Gay swimmers twinks and young legal mobile Unloading In The Toilet

Gay swimmers twinks and young legal mobile Unloading In The Toilet
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In 2003 I was only eighteen years old but had had several lovers, I use the world lover in a loose sense. Most of the men I had been with were nervous fumbling in toilet blocks, in their parents houses while they were at work or in classrooms at college. I found this kind of thing very erotic because the thought of getting caught added to the excitement!

I had started being with men a few years ago and as I said I had had a few lovers by now but most of them I fooled around with once or twice and was done with them (or they were done with me), Cameron on the other hand was different. By 1993 Cameron and I had been fooling around together at least once a week for the last couple of years.

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Neither of us would call the other his boyfriend, me because I didn't want to be tied down, I wanted to experience as many men as I could, and him because he was (or at least wanted to be) straight.

Don't get me wrong, I had strong feelings for him and I know he had feelings for me but at eighteen years old we were not ready for anything more than fuck buddies. Cameron is now married with a couple of kids so I guess he got what he always wanted but we still talk online and the occasional phone call. I know things are not going well with his wife when he starts trying to connect with me again, but that is a story for another day.

In my last story, I told you about when I was with Andy for the first time; if you missed it its called Jamie Goes Shopping for Footy Shorts and is available on Dave's blog. After Andy dropped me back at my Mum's house, I went inside and showered waiting for Mum to get home from work. Standing in the shower I loved the way the water felt cascading over my smooth eighteen year old body, as a swimmer I had a good build.

I had strong legs and arms and a flat stomach, I had been told on more than one occasion that I also had a nice bum. The only thing I was disappointed about at the time was my cock, it was OK when it was hard growing to about six inches, but soft it was only about three inches. The only thing that helped me save face while I walked around the pool in my speedos was my big low hanging balls. At the time my balls helped me fill out my speedo and made me look like I was hung like a horse in a nice pair of footy shorts.

I was leaning against the wall of the shower playing with my cock while enjoying the water running over my cock head. Being uncut I liked to pull the skin back and feel the hot water run over the head of my growing dick. I started getting into it thinking about Andy and how good it felt having his mouth around my teen cock.

My hand around my six inch boy cock didn't feel as good but it was getting me worked up just the same. I held my full balls with my free hand to heighten my enjoyment. Just as I was really getting into it the phone rang. Fuck it, I thought and let go of my junk. I reached out and grabbed a towel and ran for the phone, thankfully Mum would not be home for a few hours as she was working at the hospital until seven thirty tonight and I didn't want her to walk in on me walking across the unit with a hard on wearing nothing but a towel.

Running to the phone I just about slipped over on the tiles but caught myself on a kitchen chair but dropped the towel, here I was standing in the kitchen of the unit by the open window of the dining room naked as the day I was born with a semi from the going over I had given myself in the shower. I picked up the phone, standing there as I was it seemed appropriate that it was Cameron on the other end. "Hi Jamie, Its Cameron" he said "Hi Man" I answered looking out the window to see if anyone was looking at me standing there naked.

"What you doing man?" he asked sounding a little odd. "I was just in the shower playing with my cock man" I told him. He went quiet and didn't say anything for minute or two. "What happened with Andy today Jamie?

You ditched me bad today working with him in shop class and then fucking off with him after school like that, you said I could come over to your place after school but you didn't get on the bus" Fuck he was right, I completely forgot I had organised a fuck session with him for after school because Mum was out until later.

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"Sorry man" I told him feeling bad "You can come over now if you want" "I don't think so man, I might just go home.

Just tell me, did you fuck around with Andy?" Cameron asked. I didn't know how to answer this, Cameron knew I fooled around with other guys, and I knew he would fool around with girls if he ever got the nerve to talk to one. "Yeah man, we blew each other" I told him honestly, I didn't think I should have to lie to him about it, as I said we were not boyfriends for fucks sake. Cameron didn't say much but asked if he could come over tomorrow and hang out while Mum was at work, I told him that would be good and that I could make up for not doing anything with him today when I see him tomorrow.

Once off the phone I went back to the shower and got back to business, I was looking forward to getting Cameron into bed again, It had been a while since I had had anal sex, Cameron was the only guy I trusted enough to fuck me at the time, I don't know why as the kid had a huge cock!


At eighteen years old his cut cock was already eight inches long (years later when we caught up again I was happy to see it had continued to grow to a massive ten inches).

But I knew if I told him to stop he would stop. Thinking about him fucking me while I was in the shower was all I needed and I sprayed my teen cum all over the tiles within a couple of minutes.

I spent the rest of the night watching TV in my footy shorts and waiting for Mum to get home. I thought I would be the good son and have dinner on the table for her when she got home. At the time I felt bad that she had to work so hard, here it was Friday night and she is out working cleaning the hospital and tomorrow she would be up there again doing it all over again.

