Carrot in the ass of an experimenting teen leads to anal sex

Carrot in the ass of an experimenting teen leads to anal sex
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**Author's Note-Again everything belongs to me. I hope you enjoy it, and again there are different points of veiw, you'll be notified when it changes, and as promised this one contains more sex than the last. If you haven't Id recommend reading the first 3 chapters before you continue this one.

Hope you enjoy.** This was originally submitted on my account of the same name on '.' thoughts **.POV** Point of veiw change. Chapter 4 *Part 10* **Selene's POV** "You cannot trust him foolish girl." "I can't trust you!" "You do not believe me? I, who has never done a thing for you to not trust me, while Damien has lied from the start." "Its not his fault! He couldn't of known I was a hunter too, and I've no problems with Daemon allies." "You will defend him?

The one who slaughtered your family?" "My.he didn't do that, that was a rouge!" "Here let me open your mind, so you can remember that which you've burried so deep." "N-no! Don't!" He touches my mind and images flash through my head.

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'Hiding in a closet, mommy told me not to come out. I can hear their screams. I peak out and see a daemon with shaggy white hair clutching daddy, his mouth to his neck. I hear mommy calling daddy's name over and over. He jerks his head back and the room gets splattered with blood, mommy starts screaming hysterically. I feel something warm ooze down my face I bring my hand and touch it and look. Blood.daddy's blood. A sob threatens to escape, but I choke it back.

I see him saunter over to mommy, he's still facing away from me. He runs a clawed finger down the side of her face making her flinch. "Hush now, it'll end soon for you too my sweet." A plesantly musical voice taunts. The daemon slashes his hand across her face, her screams echoing around the room. The musical voice laughs at mommy's pain. He drags his claws slowly across her chest. "Thats right baby, you can bleed out, so you can watch your daughter's death." Mommy struggles feebly but to no avail.


I look down towards the floor to get mommy's face out of view. I see daddy's silver dagger on the floor close to my hiding place, I look at the daemon, his attention on my sister, I sneak out grabbing the dagger, I creep behind him just as he finishes sissy off, decapitating her. The floor creaks under me, the daemon whirls around fangs and claws bared, eyes blazing and his wings unfurling. I see his face.' "Damien." I start to sob as the Master smiles maliciously at me.

**Damien's POV** I regain conciousness slowly. I'm aware of cold stone pressing into my back, and my hands are in chains above me making it harder to breathe. I open my eyes slowly, breathing shallowly. Its dark, but my eyes quickly adjust. I'm in a cell. I seem to be its only occupant other than the bones that line the room.

I notice movement across from me. The figure leans forward into the shaft of light coming from the door. Its Selene. "Selene! Are you alright baby?" She glares at me. "Don't you dare you lying murderous half-breed!" I stare at her shocked. 'What, what is she talking about? .She saw my form earlier, that has to be it.' I look at her calmly, seeing the loathing in her eyes and faulter. "Don't know what to say to the truth Damien?" she growls the words.

A purely human growl. "Baby I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a daemon hunter, not a murderer." She makes a snorting sound. "Not a murderer?

Then what you did to my family was accidental?" 'Her family.?' "I don't know what you're talking about Selene, I don't even know your family." She glares at me. "Don't remember killing a prestigious Hunter family in the middle of the night in cold blood? While I watched?" Her composure faulters as a sob thretens but she chokes it back and glowers at me. "Baby, I didn't do it." "I told you that you couldn't trust him foolish girl." My head whirls around and I see a familier face.

Its him. The Daemon, the first and only original to still be alive. He was banished to the Underworld centuries ago. 'Then how do I recognize his face?' Selene turns to face him. "I know Master." I stare at Selene, then at him. 'He's the Master?' I see him smile, as if he heard my thought. "What have you done to her?" I shout. He continues looking at Selene."I have simply told her the truth." "I did nothing to her family. Its a lie!" "You'll remember soon dear boy, however at the moment I have business with Ms Tutuer." I struggle against my bonds, trying to lunge and get my hands around his throat.

"You see? He is nothing but a liar. I see the hatred in your eyes, the feelings within your heart. What do you want Selene?" She glances over at me, shooting dagers, then back at him.

"Revenge. I want to kill that monster." Pain rips across my chest by her words. 'She believes him. No. This cant be happening!' "You may get your wish.

Only if you surrender yourself to me. Your heart, your soul.your body," he smiles maliciously. "in return, I will give you the power to get your revenge upon Demkian." She looks at him steadily, contemplating.

