Amateur playing with pussy to cum

Amateur playing with pussy to cum
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This story was written at the request of my new friend Roxii, who wanted to know how I thought our first encounter might go. From the moment she said "why haven't you kissed me yet?", I knew I'd wipe the paint from her lips. And as I lay on my back next to her, all sweaty and out of breath, I wondered how I could ever be so naive to think that the night might've gone any other way.

Roxii and I had been talking online for a few months. We'd met on an adult dating site, and given that she lives in the USA and I in Australia, we'd never met in person. We are both married and were both looking for some stimulating conversation away from home. Roxii is intoxicatingly sexy.she's intelligent, witty, and she has a dirty mind, which was everything I was looking for in a new friend.

We'd exchanged plenty of photos, and her looks lived up to the hype that her personality created. At just 5'5, she had a real "girl next door" look about her: big innocent eyes highlighted her pretty face, framed by her blonde hair. She had curves I couldn't ignore.full, perky breasts and an amazing ass that turned me on every time I saw it. Needless to say, I was hooked from the very beginning! A few weeks ago, Roxii had told me that she had been asked to fly to Australia to work with a local surfwear brand.

As soon as I read those words, my chest (among other things) tightened. Anxiety, anticipation, excitement, and about a dozen other emotions hit me like a wave.we'd spoken about what might happen if our paths ever crossed, but deep down I expected the fantasy would remain exactly that, a fantasy. Cheating on my wife was something I'd fantasised about often (especially since getting to know Roxii), but never thought I would actually do.

The bad news was that it was Melbourne she was visiting, and not my home town of Sydney. Roxii had told me that there was a job back in the US immediately after she was done, and that she'd only be in the country for a couple of days. Disappointed to be so close yet so far, I wondered how I could possibly get to Melbourne without raising suspicions of infidelity. We talked about it plenty over the days and weeks that followed, and whilst I was inclined to believe her when she said that she was as frustrated as I was, I sensed that she was enjoying the effect she had on me.

I was sure that my frustration was a turn on for her. Two days out from Roxii's arrival into Melbourne, I received a message: "Hi BenBen! Just about to jump on my flight, so it's time to stop torturing you and confess.I'll be in Sydney for a night before heading to Melbourne.

You got plans Friday?" I knew it! In an instant, the weeks of frustration build up disappeared, replaced by both the tightening of my chest and the front of my pants. "Turns out I am, actually" I replied. "The wife has decided to go babysit at her sister's place. She probably won't be back until Saturday afternoon". "Excellent, I don't know anyone in Sydney and I need a guide. We should meet for a drink somewhere, you'll have to choose where". A drink? It was unlike Roxii to say one thing and mean another, and so I instantly began to wonder if I had missed something.

Maybe that was her way of hinting that she changed her mind about what she wanted? The uncertainty tugged at me for what seemed like weeks as I waited for the sexy Roxii to touch down in the land down under.

Friday afternoon had arrived and I don't mind admitting that I had the least productive work day in history. I'd spent the day making plans. I'd booked a hotel room with a view of Sydney harbour. It was a little pricey, and more than a little presumptuous, but I didn't care.

I'd even made a dinner reservation at some place I had no idea if we'd even show up way was I going to be unprepared! We had arranged to meet at a trendy basement-style cocktail bar. The place was designed to look like a speakeasy from prohibition times, and it was spot on.

I walked in 10 minutes early and was taking in the atmosphere when I saw Roxii sitting at a table near the bar.

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She apparently saw me first and was already flashing a cheeky smile as my brain registered what I was seeing. Even from across the room, Roxii looked amazing. Looking up at me with those eyes, I couldn't help but smile straight back.

She was looking great in casual jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt, but the countless pictures I'd seen of her did not do her justice (at least not the parts I could see), and I felt that tightening both places. I crossed to her side of the table as I said hi, and leant down to give her a polite kiss on the cheek. I saw it in her eyes a split second before it happened.Roxii turned her head and planted her lips onto mine, holding for just a second.

"I think we're past polite greetings, don't you?" That cheeky smile was back as she asked. "I suppose you're right, I just.wasn't sure" "Yeah well, I wanted to break the ice and shake these nerves.

So I decided to get myself an early drink and kiss you the second you walked in" I noticed the almost empty cocktail glass on the table for the first time. "Good plan! We're you waiting long? I thought I was early" I asked. "You ARE early, but I was earlier.

