Slutty college adorable coeds show hardcore reality

Slutty college adorable coeds show hardcore reality
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His Mom My Mom: Jack and I have been best friends since he moved in next door when I was six. My name is Burt and I'm 17 years old and Jack is the same. My story starts when we were both 14. Jacks Mom and my parents are also the best of friends. Jacks mother Faye baby sat me when my parents wanted to go out or attend some function. One Saturday three years ago Mom & Dad were going to a testimonial dinner for my Dads boss.

They asked Mrs. Bernard (Faye) if I could stay over night at their house, because they would be out very late. That night Jack and I were in his bedroom playing scrabble when I had to pee. Jacks house was a two bedroom one bath. I thought his mother was in the living room watching television. Mrs. Bernard had evidently chosen that time to take a bath.

When I walked into the bathroom she was sitting on the toilet stark naked. I froze and just stared at her. Now Mrs. Bernard was a tall woman rather skinny. She was 5'9" and I don't think she weighed over 115 lbs.

As I looked at her I noticed her tits were sagging quite a bit and they were kind a narrow and came almost to a round point. Not like my mother who has rather large tits.

Her areolas were very dark almost purple and very large nipples. She had her legs apart and was peeing. She also had quite a crop of black hair around her pussy. She also had black hair that fell down to her shoulders and big round eyes. I just couldn't move. Finally I stammered, oh gosh Mrs. Bernard I'mmm, I'm so sorry I didn't know you were in the bathroom.

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I, I had to go to the toilet and just didn't think to check for a light. "Well wait outside for a minute and give me a chance to get decent and then you can go." After a minute or so she said "Ok, you can come in now. When I walked in she had wrapped a towel around her self and stepped out of the bathroom. I went in and tried to pee, but I realized I had a hard on and it was sticking straight up. Try as I could I couldn't get it to point down so I could pee.

Finally I wet my cock from the bath water that was in the tub and took the soap and began to jack off. Just as I shot a big load of cum she opened the door and at the same time asked what was taking so long. There I was, cum spurting out of my cock and my face turning beet red. She stepped into the bathroom and said, "Did I cause you to get a hard on?" I'm sorry Mrs.

Bernard, but seeing you naked like that, I just couldn't help myself. "Do I turn you on Burt" she asked. I, I guess so. I always seem to get a hard on when ever I'm around you. "Why that is very flattering Burt, especially since I'm old enough to be your mother." "How long have you felt like that" she asked.

Since I was about twelve years old and ever since you let Jack and I sleep with you that one night when there was that big thunder storm.

Seeing you in your night gown gave me my first hard on. You don't remember, but when I woke up about four in the morning that night I was scooted up to your back. Some how your night gown was above your waist and my cock was between your legs. You didn't have any underwear on and my cock was right at the entrance of your pussy. I could help myself I just pushed it inside you and started to fuck you.

It didn't take very long before I shot a load of cum inside you. I was so turned on by the idea of fucking you that my dick stayed hard and I fucked you again. When you moaned and scooted back against me I came again. Your pussy was so hot so after about an hour I fucked you again.

Well Burt I have to confess I knew you fucked me that night. I never said anything because it scared me because I liked it. I had not had sex in over five years, not since I kicked Jacks father out. She dropped her towel and stood in front of me. She pulled me too her and held me against her. My face was mashed into her pubic hair just above her pussy. I reached between her legs and shoved two fingers into her vagina. I couldn't believe how wet she was.

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She squatted a little and let me finger fuck her. I had had a sex education class and read a lot of books on sex. Jack and I had watched a couple of porno fills I found in my Mom & Dads room and I really would get turned on when I watched a guy eat a woman's pussy or when two women were 69ing each other. I slid off the toilet and got between her legs.

I shoved my face up into her wet pussy and began to lick up and down her slit. I ran my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could and then I would run my tongue up her slit and over her clit.

She squatted even more and gave me even more access to her pussy. She grabbed my head and forced my face deep into her pussy folds and I felt her shudder and buck as she came. She lifted me up pulling the toilet seat cover down so I could sit down. She straddled my legs and guided my cock inside her pussy. Oh god how hot it felt on my dick as I felt her pussy walls slide over my extremely stiff cock.

