Cute Tiny Latina Mormon Teen Pleasured To Orgasm By Two Mormon Sisters

Cute Tiny Latina Mormon Teen Pleasured To Orgasm By Two Mormon Sisters
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This is my longest chapter yet. I hope you enjoy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I spent the next week moving the girls and myself to the new house during the day, and implementing some changes at the club at night.

The house was even bigger than I had thought, and even after getting everything inside, the place still looked barren. "Well, John. I truly hope you are happy here. I'd almost say this place was built just for you." Betty says as she walks through the place. The way she says it seems a little odd to me, but I soon forget as I watch her ass move in her business skirt.

The girls are all in school for the fall semester, and Betty wanted to come by the house to make sure everything was in order. "It's perfect," I tell her, and look up in time not to be caught looking at her ass. By the way she smiles at me, I'm not sure I got away with it: half mischievous, half surprised.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" She asks, her brown eyes sparkling. YES! My brain yells, but my mouth forms different words. "Not unless you know a really good decorator. We have a lot more room to fill." Was that a look of disappointment in her eyes? "We are having a housewarming party tonight, and would love for you to come. And bring anyone you'd like." I tack on as an afterthought. If she didn't always seem so proper, I'd try to make a move on her.

Sometimes it surprises me how far I've come from that shy boy that found my sister stripping so many months ago. "Oh, I'm not attached, if that is what you're asking." Okay, this time there is no doubt about the smile in her eyes. I decide to take a gamble, and step a little closer to her. She is almost as tall as me with her heels on, and her dark ebony skin is smooth in the early afternoon light filtering in through the windows.

"No boyfriend, then? Hmm." Before I know quite what is happening, Betty has me pressed back against the counter, her large lips mashed to mine. This was NOT the prim and proper woman I had been dealing with for the last week, but I wasn't about to complain. My arms wound around her frame, and pulled her tighter into me.

Our kiss deepened as our bodies pressed hard against each other. Betty took an unexpected step back, and placed her hand over her not inconsiderable chest.

I was left flailing for balance. What happened? Did my breath stink? Did I make some false move? "I'm sorry John. I'm not usually like this. I don't just." she looked up at me, and I saw her eyes dart to the undeniable bulge in my pants, before forcefully being taken back up to my face.

"Just. I don't. Awe, fuck it!" She said in a rush, and threw herself at me, kissing me like a woman starved. Her attitude had me hornier than I had been in quite some time, as I broke off the kiss to start kissing down her dark neck.

She moaned as my lips brushed down her sensitive neck, and one of her hands gripped the hair at the back of my neck. I felt her other hand drop and begin to squeeze my ass. I let my own hands drop to her skirt covered hind end, and gave a squeeze of my own.

Her ass filled both my hands and then some and I loved the way it felt as I rubbed and groped.

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"That's it, baby. Grab my ass. I really shouldn't be doing this. Oh, I like that! Oh yeah, nibble on my neck! Oh baby, you are gonna have me creaming before I get this skirt off me." I found the zipper to her skirt, and moments later it was on the floor, soon followed by my own pants. I stepped back as Betty started to undo the buttons on her blouse, admiring how her white garter belt and panties contrasted with her dark chocolate skin.

She shrugged her top off, and I stood there admiring her massive tits being held in by thin white lacy fabric that simply didn't seem up to the task. It, too, soon joined the rest of the clothing on the floor. Her tits were even bigger than I had thought. They must have been seriously compressed in her bra. I judged them to easily be double D's if not triple D's. They sagged on her chest under their immense weight, but they were still firm and round.

Her nipples were a deep dark shade of brown, and poking straight out. My body took over from my stunned mind, and I grabbed her, spinning us and pinning her to the counter. I kissed her madly as I mauled her breasts, pinching her nipples between my fingers. I had to get my lips on these monsters. Breaking the kiss, I pecked my way down her jaw line, licked along her neck, nibbled for a second on her collar bone, and finally reached the top of her firm mounds.

I lifted her right nipple up to my mouth, and sucked in as much as would fit between my lips. Her moans echoed through the large kitchen. My right hand dips down under her white frilly panties and I easily find her swollen clit. I am quite surprised at how wet she already is. Her panties are soaked, and it occurs to me that she must have been leaking from nearly the time she walked through the door.