Not by much though, only 5 minutes or so". I pointed at the glass on the table. "So that went down easy, then?" "Yep. I needed it.and another." Message received. "I'll be right back" I said, with a cheeky smile of my own. I returned from the bar to find Roxii tapping her fingernails to the beat of the jazz band playing in the corner of the room.


My mind instantly flashed back to some of the things she said she would do with those fingers if we ever met.

I very much wanted her to follow through on those promises. "Cool place!" she said. "Emptier than it should be though, where is everyone?" "It gets a lot busier as the night wears on. There'll be a queue outside later, so I thought it'd be best to start here before people are waiting 15 minutes for drinks" "Start here? What else do you have in store for me?" "I thought we'd go down to the harbour. It's a nice night, and there are some bars down there with some amazing views.

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We could even get dinner down there if you want." "I'm keen, let's go as soon as we finish these drinks." We were far more relaxed by then, and the conversation flowed easily. Almost like we were old friends. We finished our drinks and made the short walk down to the harbour, chatting the entire way. I pointed out the bar I was guiding us to just as she stopped to a halt.

"You know." Roxii's voice suddenly sounded suggestive as she pointed over her shoulder to the hotel behind her. "My hotel has a bar with a great view, wanna try there first?" HER hotel? I laughed at myself and shook my head, which confused her. "What's the matter?

Did I miss something?" "Nothing's wrong, it's just.OF COURSE you have a hotel room. I booked one earlier today, it never occurred to me that you would already have one. Apparently I was more of a nervous wreck than I thought!" "Oh, silly! Where is your hotel? Do you want to go there instead?" "No it's ok. Yours is obviously closer, and I'm curious to check out this bar with the view.I've never been here before." Roxii giggled softly with those cheeky eyes again.

"Umm.when I said "bar", i meant mini-bar." Catching on, I had to ask, ".and the great view you mentioned?" This time she winked as she responded. "Mini-bar has a great view of my bed" I needed no further invitation. The butterflies in my stomach we're going crazy, and the walk up to her room went by in an instant. Roxii went straight to the mini-bar and opened a couple of beers. My gaze was fixated on her ass the whole time, and I couldn't wait to get her out of those jeans.

She brought our drinks over and looked at my waist as she asked "So, I kissed you earlier. Why haven't you kissed ME yet?" I took the drinks from her and set them down on the bench.

I pulled her closer and kissed her. Our tongues swirled together as I slid my hands up under her shirt. I hooked my thumbs over the bottom of her shirt so that I could lift it up as my palms and fingers caressed her body on the way up. We broke our kiss momentarily while the shirt lifted over her head, revealing her lacy white bra. My hands instinctively went straight to her bust like they had a mind of their own. I cupped each breast from underneath as I gently ran my thumbs over her erect nipples, which seemed like they were doing their best to poke a hole in her bra!

I leaned in and kissed Roxii high on her neck, just behind her ear. I felt her take a deep breath at the sensation. She reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, and in a fluid motion, she had freed her perky breasts from their restraints and the bra fell to the floor.

I had always thought the floor was a better place for those things anyway. He breasts were full and round, gently jiggling as she retook her place up close to me. Just another example of pictures not doing her justice.

I traced a trail of soft kisses down her neck and onto her amazing breasts. I'm 6'4, so I had to lean in and push her left breast up to meet my mouth, her deep breathing was again taken as a sign of approval. I swirled my tongue over her nipple while my left hand fondled her right breast, squeezing and caressing, occasionally pinching her nipple.

She unbuckled my belt and I stopped my "work" so that she could lift my shirt off of me. She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. It was one of those low lying bed bases that all of a sudden seemed like a fantastic idea. She slipped out of her jeans as she sat down, revealing her silky white panties that were obviously part of a matching set with her bra that was left behind across the room.

"Your turn. Take them off." She demanded. I didn't have to be asked twice. "Boxers won't need them". In an instant, I was naked and standing directly in front of her, my cock had already reached its full 7 inches, but it felt like it was trying to grow a couple more in an attempt to get closer to Roxii. It needn't have bothered trying, because Roxii grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. Roxii's lips bypassed the tip of my cock and landed at it's base. She planted kisses up and down the entire length of my shaft, occasionally nibbling or licking it to see what I liked.

Truth was, I liked it all.I had not been this hard in a long time. To my delight, her lips' next trip to the end of my shaft stopped at the tip, and she took the head of my throbbing cock into her warm mouth, her tongue flicking the tip while she sucked and slowly pulled back to let it fall out of her mouth.