The least I could do would was to have dinner on the table for her. The following morning I got up at about nine to a cooked breakfast from Mum, she said she was feeling bad that she didn't get to see me much at the moment because she was working all the time, I told her I knew she was doing it so we could have more money in the house and that I was thankful for her for doing it.

As we finished breakfast Cameron knocked on the door and Mum let him in. Cameron and I washed up while she went to shower and get ready for work. We stood there in the kitchen both in black footy shorts, Cameron was wearing an AC/DC t-shirt and I was naked from the waist up. I noticed Cameron looking at the bulge in my shorts and smiled at him and told him to wait until Mum went to work. By the time we were done washing and drying the dishes Mum was ready for work, we said our good byes and wished her a good day at work.

Cameron and I sat on the couch together watching TV for a while, I couldn't take my eyes off the bulge in his shorts, I knew he would have a semi on by now because he had been looking at my bulge and every time I looked at him I noticed he was looking at me. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He had only been letting me kiss him since we spent a week together at the caravan park (story is available on Dave's blog) and I was loving it, he was a good looking boy standing just under six foot like me, He had very light red hair and some cute little freckles all over his body but mostly on his nose and shoulders.

He had no body hair at all, nothing under his arms and nothing around his massive cock.


To this day he only has a little hair above his ample cock but still no other body hair. He had been growing his hair for a while as he knew I liked guys who had long hair but it was taking a long time. At the moment it was in that awkward stage that it was too long to keep it out of your face but not long enough to tie back, I knew it was pissing him off but it was turning me on so much!

As we sat there making out I had my hand all over his cock, I loved feeling it grow in my hand. Like mine it bent to the left as it grew, other than him and myself I had never seen that on another man, I would later come to know this as a Banana cock and now know it is common and can make anal sex better! We sat on the couch making out for a few minutes and just as I was thinking about going down on him the phone rang. "Fuck" Cameron said as he pulled away. "Sorry man" I said as I released his cock from my grasp and went to answer the phone.

I was hard as a rock standing there in my footy shorts answering the phone. I was excited when I heard Andy on the other end of the line.

He said he was lying in bed thinking about me and what we did the night before and wondered if I wanted to come over. I told him I was at home hanging out with Cameron but he was welcome to come over if he wanted to. I don't think Cameron was too happy about this because he got out of the chair and flew into the dining room shaking his head at me. I told Andy that Cameron wasn't sure about him coming over and that maybe we should hang out tomorrow.

Andy told me to put Cameron on the phone, I handed the phone to Cameron and he took it begrudgingly. He didn't say a lot but stood there with his cock growing again in his black footy shorts. After a couple of minutes he said "OK, sounds good" and hung up the phone.

I looked at him with a quizzical look on my face, but he didn't say anything he just went into my room and closed the door. "What the fuck is going on?" I asked Cameron through the closed bedroom door. "I need to borrow some speedos off you, is that ok?" he replied not really answering my question but deflecting me with something he knew I would be interested in. "Sure" I replied. "Thanks" he said opening the door and walking past me.

I was expecting to see him walk out in a pair of speedos but he didn't, he looked the same as when he went in there. There he was sitting in the lounge room with his black footy shorts on and his AC/DC shirt. "What's going on man" I asked getting a little pissed off that I wasn't a part of what was happening. "Andy is going to pop over and I didn't have any jocks on, you know what my cock is like the fucking thing pops out the leg of my shorts and I didn't want that to happen while we have company.

I knew what he was talking about the bloody thing had a way of popping its head out all the time to say "Hi" if he didn't have jocks or speedos on.

That's why he always sat at the table or stood at the sink if he was here when Mum was at home. The thing that made me laugh was that he would ride his bike for thirty minutes to get from his place to my place with no jocks on so his cock would be hanging out the leg of his shorts the entire way, who cares it gave some locals a cheap thrill. "What did you and Andy talk about on the phone?

He told me he wants to have a threesome with you and me" I told him, hoping he wouldn't freak out and leave. "He said he just wanted to come and hang out, he didn't say anything about a threesome, he knows I'm not like that!" I didn't know what to say, the number of times Cameron and I had fooled around together and he was still pulling the 'I'm hetro' card?

Fucking hell! Shortly after, I heard a car pull up in the driveway, the deep throaty tone of the engine told me it was Andy's V8 Valiant. I should have been excited and even horny thinking about what might happen but I wasn't, I was worried that Andy would hit on Cameron and he would freak out and actually hit him and leave or something.