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I felt like I wanted to cum but couldn't because I had to pee so badly. She began to rise up and down my cock, slowly at first than faster and faster, Each time she came she would sit down with my cock fully embedded in her and would grab the side of my ass and pull me tight to her.

I put one of her tits in my mouth and was sucking her nipple for all I was worth as I massaged and pinched the other tit rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I kind of milked her tits like you might milk a cow. Built the way she was with her tits being longer than they were around. I held one tit from underneath and sucked and milked it.

She really started moaning as I sucked and kneaded those tits. I felt my balls tighten and I wasn't sure if I was going to cum or pee. I just grabbed her tight and let go. I'm glad it was a load of cum that shot up into her womb and not my pee. When she felt me cum inside her she let out a loud groan and I felt her cum also. We must have made to much noise because Jack walked in on us.

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There I was sitting on the toilet with my cock up his mother's cunt. Jack yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BURT YOUR FUCKING MY MOTHER, OR IS IT YOU MOTHER FUCKING BURT FOR god's sake. She jumped off me and tried to cover herself with the towel. Jack just stood there not saying anything else. Finally he reached over and tore the towel from his mother and just looked at her naked body. I could see the tent form in his pants as he looked at his Mother. Turn around Mother" he said.

Like a robot she slowly turned around. Jack dropped his pants and shorts and told her to bend over. I heard her let out a sigh as she bent over putting her hands on the edge of the tub. "Spread your legs" he demanded.

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Then he shoved his cock into his Mothers pussy and began to fuck her like a wild man. He was so angry that it allowed him to fuck her for almost ten minutes before he shot his load of cum up into her. In the mean time my cock softened and I was finally able to pee. Jack began to cry. I said don't cry, it was my fault all this happened. I took advantage of your Mother.


I'm Sorry Mrs. Bernard but "For christ sake Burt don't call me Mrs. Bernard. After all that's happened call me Faye." Yes mam I said. Then Fay said "Now what, where do we go from hear. I just fucked my son and his best friend. I could go to jail for what just happened." I said I'm not going to tell anyone and I'm sure Jack doesn't want to go to a foster home if you were put in jail.

There was complete silence for about two minutes.


Finally Jack said "I always wanted to fuck you Mom and now that I have I want to fuck you some more. In fact from now on Burt and I are going to fuck you every day isn't that right. I said I would love to fuck your Mom as often as she will let me. We looked at her and finally she said, "I'd like that. It solves a lot of problems for me." We all walked back to her bedroom and got in bed with her.

She gave Jack a blow job while I fucked her doggy fashion. I noticed that she could take Jacks cock all the way in her mouth. Jack came in his Mothers mouth just about the same time I came in her still very hot cunt. Jack and I fucked her six times that night, finally falling asleep about four AM. I woke up about ten thirty; We were all on our left sides. Jack, Fay and then me. My cock was hard because I had to pee and was between Fay's legs with the tip at the entrance of her ass.

I kind of pushed at her ass hole and felt her push back. I pushed my cock down and entered her pussy. I took about a half dozen strokes when she reached around and grabbed it.

She pulled it out of her pussy and positioned it at her Ass hole. I reached down and took two fingers and ran them up into her pussy. Then I took my middle finger and shoved it into her Ass up to the first knuckle.

I began to make a circle in her Ass. Her Sphincter was tight but began to loosen some. I shoved that finger deep into her Ass and began finger fucking it. I added another finger and then another so that I was shoving all three in and out of her butt hole. She bent over shoving her Ass back into my crotch, so I shoved my cock into her very tight butt hole. I got about three inches in and then she shoved her butt back and my cock slid all the way in.

I fucked her slow at first and then a little faster and harder. I rolled her onto her stomach and began to pile drive her Ass with my cock. I reached around and began to finger her pussy and her clit. As I shoved in she shoved back, and then she would pull her Ass forward as I withdrew. Boy was she tight, I would have cum within a minute except I had fucked so much earlier and I still had to pee. I fucked her for almost thirty minutes before I finally felt that urge.

