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Visitation Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller By Jax_Teller This story is part of the Jessica Series The saga begins > I had been traveling around the country in my truck going from Homeopathic event to event.

Sometimes I would work the events for admission other times I would just show up and start playing my guitar. Either way I was just living by the seat of my pants and I met a guy on a Motorcycle who was doing the same as me as I was. We shared information and camped together a few times. I bought a small tow behind camper from guy who was going to jail, giving me a measure of comfort living on the road.

Through the times when there wasn't anything going on Freddy the biker guy would tell me stories of commune he helped build. I wasn't really sure if his story was a reality or a dream, but when we parted last Freddy gave me his number and said if I was ever in the Ozarks area of the mid west to give him a call. Well I had followed a musical festival and was driving to a place I had mapped out to winter, until the next musical festival in the spring.


I was driving on some very tight curvy hills and narrow roads with no shoulders and I had blow out on my truck. I found a pull off and to my dismay my spare was flat and the trailer spare was the wrong rim for my truck. I sat in my truck trying to figure our where the nearest place was to get the tire fixed when I realized I was in the Ozarks. I remembered Freddy and pulled out my phone contacts book and called him. Fifteen minutes later a pickup truck showed up, they said they'd been sent to help me out.

They helped me get my truck tire repaired right on the back of their pick up truck and told me that Freddy had invited me to come out. It was a rough dirt road to a logging trail that took us deep into the forest. The trail opened up and there were all sorts of structures, from double wide trailers to tents, lean to's and a main cabin. I was showed were to park my trailer and Freddy greeted me as I got it in place.

I told him I was grateful for the rescue and he said come on along and two beautiful naked young women came over and asked if I was hungry or wanted something to drink.

I was introduced to Jax the owner founder of the camp, who Freddy had told me many stories about when we were traveling. The place was Free America located in an area where the law just didn't care about.

As days turned into weeks, I blended in well and was having the time of my life. There were parties almost every weekend, blow out parties on holidays. Nudity was the norm and alcohol along with pot were wildly accepted. The life these folks led was way out side the normal main stream life, and it seemed as though honesty was their secret. It seemed to me, as a new comer not from the area at all, that most of the problems that came up were rooted in lies.

One particular Friday night the party was in full swing and I mean swing there were naked folks fucking, sucking, drinking, smoking and generally having a blast when a truck came bouncing in the trail-driveway. Any one could tell that who ever was driving had little concern for the vehicle and was most likely angry. The clean cut young man wearing very clean cut jeans with pointy cowboy boots and a striped button down shirt, with a cowboy hat that was fau worn.

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He practically jumped out of the truck before it stopped rolling. Before his feet hit the ground his mouth was working over time yelling for Denise.

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Jax and Freddy came out of no where stepping between the angry young man and the party. Jax said whoa there partner what's going on, putting his hands up.

The guy said he had heard at BullsEye convenient store that Denise Comins was here.

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Jax said who are you and what's it your business if she is here. He said his name is Kevin Comins and Denise was his wife and she was supposed to be at home. He looked over Freddy sizing him up, and toned down his attitude saying he just came home from work and she wasn't there. One of the partiers a guy named Franlin came over to Freddy and said something no one could hear. Freddy said we don't want any problems and said he would pass the message onto Denise if he saw her.

He then said something that no one would have suspected would have come from Freddys' mouth. He said leave or he would call the Sherriff and press charges for trespassing, the number from the license plate of his truck was on surveillance video. Kevin got a dejected look on his face and Freddy said last time leave now before this becomes a matter of pubic record. Every one was looking at Freddy like his head was spinning on his shoulders. Kevin turned around and said this isn't over, and Jax said we're still standing here bitch, and Keven got in his truck, turning it around violently and sped off in a cloud of dirt.

Jax said ok folks back to the party, and walked back to the party along side Freddy, who told him that Kevin Cumins was a Sheriff's Deputy.