When Andy got out of the car I went down stairs to talk to him. As I walked down the front stairs of the unit I noticed him getting out of the old car, he was wearing a tank top that was a few sizes too big and a pair of white footy shorts. Under the footy shorts he was wearing a pair of blue bike shorts. This guy was everything that turned me on. He was built, tall (at just over six foot) and was into lycra and footy shorts.

The other thing that turned me on was knowing that he wanted to fuck me. Knowing that any time I bent over in front of him he would be looking at my bum and thing about how much he wanted to slip his cock in there. I met him at his car and for a moment I didn't remember why I ran down the stairs. After looking at the bulge his cock was making in his footy shorts, my brain turned back on. "He doesn't want to have a threesome man, I don't think we should push him," I panted while looking at his cock and feeling my arse open for him.

"We won't push him man, don't worry. Fuck him, if he doesn't wanna fool around we can go into your room and he can watch TV!" Andy said with a smirk on his face.

We walked up the stairs together with me in font "Hmmmm that's a nice bum you got there Jamie" Andy informs me as he follows me up the stairs. Once inside the house we sat on either side of Cameron who was sitting in the center of the couch.

Andy put his arm up on the back of the lounge and turned to face Cameron with one knee up on the cushion of the couch. This had the effect of pointing Andy's cock right at Cameron, "So Cameron, how you doing man?" "I'm good thanks Andrew" Cameron said.

"Fuck Cameron, only my Mum calls me Andrew and only if I'm about to get a spanking, are you going to spank me Cameron?" Andy inquired. "Cameron went red and didn't say anything. "Wow" Andy said looking at the bulge in Cameron's shorts "you were right Jamie, Cam here looks like he has a huge cock in those shorts". "Biggest in the school I would say" I replied and put my hand on his leg. Cameron looked at me and brushed my hand away. "How big is it Cameron" Andy asked never taking his eyes off Cameron's bulge.

Cameron didn't answer, he just sat there looking at the TV. "About eight inches" I told Andy, proud as punch that I was fooling around with a guy with such a big cock, "It goes up to his belly button when its hard" I said. I reached over and put my hand on Cameron's cock, he was starting to get hard but had a long way to go yet. This time he didn't brush my hand away but he also didn't take his eyes off the TV. While I was rubbing Cameron's cock none of us said anything Andy was sitting there staring at the show I was putting on, watching Cameron's eighteen year old monster grow in his shorts.

I was sitting there playing with the growing bulge in Cameron's black footy shorts.

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Cameron sat there watching TV, not taking his eyes off the screen while I got him hard and Andy watched. After about five minutes I had Cameron about as hard as he gets, I knew he was getting uncomfortable in my speedos because he was wriggling around.

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My speedos were tight on me at the time and I wasn't trying to stuff either inches of thick cut teen meat into them. I didn't say anything but got off the couch and stood in front of Cameron, I knew if I was going to get anything happening with the three of us I was best to make out like Andy wasn't there so I grabbed the legs of Cameron's shorts and tried to pull them down, they wouldn't move because he was sitting down but he lifted his bum to allow me to pull them off.

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I knew he wanted me to take his cock out and relieve the pressure on his hot cock but I wanted to have a quick lick first, I went down and kissed the head of his cock in my speedos and licked the stretchy fabric as it strained to hold him in.

This was more than Andy could take and he got up off the couch and took his footy shorts and tank top off, there he stood in the lounge room of my unit in just his bike shorts sporting a nice looking hard on.

I wanted to leave Cameron alone and go and attack Andy but I was worried that would be it and Cameron would lose interest. So I kept working on Cameron's cock, after licking it for a while I decided he had teased him enough and took it out over the waist band of my speedos and let him feel the relief of his cock being out of the confines of my small speedos.

I told Cameron to stand up and I took the speedos off him and removed his AC/DC shirt, with this done I told him to sit down again. Once he sat down I sat beside him and started wanking his cock looking into his eyes, he leaned forward and kissed me.

I knew while we were making out his eyes would be closed so I beckoned for Andy to go to work on Cameron's dick. He didn't wait to be told twice and before I knew it he was brushing my hand off Cameron's dick while he took the entire thing in his mouth. As soon as Andy's mouth was around his dick Cameron stopped kissing me and started drawing deep breaths through gritted teeth.

Cameron loved getting his teen cock sucked, he said it was one of the best things in the world, so far I had been the only one to suck him off, I knew Andy could suck cock and Cameron was in for a treat but I also knew that Cameron had a short fuse and that if we wanted some group action this blowjob would have to be cut short.

"You have a beautiful cock Cam, thanks for sharing it with Andy" I said. Cameron looked at me and smiled "You didn't have to trick me babe, you should have told me he gives head as good as you." I was surprised that he called me babe, he had not used that pet name since we had been at the beach together acting like and I guess for all intents and purposes being a couple for a week. "Sorry Cam" I said sheepishly as we all sat there looking like we were about to pounce on something.