She shoves me away, and I look up to her in disappointment. What did I do this time? I see her fighting inwardly with herself, and I wonder just what this sexy woman is thinking. Her eyes once again drop to my enraged cock, and I see all doubt fly from her mind. "Come with me," she moans, and grabs my hand as she runs by, nearly pulling me from my feet.

She leads me to my room, and sits me on my futon. Dropping to her knees, I figure she is about to give me head, but instead she places her voluptuous breasts on both sides of my cock, and then spits on the head. She squeezes her tits around me and begins to bob her chest up and down, spitting occasionally to increase the lubrication.

I can't stop from moaning as her glorious mounds caress my dick, in a brand new sensation. I begin to move my hips, and can occasionally see my head pop out from her tight cleavage. Betty notices this too, and drops her mouth down to suck in my head each time it pops out. This is starting to get to me.

"Betty, I'm coming close." I warn, and then feel her hand grip the base of my cock as she releases her tits. Her thumb digs into my urethra, blocking off any chance of cumming. "Not yet, you're not, Baby.

I'm getting this beast inside of me first!" She releases my cock, and quickly hits the levers turning my futon into a bed. I collapse backwards as it falls, and Betty climbs on top of me, still wearing her white panties.

Pulling the fabric at her crotch to the side, she grabs my penis and starts to rub my head against her protruding lips. I can't stop myself from thrusting my hips up as she does this, but each time I only manage to hit her clit, or slide back between her luscious cheeks. "I still can't believe I'm doing this," I think I hear her mumble, then without warning, she stops rubbing, and drops onto my lap, sinking my whole eight inches into her in one feel swoop.

I groan as I feel her pussy muscles tightly around my shaft, and she screams at the feeling of being filled so fully, so suddenly. For a couple seconds, she just sits there, not moving. I can't stop myself from tightening my muscles down there, making my cock twitch inside her. A low moan escapes her lips each time I do, and when she finally looks down at me, I can see the animalistic hunger in her dark brown eyes. "Fuck me." she demands, and I am all too happy to comply. I start to move my pelvis, grasping her hips while I do.

I watch in amazement as she grabs first one tit, then the other, and pulls them into her own mouth, sucking her own nipples, and moaning as she rides atop my penetrating tool. Soon her actions are frenzied, spurred on when I place my left hand at our juncture and start to press in on her clit.

"Oh, baby, that feels good. I can feel you so deep. Mmm, oh, I love it. Yeah, pinch it! Pinch my clit!" She releases both of her nipples, and drops her face to mine, kissing me as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, and her cream seeps out around it. I decide that it is about time I finally get to have mine, and I grab her ass, and start slamming into her from underneath.

I can tell this is extending her orgasm, and it only takes a couple seconds, before my own is finally upon me. I slip out of her, and keep pumping against her ass cheeks, spraying my sperm onto her rump, back, and my legs. I moan into her mouth, our tongues still entwined as I empty the last of my seed on us. Betty lifts her head, and looks down at me, then down between us. As if realizing what she has just done, she jumps up and covers herself. Her breasts are too large to cover, however, and end up just spilling over and around her arms.

"I am so sorry," She tells me, her back turned, and shoulders humped. "I would understand if you called my agency to complain, but please don't. I can't afford to lose my job. I don't know what came over me." The rest of her words are lost, as she buries her face in her hands, and I realize she is crying. Uncertain how we went from some great sex, to her crying, I am at a loss for words.

I try to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she jerks away from me. "Don't touch me," she demands. "I practically raped you! I have NEVER been like that before. I just. I just." The rest was lost in sobs, and this time she lets me pull her into my arms. Thinking back, she had kinda of raped me, but then again; 'You can't rape the willing,' so the old saying went.

"You didn't rape me," I tell her when her sobs lighten enough that I am sure she can hear me. "Believe me, I WANTED to do it. I don't regret it at all!" She finally turns to look at me, and I can see hope in her tear stained eyes.

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"You." She swallows, trying to work moisture back into her mouth. "You won't tell?" I laughed, not in derision, but in joy. "I won't if you won't!" I say, giving her my best wink. Her arms flung around me, and hugged me tight, as she kept murmuring into my chest, "Thank you, thank you, thank, you." Betty got herself cleaned up with a little help, and soon had her clothes back in order.

