Jamaican girls give the best blowjobs CUMSHOT

Jamaican girls give the best blowjobs CUMSHOT
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Life Changing Slave Master 2 NOTE: Comments on the story not the grammar or spelling are welcome. I left Pamela chained and hobbled in the slave cell.

I could not stop thinking about her submissive declaration. I knew that she said it to avoid more pain for her training but felt like she in a sense was broken and accepted her fate as a slave. I decided to see if she would actually behave as a true slave giving me her total submission. With this decision I rose the following morning, checked the monitor finding she seemed to be in a deep relaxing sleep.

I had my hired cook to prepare a good breakfast for two and took the tray going to the dungeon locking the entrance door to the sound proof basement. The staff understood that the basement is now my personal work area and is off limits. The cook looked at me with a curious face when I took the tray with food for two heading to the basement door.

She said nothing but I could tell she wanted to question my actions. I looked at her and told her I would talk to her later about it. I entered Pamela's cell to find her sitting on the edge of her bed, legs spread, hands behind her back and eyes focused on the floor. She said nothing but I could detect a slight trembling in her body and her breathing was nervous. I sat the tray of food on the table and sat down. Come to me slave Pam. Yes Master as she quickly hobbled over to me dropping to her knees.

She surprised me as she took my hand and kissed the back. She did not look up and I tenderly stroked her beautiful hair. You may sit in the chair slave Pam. She rose and gracefully sat at the table hands behind her and stared at the food in front of her. Slave Pam you may speak freely while we eat. Are you hungry? Yes Master thank you. She still did not move or look up.

You may relax and eat your meal. Thank you Master she replied. I started to eat and she slowly ate. Slave Pam have you decided to accept me as your Master and serve me without question or hesitation? Yes Master I do and I will serve to make you proud of me. I am a little skeptical about her commitment but decided to give her a chance to proof her worthiness to me.

Slave Pam you will address me as Master unless given permission to do other wise. Yes, Master. We continued to eat. My name is Forben Trice. Her eyes flew wide open like deer in head lights. Master you are the richest most powerful man in the state why did you kidnap me and treat me like this? You can have any woman you want willing.

She suddenly realized her statement. Sorry Master forgive me please. Slave Pam it is alright I gave you permission to speak freely. Thank you Master. To answer your question. I took you off the street for your benefit. You are a very intelligent young woman but you put your self in harms way to get away from a bad situation and need help and direction in your life.

She looked at me with surprise. Yes, slave Pam I know all about you and chose you for my project. I am going to train you to be a very successful business woman in time. Sorry Master but I don't understand. I thought you are training me as a sex slave. I am training you as a sex slave and you will serve me for my satisfaction until such time that I am convince that you are ready to succeed in the business world.

Think of your service to me as payment for what I will do for you. If at some time in the future you cannot be trained as a successful business woman then I will keep you as my personal slave or sell you to a worthy Master and you will serve him or her for as long as he or she wants you. Either way you are out of away from the dangers of living homeless on the streets.

You can accept this and work hard willingly to achieve our goals making it a lot easier on your self. On the other hand you have no choice about your training because I am going to train you. There is no escape and you will become a very good slave and hopefully a business woman.

Master you chose me and kidnapped me into slavery for my own good? I saw tears in her eyes. I know you are sad right now but I do care about you. She looked at me and I saw a whole different look in her eyes. Master my tears are happy tears that you care enough about me to force this upon me.

I will serve you for as long as you want me. I will work very hard at my training to make you proud of me. I am very happy that you realize what I am trying to do for you even though I am going to use you for my satisfaction while you are with me.

Master I am yours to use any way that pleases you. Are you still going to hurt me, Master. I told you that I enjoy hurting you and I will fuck you any way I please. I will only hurt you when I feel the strong urge for that kind of satisfaction or you disobey me.

I was pleased when she did not show any fear from my statement. Master, I think you care for me and that makes me happy that someone cares for me enough to make me a better person. I love you for that alone and I will endure any pain and give you my body willingly if it pleases you. All I want is to make you proud of me and possibly love me as your own. Slave Pam you make me very happy that you want to serve me.

