Una casada infiel de San juan Xiutetelco gracias a nuestro amigo espartan

Una casada infiel de San juan Xiutetelco gracias a nuestro amigo espartan
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"Get fucked Liz." I scoffed over the phone.

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I was calling it quits with my awful girl friend. What's wrong with Liz? She's selfish, ignorant, and lazy. Oh we used to fuck like porn stars but that shit ended months ago. Whatever magic there was a year ago was long gone.

"Its always the same shit with you. I'm tired you're boring and we're done." She threatened to call the cops to get her stuff back. She didn't have more than a box full of crap mostly clothes.

I told her it would be in a box in the mail room sealed with her name on it. With that I hung up the phone before she could launch into more hysterics.

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Later that day I was in the mail room. After kicking her box of shit into the corner, I checked the mail.

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Sifting through it I came across a wedding invitation from my sister. Talking to myself "Wow I'm surprised I got this." at that time we weren't on good terms and haven't spoken in years.

Dropping the pile of mail on my kitchen table. "Fuck I gotta find a plus one." A little about me I'm 23, been working for a large HVAC company for four years have had mine own van for three. The pay if good, with the insane amounts of overtime though its terrific. I'm 6' 3" tall, weigh about 220ish. My job keeps me active climbing ladders and turning wrenches. I also love to workout gets my mind in a good place for the start of the day.

I'm sure I could drop a few lbs but hey pizza and beer. God gave me a solid cock tho. Thick veiny just a bit over 8 inches long. I used to pound the hell out of Liz back before she screwed it all up. In the three months between getting the invite and the wedding I fucked around with various tinder bitches but no one was really worth more than a few dates. The wedding was a vacation wedding in an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. I boarded the plane solo the plus one never fulfilled.


My sister was engaged to money. Not sure what he did never really cared to ask but he did put up the entire guest list up in either the resort of surrounding hotels. That and he footed up the bill for 10 days.

I flew alone, landed alone, took the shuttle alone. Once at the hotel I was to be staying in an adjacent resort within walking distance to where the majority of guests were. I got my key card and stepped into the elevator right next to this thick blonde that may have been a few years older than me. Sexy tan, classic blonde hair, swollen tits, and an ass. She caught me looking and we smiled at each other. "Holy shit" I thought to myself we got off at the same floor.

I let her lead so I could watch that ass. She knew and blushed. "Holy shit" She's in the next room. Over the next hour I unpacked took a shower and jacked it to that thick blonde. Before leaving I noticed that we shared an adjoining door. "Hmm?" My brother had called he was coming over to pick up all the guests staying offsite from the main resort. There were the regular flow of people in and out of the lobby so I made it outside to wait for my brother to pick me up.

I was looking for relatives I knew but to be honest I never really kept in touch with a ton of my extended family. Out side waiting was some nerdy dude and what I believed to be his girlfriend who was this wiry teen.

And my thick blonde. I got closer than I should have and gave her my "Hey" that made her blush. She was wearing a tight blue dress. Before I could start really flirting my brother pulled up.

Chris! Vanessa! Jean!. Me the two women and the nerd all approached the jeep. "Hey Tim, hey Bets." My bro and his girl drove us to dinner. On the way I learned that my thick blonde was my aunt Vanessa. We sat across from each other her legs held together tight in the back of my mind all I could think about was what she was covering up.


The nerd and Jean kept to themselves in the back. She was 25. Apparently my mother who is 50 has a sister who is 25 years younger who I had jerked it to while showering.

We ended up sitting together and instantly hit it off. I felt like we both put the awkward sexual tension behind us. Vanessa was a chill bitch.She ran her own industrial cleaning service so we traded horror stories from work. We laughed and drank, and drank and laughed.

The old folks got drunk fast and after a few falls the bar tender closed up shop. "Well that sucks" Vanessa said. "That it do.Lets take this party back at our place." We walked back along the beach between the two resorts. "Its kinda cold" Vanessa got closer to me I took off my button down and gave it too her. Two things I noticed on the walk back that ocean breeze was making my nipples hard I'm sure her's too.

