Three Hot Guy In The Locker Room

Three Hot Guy In The Locker Room
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Today was just like any other day, it was late in the afternoon on a Friday as we raced down the road. I was 16 years old nearing the end of my high school years, and right in front of me was Megan, a very close friend of mine. For the longest time I've had a crush on her, whether it was just because of her stunning looks or also her likable and playful personality.

But her looks were not to be played down, during the early years of school Megan who was in the same grade as me yet nearly a year older at 17 would often be placed as first in our rankings of girls in my circle of friends, with her chestnut brunette hair with a tinge of blonde coming out in the sun, slim but curvy body and fantastic tits and alluring round ass to boot.

My first interaction with her came a while ago on the school bus where we were the only two from our grade on that route left and she had unexpectedly started talking to me which eventually led to her insisting I touch her leg to show off her smoothness after having them waxed.

The very fact I got to rub her legs consequently meant I had raging hard-on, meaning I had a very difficult time in trying to hide it especially since I was in shorts. She had the reputation of only dating the "cool" or "popular" guys, other rumours consisted of her being very willing to spread her legs and one rumour had it that had already gotten pregnant at the age of 15.

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I decided to try my luck in getting to know her where overtime our times on the bus led to a genuine friendship eventually leading to going to her place to hang out and while I did enjoy our relationship and played second fiddle as she started having boyfriends I still never truly gave up on trying to go that extra step further. I doggedly jogged after her making sure to take my time as I survey what her tight leggings were doing to her amazing ass as the sun was setting.

In addition to the tight black leggings, she was wearing a pinkish beige tank top and white top which was worn revealing one of her shoulders. She could look seductive even when she wasn't trying to be. In time we finally came into view of the park where I sprinted ahead while laughing.


It was quiet, and deserted, we were the only ones here and the warm summer air emanating throughout the grounds. "I'm taking the good swing" laughed Megan, as she playfully pushed me aside while racing to the swings. As she begun to start swinging, I took the initiative to start pushing her from behind just to get closer to that ass her of hers before finally taking the old rusted swing next to her. Before long the sun had set it was now far too dark to see without any street lights as we headed back to her place, taking the route with main streets where I couldn't help but feel a tinge of pride as I walked in public with Megan with people inevitably believing she was my girlfriend.

She had begun talking about her plans for the weekend when I noticed a group of guys walking on the other side of the street, leering lustfully at Megan and all her assets, while she hadn't noticed to look at them, she had heard the wolf whistle which smiled at. "Hey, Megan!" one of them shouted, as my heart sank.

"Oh my god, what are you guys doing here, you look like a bunch of hooligans", Megan responded laughingly as the group started to make their way towards us like a pack of wolves. "Smack!" as a wide hand smacked on her behind, Megan let a flirtatious chuckle allowing the men to greet her, giving them each what seemed to be a very physical hug. I couldn't but feel a shade of jealousy. Their conversation took the better part of 10 minutes ranging from topics of pat events where they were drunk to talking about people I had no idea who they were, while all I could do was stand their awkwardly silent.

They then decided to invite Megan to the house party they were attending not too far from here, I noticed I wasn't given a specific invite, but nonetheless she had taken to the idea and promptly asserted that I join her. As she sat on the laps, laughing and flirting with 4 guys, I knew she enjoyed the attention. The guy she was sitting on, I noticed was stroking Megan on her thigh, moving up and down before rubbing her ass in circular motions and from what very little I could see, the occasional slip beneath the waistband of her tights.

Feeling dejected, I sculled the lost few drops of beer and begun my search for another. Viewing at my surroundings I noticed several different groups with some of party goers playing drinking games, others drinking to their hearts content and another group of guys surrounding a couple of gorgeous brunettes who both appeared to be underage or at most still in high school.

Both girls were showing an ample amount of cleavage, with their dresses also showing plenty of leg. The shorter girl with the red dress drinking down a premixed drink "had a great set of tits" I couldn't help but think, but it was the softly tanned girl in the tight black dress who really grabbed my attention, she had a body that would put even Megan to shame, a slim waist a great ratio with her hips and amazing breasts, she was being grinded on by a guy, his hands rubbing her behind.

