clothes offnow, I need everyone else to back off a bit, take your dicks out. Stroke 'em, keep 'em hard, but don't cum." I moaned, pulled at the straps holding me in place for them.

David moved through the room, turning on cameras, aiming, focusing. Then turned them on, one after the other. "Go." Hands on my head, strap being pulled off.

I began to scream wildly, whipping my head back and forth. The man wrapped his hands in my hair, held my head still. His cock pushed past my lips, I was helpless to stop it. In my mouth, salty. I shrieked around it, he laughed. "Deeper, Mike-pull her head down further toward the floor, it'll open up her throat," David spoke like a teacher to a student, "I need you all the way in, so your balls are hitting her nose, you're completely buried in her face, okay?

And remember, to pull out almost all the way between strokes so the camera under can catch that full stroke. Vary it-fast, slow. Do some wiggling, the camera loves that. And make sure you come in her mouth, start in the throat then pulls forward so she chokes AND we get a money shot, some cum dribbling out.

Got it?" Mike nodded, yanked my head down toward the floor. He drove his cock deeper into my throat.

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I couldn't breath, his pubic hair up my nose, my throat stretched so tight. I fought, gagging, my throat working to push him out. Oh, God, please, let me breathe! He pulled slowly back, and I drew a desperate breath before he pushed back in. "Okay, Steve, pants down, fuck her. I want this hard, deep, and fast. Bottom out every time, really work her-hard enough that her tits are dancing, okay? Keep your hands on her hips so they don't block the camera.

And don't get her ready-dry fucks get the best motion." And then a huge cock, pressing, forcing. Tearing me, oh, it hurt so bad! I screamed around the cock in my mouth, my back arched, my hips bucked against my will. I knew it was what they wanted, but oh, it hurt!! And then the fucking. Hard, slamming me, his huge cock grinding in again and again, pummelling my cervix, my breasts jumping up and down with his vicious thrusts. Over and over he ripped into me, driving me forward so my face was fucking the swollen tool in my mouth.

I gagged, writhed, choked. "Okay, slow it down-long, slow strokes, hold inside for a few seconds-this is for both of you.


Looking for good stills here," David was pacing, watching my rape from all angles, analysing. "Okay, you-up on the table. Straddle her, put some of this oil between her tits, and fuck them hard." He frowned as he handed over the bottle of oil, "Don't cum until I tell you to-let me know when you are close." The black man nodded, climbed up on my belly. His cock was giant, uncut.

I was actually glad he was on my breasts and not inside me. Hot oil on my breasts, slathered between them. Then forced roughly together, his cock brushing my throat with every stroke.

Triple fucked, breasts, face, and pussy. I kept struggling-there had to be some way out of this. By my count, there were a dozen, at least.

I had to escape! "Okay, one minute!" David called out, looking at his watch, "I want you all to cum in one minute!" The thrusting became frenzied, wild, the men grunting and groaning as they fucked me. The cock in my mouth driving in and out as it fucked my face furiously, balls slapping my nose, belly pushing into my chin. The tool in my pussy slammed into me, bruising my insides with it are hammering. The man on my breasts heaved, moaned loudly as his climax approached. And then the man fucking my face came-my throat constricted as the waves of hot, sour spunk flooded my mouth.

I gagged, choked as it threatened to drown me.

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I worked my throat, struggling to swallow the endless stream of cum. He pulled out, spewing the last of his jizz on my lips, my chin.

I began to cry again as it trickled from my mouth, up my nose. "Clear!" The huge black man laughed as his cum flew, glob after glob of thick, hot juice splattering my throat, my jaw, and my breasts. He kept thrusting, kept cumming. It ran down my chest, puddled at the hollow of my collar bones. I was soaked in his spew. I moaned, my throat rebelling at the heavy, horrible taste of cum. "Oh, yeah!" I felt the cock in my pussy twitching, swelling. Oh, no, not inside me, please!