Slave Pam you are not the only young woman that I have decided to help but you are my first chose because I think you have what it takes to be a good slave and business woman. I have five other possible subjects that I will try to help and hope they realize as you have the benefit I offer them. She smiled and without any hesitation she ask.

Master I feel happier right now than I have since I lost my father. I want to please you Master. Would you like to hurt and fuck me now? I will not resist and do my best to please you. You have thirty minutes to get cleaned up and ready for me. I will be back to get you and continue your training. Yes Master I will be ready. I took the tray back to the kitchen locking her cell door as I left. I ask the cook to have a seat at the table as we need to talk.

I looked at her for a minute and began to tell her about the young person I had in the basement. Tess, I have a homeless young person I took off the streets to help straighten them out. It is someone with a grudge against people and was in danger of being hurt or worse living on the streets with nobody to help. Yes, I took this person against their will thinking better here where it is safe instead of getting in trouble with the law.

Tess replied Mr. Trice I understand and think it is a noble generous thing, you wanting to save a young person even if it is against their will. I will keep it a secret and help you any way that I can. I smiled at Tess. I appreciate you understanding and do not require any more from you than what you have been doing for me. I will not subject you to this person until I feel the attitude has changed. I entered slave Pam's cell finding her sitting on the bed legs spread, hands behind her back and head down.

Slave Pam are you ready? She looked at me with a smile on her face. Yes Master this slave is eager to please you. I removed the collar and ankle hobbles. She did not move until I told her to follow me. She followed me into the dungeon even though she had a little fear showing in her pretty face.

I let her stand for a minute taking in the whole dungeon. As she looked around her eyes became wide wondering what a lot of the equipment was used for. She tried but could not keep from shaking wondering what pain she would have to endure to please her Master. She looked at me. Master? Speak slave Pam. Where does Master want this grateful obedient slave?

Pointing to two rings attached to the floor to one side of the room between those rings Slave Pam. She immediately moved toward the rings and saw two leather cuffs hanging from the over head beam on a chain. Standing between the rings she reached over her head and attached the leather cuffs to her wrist and spread her legs to the rings in the floor. Moved in front of her looking into her smiling face.

Very good slave Pam but I want your legs together. Forgive me Master she said as she snapped her ankles together. She stood straight with her legs pressed together hands restrained above her head, tits thrust out proudly. She is so beautiful my cock came to life. She saw the sudden bulge in my pants and smiled at me. I got leather straps and cinched her ankles and knees tightly together. Then moved to one side pressing a button causing the wrist cuffs to rise toward the ceiling.

She gasp as she was stretched to standing on the balls of her feet. She kept her eyes forward but said nothing. I approached her standing in front looking into her eyes. When she saw the ball gag in my hand she opened her mouth wide waiting for it. Once the ball gag had her silenced I put a leather blindfold plunging her into darkness. She could hear me at the wall cabinet and her body began to tremble. I could her low muffled moans coming from the beautiful young slave bond and at my mercy.

As I approached her bond helpless body I said. Slave Pam you are about to experience pain to show you what you can expect for disobedience punishment if needed in the future. She replied with a muffled Yes Master. Pam knew that it aroused and pleased him to hurt her and did not hold back when the cane swished through the air striking across her tits sending fire through her whole body.

She tried to scream as loud as she could with the ball in her mouth. Her body jerked making her swing back and forth hanging from the ceiling. She twisted and swung screaming and crying as I caned her tits, stomach, pelvic and thighs.

She reacted this way for about 20 lashes of the cane then she went limp and hung from her wrist moaning and crying as the last ten lashes struck her sore painful body. I stopped caning her putting the cane back in its place as she hung in her bonds crying and moaning. Her breathing was becoming steadier as I approached her limp helpless body with another instrument of pain. She screamed and jumped forward pulling her legs up to her chest when I shocked her beautiful little ass with the cattle prod.

