Stunning blonde rides on a long member

Stunning blonde rides on a long member
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So here it is. I'm 15, 5"8My name is Ricky, i have short brown hair, my body size is average more on the skinny sidei was pretty tanned not to dark, and I was gay. I had the biggest crush on one of the boys who was in drama with me. His name was Alex. He was 15 also, had black hair that you can flip from one side to the other, he was tanned, was about 5"9-5"10, he was pretty skinny, and tanned.

It was after school when we had drama classes and it was about two hours long. I had been in the club for about a year and a half and i really enjoyed it, while Alex was new to it.

So, it was after school, in the theater, and i was early. Then without noticing Alex had came in and i was practicing my sketch. "Hey.uh? Is this the drama club?" Alex said in a shy tone "OH!

oh my god!. you scared me!" I said in a startled voice "Oh i'm so sorry i didn't mean to disturb you but i'm so confused for where we're supposed to be!" Alex said "Nah, it's fine. And yes, this is the drama club" I said while chuckling a little "Am I early or is this everyone?" Alex said sarcastically I giggled.

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"So uh. What you working on?" Alex said curiously "Oh it's nothing just something i'm practicing for our up coming play" I said "Oh cool," Alex said as it became awkwardly silent "Hey, what's your name?" Alex asked me as he was staring at me with his beautiful green eyes "My name?" I said as not knowing what to say "Yes your name" Alex said while laughing a little "Oh uh.Ricky." i said as my face turned a bright red, i looked away feeling so embarrassed "My name's Alex" he said smiling Then students and the teacher walked in taking seats and talking i was still very embarrassed about what had just happened.

"ALRIGHT CLASS" the teacher yelled as it echoed through the auditorium Everyone got silent.

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Alex took a seat next to me and was smiling as he bumped my shoulder playfully. I couldn't believe his smile it was perfect so adorable I just wanted grab him and kiss him!


"Ok so, you guys are going to be partnering up with one another" the teacher instructed "You guys will be learning the script, practicing with one-another" as he continued Everyone got up and started to gather up into pairs. "Hey.uhm Ricky? Can we be partners.please?" alex asked shyly "Yes of course!" i said in an excited tone knowing i get to be paired with him "Oh uh do you mind sharing the script with me?" Alex asked "Uh yeah i guess, why not" i said Instead of reading the script we were off topic the whole time, just talking about school and stuff.

Then class was dismissed an we walked out still talking I can honestly say that was one of the best rehearses i've had. We were outside and it was kind of chilly, As we walked out we sat on the stairs of the school and neither of us said a word. Alex looked at me and smiled, I wasn't looking at him but i could see it in the corner of my eye. I then looked at him. "What are you looking at!" I said playfully and punched his shoulder lightly and playfully "What does it look like?" Alex said in a flirtatious tone Then we heard a car horn honk.

" Well!

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My mom is here!" Alex got up and hugged me and walked away "OH RICKY" he shouted as he ran back towards me "Hm? What's up?" i said "Here's my number, text me or something" Alex said as he was giving me his number "Oh cool, thanks man" i said trying to hide the excitement "Byeeeeee!" Alex ran off and hopped into the car I walked home and as soon as i did i got the number and texted him saying it was me.

We then started talking about random stuff, he was fun to talk to its like it's never really awkward or weird when we talked. We then soon started sitting together at lunch and talking a lot more. We were at lunch and i was doing my homework and then Alex came over and sat next to me. "Heyyy, what you doing?" Alex said "Eh, just homework.forgot to do it last night." i said "Too busy talking to me!" Alex joked, but he wasn't i was talking to him really late last night.

"Yeah!" i said sarcastically and got silent "Soo, you wanna come to my house after school today?" Alex asked "Yeah sureee why not," i said hiding my excitement "okk well i gotta go to my last class seyah, Aye and meet me after school outside the west doors!" Alex said as he slowly walked away School was over in 5 minutes i couldn't wait to get out! All i was thinking about was what was going to happen at his house and what it looked like.

Then the bell finally rang, "RINGGGG" i got up really fast and started to head my way out. I then got my stuff together and headed to the west doors. I then saw Alex walk towards me smiling. "Heyy" I said "Sup" Alex said From there we walked to his moms car and we drove off to his house.

As we arrived to his house and he gave me a little tour of his house, it wasn't that small it was actually pretty big, it was nice he also had his own room and no siblings, he's an only child.

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He then showed me his room we walked in and i was kind of tired so i laid down on his bed. He put all his stuff away and then sat on the bed, it got a little silent. His mother walked in the room and said she was going out with his dad and wont be home for a few hours and then she left and we heard the door slam shut. "Hey, so what do you want to do?" Alex asked me "Oh i don't care up to you" i said I then got up and sat next to him he looked at me and gave me the deepest most sexiest stare ever!

He then leaned over and laid his hand on my chin and kissed me softly on the lips. I was kind of in shock but i loved it so i then started to carry on with the kisses we were then making out his tongue sliding in my mouth, and then he started to bite my lip which i loved! I was getting turned on and my dick started to rise a little and i could tell he was hard already. He then pushed me down on my back and climbed on top of me making out and moving his hips up and down. I was enjoying this so much my boner was throbbing and wanted to get out of these jeans!

We stopped kissing he undid my jeans. "Are you ok with this" He asked me "Of course!" i said not wanting him to stop We then carried on and we then both stripped each other down so that we were naked. I was so horny i grabbed his dick and started pumping up and down very slow and he started to moan.

"Ohhh shit! That feels so damn good!" he moaned I then started to pump faster and harder and I stopped just to tease him. "Don't stop!!

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Uhhhhh" he was moaning I then pushed him off me and he was now on his back and i started to play with myself a little as i started to suck his nipples and bite them a little, i could tell he was really turned on and i then went lower and started to suck him.

He tasted so good!

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I was extremely horny now and he grabbed my dick and started to pick up the speed and suck faster and he was moving his hips up and down he was face fucking me. "Oh shit Ricky! I.i'm.i'm going to CUM!!!" he yelled as he ejaculated in my mouth i loved the taste of it and I swallowed it down he was now out of breath, but i was still hard, so Alex slowly pushed me down while smiling and said "Your turn!" and i smiled back with excitement and he grabbed my dick and started pumping it slowly for about a minute and then he wrapped his mouth around my hard dick and started to suck hard and fast.

I couldn't take it he was too good! " taste so good" he said in a sexy tone "Oh fuck man!


Faster!" i shouted in ecstasy " I'm going to cum!" i yelled I then came in his mouth with him still jacking me off trying to get every last drop and swallowing it. We were both out of breath, then Alex leaned over and kissed me on the cheek very softly and walked off to the bathroom.

All i was thinking was "OH MY GOD DID THIS REALLY JUST HAPPEN!?" i grabbed my clothes and got dressed. Alex came back to the room and smiled.

It was like nothing happened but then it's like everything changed all at the same time!


it made no sense. We hung out at his house a little longer then i had to go, i took the bus home it was only about 7:30pm and he walked me out. "Bye Ricky, be safe," Alex said and then he pulled me over towards him and gave me the biggest kiss ever, like we were never going to see each other again, like he didn't want me to leave! "Bye," i smiled and winked at him as i walked away, he stood there leaning on the door watching me walk away.

Please tell me what you think! Yes, if i do make another one i will add more sex scenes sorry about this one not having very many! Please rate and give me your opinions! Thank you for reading!