Jax immediately got what had just happened and said ok,thanks brother. Jax asked where Denise was and Freddy said she was out at the bus with Markus. Jax just said shit, and Freddy said yeah, the bus being an old school bus used mainly for visitors to fuck in. The party dwindled after that and eventually Denise and Markus came back from the bus and Freddy discretely directed them to the office inside the house.

Jax filled them in on what had happened and Denise said she was leaving Kevin and that's why he was looking for her. Markus looked absolutely clueless and some what shocked that she was married and to one of the most racist deputies on a very racist Sheriff's department.

In this county anyone of color stood to be harassed by the department until they left town. Markus said this is bull shit and that he was heading out, Jax and Freddy shook his hand and said be safe brother. Denise asked him if he would give her a ride and he said no, she led him on and he didn't want to be killed on the way home.

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Denise asked if she could stay at camp over night or until she could get a ride. Jax said she could stay but should make it a priority to find some where else to go being Kevin knew she was or had been here. Just after Markus left, a Sheriff's SUV came in the driveway lights on. Jax came out to greet the deputy as Freddy stayed with Denise. I walked along with Jax and the Deputy asked if Denise Comins was here.

Jax politely told the deputy that unless he had a warrant to please leave. The Deputy started to get aggressive and then realized he was on camera and there were party goers watching. Jax told him that she was here earlier and that it was possible she had left all ready.

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He also said she was in no danger that he knew of and was operating on her own will the last time he'd seen her. As he spoke he looked from one direction to the other at security cameras, and politely requested the Deputy to leave. The Deputy turned and got back in his SUV and could be seen on the radio and writing some thing.

Freddy came along side Jax and told him the deputy had radioed that the subject was not at this location and called off the location. Denise was lucky that this had not turned ugly and the Deputy turned around and went quietly away. We three went back to the office and told her everything was ok for the night and if she wanted to stay we would need to be discrete. She apologized for the trouble and confessed that she had misled Markus and picked him because he was black and that would kill Kevin.

Freddy sarcastically said well that worked, and Denise said Markus had picked camp not her. Accidentally bringing trouble to camp was one thing, but intentionally was something completely different. The next morning Denise was busy making phone calls but still didn't have anywhere to go by noon.

Mary came over to the fire pit where Jax, Freddy and I were sitting and told Freddy she over heard the calls Denise was making. She said the places that Denise had been calling were all battered women's shelters.

Freddy asked if there was more, and Mary said she had previously heard that Denise had been hospitalized. She said the rumor was that Denise didn't have diner ready when Kevin got home from work and he broke her arm while "disciplining" her. Jax asked me to find Denise and ask her to come over to the fire pit. I found her in the kitchen and walked with her back to the fire pit. Jax and Freddy told her she was welcome to stay here as long as she wanted and that she would be safe here.

They told her the only "rule" was honesty, and asked her if she was abused by Kevin. She said yes she had been since they were married a year ago. Freddy asked if she was legally, physically, or spiritually leaving him? She said all the above and said she was planning on moving back to Texas as soon as possible. They assured her she would be safe at camp through her time at camp and was welcome to stay permanently if she liked. Saturday evenings partying was the average local crews that stopped by.

Denise decided to stay out in the bus to be off the radar in case word got out that she was still at camp. Greg, one of the visitors a local guy and regular around camp mentioned that there was a Sheriff's SUV on the main road that led to the dirt road that came to camp.

He said it had been there when he went into town to get beer before coming over and was still there when he returned to come to camp. Being this counties' Sheriffs were spread very thin and this was Saturday evening it was likely he was trying to catch a drunk driver coming to or going from any one of the outlaw camps down the dirt road. DUI check points happened from time to time, but the timing of this was suspicious, and Gregs' way of matter of factidly telling us was also a clue he knew what was going on.

Most of the Outlaw camps knew to bring the drinks home and not to drink and drive. The roads here are very unforgiving to even minor misjudgments or slow reaction times. Jax asked me if I was up to a task and I said anything.