I shot about a half a load of cum into that anal cavity. I was still hard from having to pee and as I laid there with my cock completely buried inside her Ass when suddenly I couldn't hold it any more and I began to pee. I filled her Ass cavity with my hot pee as I heard her say, "christ Burt your pee just made me cum again and she shoved her Ass hard into my cock and stomach. The bed between us was completely soaked. We just laid there in the warmth of my pee. Finally I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and took a shower.

I heard Jack holler, "christ Mom you peed the bed. She never told him what had happened so I let it go too. For the next two years We fucked Faye every day. When she had her period I would fuck her in the Ass but Jack would not fuck his Mother in the Ass for some reason he couldn't explain. I noticed that Faye's tits had gotten a little bigger and she had put on about ten pounds. She also confessed to me that that first time I fucked her, the one during the thunder storm that I had gotten her pregnant.

She had stopped taking the pill after she divorced her husband. She aborted the fetus had her tubes tied so it couldn't happen again. The fact that I was fucking Jacks Mother started making me look at Mom a lot different. I began to look at her as a woman not just a Mom. It also made me remember those porno films in Mom & Dads bedroom. There were four of them. One was a couple having sex. The guy ate the women's pussy and fucked her in her pussy and her Ass.


The second was two couples having sex with each other. The third and fourth one were about two women having sex with each other. In one of them there were a lot of sex toys used and the other was just the two eating each other.

I was a little curious as to why there were more films about two women but was afraid to find out. One day I asked Faye if she had ever been with another woman.

She said she had when she was in college. She and her room mate use to get it on but they had a falling out in her senior year. She caught her room mate with another woman and that ended it.

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I told her About the porno films and wondered if Mom had secretly wanted to be with another woman. From then on I noticed when she and my folks got together Faye would find a way to get close to Mom. One night I caught her rubbing Mom between her legs when they had been drinking. They didn't see me. Dad and Jack were watching a movie. I was fascinated as Faye ran her hand up between Mom's legs and I could tell she was finger fucking Mom. Mom was really breathing hard and I knew she had cum when she leaned back and lifted her Ass up and then sort of collapsed back on the couch.

Faye leaned over and kissed her hard on the Mouth. I'm sure they tongued each other. I got a real hard on. I kept watching them, Dad yelled about needing a beer so Mom got up and went into the kitchen.

Faye headed for the bathroom and I followed her. Before she could shut the door I stepped into the bathroom with her. I saw you and Mom just now and look what you cause. I dropped my pants and my cock sprung out.


What are you going to do about it? I asked. She sat on the toilet and took my whole cock in her mouth and began to suck. I played with her tits as she sucked me off.

I reached down her blouse and pulled one out and began to knead one while I sucked and milked the other. She was moaning a little loudly so I put my hand over her mouth. Watching Faye finger fuck my Mother had turned me on so much It didn't take long before I shot my hot sticky cum down her throat.

I was still turned on and my hard on didn't subside so I lifted her off the toilet seat and sat down. I pulled her panties down and she straddled me and sat down on my cock.

She began to lift herself up and down and her pussy walls felt so good sliding up and down my shaft. My cock had grown to about six and a half inches and if you put three fingers together where it meets the hand that was about how big around it was. It felt just as wonderful as that first day I stayed over at her house. I whispered that I wanted to fuck my Mother and I wanted her to help me.

Oh Burt, are you sure about that. Fucking me is one thing but fucking your own Mother? You don't seem to mind letting your son fuck you I said. That is true Burt but Every time Jack fucks me I feel a tremendous guilt. If he hadn't seen us together I never would have aloud him to fuck me.

Jack only likes to fuck me because I'm his mother and he knows it is a taboo thing to do it so it excites him. On the other hand you make love to me, you don't just fuck me. That is a big difference to a woman. Well my Answer is still the same; I do want to make love to my Mother. This Saturday Dad has to go into the office and work. This would be an excellent time for you to visit Mom and get the ball rolling. If you can get her to have sex with you like you did tonight only more so it will make it easier to get Mom under control.

I will make sure Jack and I go somewhere so you won't be disturbed, OK. Will you do it? Well I must admit I would love to eat your Mothers pussy so, yes I'll give it a try. Continued. All rights kept by the Author.