With the playomb shaker you can fuck both of her holes like that on demand masturbation brunette

With the playomb shaker you can fuck both of her holes like that on demand masturbation brunette
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My stepdaughter Leslie came home from college one weekend more upset than usual and wanted to talk to her mom. Unfortunately, all she had was me, her devoted stepfather of 12 years, who always listened, paid the bills and never made any bad body jokes to her. Her mom was out of town on business on an emergency, so I tried to encourage her to tell me her problems. First, a little background on mine and Leslie's relationship. She came into my life when she was 8 after her mom divorced and her dad had died.

She was a lanky kid with crooked teeth who loved to read and had a knockout older sister with a shitty attitude.

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By the time she was 18, she was an honor student in high school and was 6 feet tall with long, shiny brown hair and perfect teeth. She had large breasts and sturdy, straight, thick legs and a fine big ass and matching hips. She wasn't fat as much as thick-- thick and gorgeous—I thought. I regularly imagined it was her under me as I fucked various lovers (see my other stories). Never wanting to breach the level of trust my wife and stepdaughter placed in me. I never touched her or did anything inappropriate with her.

Now she was 20 and a third year in college doing honors work. I had met a couple of boys she had been with and they were nice and respectful. Leslie had learned that bigger girls have no problem getting guys, men like a smart woman who they won't "break" like some "skinny bitches." They love the silky feel of their full giving flesh and her beautiful, angelic face.

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We had some wine and when I asked her what was wrong, she cried about another breakup with a boy and she was tired about her limits not being respected and that it was a guy she really liked. I asked what was happening, she said, "you wouldn't understand" and I replied, "You don't know that if you don't try out the problem on me." I poured us another glass of wine as Leslie thought about it.

"Dad, we've never really talked about sex, but I know you know about it because mom has been pretty honest about the things you guys do." Leslie continued, "I don't give in to sex real easily with a guy. I like to talk and study with a man.

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I want some romance. Guys stare at my breasts a lot, so I'll let them spend a whole evening kissing me and playing with my tits and stop them after they get my bra off and lick and suck on my nipples. Then I stop them and see if they come back." By now I had a buzz and a raging hard on as I listened intently to my stepdaughter.

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Leslie went on to explain that, "When we get serious and begin having sex, it's really great, I love feeling a man put his dick in me and pump in and out until he cums.

Then he cleans up and when he wants to do other stuff like put his dick in my mouth or even in my butt, or lick my vagina, I don't have any interest in that. They seem to leave then, saying I am disinterested. I'm not, I like their dicks in me, but the other stuff seems a waste of time and unclean." I leaned back in my chair and ran my hand through my hair and said, "My dear daughter, sometimes, you are too smart for your own good!" I continued, "You are so smart and beautiful, men don't know what to do with you.

They are scared of you and you are too meek to explore the stuff that would give you some amazing pleasure during sex. Guys are fucking you and getting their rocks off and everyone has been too scared to train you the way you should be. Your mom should have told you this and didn't, now, dad will show you if you want me to.

Leslie, now drunk, said, "What do I do?" "Take off your clothes and come over here," I commanded sternly. Startled, Leslie meekly stood up and after waiting for a moment took her dress off over her head and held it to her chest. "The bra too—you know you've wanted me to see you naked for years girl!" Leslie stood up straight and took off her bra and out popped an enormous pair of firm, what looked to be a 42 D, set of breasts.

I was shocked as she always dressed modestly and although I knew her breasts were large, on her large frame, they weren't her most prominent feature. Her breasts were beautiful though, bright white and freckled with medium-sized, bright pink areolas that the whole soft nipple filled, beautifully firm of a 20 year in the full bloom of her beauty.

As she walked over to sit down next to me, I pushed her gently to the floor in front of me. "On your knees," I said as I pulled my pants down around my ankles, exposing my thick 7 inch, fully erect dick. "Dad!" Leslie gasped. "Get down on your knees in front of me," I ordered. "I'm about to teach you the most important thing that will keep men coming back, how to suck a cock and love it and make sure your man knows you love it.

Be proud to be a great cocksucker. The men will line up. Your mother is great at this, I'm surprised she never told you!" Leslie whimpered, "She tried to, but I didn't want to hear it." "Lick my balls" I ordered. Leslie was slow and hesitant but she did better as I coached her, "Now suck my balls, individually and then both, gently at first, then rougher as you get the feel for it," slapping her face gently when she started to hurt me.