"Thank you for pulling out," she says while we are at the door, and I can see that she is back in her prim and proper mode, "I'm not on any contraceptives." "Yeah, I don't need to get another girl pregnant right now," I say, thinking of Amber.

I don't regret getting one of my girlfriends pregnant, and am actually looking forward to meeting my daughter, but would rather try to plan the next one. "So. You ARE planning on coming to the housewarming party tonight, right?" I can see her armor crack for just a moment as uncertainty creeps in. "You still want me to?" When I nod the affirmative, the uncertainty turns to relief and joy.

I can't help but smile as I watch her walk to her car. She gave a little shake of her ass as she walks, then turns and smiles as she catches me grinning. I jump in the shower, deciding that I probably reek of sex. As soon as I get soap on my face, the water suddenly turns off. "What the.?" I say, trying to keep the suds out of my mouth.

The curtain rips back, and I realize I am not alone. One of the girls must have come home early from their college courses. I feel a hand start to play with my cock, and despite only cumming a short while ago, the expert fingers soon have me rigid, as she slides her fingers up and down my rod.

"Guess who I am without looking, and you will get a special treat," I hear a whisper, and it is just too quiet to make out the voice.

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I immediately discount Dixie, as this isn't something she would normally do. Or is it her, and she is expecting me to discount her? Whoever it is steps into the tub with me, and I soon feel her warm mouth kissing the head of my tool. The lips part around the tip, and with my eyes tightly closed to keep out the soap, the sensation seems to be increased. I can feel every breath, and every light touch as my cock sinks deeper into her mouth, her hand still lightly rubbing up and down my shaft.

I moan as I feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive (And even more sensitive now!) rim of the head. I figure it is not Amber, as she is usually wilder, and this is more teasing. Dixie and Geo are the teasers, liking to lengthen the fun.

Her free hand starts to slide up my chest, and her fingers twirl around my pecks and nipples. None of the girls have ever done this before, and I find it strangely erotic. I hear a muffled moan as my penis slides deeper into her throat. Amber likes to moan when giving me head. I am completely confused on who it might be. She pulls back, and in that same insufferably quiet whisper asks, "Who am I?" Thinking hard and fast, I give an answer.

"Geo," I say, hoping and praying I am right, not only for the treat, but not wanting to upset whoever it might be. I figure it has to be her, though. Dixie is too diligent in her classes to come home early, and the touches were just too soft and gentle to be Amber. "Awe, what gave me away?" I hear the sweet sounds of my sister's voice.

The water turns back on, and I am finally able to rinse the soap from my face. I open my eyes to see my beautiful, strawberry blonde, green eyed sister, naked in the shower with me.

"I even tried to trick you by moaning the way Amber does when she gives you head." I can see that she is pouting a little at not winning the game, and I can only smile as I lean forward, and cupping both of her cheeks in my hands, pull her into a kiss.

I gently suck her bottom lip into my mouth, and feel her melt as my tongue flicks her upper lips. I pull away, smiling as I see her discomfort at the kiss ending abruptly.

"There is no mistaking my sexy sister," I lie, and brace myself against the back of the shower as she mauls me, kissing me passionately. Our tongues wrap around each others as Geo presses her delightful body against mine. Bracing my feet, I place one hand on the back of her head, fingers laced in her hair, and the other slides down to her ass. I note that it is smaller than Betty's, and can't help but smile at the comparison.

I wouldn't trade my sister for the world. Geo moans into our kiss, as I squeeze her rear, and my fingers play with her hair. Her hand slips between us, and she grips my cock, rubbing it as our kiss deepens. The hand on her ass slides around her hip, and towards her front. My fingers soon find her slit, and moments later start to apply pressure to her clit.

"Umpf," she grunts, breaking the kiss. She smiles at me with those dazzling green eyes of hers, and asks, "Are you ready for your treat, little brother?" Instead of answering, I quickly slide my fingers back, and slip two into her cunny. She moans as I begin to move my fingers faster and faster.

"Oh, fuck! I'm supposed to give you the treat, not. Oh, fuck, that feels good!" She says, and I know I am getting her close.