I noticed the air was cold on my now wet head, and I wanted it back inside. Roxii didn't disappoint, this time taking about half of me into her mouth, slowly sliding it in and out while her hands squeezed my ass to the rhythm she had created. After a minute or two, she pulled it out of her mouth and looked up at me with those big eyes. Strangely enough, they didn't seem so innocent anymore. "Remember what I told you I was going to do with this if I ever got the chance?" "Of course I do!

I was hoping you hadn't forgotten.oh god". Roxii didn't let me finish my sentence, sliding her lips down the full length of my cock. I could feel my head pushing down the back of her throat.

It was amazing! I'd never been with a woman who could take me all in, and now I knew what I had been missing. She held the position for a few seconds, just long enough for me to look down at her lips pressed up against my base and balls. Pulling back to catch her breath, Roxii took her left hand off my ass, and began gently massaging my balls as she slid her mouth back into my shaft. It somehow felt deeper than before, and she was bobbing her head back and forth pulling me toward her with every thrust.

I had never been brought to orgasm by a blowjob before, but I definitely felt the familiar stirrings rising up inside. I tried to pull out as I managed to protest, "I'm going to cum if you don't stop". Clearly not interested in listening, Roxii grabbed my ass with both hands, dug her fingernails into my cheeks and thrust me back toward her, taking me deeper into her throat than ever.

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She went faster and harder, and put her left hand back onto my balls, this time tickling them with her fingertips. I couldn't hold on any longer.I threw my head back in ecstasy as I blew a huge load in 3 squirts down Roxii's throat. My knees felt weak and I trembled slightly as my cock twitched in her mouth. I looked down at her mostly naked body as she swallowed the last of my cum and laid back on the bed.

I knew what she wanted, and I desperately wanted to oblige, but first I kissed my way from her stomach up to her lips, stopping briefly at her breasts for a quick taste of her nipples.

My hand caressed her thighs all the way up to her soaked panties. She helped me slide them off as I manoeuvred my tongue back down to where she wanted it.


I pulled Roxii's legs apart slightly and kissed her clitoris softly, and she moaned as a ran my tongue up and down her wet lips. I moved back to her clit and slowly pushed it from side to side with my tongue.

Roxii must have been enjoying it already, because I could feel her hips pushing her pussy onto my face, a sure sign that I needn't be so gentle. I responded by flicking her clit a little faster, occasionally changing it up and working it in circles. My left hand slid up Roxii's side and cupped her breast as I continued to eat her pussy. I pinched and pulled at her nipple. She was grinding into my face a little harder. "I want you to fuck me" she whimpered.

"Not yet." My right hand was stroking my cock, which was apparently ready to grant Roxii's request. It was rock hard again, and I gave a quick thought to the reload time being faster than ever before. I squeezed her breast, which was now heaving from the deep breaths she was taking.

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My tongue flicked her clit in frantic motions as Roxii started to moan louder. I felt her thighs close around my face as her back arched and she moaned louder still, grinding her clit against my tongue, she let herself cum. As I did earlier, her body twitched with pleasure. I left my tongue as still as possible on her clit while she enjoyed the waves of orgasm she was feeling. Before Roxii had finished catching her breath, I climbed up onto the bed and lay on my back. She looked at my throbbing cock and knew what to do.

She straddled me and used one hand to guide my hard member into her extremely wet slit. She lowered herself down slowly, and as she pushed down deep, I think we both were thinking about how long we had fantasised about the first time it would be inside her.the look on her face as she turned that fantasy into reality is something I'll never forget.

Roxii rocked back and forth on top of me, letting my cock slide most of the way out before sliding it back in deep again. She bit her lower lip and moaned softly as she rode me, gyrating her hips and arching her back in a way that seemed to present her breasts to me. Not one to refuse a gift being presented, I leaned in close and took her right breast into my mouth, sucking hard on as much of it as I could while my tongue simultaneously flicked her nipple.

I swapped to her left breast and repeated the process, noticing that Roxii's moaning had gotten a little louder. Once I was satisfied that I had made her nipples slippery enough, I lay back down and lifted my hips slightly, pushing myself deeper in. I slid my hands up from her gyrating hips and cupped her breasts exactly like I had done when she was still wearing her bra.except this time my thumbs slid nicely over Roxii's bare and wet nipples.

