Punheta no trabalho com muita gozada Wank at Work

Punheta no trabalho com muita gozada Wank at Work
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Bob and Lynda rape Tina part 1 ---- Morning Monday 7:00 am ---- Bob starred down at the grill the patty shaped clump of meat sizzled against the hot grill as Bob flipped a burger. He yawned as Lynda walked down the stairs she looked at Bob smiled slightly and started to poor herself a cup of coffee.

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Bob looked back down at the meat carefully making sure not to burn even oneLynda looked at him watching at how much attention he paid to that meat she thought to herself that he hadn't paid her that much attention in weeksshe had needs to what was she suppose to do get teddy and fulfill them that way she chuckled. " what " Bob said looking at herLynda blushed " nothing just go back to your meat " she said with a slight tone.

Bob was about to comment when suddenly Gene walked in and played a loud fart sound that lasted for about fifteen seconds before he commented " That's what I did this morning " he then screamed " WHO WANTS TO HEAR PART TWO ". Bob stuck his head out the window and said " gene stop it you'll drive away our custom oohhh " he said as he noticed the door shut the the two patrons leaving with their food on the table. " Dammit Gene you just sent or customers running away from here " he said to his son in a extremely aggravated way.

" Bobby don't talk to him that way " Lynda deafened Gene as Bob came back from behind the counter " " Besides Dad now I can show you part two " he said excitedly he hit a note on his key bored and a loud toilet bowl flush sound echoed through the restraunt.

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Bob looked at Lynda and she could tell he was very angry before Gene could do something else she grabbed his arm and said " ill take the kids to school today Tina is out today cause that teacher still has the mumps " she said as she yanked Gene through the door and just as louse was about to enter she grabbed her by the waist and hosted her over her shoulder and put the two in the car pulling out of the ally and driving off.

Bob watched as the car drove off and suddenly smoke filled the restraunt " Shit the burgers " he yelled as he ran back behind the counter to find all the burgers completely burnt. " Dammit he yelled I guess theires no profit today.

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He said angrily as he threw the burgers at the wall and the slid into the trash he flipped off the burgers and cut everything off and turned the sigh to closed. " If theirs no profits no point and staying open " he thought to himself as he locked the door and started to walk back up stairs to the loft.

He approached the top of the stairs just as Tina started to come down still in her pajamas, " Tina what are you doing coming down not dressed again " he snapped angrily at her Tina looked at him blankly trying to find what to say " ugggggghhhhhhh " is all she got out she was terrified her father had been angry with her but never in this manner she wasn't sure what he would do.

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The two stared at each other for a few moments before Bob just said " Fine don't tell me " he then lifted her by the waist over his shoulder and walked the two to the couch. "What are you going to d dad " she looked up at him fear in her eyes magnified the fear as her father sat in the near by chair " Im gonna spank you Tina " He said as as he removed his belt and taped his leg motioning her to get in his lap.

She just stood their " TYINA GET OVER HERE " He yelled she started to cry he grabbed the collar of her shirt and slammed her across his legs.

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" Daddy please im sorry don't do this please " She pleaded and sobbed her collar pulled tight against her through causing it to make it hard for her to breath that combined with the sobbing made her gasp and wheeze as Bob looked at her with rage in his eyesHe felt enrage d the build up of sexual prowess from the lack of contact with Lynda and the way he felt powerful with his daughter helpless against his strong hand made him go crazy.

He lifted the belt high above his head and brought it down hard against her bum her soft pajamas and panties giving hardly any coverage from the intense pain she shrieked in a high pitch whine " NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO " she cried uncontrollable as Bob continued to slam hard smack against her " You will learn to behave and do as I say Tina " he screamed at her in a uncontrollable fit.

" Daddy please im sooooooo sorry ill never do it again please it hurts so much " she cried and pleaded as her bottom ached she bucked and kicked as each slap sent shiver up her spine the pain was unbearable she couldn't even breath this was her first time getting spanked she had read it many times and written about it in her erotica, but this was awful she was miserable she didn't even mean to make her father this upset all she could do was scream as her enter body quacked with pain.

Bob raised his belt again high above his head just as he heard a loud yell " What the hell is going on here " Lynda screamed as Bob landed another extreme slap onto her bum.