I lean in close to her ear and whisper, "Sis, everything about you is a treat for me." Then I nibble on her earlobe, and as expected this sends her over the edge, and she come in my hand. I have to use my spare hand to hold her up as her body convulses, squeezing the two fingers still inside her.

When she finally starts to come down, she looks up at me, and I can see a familiar fire burning behind that look. "You are gonna get your treat, damnit, if I have to force your cock into my ass!" Now this WAS a treat!

She hadn't let me back there, since the Viagra incident. And while she claimed she had enjoyed it, she also resolutely denied me access again. Geo quickly squirted some conditioner into her hands, then reaching behind her, shoved first one, then two fingers onto her anus. I marveled at the show I was getting. A real treat indeed!

Geo used her other hand, and started rubbing her clit while she slipped a third finger into her rear. "Oh, damn, that feels good. Having my brother watch me, while I play with both my holes. Oh, this is turning me on more than I realized.

I think I am gonna make myself cum!" My sister's words send me over the edge of reason, and like a wild animal, I step up to her, and shove my cock as far into her pussy as it would go. She clamps down on me, and I could still see her three fingers frigging her asshole, and could tell that she was still rubbing her clit while I fucked into her from behind, hard and fast. If it hadn't been for the sex with Betty earlier, I know I would have cum already, so lost in lust was I. Geo's pussy relaxed and she pulled forward off of me.

"Now, little brother, that wasn't the hole I had in mind." She admonished. With my mind still in its lust filled haze, I only nodded, and stepped forward again, this time aiming for the proffered hole. Geo spread her cheeks for me as I gripped the base of my penis.

Between the conditioner she had used, and her own cum on my cock, my head slid right in. Her hands immediately stopped me from going any further though, and I heard a whimper of disappointment that I realized came from me. The haze lifted enough for me to realize that my sister was offering me something special, and that I shouldn't mistreat it this time. "Okay," she told me, after an interminable amount of time had passed, "Just go slow.

You're bigger than I remember back there." I grabbed the conditioner bottle, and applied some as I slowly pressed into her. I took my time, though it took almost all of my willpower to do so. The feeling of her sphincter, tightly wound around my prick, and the fact that my sister was willingly giving this to me, was nearly overwhelming. "I love you, Geo," I said, unable to hold back the emotion.

"I love you too, John. Now are you going to fuck me with that prick, or stand there all day?" I looked down to see that I had slid fully into her colon. Smiling, I slowly slid out, till only my head remained in her. Setting down the conditioner bottle, I grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her back towards me. "Mmm, fuck, sis. Your ass is so tight! Thank you for this treat," I told her as I slowly pulled back out.

"Enough talk. I said fuck me!" Not wanting to upset Geo, I did as commanded, and slammed my full length back into her. She grunted as my pelvis slapped her ass, but I didn't let up. Pulling out, and slamming back into her again. I used my hands on her hips to facilitate the movements, slamming into her harder and harder each time. Soon her grunts turned into screams of pleasure. "Yeah, that's it little brother! Fuck your sister's tight ass. Make me cum while you're sliding that massive dick of yours in me.

Oh, Gawd, that feels. Ugh. I'm gonna." She trailed off, and I gripped her sides, making sure she stayed on her feet, and instead of sliding into her, I began to move her up and down, matching the movements with opposite gyrations of my own.

Her tight hole clamped down on me as we moved, and her upper body shook as she came. When she had recovered, Geo wiggled her ass against me, and almost seemed disappointed.

"You haven't cum yet, little bro? Hmm." She stands up, but does so in a way that I never leave her. Her ass is pressed to me, and her back arched, as she reaches back and pulls my head to hers. Our lips meet, and I feel her tongue tracing around my lips, as she starts to gyrate her ass against me. I release her hips, and place one hand on her breast, pinching her nipple, and the other goes to her pussy, rubbing her clit. This new position adds a whole new realm of pleasure, as I feel her colon compressing my member.

I stick two fingers into her, and can feel my cock separated by a thin wall. "Damn, John. Holy, shit that feels good. Keep that up, and you're gonna have your big sister cumming all over you again." Her lips press hard to mine, and she moans as our tongues intertwine. My hand is covered in her juices, and this time it is too much for me, as I empty my balls into her sexy rear. Geo continues the kiss as she pulls away from me, and I can tell this kiss is less passionate, but more loving from its tenderness.