I began to scream, my hips bucking anew, trying to dislodge him before he could erupt inside me. I don't want to be pregnant, please, God, please don't get me pregnant! He exploded, spraying my insides with his cum. Heat spread through me as he emptied, but his thrusts continued until he was limp. He slid out of me, wiped his cock on my thigh. I felt his hot cum oozing out of me, running across my rectum. "Oh, there we go-sweet." David's voice, husky, deep.

"Okay, next up!" I began to struggle blindly. No more, Jesus, no more! My hips wiggled and jumped to avoid the impaling to come, my head whipped back and forth violently. But there was no escape-the man at my head drove brutally into me, I was gagging, choking, filled again.

"Okay, Ron, I'm going to untie her legs now-you need to be quick, grab them behind the knees, force them down toward her chest, okay? No tit fucking this time-I want to get some good cunt shots-you have her legs, you can really slam into her." My legs unbound, one at a time, muscles cramping hatefully.

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I kicked in vain as he forced my legs back, raising my hips, exposing my reddening pussy and cum covered rectum. My skin jumped as I felt him prodding, his swollen cock pushing, seeking, then driving into me. I writhed, my hips moving, back arching. My struggles drove him deep into me, and a low murmur of appreciation spread through the crowd of men waiting their turn.

I was NOT going to submit quietly, I was NOT going to go limp and let them fuck on me. Oh, if I'd only known then. . "Tom, I want you to push as deep into her throat as you can, then hold it there-I want NO air passing, okay? That's where the real animalistic writhing is going to come from-folks love that. Don't worry if she dies-more sluts who'd give their eyeteeth to fuck their trainer out there." Tears of shame as I listened, knew.

"And Ron? She may piss on you, can you handle that? The longer she goes without air, the more likely it is. Looks great on camera. You okay with that?" I can only assume the man nodded. He continued to fuck me, drawing almost completely out, then slamming back into me, making my belly cramp, my pussy lips raw. And then the huge cock in my mouth driving deeper, deeper, all the way into my throat-and holding.

Moving side to side a bit to maintain the stimulation, but not pulling out at all. I couldn't breathe. Oh, God, I couldn't breathe!

My throat worked madly, constricting, spasming around his distended manhood. The man moaned at the working my throat was giving him. I was dying-please, just let me breathe!

I struggled to pull back, to move my head even a little, but his hands tangled in my hair kept my face impaled on his dick, my face crushed against his pubic hairs. My chest tightening, my belly jumping, I began to writhe wildly, hips rising and falling, jerking side to side.

I bucked harder and harder-the man in my pussy didn't even have to move, my body was fucking him on its own. The rising burn in my belly, my bladder, and then I lost control. Urine flowing out of me as my struggles weakened. I was going to pass out, I was going to die. Hot piss squirting with every jerk of my hips, every thrust that drove the cock in my pussy deeper.

"Okay, pull back." The hateful tool in my mouth pulled back, resting in my mouth as I dragged air in, gasping, choking. "Now in again." Again, I couldn't breathe. Again the giant blocked my airway dick. I began to struggle again, but I had no strength. I felt my bladder empty, felt the steaming urine run across my rectum. Oh, God, just kill me if that's what you're going to do!


I guess I passed out. When I awoke, I was tied to a hook in the ceiling, my legs held apart by a bar run between them, ankles secured, bar chained to a ring in the floor.

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I could barely reach the floor, tip toes supporting me, protecting my bruised wrists. Cold water, icy cold, hosing me down. I lifted my head, dragged my eyes up-David. David with a hose, spraying me, washing their cum and my own piss off me. My mouth was bound again, gag in place.

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My eyes were huge, tear filled, pleading. "Ah, sweetheart, I don't feel a damned bit sorry for you, so stop with the doe eyes," David laughed as he trained the brutal spray on my clit, making my hips jump in pain, pleasure, and surprise.

"Funny thing is, you still want me. You whore, you'd fuck me blind right now if I let you." Then David stepped in close, a bar of lye soap in his hand. He thrust it between my legs, roughly scrubbing my sore, raw pussy. The pain was beyond intense, It burned, was agonizing. I screamed behind the gag, body jerked and twisted to escape as he used a finger to push some of the caustic suds into my pussy.

