Teenage tight pussy is uncovering under cock attack

Teenage tight pussy is uncovering under cock attack
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Truck stops are crazy places, I have always said that if you hung around one of them long enough, you'd eventually see just about every possible sort of human behavior. I'm a long-haul trucker, just an average, middle-aged married guy trying to make a living, so I try to stay to myself and avoid the crazies when I pull into one.

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During the day they're not too bad, just busy. At night is when the hooker, drug dealers, thugs and queers come out in droves. So when I pulled off 75 into the Pilot truck stop there for fuel and a bio break about mid-day last Monday, I wasn't expecting to be approached by a hooker or anything like that.

I filed up first,then walked over to the McDonalds for a gut bomb.


On my way back to the truck, I made a quick pit-stop in the truck stop bathroom. It was crowded, I had to stand and wait for a stall to open up. A couple of guys came out of separate stalls about the same time and I quickly jumped into the nearest one and shut the door. But before I could slide the latch shut, I was shocked to see a photograph of a woman taped to the inside of the door, right at eye level where I couldn't miss it. "Whoa!" I said as I stared at what was maybe the best-looking ass and pussy I had ever seen.

It was a high-quality picture taken at very close range and it was smoking hot! Now, I'm not naive or inexperienced, but having been married fora long time, I am a bit deprived. Ok, more than a bit.

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I love my wife and think she's still very sexy, but our sex-life is practically nonexistent. Despite that, I would never even consider hiring a truck-stop hooker, or any other kind of hooker.

I just have to take care of my own needs, if you get my drift. So, I've looked at a picture or two, and I can recognize this one is way better than the air-brushed porn you find online and in magazines and videos.

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Tis is a real woman with a fantastic ass and a pussy that any man would kill to fuck. So I did what any rational man would do - I grabbed the picture and put it in my pocket. I finished up in the bathroom, grabbed some snacks for the road in the convenience center and walked back to my truck. I headed on down the road, I had a long way to go today. About mid-afternoon, I succumbed to the temptation and pulled the picture out of my shirt pocket.

I had been thinking about, wondering how and why it was there. Was it a calling card for a truck-stop whore taped up there by her pimp or boyfriend? I turned it over, expecting to fnd a phone number or email address, at least a name, but there was nothing, the back was completely blank. Who had left it and why? Guess I'd never know.

But that wouldn't take away from my enjoyment of the picture, as I said, it was hot as he'll, you could see how wet she was when it was taken, she was hot, wet and ready. If I had a woman like that, I'd give her everything she needed and more, what an incredible ass! I put the picture in the clip on my visor and continued on down the road.

Later that night I began to start thinking about stopping for the night, I was tired and about out of hours.

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I was headed to Minnesota, had made it into Wisconsin when I finally pulled over in a rest area for some sleep. I took a bio break and walked around a bit to stretch my legs before heading back to the truck.

I locked up, grabbed the picture and crawled into the sleeper. After closng the curtains and turning n the nightlight, I pulled off my clothes and got between the sheets. With the picture one hand, I dialed my wife's cell number with my phone. She answered and we went through the usual mundane stuff, how was your day, where are you, when will you be home, etc.

I laid the picture on top of the sheet and slid my right hand under the covers and began playing with my cock as I stared at that luscious ass and talked to my wife.

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The talked turned to sex (wonder why), but she just laughed and deflected it back to other things. I sighed but thought to myself, "oh well, that's just the way it goes after 20 years of marriage.". We talked a bit longer, I quit touching myself because what's the use when you're talking about what we're going to get at the grocery this weekend?

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Eventually we said goodnight and I laid the phone aside. I picked up the picture in my left hand and pulled it up close so I could see the details. There was a small gold string sticking out of her pussy, I hadn't noticed that before.

That explains why she is so wet, an egg vibrator! Her pussy is shaved, but there are still hairs farther back in her crotch, up around her asshole.

The juices are glistening as they seep out of her. Her pussy is a gorgeous, sexy brown, her ass .


Her incredible, hot, round ass, I should say, is white. The contrast just accentuates her pussy and makes it scream "Fuck me hard!" By now, I'm hard, all thoughts of groceries and kids long gone from my brain. Now I'mthinking of nothing but the hot, sexy woman in the picture.

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I no Onger care who she is or why her picture was in that truck stop, all I was thinking about is what I'd be doing to her if she was in this sleeper with me right now. I'd be ramming my rock-hard cock inherent pussy so hard the truck would be rocking, I'd give her all 7 inches and make her scream.

I would pound her so hard she beg me for more, I'd satisfy us both so that I wouldn't need to jerk off for a week and she wouldn't have to get her kicks by giving her pictures to strange men.

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When I came, I was careful not to get any sperm not her picture, I had long-term plans for her so I needed to tale care of her picture.