Niedlichen Japanischen Bekommt Ihre Schöne Titten Mit Sperma Baden

Niedlichen Japanischen Bekommt Ihre Schöne Titten Mit Sperma Baden
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Jenny had recently had her baby and although tired from getting up at night took to motherhood better than she thought. She did not want to go back to work and enjoyed building a new social network of friends around her lovely daughter.

Jenny had almost got her figure back after the birth but was still carrying a few extra pounds and was keen to get back into shape so she booked herself into the Gym that had recently opened up in town.

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On the day of her assessment Jenny had a bath so she smelled nice and slipped on some clingy leggings and a tight t-shirt. At the club she was shown round the facilities by one of the receptionists then introduced to Tyrone or Ty as he preferred to be called. Ty was tall, muscular and black.

There was an intensity about him that made him seem very serious, perhaps even a touch aloof. "I'm just going to show you round the machines make sure we get the right settings before doing some checks and working on your program" As Jenny explained what her goals were she couldn't help noticing how the muscles of his arm bulged as he adjusted the different machines, the powerful legs and his tight, tight butt.


Jenny felt the familiar tingle start in her pussy, as Ty noted down the different settings for each machine. Jenny was led into Ty's office where he asked Jenny to get on some scales he then got a tape measure out. He normally let the women do this themselves unless of course they were hot and had been staring at his butt for the last 30 mins. Ty knew he was taking a risk but that was what made it more enjoyable and he felt his cock thicken in his shorts.

Hips, waist, Ty took his time as he measure Jenny and made sure his hands lingered far longer than was necessary.


Jenny could help but react to this attention she was feeling so damn horny again. her nipples now poked through her t-shirt and he breathing was more laboured as Ty got ready to measure her bust, standing in front of Jenny he wrapped his arms around her as he put the tape round bringing both hands round to the front and resting both hands lightly on her breasts. Ty pretended to study the tape intensely when in fact he was just staring at her boobs and enjoying the swell of her breasts against his hands as she breathed.

Jenny's pussy was creaming fast as she felt the distinct pressure from Ty's hands. Ty quickly looked up and caught Jenny's eye "Very nice" Jenny blushed, quite why she was embarrassed she didn't know as really he should be the one apologising to her but it was the way Ty stared deep into her eyes, he seemed to know what she wanted and she knew he was going to give it to her. Ty still had his hands on her breasts, he released the tape but did not move away from Jenny as the seconds passed Jenny couldn't wait any long and moved her head forward.

This is what Ty was waiting for the signal that told him she was putty in his hands he kissed Jenny passionately and groped her ass pulling her against him so she could feel his hard black cock for the first time. Jenny gasped, she needed to be fucked badly but she also needed to see this cock.

Breaking away Ty pushed Jenny down onto her knees. "Take it out and suck it" He commanded. Jenny tugged on the shorts and a big thick black cock bobbed in front of her face for a few seconds before she engulfed it into her soft warm mouth.

When Jenny had sucked and stroked the black shaft to its full length Ty grabbed her hair and gently pulled her up to standing and uttered one word "Strip" Which Jenny eagerly did, whipping off her clothes faster than she thought possible. Once naked Ty smiled appreciately and groped and fondled her breasts roughly.

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He liked doing this. He sucked and pinched Jenny's nipples until they stood hard and proud from the full soft breasts.

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Kissing her passionately again he spun her round and bent Jenny over her desk, spreading her legs apart Ty shoved his rock hard cock straight into Jenny. Perhaps because she had had a baby or because she was so wet Ty's cock slid into Jenny easily, feeling that thick black cock in her Jenny had her first orgasm.

Sensing this Ty wasted no time in pounding Jenny fast and hard, so hard she had to grab hold of the desk to stop herself from falling off.

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Ty knew he wouldn't last long but he didn't care he just wanted to cum. A couple and long deep stokes followed by a series of short hard strokes as Jenny came on his thick black dick.


Ty felt his balls tightening, he grabbed Jenny by the hair and pulled hard, Jenny let out a little scream but Ty quickly mashed his lips over Jenny's mouth to stop her while he pumped a hot load of creamy cum into her pussy. Ty let go of Jenny's hair and continued to slowly pump his cock in and out of her pussy. "That was great" he said and pulling out of Jenny's well fucked pussy he brought his glistening cock round to Jenny's mouth which she happily sucked clean.

Ty got some tissue for Jenny to clean up and said "Same time next week?" Jenny feeling very satisfied just smiled and wondered if she could wait that long.