I find my voice. "No, Selene you can't trust him!" she turns and glares at me. "I can't trust you." I try to speak, but no words come. She looks to him. "I agree." Her restraints disappear,and he offers her his hand where a glowing red apple appears. "Selene!" I shout just before she touches the apple. It glows a brilliant red and absorbs into her skin. The last thing I remember is blazing red eyes and maniacal laughter reverberating through my broken heart.

*Part 11* **Selene's POV** As soon as I touch the apple I feel heat radiating beneath my palm. A sense of power envelopes me. I hear Damien scream my name. I close my eyes and smile wickedly. Then everything goes quiet, the atmosphere changes and the room gets warmer. I open my eyes to a brightly lit bedroom.

My hand is still in the Master's. He's gazing at me with lust in his eyes. 'My heart, my soul, my body.' I move closer to him and gaze at him beneath my lashes.

His smile becomes wider. His other hand runs up my side and cups my breast. "With your submission my dear, you will aquire so much." He says as he squeezes my breast. I push it against his hand and say silkily. "And what is it that I will aquire Master?" He chuckles slightly. "With this I shall give you the power of a Daemon. You shall be my lover, a Queen to us all. And you will be able to exact your revenge upon Demkian for his deciet." I groan and grind myself against him.

At that moment he whirls me around. My back to his front. Both hands cupping and squeezing my breasts. He brings his mouth to my ear. "Is that what you want Aikaterine?" I feel a shudder ripple through my body at the name, somehow, I recognize it. "Yes, that is what I want." I feel his tongue run up my ear. "Your wish is my command." One hand moves down my belly to cup my sex, his fingers rubbing circles on my clit.

The other hand pinches my rock hard nipple. He lightly bites my neck as he grinds his erection against me. It feels bigger, even bigger than Damien's. He bites me again, harder, I feel his fangs pierce my flesh, thin rivlets of blood start to slowly flow. "Yes, you are ready my dear. "In a flash my dress vanishes over my head, I stand completly naked as he circles around admiring me.

"You are absolutly exquisite my dear, exactly how I remember." I notice his clothes are already gone. I glance down. His cock is massive, I stare at it transfixed. It has to be at least 13 inches, maybe longer, and the girth. 'That is going inside me?' He walks toward me and presses my body against him. One hand on the back of my neck brings my mouth to his. He kisses gently, his tongue entering my mouth slowly. I explore his mouth. I brush my tongue against one of his fangs. I feel him still and he moans slightly.

I grow bolder and slip a hand between us grabbing his member. He thrusts into my hand as I squeeze. "Thats it baby." He growls at me as he continues thrusting. His massive black wings unfurl and wrap around us, creating a cacoon. I feel one brush my back. It feels silky and smooth. Soft to the touch. His clawed fingers travel down my sides making me shiver. He takes one genly across my clit and I buck my hips slightly.

He moves across my pussy, teasing my entrance. I groan. Then he crouches down, spreading my legs and running his tongue over my sensitive nub.

I grasp his hair pulling him closer and his tongue dips into my dripping cunt. I close my eyes as pleasurable sensations take over me. His tongue diving in my pussy. His clawed fingers running over my thighs and clit, his wings brushing against my back. "Please." I murmer. "Please what?" I open my eyes and glance down.

I see him smiling at me, enticing me. "Please Master, fuck me." He quickly stands and picks me up, craddling me against his chest and brings me over to the massive bed. "Your wish baby." He lays me down and crawls up between my legs, planting nips and kisses. "Is my command." His mouth claims mine. He kisses me roughly, as he grinds himself against me.

I taste my juices on his tongue and moan. "Oh please.oh please.fuck me Master!" I gasp in between kisses. I feel a tingly sensation in my arms. They straighten to the corners of the bed as if I'm tied there.

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All I can do is stuggle."Relax baby." he says as he licks a nipple. "It all apart of your surrender." I groan as he bites my nipple and feel him lapping the blood he drew there. He positions himself above me grabbing his cock and running it across my slit. I moan and push against him. I feel him chuckle as he rubs circles with his cock across my clit.

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He puts his cockhead against my dripping hole. A slight moan escapes me. I feel him start to ease his 13 inches inside me. I stretch around him, slightly painful at first but it soon dulls off to pleasure. He goes balls deep within a minute, I feel full, amazingly so.


'He's more gentle than I'd thought he'd be.' He groans above me. "God baby, you're so tight. I haven't had one like this since the last time I had you." His moan reverberates through him to me, and I flex around him. He starts to gently thrust into me. I feel him hitting all the right places. His clawed hands grip my thighs, drawing blood, it feels so good.