"Thank you John," she murmurs, when the kiss ends. "Thank you. I can't imagine a better treat from my sexy sister," I tell her sincerely.

"I think I know of a way you can repay me, if you want." She tells me. Shit! I should have known there was a reason she'd let me in her back door again.

I'm still pretty happy though, and so ask what it might be. Right now, I'm pretty much willing to do whatever she asks. "Next time cum in my pussy." The way she says it, she seems so innocent. I know better.

"You know I won't do that, Geo. Not anymore. I don't want to get you pregnant." "But if you do, then I'll let you have my ass anytime you want.

Just like you do with Amber." She is pleading now, and I feel horrible for taking her treat, and being unable to return this favor, but the idea of having some deformed children with my sister is more than I care to think about, and tell her so.

"I already told you, the chances are extremely small that it would happen. If it were the third or fourth generation of incest, then maybe, but not with us!" She is truly begging now.

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I hold my ground, until Geo finally leaves me in the shower alone. I wash myself again, before stepping out and drying off. Amber is waiting in my room when I walk in, and I groan. After my fight with Geo, I don't want to see any of my girlfriends right now, especially not the pregnant one. "You know she won't give up on this, right?" Amber asks me as I am pulling on my boxers.

I ignore her as I continue getting dressed. "I don't suppose you're up to screwing my brains out right now? No, I thought not." Amber got up and crossed to the door, then stopped.

"Just thought I'd let you know, I invited our neighbors over for tonight. Her name is Diane. Ran into her as I was getting home from classes. Seems like a nice lady." She shut the door after her, and I flopped onto my bed, and covered my eyes with my arm. What was I gonna do about Geo? I knew she wanted to get pregnant, but the same arguments went over and over in my mind.

Despite what she said, I was just too worried. Deciding that I had wallowed in enough self pity, I grabbed the keys to my car, and went to the store. I needed to buy food for tonight. I make sure I get enough for everybody coming over: my friends from school, the girls from the club (It was closed tonight for some remodeling I wanted done), our neighbor, and Betty. I purchased a little extra, just to be safe, and was thankful for the raise I had received in becoming a partner in the club when I paid for everything.

Walking outside, I was glad I lived in an area that never snowed. Even though it was fall, it should still be warm enough to BBQ outside, and even enjoy the pool. Our guests started to arrive about five, and I was glad to see Rob (Not Ron, Dixie's ex) my best friend from high school.

I had hardly talked to him in the last few months, and it was good to catch up on old times. Our neighbor, Diane was next, and I couldn't help but admire her body. Even for a woman in her mid-thirties, she was looking good. She had long auburn hair, and a dazzling smile. I learned that she had a son that did some computer programming, and a daughter that was over to a friend's house, tonight.

Some of the girls from the club showed up, including Suzy, who was obviously NOT wearing a bra, as her shirt had two tent poles in it. I started working on the food, and noticed that Betty hadn't shown yet. Rob walked up to me as I was flipping steaks. "I still can't believe that you hooked up with Amber. She is so fucking hot! And you get to live with Dixie too. Damn, dude. If it weren't for your sister living here, this would be a dream come true." I hadn't told him I was actually screwing all three.

I didn't know how he would take it. I noticed he was drinking water. "Have a beer. Loosen up a bit, and talk to some of the girls." I told him, trying to change the subject. "Maybe you'll hook up too!" I laugh. All through high school, Rob had gotten all the girls, and I had gotten all the grades.

"You really do own part of that club now, don't you? Geez, what would it be like to be surrounded by strippers all the time?" Rob's eyes roamed the party.

"What about her? The Asian chick. She looks like fun." I turn to see who he is pointing out. At first I can't see her face, but there is no mistaking those long nipples poking through the shirt.

"Suzy? You should go talk to her." "Hey," Rob suddenly lowers his voice, getting all conspiratorial, "You ever. You know. With any of them?" I laugh again, but it is slightly forced. "I have a beautiful redheaded girlfriend that is carrying my child. What do you think?" Rob just nods and heads off in Suzy's direction. I see Geo serving drinks, and check to make sure the steaks will last for a second, before going over to approach her. She sees me coming, though, and glares at me before walking away.

I guess she is still pretty upset. I turn back around, and almost bowl over Diane. "I'm so sorry," I tell her. She is short enough, I just hadn't seen her. "No problem," she says and places her hand on my chest. She follows me for a second, as I head back to the grill. "So I understand you are dating all three women in this house?" It is not an accusation, but more of a question of curiosity.

I look around to make sure Rob didn't hear that, and see Suzy laughing at something he said. "Oh yeah? Who said that?" I try to act nonchalant, but don't know if I succeed.

"Oh, you don't have to be shy with me. I may be the oldest one here, but I'm not so old as to forget my college years. Besides, Amber told me when she invited me over." Diane laughs, and it is hard not to smile with her. I am going to have to have a talk with Amber though. Not that I was embarrassed or ashamed about dating three such beautiful women, but the whole neighborhood didn't need to know. I took a swig of my beer, and nearly spit it out with her next statement.

"Your sister is pretty hot, even if she is mad at you. I wonder what it would be like to sleep with your own sibling?" Her laugh grows stronger by the look on my face. "Relax, I don't judge. I actually think it is kind of hot." I can't believe this lady is being so coy and honest with me. I can even feel myself getting hard as she talks, and notice that her nipples are starting to poke through her top.

"How did you figure it out?" I ask. "Your eyes and hair may be different colors, but there are enough similarities to see it.


Don't worry, so much. I won't tell anyone. Like I said, I think it is hot." A splash distracted me, and I looked to the pool, and saw that Rob and Suzy had jumped in, their clothes discarded beside the pool. I laughed as more clothes were discarded, and the pool became more crowded. I couldn't help but notice the amount of tented boxers, and hard nipples. Apparently I wasn't the only one getting horny. The steaks were soon done, and people slowly began to get out of the water to eat.

"I usually don't see this many tits unless I am at work," Dixie says behind me. I nod, noting that everyone still has on their bottoms, but all of the bras had vanished. Hopefully I didn't have any neighbors that would call to complain.

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I noted that besides Amber and I, only Dixie still had her clothes on. Geo was sitting in a corner with one of my bouncers, laughing in only her tight pink panties. Every now and then I caught her looking my way, and when she saw me looking, she only smiled, and started to rub one of her stiff nipples.

I knew she was just trying to get me jealous, and so I did my best to ignore her. It wasn't hard considering all the flesh around me. "Good steaks," Diane tells me, and I can't help but admire her tits. Despite having had two kids, they are still pretty firm looking. "You will have to tell me what you marinade them with." I only nodded, unable to think past the boner that was beginning to hurt.

I heard a moan that sounded familiar, and looked back into the pool to see Rob nibbling on one of Suzy's long nipples. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and I could see her panties in her hand. By the way the two were moving, I could see that they were fucking. That seemed to break the ice, and before I knew what to think, underwear went flying in all directions. "What did you put in those steaks, Cutie?" Amber asked me, and I could only shrug.

Was it the combination of strippers and men causing this or something else? "Well, whatever it was, I need to feel you inside me now!" I allowed myself to be led away, and noticed that the bouncer that Geo had been talking to was now sucking on her tits. She saw me looking and threw her head back, pulling the man tighter to her at the same time. Dixie then blocked my view as she followed us back into the house. I was surprised to see Diane come along too.

Dixie wasted no time in getting my pants off, and I heard Diane gasp as soon as I popped free. "He is huge!" Dixie smiled at her, and gave her a wink. "He is even bigger up close." Diane dropped down to her knees next to Dixie, and stared at my member. Her hand tentatively reached out, and tried to wrap around it, but her fingers couldn't make the full circuit.

Two hands grabbed my face, and I found myself staring into Amber's blue eyes. "I know you will be careful, so I want it in my pussy tonight.

I haven't had you in there for too long." She doesn't wait for me to say anything, before she leans forward and kisses me passionately. My arms wrap around her pregnant frame, and I feel two sets of lips touch my cock. Amber continues to kiss me, and I start to pull up her shirt. For once she doesn't argue about being topless around me, and breaks the kiss only long enough to fully remove her top and bra.

As soon as I see her pierced nipples, I lean over and bring one to my lips. I suck as much of her small tit into my mouth as I can, and use my tongue to play with her ring. Amber moaned, and I felt a secondary moan around my cock.

Looking down I saw that Dixie had stripped, and her mouth was wrapped around one of Diane's tits, her hand on the older woman's shaved twat. I started to remove Amber's pants as I watched Dixie kiss her way down Diane's body, and then begin to lick her slit. Diane jumped when Dixie touched her clit about the same time I worked two fingers into Amber. I was shocked at how wet Amber was already. She was always horny, sure, but I had never felt her this wet before. I couldn't stop a moan into Amber's tit as I felt my cock work its way into Diane's throat.

"Cutie, I need to feel you in me, NOW!" Amber pulled my head from her chest, and led me over to the couch, leaving the other two women where they were. She sat on the couch, placing her bottom on the edge, and beckoned me to her while biting her lower lip. Conscious of the baby inside her, I squatted down, and started to rub my saliva coated head against her pussy.

As soon as I touched her lower lips, I wanted to dive right in. I couldn't remember the last time I had been this turned on, and I could see that the feeling was mutual. Somehow I held back, and applied only a little pressure, until I felt my head engulfed in her wet hot folds. "Hmm, yes! More. I need more," Amber panted, and her pussy started to suck me in further. I wanted nothing more than to sink all the way to the hilt into her, to feel her fully wrapped around my shaft, but her belly reminded me to play it careful.

Slowly, so slowly it almost hurt, I let her pull me into her. I slid in with ease, she was so wet. Before I quite knew what had happened, I was fully into her, all eight inches, and she hadn't complained a bit.

She was still tight.

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I hadn't been in this hole for at least five months, and it felt wonderful. Remembering Dixie and Diane, I turned to see that they had moved into a sixty-nine position close by, mouths glued to cunts, and moans echoing between them. Amber shifting herself on the couch brought my attention back to her, and I saw that she had a nipple ring in each hand, and was tugging on each one.

"Now fuck me John. Make me cum all over that huge cock of yours!" I looked down to where our bodies were joined, and was still surprised that she had accommodated my entire length into her pregnant body. I saw her clit piercing, and reached down, and started to rub it back and forth.

Dixie mewled as I did this, and I started to buck my hips in time with my hand. I heard two load moans behind me, and knew that both women were cumming from the pleasures the other was giving. Seconds later I felt hands on my back, and then they sat on either side of Amber. As if on cue, both women grabbed one of Amber's hands, removing them from her tits, and replaced them with their mouths.

They held her arms above her head, as they each sucked a tit between their lips. Amber began to moan and thrash underneath them. "Don't stop," She moaned. "Pleeeaaaseee don't stop!" Seconds later I was gratified to feel her squirting against my cock and hands.

As soon as she was done thrashing on the couch, Dixie gave me a hard shove, and I fell over backwards onto the floor. Luckily it didn't hurt, but I watched in shock as Diane kissed her way up to Amber's lips, and slipped a couple fingers into her own cunny.

I looked to Dixie, and saw the same lust in her eyes that Amber had had as we entered the house. She climbed on top of me, and slammed down, impaling herself in one fluid motion. Despite how long we have been screwing, Dixie is still the tightest woman I have been with, but at the moment she is so wet, that I slip into her with ease.

Amber starts to moan under Diane's ministrations, as Dixie begins to rock her hips atop me. I can feel her juices leaking down my nutsack, as she grabs her nipples, and starts squeezing them. I place my hands on her hips, and lift her up a couple inches, then pull her down as I thrust up with my hips. I don't have to be as careful with Dixie, and I start to move and thrust as hard as I can.

It doesn't take long before Dixie starts to cum, and if I thought she was wet before, a veritable flood gushes from around my penis now. Dixie collapses on her side, out of breath, mumbling, "No more. I need to rest. No more." I am still hard, and hornier than ever, as I see Diane still on top of Amber, tongues moving with each other, and her fingers moving in and out of the redhead's twat. Diane's rear is in the air as I step up behind her, and begin to press into the older woman.

Diane turns to look at me as my head slips inside her. "Finally my turn, huh? Shove that cock in me, young man. Make me cum like you did these other two. I wanna feel that stiff rod filling me up--Oh Gawd that feels good!" I began to see-saw my hips, driving ever deeper into my sexy neighbor.

I watched as she placed her mouth down on Amber's nipple, and the redhead's eyes rolled back as Diane brought her to another orgasm. I reached my hands around to Diane's front, and began to fondle her breasts, enjoying the fullness of them in my hands. They were only slightly bigger than Geo's, but felt just as firm.

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Thinking of my sister finally sent me over the edge, and I started to buck as I emptied my load into Diane. This set her of, and she began to moan and shudder as I shot into her. I pulled out from Diane, as she laid her head on Amber's breast, and sighed contentedly.

I wanted to find my sister. As I walked outside, I noticed that despite having just blown my wad, I was still rock hard. The last time this had happened, Geo had drugged me with Viagra. Since I had prepared all the food, and opened all my own beers, I knew I hadn't been drugged this time. These thoughts left my mind as I stepped onto the back patio.

It was a veritable orgy out here. Rob had his cock deep in Suzy, while she licked the crotch of another stripper, Julia. Everywhere I looked, holes were being filled with fingers, tongues, or cocks. It didn't take me long to find geo. "Yeah, shove that cock into my pussy. Make me cum again. I want you to cum inside me. Do you hear me?

I want to feel your sperm coating the inside of my cunt!" She was easily the loudest of those out here. I saw her sitting atop Joe, the bouncer she had been with earlier, rocking her hips hard against him, trying to get the man off.

Geo saw me as I approached. "What do you want, brother? Come to watch me fuck Joe's brains out?" Her tone is snidely, and rude, so I answered in equal part. "I've come to let you suck my cock!" Her eyes drop to my cum covered dick, and I see her lick her lips. "What makes you--Umpf?" I don't let her finish her sentence as I shove the head of my cock between her red lips. Despite her protests, she is soon sucking, and slurping away, swallowing the combined cum of Amber, Dixie, Diane, and myself.

I let her go at it for awhile, before I pull her head back, and force her body down against Joe's. I step behind her, and aimed for her puckered asshole. "No! I told you that was off limits to you from now on!" She tried to protest. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "I don't think so dear sister. You want to get pregnant, and I'm going to let you. I am also going to enjoy fucking your little ass whenever I want to." I could see the tears of happiness brim in her eyes, and she only flinched for a second as I slid into her rectum.

"Only thing is, I am not the one who is going to get you pregnant. You can fuck any guy you want, but it will be our child to raise." I slide out, leaving only my head in her, and can feel Joe thrusting into her from below.

Reaching under her, I grab a tit in each hand, and pull her back into me. "Oh, Gawd, yes! Holy, fuck! I will let you fuck my ass whenever you want. Just let me get pregnant. I want to have a child, and see you look at me the way to do Amber.

Don't stop moving, Joe! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck me, I'm cumming!" Joe grunted under her, and I knew he was blowing his load into her. The thought occurred to me that she would be disappointed that Joe had been fixed a few years back, but for now I just enjoyed the feeling of Geo's asshole sliding along my cock. With my hands still on her chest, I pulled back on her body, and she ended up on top of me, very similar to how we had been in the shower, only this time we were sitting, instead of standing.

Joe got up, and wondered off, but my focus was on my sister as she started to cum again. She stood up suddenly, but lay on her back on the bench, and lifting her legs, offered me her ass again.

I quickly slid back in, and watched as she slipped two fingers inter her empty pussy. I bent over, pressing her arm between us, and sucked one of her tits into my mouth. I placed my arms under her, with my hands on her shoulders, and used the leverage to move her body as I pounded into her. We fucked like that for what seemed like hours, but were likely only minutes, as Geo came time and again. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer, and I dropped my second load in her colon that day.

We got up, and found that most of the party had already finished their own sex, and left. Rob and Suzy were still going at it, she was on top of him, her nipples in his mouth, while she moaned and came. Amber and Dixie were cuddled up on the couch together, smiles on their sleeping faces. Diane was nowhere to be seen, but I found a note from her, thanking us for the party and the 'entertainment'. I carried first Amber, then Dixie to their rooms, and tucked them in, before tucking Geo in.

"Did you mean what you said?" She asked as I turned off her lights. "Yes," I told her, then went to my own bed for some much needed rest. ========================================== This is NOT the end of this series. There will be more chapters, but I am going to start a third series, that I hope to tie everything together rather nicely.

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