Spitroasted babe dominated by two hard cocks

Spitroasted babe dominated by two hard cocks
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It all started over a bottle of hypnotic in the early hours after a new years eve party. Well it started a few months before that for me but it was only a fantasy see this hot 15 year old girl stays with us when both of us are working. To help out with our 9 year old son. She has been the driving force of my twisted panty fetish leaving me some of the most intense self pleasure sessions I have ever had.

She didn't know I was stealing her still warm n wet panties for the last few months religiously or that while she was in her room I was touching myself on the couch wishing it was her bringing me the pleasure. Now we were all drinking having a good time when a few of us wanted to go out to the bar. So we left and it was epic in the lame department but we stayed for a few hrs.

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When we got home everyone else was done for the night and I was all bumped up and ready for more booze. So I seen Tessa's shoes were by the door so I opened the door to her room and woke her up and told her it was now on her to finish a bottle with me.

So Tessa stumbled out ta her rooM and joined me at the kitchen table. I grabbed the bottle of hypnotic from the freezer while my wife and friend went different ways to bed.

So there we were alone me drunk her half way there before as she was out with friends. I opened the bottle and grabbed two shot glasses and poured he first taste of this deliciously dangerous drink.

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So we cheered and down the hatch she put her glass down and looked me in the eyes and said "that is fucking good". So we had another. Then we did a jagar bomb had a smoke together which I found out she smoked. We did some more of the hypnotic and added some jello shots to the mix. Now remember this is already about 4 am and we are going hard shot smoke shot smoke jell shot. We were getting hammered we Started talking about everything from school to parents to I think a little religion not sure but anyways around 7 am my wife yelled at me and told me to smoke outside and shut the damn music off.

So we headed outside after I turned the tunes down. We smoked and well with all the talking and opening up I confessed to her that I had a few fantasies about her and that I had raided her panties she told me she had been having the same thoughts about me.

Before we go inside because her feet were freezing that I wanted to kiss her and I was going to before the night was over. So now the fun starts well kinda. We go inside and she goes to her room and I check on the others in the house.

Finding both sleeping.

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I slowly enter Tessa's room she looks to the door and nods her head for me to come in. I kneel on the floor beside her. I cup her cheek and our eyes lock as our lips begin to move closer and closer her eyes closed as did mine before our lips touched.

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It was soft but passionate my heart raced as out tongues found one another. My hand slowly made their way down neck. Across her firm young supple breasts across her tight flat stomach feeling her hips before I stop.

I break our kiss and puLl my face back to lock eyes once again. She know what I want to do next and she takes my hand and shoves it under the waistband of her jeans and below her skimpy Lacey panties.

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My finger find her soft pussy. Her pelvis grinds into my hand.

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As out lips meet again tongues lashing feverishly together. My fingers find the entrance to her love tunnel moist in anticipation. In goes one finger her pussy so tight. I wet my middle finger and slid it up to her hard little clit and slid my finger across it and back down inside her wetness as she grabs the back of my head and mashes our lips together.

Her hands left my neck and went straight to her top button freeing them to be removed from her young body. Leaving her laying in front of me. She then grabs my belt flips it open undoes the button and drops my fly and ripes them down over my firm ass and down to my ankles. Freeing my raging hard throbbing cock. She slide over in the bed and I join her. I place my self over her and lean in to kiss her again. PuLling her shirt up over her perfect firm breasts cover by a black lacy bra flipping it over exposing her young tender flesh drove me mad.

I ran my hands to her breast and felt it her hearts racing underneath.


I broke the kiss nibbling on her neck and flicking her ear lobe I placed my wet mouth over her nipple and flicked it as my teeth lightly touched her. I kissed every part of it and slowly licked around it and lifted it gently as I kissed the underside.


As I exposed her other supple breast. Mimicking my acting on the first. I slowly began kissing my way down across Tessa's firm mid section. I continue down to the y between her young thighs. She moaned softly as my lips kissed the sides of her wet pussy. I licked around it up her thighs teasing her for a bit before I covered her rick hard clit with my mouth and sucked hard as I flicked her with my wet tongue.

My finger found their way to her tunnel. I made love to her love hole until my tongue was exhausted. I looked up as I moved up spreading her legs with my knees.

I placed my throbbing hard cock at the entrance as I leaned in I kissed her.

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Just as our lips touched my cock began parting her tight wet pussy. She was pulling me deeper and deeper into her until I was fully inside her. She pushed my head away breaking the kiss.

She looked me in the eyes and pulled my ear closer and whispered " fuck me fast fuck me slow just don't take that cock out of me." who was I to not give this beautiful sexy woman what she wanted.

So I moved in and out of her slow fast. Fast slow I honestly can't remember this sexy woman was blowing my mind with her pussy grasping and squeezing my throbbing member.

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I was so close to cumming when she told me "just fuck her hard fast and not to stop for anything" I start to pound her hard fast in and out hitting bottom every time I do she moans harder harder fuck me. I continued to pump my now exploding cock into her as my seed splattered her pussy. She started to shake uncontrollably under me. I kissed her hard as my cock slowly started to be squeezed uncontrollably out of her hot tight soaking wet pussy.

Finally I rolled off of her and put my arm around her still trembling body. She rolled in putting her head on my hard chest. So sorry but the act of sex is just what should have happened we only kissed and it was out of this world crazy hot. We are actually talking about starting an affair.

She is so amazingly hot. She will be writing it from her side sometime soon and I will be posting it for you all. Comments welcome please leave the grammar out of them as I have written and posted this using my BlackBerry