I moved in front of her as she swung in her bonds waiting for her to settle down. When she let her feet drop to the floor I shocked her left nipple making her scream trying to pull her knees up to cover her tits to avoid any more shocks to her tits. Pulling her knees up to her chest gave me a clear view of her little pussy and ass hole. I pressed the cattle prod to her taint right between her pussy and ass hole. She bucked and screamed as loud as the gag allowed for nearly a full minute. Then went limp hanging from her wrist.

I thought she had passed out until she raised her head trying to see me through her blindfold and muffled the word mercy Master. I took the blindfold and gag off looking in her eyes I ask her to repeat what she had just said.

She replied mercy please Master. Slave Pam I am very proud of you for enduring as much pain as you did. I removed the leather straps from her ankles and knees. She stood erect staring at me with a painful look on her face. Her body shook from the pain and she moaned trying to stop crying.

I took a step back picking the cattle prod up showing it to her. I want to shock your pussy before I stop. She cringed spread her legs and pushed her pussy out toward me closing her eyes and started whimpering waiting for the terrible shock to her tight little pussy.

As I prepared to shock her once more I saw the moisture on her pussy lips and the inside of her thighs. Lowering the cattle prod I move close to her rubbing her hot wet pussy with my fingers. She flinched then moaned from the tender touch of my hand.

I moved my fingers up and down her slit getting them wet. I thought it might be sweat until I licked the sweet tasting nectar of her pussy juice. This is the first time she has showed any sign of arousal since I took her captive. I rubbed her slit from bottom the her clit several times. Each time I touched her clit she pushed into my finger and let out a moan of pleasure. I pushed my middle finger deep inside her hot wet pussy and finger fucked her pressing my thumb on her clit with each in stroke.

She hunched her pussy on my finger trying to take it deeper. When I slipped a second finger in she tensed up and screamed as her body rocked with an orgasm spurting cum on my hand and up my arm.

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Pulled out of her cunt and she hunched her pussy like she wanted me to keep fingering her cunt. She finally settled down and her breathing became normal. She opened her eyes to see me standing in front of her with a stern look on my face. Fear flushed across her face as she looked at me. Slave Pam you just broke one of my rules. You are never to cum without my permission. She started to cry saying this worthless slave is very sorry Master but it felt better than anything I have ever felt before and I could not hold it back.

I smiled and said you are forgiven one time since I failed to inform you of that rule earlier. Relief replaced the fear and she said thank you for your forgiveness, Master. I moved to the ceiling chain control and lowered her arms so she could bend her elbows slightly. I picked up another instrument from the cabinet and moved behind her.

She tried to look back at me wondering what I had in my hand. She moaned when my hand touched her neck and caressed down her back to her ass. She continued to moan with pleasure from the gentle touch of my fingers. She spread her legs wider as my hand moved down her ass between her legs sending a shock of pleasure through her cunt as my fingers slid between her pussy lips.

She is steadily moaning with tingles of pleasure in her cunt. She groans when I move my hand away from her body. She heard the zipper of my pants and tried to look over her shoulder. Unable to see me she started wiggling her pretty little ass enticingly as she bent forward as much as she could pushing her cunt too me.

I smiled pushing my pants and briefs off tossing them aside. She squealed when my cock pressed on her hot little ass and slid down her crack between her legs parting her pussy lips with the head. She opened her legs and rubbed up and down my rock hard cock letting cute little squeaks escape her lips.

She tried to capture my cock head each time it touched her tight entrance to her pussy. I could not wait any longer using my hand to guide my cock head I pushed it past the small opening to her love canal. She loud a loud moan of a mixture of pain and pleasure. She pushed onto my cock as I steadily pushed deeper into her hot little snatch. When my cock went in so deep my balls were pressing against her pussy lips she sucked in a deep breath and held it. I started slowly moving in and out of her hot wet cunt as she squeezed my hard cock and pushed onto my cock matching my rhythm.

As I increased the speed and power of my fucking she grunted with each down stroke. Her breathing came faster and her cunt squeezed my cock harder as she pushed harder into my groin.

She was leaking copious amounts of pussy juice on my cock. I tell she was building to another hard orgasm. Slipping my left arm around her waist I moved my right around her hips finding her clit with the vibrator in my hand buzzing on high. The buzzing vibrator and my hard cock fucking her hard forced her body to tighten up and tremble like an earth quake inside her. She began to scream throwing her head back eyes rolled back. She started screaming Master mercy please may I cum. I can't control it much longer.

This sent my throbbing cock and tight balls over the edge and I spurted the first shot of cum deep inside her pussy. YES, YOU CAN CUM FOR ME! Pamela screamed like I was killing her as her whole body shook out of control making her pussy squeeze and milk my cock extending my orgasm causing me to spurt shot after shot of cum deep inside her cunt until my balls hurt from emptying so fast.

I felt the warm girl cum flood my balls and legs as she squirted so hard it felt like spraying me with warm water from a garden hose. I took the vibrator off her clit and she started to recover from the insane orgasm forced on her. I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her close to me as my cock pulsed in her hot tight little pussy. I felt her squeeze my semi hard cock each time it pulsed in her.

After several minutes we regained our breath and I pulled out of her cunt followed by a gush of our cum running down her legs onto the floor. Lowered her arms telling her on your knees, slave Pam. She immediately dropped to her knees holding her hands behind her head. I put my semi hard cock to her mouth which she opened wide and pushed her mouth onto my cock taking it down her throat. She gagged slightly but held my cock deep in her mouth cleaning my shaft with her tongue as her throat tried to milk any remaining cum from the head.

I felt my cock start to get hard again. Thinking I can't take anymore at this time I slowly pulled out of her loving mouth as she tightened down with a suction as if she was trying to keep my cock captive in her hot little mouth. My cock pulled out of her sweet mouth with a loud pop. She looked up at me licked her lips and smiled with her mouth and eyes. I could see the love in her beautiful blue eyes. I walked away telling her to stand. She immediately stood with her hands never moving from behind her head.

I press the chain control raising her hands to a comfortable stretch leaving her to stand flat footed. As I move back to her I told her Spread your legs. Her legs flew apart like she had been kicked. I knelt in front of her with my mouth looking at her sloppy pussy. Sliding my arms between her knees I forced her legs over my shoulders and stood up. She is suspended with most of her weight on my shoulders and my head between her thighs. She starts to softly moan as I lick our cum from her inner thighs.

The more I lick moving up her thighs the louder she moans and her pussy clinching and opening faster the closer I get to her cunt lips. Suddenly she tenses up and pushes her pussy on to my mouth when my tongue slid in her slit and moved up to her clit.

I did that a few times cleaning our cum from her cunt making her tremble with another orgasm firing up in her body. I lick her outer lips with a wide tongue before plunging a sharp pointed long tongue deep inside her love canal.

She screamed and rocked with another orgasm. I pulled my tongue out and shoved two fingers in her cunt hitting her G-spot as I bit down on her clit forcing her to explode with a hard squirting orgasm. He cum drenched my mouth and face as I tried to catch and swallow as much of her sweet nectar as I could. She immediately started crying and screaming Master I am so sorry I disappointed you breaking your rule. I know I deserve to be punished.

I could tell her heart was broken for disappointing me not from fear of pain of coming punishment. I lowered her feet to the floor taking her face between my hands I kissed her passionately on the lips letting her taste the mixture of our cum. She was still sobbing when I said. Yes little one you disobeyed me and I will have to punish you so you will learn discipline and control but you also pleased me very much and made me very proud of you so your punishment will not be severe.

I released her from her restraints pulled her naked body close to mine pressing her firm breast into my chest with my arms wrapped around holding her tight to me and kissed her again. She opened her mouth and our tongues danced in her mouth for several seconds. I turned her loose and she moaned with disappointment. She tried to move back into my arms and I stepped back pointing to her cell. Get a shower and clean up while I get us some food. I closed and locked her cell door behind her.

As I walked into the kitchen I told Tess we need something to eat for our guest. She smiled moving to the kitchen counter she removed a kitchen cloth from a tray with sliced turkey, giblet gravy, green beans, hot bread and a slice of apple pie.

There was a pitcher of tea with a large tea glass of ice.

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I smiled and thank her for being so efficient. She smiled back and said that is why you hired me. Right? You are right that is why I hired you and you have never disappointed me. I will be back for the tray in a few minutes. I went upstairs and gathered a few items before taking the tray to Pamela's cell. As I entered her cell she was sitting on the bed legs spread, hands behind her back and chained collar around her neck. I smelled the clean fresh smell of her showered body and noticed that she had tried to comb her wet hair with her fingers.


She had tried to dry her hair with the extra towel. I sat the tray on the table looked at her telling her to come to me. She hurried to my side dropped to her knees and kissed my hand. Sit and enjoy you dinner. She moved to her chair and I removed the cover cloth from the tray and she smiled.

You may speak freely Slave Pam. I sat the bag I had with the food tray beside my chair. She said Master this is such delicious food. Is it sliced turkey? Yes it is I replied. Master that is my favorite thank you. When did you have time to prepare it.

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I laughed which made her smile. I did not cook it. My hired cook made it for you. She looked at me with a worried look. Master she knows about me? Yes slave Pam but she is a trusted employee and friend that has been with me for over fifteen years. I take very good care of her. Pamela relaxed and began to eat. She looked at me ask Master have you eaten yet.

Not yet pet.


Master I will gladly share with you. I smiled telling her my dinner is going to be waiting for me when you have finished. Slave Pam how are you doing? It has been a pretty rough day on you. Master I learned the meaning of pain and pleasure and I have to say that the pleasure you forced on me today made all the pain worth it.

I have never orgasm so hard or long as or as many times as I did today and you were right when you said that I might get to like the pain. Today the pain was very bad to begin with but something happened and I started to get aroused from the pain. Not to say that I want a steady diet of pain, Master. Unless of course it will please you.

Then I will take the pain with a happy heart to please you and make you proud of me. Pet, you pleased me very much today even though I will have to punish for cuming without permission. She replied Yes Master I deserve to be punished for disobedience to help me be more disciplined and in control. Master, I would like to look my best for you so do you think I could have a hair brush and maybe a hair dryer.

I smiled and passed the back from under the table to her. She looked in the bag and squealed Master you are the greatest and so smart. I love you and thank you for the brush and hair dryer.

Pet you make a list of items you need and I will see that you get what I approve. Thank you very much Master. Are you finished eating. She smiled saying I guess I am since there is nothing left, Master. Would you thank the cook for me everything was delicious and I loved the pie.

I moved my chair to the center of the room.


Come to me Slave Pam. She got a concerned look on her face and move to me quickly. She went to her knees in front of me. Turn away from me, head on the floor ass up hands behind your back. She quickly obey my command and I tied her wrist behind her with rope. Slave Pam on your feet and lay over my lap. Yes Master and she draped over my lap pressing her tits on the side of my thigh with her pelvic pressing into my other leg. Spread you legs pet. She immediately moved her legs apart. I rubbed her ass cheeks with my hand and heard her moan.

Moving my hand over her pussy I felt the moisture wetting her cunt lips. I moved my wet fingers up the crack of her ass to her little rose bud and forced a finger in her ass to the first knuckle. She squealed with the sudden pain of the finger forced in her tight little ass but did not move.

I drew back and swatted her right ass cheek with my open hand hard forcing her to jump and scream from the surprise and pain of the swat with no warning. Slave Pam you will now receive 15 swats for your punishment and you will count each one. If you lose count we start from the beginning. Yes Master. SMACK. one Master SMACK. two Master. She jumped and screamed with each blow but did not try to get off my lap.

By the tenth she was crying and counting at the same time. I pressed my hand on her pussy finding it very sloppy wet from her leaking juices. I rubbed my wet had over her ass cheeks and finished swatting her ass five more times. She screamed, and cried but did not miss a number. I lifted her from my lap. Slave Pam lay on the bed face down. Yes Master as she moved immediately to the bed.

She lay face down with her legs spread as I moved to her. Sitting beside her I pulled a bottle of baby oil from my pocket and poured some of the cool oil on her red burning ass cheeks.

She cooed as I massaged her burning ass with the cool oil soothing some of the pain. Some of the oil lay in the crack of her ass and I scooped it with my finger and worked inside her tight little ass.

Playing with her ass and looking at her beautiful body lying in front me made my cock stand to attention in my pants. She looked over her left shoulder seeing the large bulge in my pants she said Master? Yes slave Pam. Thank you for caring for my undeserving ass. Master if you need some care for your self this unworthy slave would be pleased to take your big hard cock up her ass to please you as part of her punishment.

You know it will be painful. Yes Master but this grateful obedient slave belongs to Master giving her mind, body and soul for Master's pleasure. On your knees keep your head on the bed. Yes, Master. She quickly raised her ass leaving her legs open giving me easy access to her ass hole and pussy.

After pouring more baby oil on her ass and my hand I pushed a finger deep in her tight little pucker popping past her sphincter eliciting a moan of pain and pleasure. I worked my finger around and in and out until she started to stretch before adding a second finger working the two in her ass until she relax. I pulled my fingers from her ass hole and slapped her sore burning butt cheek. The unexpected slap and pain forced her to lung forward and scream. She quickly repositioned her ass and waited.

She moaned with pleasure as I rubbed the head of my hard cock up and down her ass crack and pussy. I positioned my cock on her ass and she braced for the pain of penetration. She let out a loud moan and pushed back into me as I lowered my cock and drove it deep in her hot wet cunt.

I fucked her pussy making her grunt and moan. When I felt her desire surging through her I pulled out of her and pushed the head of my cock quickly past her tight little sphincter. She yelped and gripped my cock tight. She then relaxed letting my cock slide deeper in her ass a little at a time.

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My cock half way in her ass I reached around and pinched her hard little love button making her moan with the pleasure in her clit and slight pain in her ass. The faster I played her clit the louder she moaned and pushed her ass onto my cock.

She grunted and moaned with pleasure when my balls pressed on her pussy lips with my cock buried all the way in her ass. I felt her ass muscles squeezing my cock and started to work in and out of her her ass while I pinched and flip her hot clit.

The heat of pleasure rose in her body rushing to her cunt. She started fucking her ass on my cock moaning yes Master your cock feels so good in my ass.

Please fuck me hard. I did and an orgasm surged through her body to her pussy making her squeeze my cock and clamp her cunt muscles to avoid an orgasm without permission. She was breathing hard and begging me to let her cum. This sent me over the edge and my balls pushed my cum out the tip of my cock shooting a hot load of cum deep in her bowels as I said Yes my little slave slut you can cum for me.

No sooner than the words cleared my mouth she started screaming with a body wracking orgasm squirting large amount of girl cum onto our legs and the bed covers. Totally spent I fell on her back forcing her flat on the bed with my cock pulsing cum in her ass.

We lay quite for several minutes recovering from out mutual orgasms. Master, thank you that was totally incredible. I never knew being butt fucked could feel so good. I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass with cum following running down her crack through her pussy lips onto the bed. As I sat back on my legs my cock stood at half mast.

Pamela quickly rose to her hands and knees turning to me with wide open mouth. She looked at me with her mouth open and looked at my semi hard cock. I nodded giving her permission and she eagerly slipped her mouth over my cock using her tongue and lips to clean her ass and my cum off. It felt extremely good but I did not have the energy to get it up again. She let my cock slide from her sweet little mouth looked at me and said thank you Master.

I moved from the bed dressed picked up the food tray and as I left her cell I said there are clean bed clothes in the closet that you have permission to use on your bed. I heard thank you Master as I closed and locked the door