His wings unfurl again, flapping slightly with each thrust. His red eyes blazing brighter. He starts to thrust faster as I get used to his size. He glides in and out of me now. I groan, and meet each of his thrusts with my own. "Wh-what is your na-name?" I groan as he continues to thrust faster. He opens his eyes, looking into mine. "Kerberos." I recognize his name.

An the original. He continues pounding into me. I feel my orgasm approaching. He grabs my tits and squeezes, pinching my nipples roughly. I push them into his hands."Yes. Yes Kerberos! Fuck me!" He starts pumping even faster leaning over me his hands on either side of my head, going beneath the pillow.

I feel my climax building. I moan as he continues. He starts to get harder, more insistant. I feel his cock twitch within me. I grind against him, getting him even deeper. My hands struggles against my invisibale bonds, itching to touch his muscular chest.

I feel a hand come down across my shouldner and belly.

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He runs his claw over my clit, bringing me closer to the edge. He starts to play with my sensiive little love button fiercly. I buck my hips wildly as the edge comes even closer. "Cum for me Aikaterine." He shoves himself inside me hard and I release, closing my eyes screaming his name. Then I'm aware of a pain in my chest. I gasp and look down. A dagger pierces my heart. There is no blood, but I feel a warmth spreading through me, I feel lethargic.

'My heart. My soul. My body.' I look at him. He's smiling viciously as he continues fucking me. "Just like last time, though this time I just need your soul, not your life." The last thing I'm aware of is him cumming inside of me before I lose consciousness.

*Part 12* **Kerberos' POV** Aikaterine looks exqisite beneath me. I know she's Selene, but she looks exactly like her ancestor. She is her reincarnation after all. I fuck her fast. Enjoying her tightness like she's always been. I feel no remorse for what I'm about to do.

I feel her release fast approaching. 'Its almost time.' The thought makes me giddy. I lean over her. Putting my hands beneath the pillow. I grab the dagger's hilt. 'First her soul. Then Demkian's corruption, then I can release Him, My God and Master. Demogorgon.' Just as she releases, I pull the dagger from the under the pillow.

I bring it above my head and plunge down, piercing her heart. It will not bleed her dry. She'll still essentially be alive. It will just send her soul to the underworld, to God. Although, if you cannot reclaim your soul within a few days, the body will eventually die. I smile at Aikaterine. 'You were born for my purposes my love.' Her eyes fly open and she looks at me shocked.

I smile at her, feeling her soul leave. 'Just like last time.' Her eyes drift shut as I orgasm inside her. I pull out and and position her, arms crossed below the dagger, feet together, she looks to be sleeping. I cover her with a sheet. 'Now. For Demkian.' I grab my tunic from the floor dressing as I leave to visit him as I think of how similar this encounter with Aikaterine was to the last I say her.

'C'mon Kat please.' **Damien's POV** Ive been staring at where Selene was for what seems like days although I know it only been a few hours.

'She really did it. She believed him. I've never done anything to her family.have I?' My past has always been fuzzy to me. Amnesia the doctors called it. Sometimes I get glimpses in my dreams, but never enough to know whats happening.

The cell door opens, and he walks in. I stare at him warily. "Expecting Selene instead of me? To bad my boy, you'll never see her again." I strain againt my bonds.

"What did you do to her." He chuckles. "Nothing for you to worry about, although you'll never have to fear her revenge now." My mind goes blank. 'He.he killed her." I feel anger boiling inside me. My daemon side starts to emerge. My fangs and claws grow.

My eyes blaze blue. My wings burst from my back and try to unfurl though they are blocked by the wall.

I try to lunge at him, but fail. "Thats right Demkian, change, hate me, let it fill you. We are so close to unlocking the real you. You are my flesh after all." I stop struggling. "Your flesh? What do you mean?" "I saw the recognition in your eyes when I walked in. Though you made yourself forget your past, there are still holes." "I didnt make myself forget anything." I say shakily, suddenly uncertain.

'Selene's family, my dreams, killing. "Remember your dreams Demkian?" Recognizing him. Kerberos. James' words. Killing Selene, anger, hate, murder. "Remember your dreams."' It all flashes through my mind. "You cannot keep your Daemon locked up Demkian. You are my son after all." *I appreciate feedback. I hope you enjoyed. If your curious Kerberos means "demon of the pit." Fitting I think.

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Demogorgon meaning "Grim Demon" he is a Satan like figure. And both names are Greek. The next Chapter will be Kerberos' backstory. So you shall find out who Aikaterine is, and how Daemon's came to be. That chp is released.