Knowing I had no chance I turned away, "Such a sausage fest" I thought to myself before finally finding the cooler. I grabbed the closest drink not caring what it was, and as I turned back to meet up with Megan, from the distance I saw her being led to what was probably a bedroom by those three guys. I had known her long enough to know what she was about to partake in. While skipping on some of the details she had often told me stories of her misadventures some of which included stories of a pregnancy when she was 15 and the abortion that followed or her more recent escapades of having one boyfriend after another, but even for her multiple guys at once was uncharted territory.

The fact that an intoxicated Megan being led by a group of unfamiliar men to a bedroom could only mean one thing, she was about to give them a really fun time. As the door shut behind them, I could only imagine what they were in for, the lucky sons of bitches. They were going to be able to see her in all her nude glory, and they were going to get to be inside her.

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It frustrated me to no end at the fact that she had allowed the random men who she barely knew to use her while I haven't even seen her topless yet. I stormed off, not knowing whether to stay or leave, instead opted to go to the restroom to wash my face and cool down.

I proceeded to then find some snacks when suddenly one of the many drunk party goers decided to strike a conversation with me. Half the stuff he talked about failed to peak my interest, I didn't even get his name.

My mind still couldn't get off Megan who was only a few rooms a way doing who knows what. At that moment the four guys who were supposed to be with Megan had joined the party again. But this time no Megan. I begun searching for her, first the toilets then outside. Before I returned to the room she had entered with her "friends". The door was slightly ajar and it was dark, I entered the room, making sure to lock to the door behind, I edged closer.

It was deathly quiet, the stillness of the air only added to the smell of alcohol. as though my senses were intensified with my sole point of attention being the object of my dreams just a few feet away. Megan's body was just lying there, eyes closed, asleep, her legs spread and her perky breasts rising and falling with each soft breath.

I took in the sight, the way the warm orange light bounced off her smooth soft skin. Each crevice and mound finally in my sights. It was mesmerizing I discerned her tops, leggings and red thong which had a small wet spot along with a couple of used grey condoms on the floor beside the bed, wondering where the other two were I decided to move closer "Megan" I rasped, nudging her bare shoulder, the silence persisted.

I continued nudging until finally concluding she had passed out. All thoughts of morality and ethics left me as I was overcome by years of pent up sexual frustration. Her breasts were as I imagined, firm, perky, the C cups were quite the handful, her small brown nipples were stiff only adding to my lust as I tenderly pinched them, rolling them between my fingers. Slowly my hands begun their journey of discovery, each touch of her soft flesh got me harder, first her toned stomach a product of her years of dancing when she was younger, then her thin waist which led to her very feminine hips, and finally I reached her prize, her sweet pussy, the one thing after all these years I wanted more than anything but could never get until now.

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Cleanly shaved, it was bare pink, the lips while not flappy were definitely not tight and clearly been used. Inhaling the sweet scent as my tongue got its first taste of her sex or for that matter any pussy at all. Exploring her insides, delving between her velvet folds I finally had what the others had the pleasure to experience and many could only dream of getting near. I began to strip, the effects of the alcohol and my sheer excitement caused me to wobble and feel light headed.

I took hold my now throbbing cock, knowingly smaller than what she would be used to but nonetheless it was a cock which needed to be drained.

I placed it at the entrance of her insides and without much else I slowly stabbed her with my member feeling each fold give way as I got deeper and deeper into my friend, Megan the object of my lust.

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The feeling was extraordinary, though not nearly as tight as I had imagined, which may have been due to my smaller cock size or the fact that Megan's pussy had been used by a number of cocks many of which were probably much larger, we were so close together I couldn't help but kiss her.