Tina screamed as the slap landed hard against her body bob suddenly stopped and looked at Lynda as Tina laid theere sobbing before she jumped up and ran over to her mother.

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Bob stood up " That ungrateful brat was going to go down stairs not dressed again". Bob stood their glaring at the two Lynda looked at bob then down at Tina she looked down at Tina crying and back at Bob he stood their his powerful fist clenched around the belt as his sweaty body concaved and convex with his breath. Lynda suddenly felt so powerless so helpless here was this shining example of pure animalistic manly power in front of her while she paled in comparison to this she felt horrified and suddenly she felt sexy all in the same movement this felling of helpless ness just made her fell so much more like a women.

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She looked at Bob then down at Tina. She then stooped to Tina level held her at arms length and slapped her hard in the face she then stood up and kicked her in the chest knocking her to the ground and causing her to chocked on her own air. " Oh Bobby our little girls been so bad " she said as she went over to Bob and started licking his face and kissing him as Tina tried to stand up Lynda went back over to her daughter and lifted her to her feet then smacked her hard in the face knocking her to the floor yet again and sending her gasses flying across the room before hitting a wall and breaking.


Lynda fell to the floor and held Tina up she hacked and coughed as she sobbed Lynda feverishly smacked here face again and again as Tina turned with each smack she cried louder and louder " Mommy please stop it hurts so much im so sorry I didn't get dressed " she cried as Lynda stood leaving Tina crying on the floor she receded into the fetal position her mind had gone blank she laid their sobbing profusely at the abuse she had just endured at the hands of no less than her parents her world was shattering she hadn't noticed then scene that was unfolding between her parents.

Bob had approached Lynda and looked her in the eyes as he grabbed her and pulled her into himself extremely hard causing her intense pain in her back as Bob pinned her against himself her kissed her and she returned by embracing him in a passionate kiss that they hadn't shared in a long time. Bob looked at Lynda as she stared into him completely taken back she reached behind her self and undid her ponytail and shacked her hair out " Bobby I think our daughter hasn't quite learned her lesson yet " She smiled as Tina had just opened her eyes her world was a blurry mess all she could make out was the form of her parents as her large over bearing father walked towards her and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to the chair she pulled at the floor and tried to get away but her mother was right behind her and she she was drug along she would step on her fingers crushing them benth her feet she screamed each time " SHUT UP YOU STUPID BITCH " Lynda yelled at Tina as she pushed hard on her fingers and turned her foot back and forth causing her intense pain.

She wanted to scream but she held it in as the tears rolled down her face and Bob suddenly jerked her over his lap.


Lynda smiled at Bob as he lifted the belt over his head " Bob stop " she yelled as Bob suddenly stopped " We need to make this harder she yelled as she pulled Tina pants down to her ankles leaving her in her panties covered bum her panties were small to small for her rely she had forgotten to put them in the wash and had to wash them on hot water to get the odor completely out this had caused them to shrink and deform the small horses on them.

Bob looked down at his young daughter and her now exposed bottom just barely covered by the thin panties the stretched material did little to hide the oblivious mound that was her sex. Lynda noticed the also and stooped down to her level and ran a finger from the small of Tina's back along her spin over her bums crack and down her sex Tina stopped sobbing and looked back.

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" Mommy what are you doing " she asked in a nervous tone, Bob suddenly slammed the belt down on her bum " Shut the fuck up Tina you stupid piece of Shit " he screamed as he landed slap after slap on her bum. Tina screamed as Lynda drowned in the pleasure of watching her precious daughter in agony she laid on the floor and drastically pawed at her pants trying to get them down she finally was able to get them to her feet and was able to stand and walk over to her daughter and slap her in the face hard 10 times as Bob continually slapped her bum slaps landing every were her back and thighs turning bright and dark red.

suddenly Lynda stuck two fingers in Tina's nose and fish hooked her until she was looking her in the eye " stop crying and lick mommy while daddy beats your ass till he feels you need a better punishment ok baby " she said as Tina laid their crying " ANSWER MOMMY NOW BITCH " Tina cried "YES MOMMY " Lynda then slammed her crotch onto her daughters mouth.

thanks for reading part one part two will come very soon please comment if you find any grammer or spelling errors please note them in the comments.