My cries became animal grunts as he began to fuck me with his burning finger. No escape. No escape. Then the hose pushed into my pussy, blasting me clean. I was grateful for the violation, as it carried away the burning soap. David laughed at my moans of relief. And then he left me.


Hanging. When he returned, My body was dry. He hummed a tune as he reached into his pocket and pulled out clamps. I struggled as he moved in close, captured first one breast, then the other, affixing the hateful, sharply toothed clamps to my nipples.

I screamed, tried to twist away. And then he knelt before me even as I writhed from the nipple torture, affixed another to my clit. Oh, Jesus, oh, it hurt so badly! My hips convulsed, twitching uncontrollably as I grunted and gasped. He stood back, admired his handiwork, then walked away. I struggled, writhed, my feet and calves cramping, agonized as I fought to support my weight. I must have passed out again.

I awoke surrounded, cameras set up, the crowd of men waiting. I moaned as the pain made its way to my brain. David speaking, giving instructions, but I couldn't understand his words.

But I understood the pressure against my ass, the hot, solid cock pushing even as another drove into my angry, raw pussy. I began to struggle, squirming to escape the ass fucking I knew was coming. I had never. Never. I squealed as my anus was torn open, the gag muffling my cries.

Deeper, deeper he thrust, until he was totally buried in my virgin ass, lifting me off the floor. Their thrusts were choreographed, staggered, first one, then the other. The pressure on the thin membrane separating them was agonizing-it felt as though they would split me open. As they approached orgasm, their thrusting became less organized, more frantic. I was bounced between them, thrown back and forth, impaled first in front, then in back.

The man in my pussy began twisting the clamps on my breasts, and I tensed, writhed with each tortuous tweak. His slamming into my pussy yanked the clamp on my clit back and forth, and I screamed with it even as my body responded, my pussy began to lubricate. "Cunt's getting wet!" He crowed as he drilled into me, faster, faster.

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My breasted jiggled madly, aching as they rose and fell with the battering strokes. I screamed continuously, not just out of pain, but also out of shame at my body's betrayal. Oh, I wanted to die. I still do. And then they came-shouting, laughing as their throbbing cocks began to twitch, swell, and then spew their burning loads into my bleeding holes.

Hot spreading through me, pressure as they filled me. Pulling out, they laughed as their spunk mingled in pink rivers down my bruised thighs. I began to cry yet again. David unhooked the chain holding the leg bar to the floor, and I felt hopeful-for a moment. Then he hoisted the bar up and attached it to the same hook holding my wrists. I was dangling, pussy and ass wide open, dripping with cum. I struggled, hips moving violently.

I don't even know what I thought it would accomplish, only that I had to get away. I had to get away, please. . And then I was being lowered-helpless to avoid the elephantine cock that was waiting below.

A man, huge, freakish, laying on his back, smiling. Waiting for me to be lowered onto him, impaled by him. I groaned, screamed, grunted as I thrashed in vain. The stiff, unyielding tip pressing against my ass, then ripping into me. Deeper, deeper-he was 12 inches at least, and he was soon buried to the hilt in my bowels. Oh, the agony, I squirmed, trying to dislodge him. I was stuck, literally hung up, unable to escape the stabbing of his tool in my belly. Another knelt before me, thrust viciously into my soaking pussy.

Again the clamp tore at my clit, pulled it back and forth hatefully as the men thrust, rammed into me. And then a hand in my hair, yanking my head to the side, gag removed and immediately replaced with another cock.

Tears of pain and horror coursed down my cheeks as I was choked, fucked, filled. Cocks twitching, filling me, my throat coated in more cum. I began to drift. It's mostly a blur, really-gagging, struggling, being shaken with the thrusts of cock after cock. And now here I am. Hog tied, Freakishly huge dildos in my ass, my pussy. I remember David pushing them into me, telling me I'd be thankful for the stretching, it would help me to accommodate what was to come. What? What are they going to do to me next?

Please, help me! Please, just help me. Or kill me. But please, let it end. Oh, God, what's that? The door, the door opening, the light stabbing my eyes. Who is it? What are they are going to do, please, no, just leave me alone!