We laid out a plan where by I would take Jessica dressed in Denises' clothes to town and get stuff at the grocery. I was the unknown, had a legal vehicle with no warrants, arrests or jail time. Mike another fellow that stayed at camp put a remote controlled wireless set of cameras in my truck that when activated would stream live to the internet.

I was given directions to remain calm to remember the goal.

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As I turned to leave Denise gave me a hug and thanked me. I drove onto the main road and turned the cameras on. A few minutes later I saw the Sheriff's SUV pull out after I went by him. I announced the time and date as The SUV's lights came on and I pulled over. The Deputy walked up, his hand on his gun, his holster unlatched and asked for license, registration and proof of insurance and then ordered me to lower the window. I refused and asked if I was free to go, this lit the figurative fuse on the Deputies tampon.

It wasn't five minutes before two more sheriffs showed up, Kevin Comins was one of them, ordering us to get out, to roll the windows down all the way down and threatening to taze us. The next thing to happen was the first officer who was barking at me still, abruptly stepped to the side and then my window smashed into my face by another deputy.

A second later I was yanked out onto the ground and beaten while they yelled at me to stop resisting which I was not. I remember seeing Denise being pulled from the truck and then feeling the burning fire of being tazed. I saw a state trooper pulled in front of my truck from the other direction. He ordered the Deputies to stand down and they began arguing among themselves for a few minutes as one of the deputies remained kneeing on my back.

It wasn't long before another trooper showed up and the Deputies stood down and several more Troopers showed up. I was sat up and the cuffs removed and directed to where Jessica was being released.

The trooper releasing us told us the video was live and every thing was caught on video. A state trooper and Jessica road with me in the ambulance to the hospital. The guys dropped Mike at my truck to drive it home and were in time to see the deputies being arrested. Jax and Freddy came to the hospital and told us there was a state trooper providing protection at the Emergency room door. I had suffered 3 broken ribs, multiple abrasions and contusions along with a concussion.

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I was released and the state police provided escort for us back to camp. I watched as Jax and Freddy thanked the trooper, and came back to the house. Denise took to caring for me in one of the guest bedrooms of the house. I over heard Jax and Freddy discussing the camp being closed, on lock down and security measures as I drifted off to sleep thanks to the pain meds I was given at the hospital.

The next few days were a blur of people in and out taking care of me, supervised closely by Denise. As I recovered I watched the video from that night and commented a few times on youtube. The state police interviewed me and took a report, and were posted at the main road. There were requests from news outlets, but our lawyer advised us not to talk to the media and try not to comment publicly about any of this. Three nights into my recovery and I realized Denise was sleeping at my side. The fourth morning I woke up to Denise sucking my cock until I unloaded into her mouth.

When she realized I was watching her she said it was hard and well, her voice trailed off and she wiped her lips and turned over, I watched as her naked form got up from the bed. A week later the three Deputies were charged with abuse of power, assault, and terroristic threats. The Sherriff was charged with neglect of duty for the actions of his deputies. The live streaming video had gone viral and pressure from States' attorney general made it happen.

As it turned out they knew my truck before I ever pulled out, and suspected I was taking Denise to a shelter, because they had illegally acquired the camps' phone records. Mark had controlled the cameras remotely with great expertise to show everything that was happening as it happened. Unlike fixed dash cams these cameras moved and recorded every action.

Mark was a hero around camp, where he used to just blend into the background.

Jessica and I were treated as Heroes also especially by Denise. When I was well enough I went back to sleeping in my camper and Denise followed. The state police escorted Denise home to gather some things and brought her back. She is now my girl friend and has reassured me it was my heroism that got her attention, but that she now loves me for me.

I accept this cautiously and cherish her beauty both physically and spiritually. I still go out on the road doing events but I leave my trailer at camp as it is my permanent home.

Denise has a kink for having sex in risky places or in front of folks so the road trips are way better than they used to be, but that's another story. The End . .


. . .Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller