Horny druunk girls are jerking

Horny druunk girls are jerking
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Built for Comfort Not Speed We both attended the same place of worship.


On alternate Sundays I would drive a six seat cart to usher people from the parking lot to the auditorium. We had said hello to each other may times before, but never really talked.


Something was different this time. For the last few years my wife had been struggling with diabetes. Progressively it was affecting her eyes and her heart. Doctor visits were constant. And I had developed myself into a pretty good caretaker and driver for her. It was a good thing I retired from teaching when I did and had great insurance to provide for her.

But, I was missing allot of life and living. That Sunday, it was early Fall in Southern California, and just starting to cool. Carol was getting out of her car in the parking lot and I asked her if she wanted a ride.

There was another couple and their kids on the back of the cart, Carol took the seat next to me. Carol was a good looking woman. Not a beauty, but good looking.

Her hair was light brown and down to below the shoulders. About 5'5'', and she had some size to her. The feature I liked the best was her big round tits. Nice round butt too. Carol was built for comfort for sure. She was very nicely dressed that Sunday morning. And she smelled good too. As she sat next to me, she called me by my last name. I looked at her and she told me her daughter was one of my students a few years back.

And her daughter was now finishing college. As we pulled up to the auditorium, Carol handed me a card with her name and number on it. She asked if we could chat more after the service. "I will see you then, I said. Carol was on my cart a few minutes after the service ended.

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She asked immediately what I was doing after I was done driving the cart. I told her, "just go home I guess".

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Carol asked me to come over to her house. I pulled her card out of my pocket and saw that she lived close by. I told Carol I would call as soon as I was in my car. As I walked up the steps to Carol's front door, she was opening it for me. Asking me to come in, I walked right by her into her very nice home.

I noticed she had changed into more comfortable clothes. Carol was in shorts showing her ample legs and a rap around top with no bra.

I could clearly see the outline of her large areolas and hardening nipples. She said, I am so happy you were able to come over Mike, I have wanted this for a long time". As I sat on the front room couch, Carol saw I was looking closely at her, she said, "I hope you don't mind me being comfortable dressed in my own home?" I smiled and said, Carol you look great." Carol sat next to me, our legs touching, "Mike a few years back when Crystal was your student, I had a crush on you, but I had a lover.

About a year ago he passed. It's about time I find a new lover. I really want to kiss you." We both move toward each other until our mouths met. At first, a nice gentle kiss of the lips. As the kiss continued, our tongues met and played with each other.

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The kiss grew deeper; my hands began to explore her body. My hands were on her breast and rubbing a nipple. "Oh Mike, I need you," she said. Carol stood up in front of me. In a second, she was naked, wearing nothing under the shorts and top. Then she was down in front of me on her knees and pulling my shorts down and off. Her mouth felt completely wonderful as it covered the head of my hardening cock. She pulled me towards her, as she continued to lick and suck.

I was in heaven. It had been more than 10 years since my wife and I had had sex, mostly due to her health issues. And I had not had a girlfriend / fuck buddy for a while either. I loved what was happening to me. Carol was in control and I was fine with that.

She stopped what she was doing to my cock with her mouth. I was pleased with a moment to relax because I was ready to explode. She said, "Mike, will you lie down on your back for me?" I did immediately, saying "yes".

Carol was on top of me quickly, saying, "I need your cock inside me." Carol's large body fell softly onto me. I would never feel her full weight; this lady knew how to ride a man's cock. She lowered herself down and I could feel my hard cock slide deep into her pussy. Carol was already very wet. I had the biggest grin on my face. She looked down at me and said, "Mike, I hope you don't mind being my sex slave for a few minutes." Her movements at first were slow and careful.

It didn't take long. Soon her body tensed and she had her first orgasm. "Ohh yess", she said. And she continued her moment up and down on my cock. My hard cock was swimming in her juices.

Carol leaned back and was sitting straight up above my cock rotating her hips and grinding down on me. Then she leaned forward and started very fast moments. Her big tits were waving in front of my face. I soon had a nipple in my mouth and I bite down gently. Carol screamed out with her second orgasm.


Carol's body relaxed as the orgasm slowed. She leaned down and we kissed deeply again. As she moved off of me she said, "Mike, what is your pleasure?" I smiled, and said, "Carol, how big is your shower?

She giggled, and took my hand. We walked towards the back of the house, passed two other bedrooms and a bath. We entered a large master suite. Carol led me straight to her bath / shower / tub. It was large enough for 4 people, let alone just us two. Soon the water was coming down at just the right temp. We both stepped in, she turned to face me and we kissed again.

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This was a long slow juicy kiss. Along with a great hug, our bodies meshed together. I saw the shower gel on a small shelf. Soon I was washing her shoulders and back. I loved giving a body wash and massage to a beautiful woman in the shower. My hands are strong yet soft.

And I had been complemented before on my massage skills. Carol was really into what I was doing, she said, Mike I love your hands, you could come work for me and teach some of my girls" "Oh really", I said, "how's that?" "We can talk about that later baby", she responded.

My hands had reached Carol ample butt. As I was washing she moved to place her hands forward on the shower wall and spread her legs.

My right hand was now washing between her legs, washing her pussy. My fingers could feel her hard clit. Carol was moaning in delight. "Oh Mike", she said. I stood behind her, parted her ass cheeks, and shoved my cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh my god", came out of Carol's mouth as her juices came gushing out and around my cock. I held on to her hips as her body movements slowed.

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"Mike, I want you in my bed," Carol pleaded. I pulled out and she stood. Still in the shower, I continued washing her. She was standing now, in front of me facing away.

My hands, full of sweet smelling shower gel over her shoulders wash her very large breasts. I whispered in her ear, "baby, how big are these wonderful tits?" "44GGs my lover", she said.

I turned the water off after we rinsed. We stepped out and dried each other off. We walked to the bed. I asked Carol to lie flat on her back on the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees between her legs. She spread her legs for me as my mouth found her sweet pussy. My licking and suck was deliberate. I was focused on her pleasure. I could feel Carol's body. It was a wonderful thing to control a woman and give her pleasure. Thru my tongue and mouth I could feel her body's reaction.

Soon her body tensed and she had another orgasm. "Oh Mike," she said.

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I continued using my tongue to please her. Carol's clit was very hard and my mouth completely took it in. My suck was driving her crazy. The noises she was making probably could be heard all over the house. Soon another orgasm overtook her. As soon as she could her hands pushed my head away from her pussy. "Mike, please, let me make you cum," she said. I stood up. Carol asked me to come close; she wanted to lick her own juices off my face.

As she did, she was stroking my cock. She moved up on the bed and I joined her. I moved to be at a 90 degrees to her and place my legs under her nearest leg.

This position allowed me to drive my cock deep inside her pussy. Carol moaned. I reached over to play with tits. We could look at each other as we pleasured each other. Soon I was getting close. My fingers grad a nipple and I squeezed. We both came together.

I went back into the shower and Carol joined me.

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We washed the sex off. And I drove home.