Mea Melone Gets an Ass Creampie from Hung Stud Mike Angelo

Mea Melone Gets an Ass Creampie from Hung Stud Mike Angelo
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Cori couldn't believe her luck, on the road for a solid week and no problems. Now this asshole of a border guard is telling her she can't cross into Canada because of a little bullshit assault charge.


As he drones on an on,all she's thinking s 'I got to get across, Brit is waiting for me!' To make matters worst the motherfucker is escorting me back into the US along with some whore helper!

Releasing me when their counterpart from the American side shows up "Just go to an embassy and fill out the proper paperwork and you'll be granted access with no problem!" Turning to return "Hey Kev! how's the wife?" Like you give a shit!

Walking out onto the drive up, a guy with nice arms notices me and my bad mood. "Let me guess they block you getting into Canada?" I don't know why I even stopped, but I did and nod yes to him "Well if you're willing I have a foolproof method of getting across the border both ways, just requires walking in muddy field for a bit!" He extends his hand to me "Names Douglas, Johnny Douglas, i got a farm couple of miles from here that backs onto a farm ran by my cousin in Canada, we hop the fence whenever we want to!" "And how that going to help me?" looking skeptically at him "Well if we can do it, what's to stop you from doing likewise?" His eyes travelling me up and down "And let me guess all i have to do is fuck you and you'll make sure i get across right?" "Never even crossed my mind little lady!" Walking way "Offer stands if you're interested, Dundix farms!" He continue to walk away as if I wasn't even there.

Walking after him he easily outdistanced me but i manage to find the farm he's talking about.

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That's when it comes to me, if they can do it so can't I. Finding a place to wait for the sun to go down,i decide that i was going to get into Canada under my own power! The day pass without incident, as the sun begins its slow descend when i decide it's now or never. Rushing past the side of the house and out onto the field i see the fence he must be talking about.

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There's even a piles of skids covering one section, acting like a step ladder over it!. Making a dash for it i'm almost there when i'm grabbed by a pair of hands.

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"Well Johnny looks like you were right all along, she did think to take advantage of us!" "Now Grant, how can you say that,all she did was trespass on our property!" Letting out a laugh "For all we know she just took a wrong turn trying to get to the border crossing!" From across the other side of the piles of skids "Why Johnny you need you eyes checked,she prettier than what you said!" "Shut up Tommy,you know i can't afford to see and eye doc like you Canadians can!" glaring at him "Besides the sun was in my eyes when i first saw her!' getting really close to Cori "God damn you're right i do need to see an eye doctor!" Cori stomps back onto Grants foot, making him scream and let go of her.

Making a dash she up onto the piles of skids "Look i'm sorry but i really need to get into Canada!" "No problem beautiful, you can go on your merry way once we had our merry way with you!" "Lay a hand on me and i'll scream rape!" Johnny jumps up joining her on the skids "Go right ahead, my momma always told me you can't get into trouble for telling the truth!" Smirking at her "And we three plan on raping every hole you got and you will be a screamin before we're done!" Grabbing Cori around the waist then jumping down with her in his arms.

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"Now don't think we're savages, Grant throw down those blankets so she'll be more comfortable. Grabbing the blankets tossing them down, making a bundle of them "Now little lady why don't you strip before we get impatient and tear them clothes off you. Trembling Cori ties once more to get away only to be met with a open palm slap to the face.

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Dazed she grabbed and the three of them strip her naked pulling ropes up through the slats in the wood. Forcing her onto her back they easily slip the ropes her thighs forcing them open.

Tommy grabs her hands, pulling them out and above her before binding then with ropes also. Struggling "Let me go you bastards!" only to have Tommy clamp his hand over her mouth. Meanwhile Johnny and Grant were getting a good view of her pussy and ass, Grant liking what he saw "So do you think she wants into Canada so bad cause she got something to deliver?" Johnny turns to him, "What are you on about?" "Well you know smuggling drugs in her ass or pussy like they do on the tv program?" "Well Grant, you may be onto something, but i for one don't want no shit under my fingernails, so how we going to find out?" Grant walks over, with one thrust his hand is inside her asshole, almost to the wrist "Oh she got a warm asshole and it's gripping my hand like a pussy does a cock!" Johnny walks over and penetrates her pussy with his middle finger.

The only reason she not screaming is the fact Tommy hand is still clamped tight across her mouth. "Hey Johnny i feel something!" pulling his hand back his fingers brown with fecal matter "Ah it was only a piece of shit!" Well i feel something too and it ain't no shit!" Pulling his finger out letting the extra moisture drip off his finger.

"Seems the little bitch liked it so much she cummed for me!" Releasing his belt dropping his pants and underwear, "Since she wet might as well get down to the main event with her.

Driving his harden cock into her, fucking her without mercy or passion.Tommy releases her mouth and forces his cock into it.


Both of them fucked her harder than she ever been before. Filling her full of their cum they pull out leaving Grant to watch her as they go back to the house for a beer. Coming out Cori is still ied on the skids with cum leaking out of her pussy and asshole "Why look at that Grant must have got him some while we were away Johnny!" Just then Grant comes around from the side of the barn, a cloth in his hand.

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"Shit Johnny she wasn't clean down there like them porn girl are!" Cori, sobbing "Please let me go, i'll tell no one!" Lifting her head Johnny looks her right in the eyes "Tell you what!, how about letting us have another turn with you then w'll let you go on your merry way!" There a look of resignation in her eyes as she realizes she going to be fuck more, turning her head not wanting to watch as Tommy comes to have his turn on her body.

For three more hours she used then true to their word she's released. Getting down off the skids she collapses onto the ground, crying,battered and bruised. Grant seeing her like that helps her find her clothes then helps her across the pile and through the other farm.

Before leaving her to stagger her way wherever it was she was going "Say Miss if you comeback this way look me up, sure would love to fuck that ass one more time! With that walking funny and gently crying she made her way along the deserted Canadian street in search of a phone booth!