Also I had some serious blood rush to the cock. We entered the elevator. Her face was flushed we where both drunk as fuck. Her nipples where poking through and I clearly had a rod in development.

Outside my door I heard "fuck I can't find my key." She smiled and giggled.


"I'm too drunk to go back down." "There's a connector door I'm pretty sure we can get it open." I was absolutely ready to do some fucking and sucking with my aunt.

Once inside we sat down on the couch out of the balcony. Our view was great it overlooked the back of the hotel. Looking down we could see the main swimming pool and surrounding hot tub, beyond that the ocean and beach we walked down. "So" she said smiling right in my face. She was repositioning herself from sitting to kneeling on the couch. "Where is your plus one?" I could almost see up her crotch. Her eyes looked down and saw my bulge. I wasn't going to hide it.

I got up to grab some drinks handed her a beer and told her. "So what's your excuse about coming solo?" "My last guy was an abusive dick. He never hurt me or anything but can't have that negativity in my life." I pinched my rod.

"I could hurt you." She crawled over to me one hand on my lap. My hand slid up just to her skirt line. Even in Jamaica I could feel the heat she was throwing. Aunt Vanessa was ready to fuck. She put her right on my cock. "Look what I found" she whispered in my ear.I leaned in to kiss her.

She leaned away her other hand had her key card. I saw blue balls in my future. She hiked down her skirt. "Thanks for the beer." She got up I followed. I sat on the bed as she opened the door between rooms. She looked at me tried give a stern look. "I'm and aunt you're a nephew and that's fucked." I accepted defeat and let out a mixture of sigh and groan.

She left and closed the door just enough for privacy but we could each hear each other pretty clearly. I lay there is a disappointed daze for a few moments.

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"Fuck it weddings make me horny." Then I heard to door open. Up I looked and saw Vanessa tits spilling out of her back bra. As I looked down I saw her white panties where soaked through. She crawled up me and our lips met. Her tongue thrashed against mine.

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My cock was diamond cutter hard and poking into her thy.My hands found the back of her bra and soon her full luscious tits where out and in my mouth. I sucked one then the other as she moaned. I sucked and massaged her breasts until I heard her left out a soft moan and shutter a little. "You sucked me now I'm going to suck you." In seconds she pulled my dick out and was down her throat. "Your fucking huge" she said between breathing and going back down for more. I'd had an erection for hours on and off and I started to feel that tingle you get before shooting your load.

I yanked her head up. "What?!" Half confused half angry. "I'm gonna bust soon and we're fucking before I do." I picked her up and tossed her on the bed.

"That's so hot how you tossed me around." I lifted her legs up and off went the panties. "Its easier than words." I groaned.

I stood up on the bed and stripped while she lay nude below me.

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Her pussy, hairless, waxed, extremely wet. I raised her right leg against my chest. I took the head of my dick and rubbed it up and down against her cunt. "Oh god" she yelled. I slid in as her eyes rolled back. I knew I wasn't going to last long so I took it slow.Teasing her with my cock. In and out back and forth she bit her lip and moaned. "Faster!" I smiled kept my pace keeping us both on edge. "God damnit fuck me hard." "No" I laughed.

With in a minute she looked at me and begged "Please, so close." I withdrew slowly then hammered it in. I was hot but now I started to sweat.

We both did. She locked her legs around my ass and screamed mashing her tits. I kept going for a few more strokes pulled out. Vannessa was a champ. Mid-moan my dick entered her mouth and she went from post orgasm bliss to sucking cock. Soon my balls began to twitch.

I held her head down as she chocked on my cum. I stood over her we were both drenched as she coughed and spat my jizz into her panties. "Dick!" She said between coughs. "Get me a water." We fell asleep with the ocean breeze making me toss the covers on us. Let me know what ya think in the comments below.