Then I had her licking and sucking my shaft and licking around my pulsing purple head. Finally, she was pumping on my cock like it was a piston in her hot, smooth mouth. She was a natural like her cocksucker mother. I stopped her before I blew a load of cum in her sweet mouth, I said, "Good job honey, if this works for you, you can come back and do it to me again.

I played with her nipples as she blew me and it made her hot, just like her mom, so I pulled her up and sat her down next to me. Leslie looked dazed, but happy. "That wasn't so bad, guys like that?" "A lot, I replied. You need to practice more on me, If you like, but trust me on this." She was drunker than I thought and now the asshole in me was coming out, so I started shooting pictures and rolling video, while she dozed and I took off her underwear exposing her hairy black bush and mouth fucked her a bit, getting some blackmail material for future use either with Leslie or my wife.

Meanwhile, I got on my knees and began licking Leslie's sweet love pot. She was big in the hips, thighs and ass and white and smooth, with some freckles, but not fat.

She had the broadest, most beautiful "spread" I'd ever seen.

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I kept telling myself I was merely teaching her about oral sex to help her relationships, but as I looked and lusted, I knew I would be fucking my stepdaughter soon, whether she was conscious or unconscious, I wanted this woman. Her vagina was large and as I licked her pussy lips I marveled at the long folds. Her clit was huge and as I sucked it between my teeth, Leslie let out a low moan from her gut and as I circled it with my tongue, her lower body shook and she yelped with her first orgasm (I later found out this was the first orgasm she didn't get from herself) and as I fingered her pussy she continued to cum intermittently as I rubbed her asshole with my thumb.

Again, it was a lot like going down on her mother, they liked the same things.


I stood up and expected to see Leslie asleep and thought I would have to rape her for my payment for her sex education, rather, she was wide awake and smiling, "That was good, will you fuck me now Daddy?"I didn't hesitate as I threw her thick legs over my shoulders and guided my stiff cock into Leslie's wide cunt lips into her still tight, barely fucked pussy.

It was wet and hot and as I slowly went in she moaned deeply until my cock was in her all the way. I squeezed her big, firm ass cheeks and began to fuck her, slowly at first, then madly and passionately for minutes and then she screamed loudly in orgasm and I stopped short of Cumming and collapsed on the couch. Leslie dropped to her knees and licked and sucked my dick exactly as I had showed her and asked eagerly, "Can we have intercourse again?" I said, "Sure" and helped her onto my lap and showed her how to ride on a man's cock, which gave me the opportunity to massage and squeeze and lick and suck her beautiful, natural tits as we fucked again slowly, talking about sex and orgasms and pleasing your partner.

Leslie is smart, yet, so dumb.

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I dispelled some myths for her that night, including ones about anal sex. After she rode my cock I fed her and gave her some pot and cognac, gave her a soothing bath and a warm enema, which she masturbated to and was thrilled by.

I rubbed baby oil on her ass, fingering her asshole slowly. I then took her to bed and gave her a back rub and when she was fully relaxed, I rimmed her puckered anus and lubed up my throbbing cock and shoved it in her tight asshole. She howled, barked like a dog and then began to moan as I entered her slowly, then rammed my rod in to the hilt and began fucking her tight virgin asshole. I held her hips tightly as she tried to squirm away and began to ass fuck her harder, finally, collapsing her upper body into the bed as she turned her head and smiled broadly as I blew a load of hot cum into her sweet, tight asshole.

I pulled out and licked her defiled anus as she moaned and accepted her new title as a cock sucking, ass-fucked, daddy slut. The next morning, Leslie had a little bit of a hangover, but remembered most of her training.

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She was thankful for the lessons, but was wondering why her asshole hurt so much. I showed her the video of her enema and her anal introduction. She dutifully got down on her knees and sucked my cock and I blew a big load in her mouth. When she tried to stop, I said, "Guys like it when you swallow," And she dutifully swallowed my cum and licked my cock clean. I hugged her and kissed her like a dad and assured her that the things she learned would help her be a better sex partner and if they did I would like some pay back some time.

Leslie admitted, "You made me feel things I never felt before and I may need you to do that again if I can't find a guy to make it happen. Thank you daddy, I love you." "I'm always here to help baby, love you too." Frank Mills writes stories about real people and enjoys your feedback.