Roxii had gone quiet, but her breathing was faster than before. She slid her legs down the bed and positioned herself in a way that she could rub her clit up against me as she fucked me. Her amazing tits were swinging in my face as we both moved our hips to the same rhythm. Roxii's moaning returned, and through her facial expression I could tell that orgasm number two was on it's way.

I firmly squeezed her tits and moved my hips a little faster for did the trick almost right away, and Roxii cried out as she came once again, pushing herself down onto me as far as she could. Her body finished quivering after a few moments, and Roxii leaned in to kiss me before bringing her lips up to my ear. "I want you to fuck me from behind" she whispered. I smiled at the idea that she just may have read my mind.

"Yes Ma'am!". Roxii lifted herself off my throbbing cock and I looked down at how wet we both still were. I rolled out from underneath her and positioned myself on my knees behind her. Roxii spread her legs slightly as she lowered her shoulders down onto the bed. With her ass now pointed slightly higher and her shoulders down, I had a great view of her underboob as I slid my cock inside her warm pussy.

Very slowly, I pushed in all 7 inches and I heard Roxii gasp a little when it got very was a very sexy sound.

I placed my hands around her waist and pulled her in toward me with each thrust, slowly at first, but getting faster all the time.

I reached a steady pace to which Roxii was now moaning in time with, her sexy voice starting to send me over the edge. I moved my hands onto her round ass cheeks, squeezing and caressing her as we fucked. Roxii lifted her shoulders up off the bed, and I could now see her breasts swinging and jiggling as she rocked back and forth.

I stopped thrusting momentarily so that I could reach one of my hands up to the back of Roxii's head, weaving my fingers in her hair. She knew what was about to happen and gave me permission. "Ooh yes, pull my hair!". My thrusting resumed it's quick pace and I had one hand on Roxii's hip, while the other grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her gently up toward the ceiling.

She responded by lifting her head high and arching her back. "Now fuck me please". And so fuck her I did. My thrusts were fast and deep, and Roxii's voice really had me going.

From this new position I could see her perky tits were lifted high, thanks to the hair I was pulling on as I drove my cock into her.

She felt amazing and I knew that I was ready to cum again. I fucked her faster and listened to her moaning over the sound of my own, as well as the slapping sound my groin was making when it slammed into Roxii's fantastic ass. "I'm going to cum" I announced. "Tell me where".

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"Mmmm.on my boobs?" "Ok, but you'll have to be quick to turn around" "Yes, just say when" I was ready, but wanted a few more thrusts first. I let go of her hair, grabbed her hips with both hands and made the last thrusts count, fucking her hard and fast to get me to the point I wanted to be.

The tip of my cock started to tingle and I knew it was time. "Ready? Now!" I pulled out of her, and quick as a flash Roxii had spun around and pulled in close, presenting those beautiful tits up to my cock and using two hands to caress my balls as I furiously stroked myself. I watched her play with me as I shot my load over her chest, soaking her tits with my cum. I heard myself moaning for the first time in a while and I was breathing hard and shaking in pleasure, totally amazed at how much I had left to shoot onto her chest, given how much she swallowed earlier.

I fell back onto the bed, sweating and panting like I had just run a marathon. Roxii had reached for the bedside tissues and joined me after wiping herself off. We lay next to each other for a minute before I asked her what I'd been wondering about.

"I can't believe that I ever thought there was a chance we wouldn't do this tonight" Roxii's answer came as she rolled over into my arms.

"Idiot". That was all she said as we fell asleep in our embrace. The morning arrived, and we had showered early and gone out to get breakfast. Roxii had a flight to Melbourne to catch, and I had to get home before my wife did. I hailed a taxi and lifted her luggage into the trunk.

We kissed a passionate goodbye before I stated the obvious. "It's going to be hard getting through the next few days knowing that you're only a 90 minute flight away." "Oh, I have a feeling that I'll be back soon". That cheeky smile was back. "What? When?" The excitement in my voice was hard to contain as I asked.

"Let's just say that I may have already organised an overnight stopover for my trip back. Are you free on Tuesday night?" "Yeah, but I'll be expected home.I'll make some story up though. And hey, maybe we'll actually see some of Sydney's sights!" Roxii winked and smiled as she climbed into the taxi. "And then again, maybe we won't". With that, she blew me a kiss as the car drove away, leaving me behind on the footpath. "Wow" was all I could manage to say.