Ciera Sage gets taken hard and her pretty face sc

Ciera Sage gets taken hard and her pretty face sc
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her name was ms. Leese. She was extremely attractive and had the curves anyone could dream of. I wanted to fuck her, Bad!

Everyday we sat in class i would get a boner just looking at her. And when she bent over, forget about it. So one day i decided i really really wanted to fuck her.

After classes that day i stayed after class to ask her a few questions like how are you doing that kind of stuff. She said " well i have to go but you can walk with me to my car" and my plan came to fruition. Kindly i said "alright let me just get some stuff and ill meet you back here" The stuff i went to get was chloroform and a rag. As i walked with her to her car i said " you are really attractive" she blushed and smiled.

As she opened her door letting her guard down i quickly overpowered her and knocked her out using the chloroform. Now i had to decide where i would fuck her. My basement would be a nice place i thought. So i drove her to my basement in her car and tied her up. I put a ski mask on and pulled out my 2 inch thick 8 inch cock and said you are going to take it and like it.I pulled off her pants and shirt and gagged her with her wet moist panties with pee on them.

I turned her around and said let me rip apart your asshole first. so i took my cock and shoved it forcefully in her ass hole. She let out a scream and it turned me on even more. I fucked her so hard she started to cry and when i pulled out there was shit on my dick.

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I quickly shoved me dick in her mouth until she cleaned off all of the shit. Then i took two nails and hammered them through her gigantic tits and her screaming only made me hornier. THen i said lemme fuck ur hairy ass pussy. I shoved my dick forcefully into her pussy and she let out more screams.

I fucked her fast and faster until she squirted and i came in her pussy. I then knocked her out again and ate out her pussy and assholle and stole the panties that were drenched in piss and pussy juice she woke up in my living room. I lied and told her she fell and was knocked out she believed me and she returned to school that day not being able to sit or talk well. It made me even hornier. And i knocked her out again. I continued raping her until she didnt come to school the next day.

I came to her house and she says shes been having these horrible reoccuring "dreams" and that she needed come consollation. Little did i know she was planning to rape me.

She took me to her bedroom and knocked me out. I woke up chained to her bed and she was stroking a big black 3 inch thick dildo. She said paybacks a bitch and i feared for my life. She fucked my asshole so bad it bled alot. I gave never been hornier in my life and in more pain. ANd when i came i came alot. The bad part is that she made me drink her piss, swallow my cum, and lick her ass hole clean after she took a shit. Then she took my dick and started to stick small needles through it.

She said it was for her tits but i didnt care that shit hurt.

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SHe stuck twenty needles into my dick and when she pulled them of (forcefully) she bit it and covered it in alcohol. The pain was unbearable. I enjoyed this.

The next day we did the same thing except she didnt have a strap on.


WE had a threesome with a gay man. His dick was 4 inches thick and 8 inches long.

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Boy did it feel good and hurt at the same time. But i fucked the shit out of her that day. Literally/ I pulled out of her ass and she shit everywhere. It only made me fuck her harder and stronger until the pain made her fall unconcsious. then i did what i wanted to. I took her pussy and fisted it inserting condoms filled with water until 39 condoms was enough to fit into her pussy. Then i stable her pussy lips to a board and poured candle wac down her ass hole.

I felt it harden in her intestines. I pulled it out and she shit everywhere again.

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then she woke up covered in shit piss and cum. she was a little chunky but it was fine her tits made up for it and boy were they nice. Every time we did this i took her drenched panties drained them into a jar and drank the juices when i got home. One day however she wasnt at class and she wasnt home.

She was in the hospital. Her body was all fucked up.


so we had to stop these crazy rape sessions. without anyone to fuck like that i tried to find other people. THen i thought my mother, yea shes a good looking woman. I raped her. With so much force she threw up and was knocked out by the pain and pleasure. i tied her to the toilet and all she ate was my cum. Even if she didnt like it i made her eat it. She started to enjoy it and one day gave me the best blow job i had ever had. I came so much that it over flowed from her mouth and onto her old pussy.

I became horny again. i untied her and fucked her pussy till it was really dry then i made her deepthroat my dick till she threwup.

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i felt good again. My teacher had been cleared and i continued to fuck her. My mother forgave me and life was good. My dick had healed and i continued my fucking sessions with ms. leese. The brunette with nice tits a lil chunky and a nice ass

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