I grabbed her soft waist and back of her head as I thrust into her mercilessly. I no longer cared if she woke up or how she would react, all I knew was that my seed needed to be spent and that her fertile teenaged womb was a perfect place for it. I closed my eyes savouring each consecutive thrust until finally my cock exploded, my cum drenching her insides, I collapsed on to her, my chest on her glorious breasts, and I suckled softly on her breasts, before moving up onto her swanlike neck, taking in her aroma, the alcohol and her sweat.

I nearly passed out on her like that.

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But no I wasn't finished, I couldn't be, for years I had waited patiently, suffered through humiliation and for all I have done. I needed my reward and when else will I get the chance and I decided I will not miss this opportunity.

I pulled my now rapidly deflating cock from Megan's now cum covered pussy. Our juices had combined covering my cock with glistening coat of our essences. Kissing her softly once again, I got up and straddled further up her body, placing my cock between her magnificent tits, using them to if possible clean up my cock.

Before finally straddling even further up and placing my cock into her warm mouth using it to harden my member I turned her over admiring her incredible ass which I had only been witness to for too long.

I knew she had taken it up the ass before, through the number of times I have read her drunk text messages to the guys she had been seeing, I also knew that she had let those guys do whatever they wanted to her gorgeous white body. Now it was my turn. I had just lost my virginity and now I needed something tighter wrapped around my cock. I spanked her round fat ass and with her mouth easily serving its purpose with my cock hard and ready for more.

As I spread her firm yet supple ass cheeks I noticed cum ooze out. It wasn't even 1 am yet and she had been cummed in the ass already, I couldn't but feel slightly disappointed of not being the only guy to take her ass tonight, yet I still had the urge to experience it myself.

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I took hold of her right hand positioned her index finger to extract the present the other guys had left her. With that done, I positioned my cock on the entrance to her sweet hole, delicately teasing it with the head. Even with only the head barely in, I could feel it clamp around.

As I slowly entered, her asshole stretching to accommodate my intrusion. I grabbed her bubbly ass just below her waist. Using it as leverage I managed to get deeper within her, wondering to myself how anyone larger than me could have fit in such a tight hole. Rather than making love to my long time friend, I used her like the slut she was and it was amazing.

The relief of finally being able to use Megan's holes. I decided to alternate between her tight asshole and taking her pussy from behind, revelling in the moment to be able to do whatever I wanted to such a ravishingly well-formed girl.

Suddenly, Megan let out a soft moan, my heart was pounding from both the thrill, exhaustion and alarm, yet her ass hole begged to be used. I could sense I was close, I took several more deep thrusts into her tight hole, trying to get as deep into her as I could. Finally I grasped her bountiful breasts from behind and at the moment my cock spurted my semen deep within her bowels, inside this gorgeous girl who I have lusted after for years.

My cum oozed out of her holes as I took one last look at her womanhood before putting her red thong back on her, making sure the string fit snugly inside her ass crack. With her bra next followed by her leggings and top she was completely dressed as though nothing had happened only her hair had been left in a tussle.

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I tucked her into the bed where she had been used, turning off the light. A huge relief went through me as though years of dedication and hard work has finally been paid off. Shutting the door, I looked back to see my Megan fast asleep unaware of our time we spent tonight.

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An innocent evening had turned into a tight of pure pleasure, I had experienced Megan's body and she had been fucked by 5 guys. I walked through the now trashed house, only a couple of stragglers stayed, some fast asleep while others left for what I imagined a night of more booze.

As I walked down the dusky path with only the steps on the concrete as my companion reminiscing on the incredible luck I had tonight. My train of thoughts were pierced by voices followed by laughter, "Fuck Lara you horny slut" laughed a racy voice. Finally coming to pass, the group from the party with the pair of young but incredibly hot brunettes and two more girls with at from what I could tell at least nine guys accompanying them.


The source of the laughter, the searingly hot girl in the tight black dress and the other hot brunette who was known as Lara. The group ignored my presence on the other side of the road, I began to wonder whether I will ever get the chance to fuck girls as hot as those brunettes, now that I had experienced it, I couldn't think of any better feeling then being inside a gorgeous girl.