I knew what I wanted to bounce on but I wanted to see where the day was going to go.

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Cameron and I were sitting on the couch together and Andy was still sitting on the floor between Cameron's legs, he had stopped sucking Cameron's cock (maybe having sensed the end was near) but was playing with his teen balls.

Cameron was the only one naked with me being still fully dressed and Andy still having his bike pants on. I took off my short and Andy moved over and removed my shorts and speedos. I was hard as a rock so Andy decided to go to work on my cock for a bit.


With eighteen year old Andy working my cock in and out of his mouth, Cameron started licking my nipples, he had done this once before when I was teasing him and he wanted to fuck me, I had told him I wasn't in the mood so he tried everything he could to get me in the mood, at the time I told him I liked it so I guess he remembered. While Andy was sucking me off he would reach over every few minutes and give Cameron's cock a quick tug.

This went on for a few minutes when Andy said "Cameron, would you mind fingering me while I suck Jamie off? I'm so turned on right now I want to be fingered." Cameron looked at me as if to ask if he should I was too busy enjoying the mouth recently vacated by Cameron and just spat out "yeah finger him babe!" With that permission so eloquently granted, Cameron got off the couch and went into my room to get the KY Jelly I keep in the back of my desk draw.

This retrieved he plonked himself, naked, at the business end of our guest Andy. I watched over Andy's bobbing head as Cameron put some KY Jelly on his finger and pushed his bony finger into Andy. I wasn't able to see how far he went in but from the groaning Andy did on my cock I assume he went in up to the shoulder.

Once in he was fingering Andy like he was tapping out Morse Code on that boys prostate. After a while of this Andy shifted over and turned so he was on his back and his bum was in the air right in front of Cameron.

Cameron went right back to work fingering him while I sucked on Andy's cock. Poor Cameron had been fingering Andy's tight man hole for about fifteen minutes by now and his cock was dripping with pre cum, I knew he wouldn't last much longer and I think Andy thought the same thing "Cameron, I want you to fuck me, stick that huge cock of yours inside me." Much to my surprise Cameron didn't say a word, he just put some KY on the head of his cock and plunged it deep into Andy.

I stopped sucking Andy off as I wanted to watch Cameron while he fucked Andy, he looked so strong and manly fucking him, his face was contorted into a hot sex face I had seen on his face a few times and his skinny body was dripping with sweat.

The length of his hair was pissing him off and he kept sweeping it back over his head while thrusting his huge teen cock into Andy harder and harder. Andy was loving every moment of this panting "FUCK ME CAMERON, FUCK ME HARDER" as loud as he could.

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After about ten minutes Cameron was done, he let out a loud moan that I was sure the neighbours heard and he arched his back and curled his toes, he cock was still oozing cum when he pulled it out of Andy and collapsed in a heap in the corner.

Andy looked at me with pleading eyes "Please fuck me Jamie, I want to feel your cock in me" that was all I needed and I took up the position Cameron had just held and smothered the head of my cock with the cum oozing out of Andy's arse, his hole was pulsating open and closed while I positioned myself to enter him.

I held my cock at the door of his bum and looked down at him. "Do you want it Andy?" I asked with a grin on my face. "Oh man, just fuck me, I need your cock in me" he said with a look of desperation on his face. With my orders received I went to work plunging my teen meat into his arse. There was some hair around is hole giving me the sensation of the hair on the head of my cock as I pushed it into him.

I didn't have to push much thanks to Cameron and the workout he had just given this hole. I found my grove and was soon fucking Andy like a pro. While I was fucking him Andy reached down and started pulling himself off. He was pulling himself faster than I could fuck him but I found it a nice competition to see who could go faster, Andy wasn't playing but was enjoying me fucking him hard and fast. It wasn't long before I felt his arse close up around my cock the tight sensation around my cock turned my legs to jelly and I dropped my load in him along with Cameron's load from a few minutes before.

Andy dropped his load on his belly and reached down and rubbed it into himself. My cock was so sensitive I didn't want to pull it out of Andy's arse but I knew I would have to because he might want to go home at some stage in the next few minutes.

As my erection went down my cock slid out of his arse and I lay on the floor looking at Cameron and Andy as they did the same.

None of us said anything for a while we just lay on the floor getting our breath back. After a while Andy got up and went for a shower, as he stood up he said "I can feel you cum dripping down my leg boys, that's so fucking hot!" Neither Cameron or I said anything, we just lay on the floor watching TV until Andy came out of the shower, found his clothes, got dressed and left.

Cameron and I went for a shower together and kissed, running our hands over each other's bodies, somehow I think what we had experienced with Andy someone made us closer, and after about twenty minutes in the shower we got out dried off and the three of us went for a sleep in my room.